‘The Lost Experience’ Continues

Are you playing the ‘Lost’ Alternative Reality Game (ARG)? Have there been any new clues tied to the Season Finale tonight? If so, here’s where you can post your discoveries, ask for hints, and trade clues and theories. Be sure to check out the previous two ‘The Lost Experience’ threads, here and here.

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  2. Paul says:

    I hear Hugh McIntyre from the Hanso Foundation will be on Jimmy Kimmel Live tonight. I’m sure this will be plugged during the show if true.

  3. HeyBrah says:

    Not as many answers as we were led to believe … I thought that detailed explanations were going to be given to each and every Lostie as to why they were selected for being brought to the island. At the risk of minimizing the answers, all we were given was that a mistake made by Desmond (by entering the numbers late) caused the Oceanic flight to crash.

  4. Paul says:

    Some websites to check out
    http://savejoop.com/ (mentioned by Jimmy Kimmel in the Hugh McIntyre interview). Lots of interesting or amusing entries on the petition. Also, some websites, including:
    thenamastae.org (connects to a Yahoo “The Experience” group)
    Homestarrunner.com (duh)
    Chance McCoy – PokerRoom.com (another sponsor?)
    the-lost-files.com (another “Experience” aggregator site)

    There are also many potentially interesting names (several Alvar Hanso’s in various locations, for example).

    Also, at http://hansocareers.com/ (from the in-show ad), if you look at the 5 job listings, each one has a few grey letters.

    Personal assistant: n, s
    Organ courier: l, u, t
    Art therapist/Psychologist: m, I, e
    Simian Veternarian: m, A
    Anger Management Director: y, a

    Unscrambled, they read… inmate asylum

  5. Dave says:

    Interesting idea — the inmates (the Others?) running the asylum (the Island). As opposed to Dharma/Hanso.

    Also notice that there’s a job as an organ courier (MISSING ORGANS).

    Also, one of the job descriptions mentions “Lacanian psychology.” A quick description from a Google search:
    Jacques Lacan, the French psychoanalyst, taught that, in psychological terms, the social world really is a fraud. All of the meaning we attribute to our human creations, including language itself, has no value beyond its own reference, for, as Lacan was fond of saying, “There is no Other of the Other.” [1] ( http://www.guidetopsychology.com/terrorism.htm )
    “A position where representation always defers to another representation in an infinite regression of causality and the self exists in a shifting, anxious state of identifying with, what Lacan calls, the Other, the summation of everything external.” ( http://www.nyfa.org/nyfa_artists_detail.asp?pid=5470 )
    More on Lacanian psychology is at http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lacanian but it seems like a very integral concept in the show.

  6. mobber says:

    ref: inmate asylum

    libby was inmate of hurley in teh asylum.

    i really think libby secretly worked for hanso. could be “liddy” on the site. she appeared on the finale…

    anyhoo, since she’s dead, perhaps one of the jobs posted is her former job….

  7. Elizabeth says:

    Question: is the Hanso Foundation real or its site one that is made to look authentic like Oceanic Air?

  8. teeth says:

    Hanso is the clever creation of the producers, and the interactive websites (sublymonal.com, thehansofoundation.org, hansocareers.com) have clues and background story info to keep us busy this summer. go to thelostexperience.com to get access to all the secrets

  9. Joseph says:

    One of the jobs was an Anger Management Counselor, who need to be able to do sea travel. Is that a hint of an upcoming character?

  10. Mike says:

    I agree that Libby was likely a Hanso plant. I suspect that Desmond was marooned on the Island originally as a favor to his girlfriends father by Hanso. Since Desmond refused the fathers money, someone had to give him a boat to enter the race that would sail him by the island.

    Note at the end, we see that Desmond’s girlfriend has two scientists searching for EM anomalies in order the locate the island, so apparently she’s worked out what is going on, maybe by grilling her father.

    Did anyone have a large enough resolution to see if “Henry” has four toes on his left foot? What is with the four-toed statue remnant?

    I loved the absurdist situation where Jack and crew happen upon an air tube in the middle of nowhere that spat out a pile of reports that nobody ever read. Another question is the other hatches. We’ve seen the original hatch, The Swan, the observation hatch, The Pearl, then there was the medical station hatch, and the hatch on the other side of the island that the tail section survivors lived in. There is also the door at the fishing village that was likely ripped off another bunker location.

    The ultraviolet map shows seven hatches on the island, with four that we know about, that leaves three others, maybe more that had not been put in the map.

  11. Plato says:

    My comments will be short. I think that “LOST” means the Lost City of Atlantis. Electromagnetism, weird occurances (telepathic, optical, etc.), and the recent mention of Antarctica and other things correspond to what many scholars consider to be associated with Atlantis. Look it up online and many of the pieces fit. Heiroglyphics (when the timer when it counts to zero) was associted with Atlantis. The random foot with four toes. Maybe a tribute to one of the gods/aliens that are part of the story of Atlantis. Who knows. But why so much emphasis on philosophers–such as Locke and Hume. Maybe Plato will be coming up shortly and his is the classic name associted with Atlantis. Whatever.

  12. Emilia says:

    A lot of it is to do with destiny, how our lives’ paths are going to be set out. The Valenzetti equation was figuring out exactly when humans would destroy themselves. Is this seeing the future? The Hanso foundation says it’s trying to use it to help prevent the destruction of the world. There is a lot of philpsophy built into the programme.

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