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Wednesday, April 25th, 2007

“On this island, the rules are a bit different.” I guess so, since the character who spoke the line was presumed dead. Fortunately, that was the only detail that annoyed Jen, who otherwise agreed with me in declaring “D.O.C.” another excellent “LOST” episode. We’re totally loving the reversal revealed in Sun’s flashback — that Jin’s tortured career was the result of her meddling — as well as the confirmation that Jin is the unborn baby’s father. Yunjun Kim’s scenes with Elizabeth Mitchell were fantastic, and Jin’s ninja moment was impressive. Finally, of course, the woman who drops from the sky drops the pre-thud bombshell: “They found the plane. There were no survivors. They were all dead.” (more…)


Wednesday, April 18th, 2007

One thing’s for sure, Desmond episodes are different beasts entirely. Most of the way, I wasn’t exactly sure where “Catch 22” was going, and while I loved some of the a-ha moments, tonight’s episode really felt more like half of one. Of course, that’s to be expected as we near the season finale. Jen admitted to being somewhat “meh” on it, too, with Kate’s return to Sawyer feeling more like fan-fic than canon. But with flash forwards mixed in with everything else, It’s hard to compare “Catch 22” to the usual fare. I have to say, “Catch 22” made “Flashes Before Your Eyes” seem all the more brilliant.

Key points in tonight’s episode? Yet another new face on the island, for one… and the mind boggles at how many more ways the writers are going to come up with to do that. But the biggest clue was small, by “LOST” standards: the photo on the friar’s desk. (more…)

One Of Us

Wednesday, April 11th, 2007

“See you in a week.” Indeed. A spectacular episode, most definitely beginning the sprint to the season finale. And for all the clues and answers we get in “One Of Us,” what kept Jen and I dazzled was the performances, the writing, the pacing. Some episodes feel a little off, but tonight, “LOST” was in top form.

I’ll say it again, Elizabeth Mitchell deserves an Emmy. Or two. Even though she and Michael Emerson are late additions to the cast, they are hands down the strongest actors on the show. And while our old friends have been around too long to be consistent, tonight I’d say almost everyone was spot on. Jack and Sayid at loggerheads. Sawyer and Kate all a’tingle. (I’m no “shipper,” but Sawyer’s expression upon spotting Kate melted my cold, cold heart.) Claire and Charlie, Sun and Jin… Altogether, quite possibly the most perfect episode in a while. (more…)

Left Behind

Wednesday, April 4th, 2007

This week’s episode marked an interesting change in our household. I continued to read message boards, chat with other fans, track down spoilers, and devour “LOST” podcasts. Jen, however, decided to go cold turkey, and basically came into “Left Behind” as pure as a newborn babe. As it turns out, Jen said she definitely enjoyed the episode more. (Her primary complaint, as always, being ABC’s poorly thought-out “next week” promos.) Fortunately, I liked it too.

Yes, ABC set expectations pretty low last week, with what Jen dubbed a “Dynasty”-style catfight. Wet, no less, since Kate’s only happy when it rains. But as it turns out, the conflict between the two was much more nuanced. And it probably had absolutely nothing at all to do with Jack. (more…)