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“On this island, the rules are a bit different.” I guess so, since the character who spoke the line was presumed dead. Fortunately, that was the only detail that annoyed Jen, who otherwise agreed with me in declaring “D.O.C.” another … Continue reading

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One thing’s for sure, Desmond episodes are different beasts entirely. Most of the way, I wasn’t exactly sure where “Catch 22” was going, and while I loved some of the a-ha moments, tonight’s episode really felt more like half of … Continue reading

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One Of Us

“See you in a week.” Indeed. A spectacular episode, most definitely beginning the sprint to the season finale. And for all the clues and answers we get in “One Of Us,” what kept Jen and I dazzled was the performances, … Continue reading

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Left Behind

This week’s episode marked an interesting change in our household. I continued to read message boards, chat with other fans, track down spoilers, and devour “LOST” podcasts. Jen, however, decided to go cold turkey, and basically came into “Left Behind” … Continue reading

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