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Trans 2005-12-21: “Theorycast”

This special edition of “The Transmission” explores some of the many, many theories you’ve come up with to explain what’s happening on the island. We discuss a few, and then include over 40 minutes of bonus listener comments. On top of that, we even cover some “Lost” goodies you might consider as last-minute Christmas gifts. And that’s not all! For spoilerfreaks, we’ve got a great advance look at Mr. Eko’s upcoming flashback. This is our longest episode yet, and hopefully one that can help you get a good “Lost” fix as we wait another three weeks for the next new episode. Continue reading

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Checking In

The holiday season means in-laws, flu bugs, and end-of-year day-job mayhem, but never fear, our next “hiatuscast” is still in the works. Keep those “grand theories” coming! In the mean time, do check out some of the great stuff our … Continue reading

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Trans 2005-12-09: “Kate Revisited”

This special edition of “The Transmission” takes a second look at “What Kate Did,” ways to get your “Lost” fix during the hiatus, touches on production news… and “Lost” castmembers in the news. Of course, over 20 minutes of LostLine calls serve as the dessert at the end of this modest serving of our show. Continue reading

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Stay Tuned!

You know you’re a podcaster when… a fussy baby preempts your show. (Edward R. Murrow didn’t have to put up with this stuff.) We did have a mini show planned for this week, but only got about a third of … Continue reading

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Trans 2005-11-30: “What Kate Did” – Episode 2-9

This edition of “The Transmission” follows the Nov. 30 episode, “What Kate Did.” Kate’s original crime is revealed, Shannon is laid to rest, Mr. Eko gives Locke a new piece of the “Orientation” puzzle, and Michael makes contact on the computer. Continue reading

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