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Wednesday, April 12th, 2006

We’ve loved Rose and Bernard since we first met them, so we enjoyed the focus on them moreso than perhaps fans of the “classic” cast of characters. But I think Jen liked “S.O.S.” better than I did. It had some wonderful moments — from Bernard’s proposal at Niagara Falls, to the creepy Henry smile, to Rose crossing paths with Locke at the airport — but I thought the flashback was rushed and the island segments empty… save for the last two seconds. For an episode that leads us into a two-week hiatus, I was expecting more. Jen, though, felt the emphasis on how the island healed Rose (and Locke) was significant (albeit not a new idea to most “LOST” theorists), as was yet more acknowledgement of things that previously seemed to defy common sense. (more…)


Wednesday, April 5th, 2006

The mythology fans are probably howling at the moon, but as character-focused episodes go, we liked it a lot. Probably more than we should. We actually didn’t learn too much new about Hurley, or the island, and the whole Dave plot was one big ruse (practically a direct poke in the eye for the “it’s all someone’s dream” conspiracy theorists). Obviously there are a lot of clues and revelations in store as the season wraps up, so despite the fact that this week’s episode wasn’t particularly enlightening, it was a fun ride. Even if you spoiled yourself silly. (more…)

More Lost Podcasts

Sunday, April 2nd, 2006

If you haven’t tuned into the Lost Podcasting Network lately, you’ve missed the debut of three more great “Lost” podcasts.

  • The brilliant mind behind Sledgeweb’s Lost Stuff now has his own podcast: Sledgeweb’s Lost Podcast, of course. Sledgeweb has always been one of our favorite “Lost” resources, and this podcast benefits from Ben’s encyclopedic knowledge of the show. If your preference is for a level-headed, fluff-free discussion of “Lost,” Sledgeweb’s show is bound to be a favorite. [iTunes]
  • If you’re relatively new to “Lost,” and feel somewhat overwhelmed by the sheer volume of discussion and theorizing that “Lost” inspires, you might find a kindred spirit among the crew of Totally Lost. Melissa, John and Andrew are not new to podcasting, nor to obsessive fandom: their credits include Pottercast (The Leaky Cauldron) and Mugglecast (MuggleNet). But they are relatively new to “Lost,” and hearing the thoughts of folks just discovering “Lost” mania is a refreshing change. And they record as they watch in commercial break-sized chunks. [iTunes]
  • Taking a different tack is Your Theories About Lost, a podcast that eschews episode-to-episode reactions and analysis, and focuses, instead, entirely on the underlying mythology of “Lost.” And rather than letting a host preside, this podcast is composed entirely of listener submissions — calls and forum posts. [iTunes]

It’s incredible how the “Lost” podcast family has continued to grow. However you hunger for “Lost” talk, something will surely satisfy. A hearty welcome to Chris, Ben, Melissa, John and Andrew! We’ll be listening.