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Every Man For Himself

A strong episode, and one focused on a perennial favorite. While Jen has flashback fatigue for some of the original crew, she felt Sawyer’s story genuinely added more to his character. The question is, between the flashback and the island, … Continue reading

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Further Instructions

After two episodes firmly grounded in the real world, “LOST” throws a curve with “Further Instructions,” echoing some of the other decidedly mystical stories of seasons past. Specifically, tonight’s story seemed to be a third act, after “Deux Ex Machina” … Continue reading

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We’re Good!

We certainly had an… interesting day, with early-morning earthquakes and an island-wide blackout. Fortunately for us, and most of Hawaii, there were no fatalities or serious casualties. Lots of property damage, mostly on the Big Island, and folks will be … Continue reading

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The Glass Ballerina

I think Jen was about ready to turn off the television when Sawyer started ogling Kate. But it was worth hanging on for the last two minutes. So, the Others are neither as isolated nor as infallible as they first … Continue reading

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A Tale of Two Cities

Tonight’s much-anticipated airing of the Season Three premiere of “LOST” was actually our second look at it, as we were among the thousands who enjoyed the sneak preview on Waikiki Beach over the weekend. And while the beach premiere was … Continue reading

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