More Lost Podcasts

If you haven’t tuned into the Lost Podcasting Network lately, you’ve missed the debut of three more great “Lost” podcasts.

  • The brilliant mind behind Sledgeweb’s Lost Stuff now has his own podcast: Sledgeweb’s Lost Podcast, of course. Sledgeweb has always been one of our favorite “Lost” resources, and this podcast benefits from Ben’s encyclopedic knowledge of the show. If your preference is for a level-headed, fluff-free discussion of “Lost,” Sledgeweb’s show is bound to be a favorite. [iTunes]
  • If you’re relatively new to “Lost,” and feel somewhat overwhelmed by the sheer volume of discussion and theorizing that “Lost” inspires, you might find a kindred spirit among the crew of Totally Lost. Melissa, John and Andrew are not new to podcasting, nor to obsessive fandom: their credits include Pottercast (The Leaky Cauldron) and Mugglecast (MuggleNet). But they are relatively new to “Lost,” and hearing the thoughts of folks just discovering “Lost” mania is a refreshing change. And they record as they watch in commercial break-sized chunks. [iTunes]
  • Taking a different tack is Your Theories About Lost, a podcast that eschews episode-to-episode reactions and analysis, and focuses, instead, entirely on the underlying mythology of “Lost.” And rather than letting a host preside, this podcast is composed entirely of listener submissions — calls and forum posts. [iTunes]

It’s incredible how the “Lost” podcast family has continued to grow. However you hunger for “Lost” talk, something will surely satisfy. A hearty welcome to Chris, Ben, Melissa, John and Andrew! We’ll be listening.

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9 Responses to More Lost Podcasts

  1. NemesisVex says:

    “Bring back the Transmission” replies in 5 … 4 … 3 … 2 …

  2. CanadianMike says:

    It’s always great to have any new Lost talk, but I really miss The Transmission :o(

  3. CanadianMike says:

    I meant to say 🙁

  4. Mustang Denise from Michigan says:

    I miss the transmission too as nothing else really compares……Maloha!

  5. pupspals says:

    yeah… but I understand.

    But I did like the Jay & Jack book review you did!!

  6. tinac says:

    … and you two started it all! 😉

  7. Melissa says:

    Thank you Ryan and Jen! I miss the Transmission too. 🙁 It was my first LOST podcast, it’s not the same….

    I can’t believe how friendly this whole LOST world is. This is different in some ways.

  8. Benny says:

    Ryan and Jen, Like many other folks that visit your site I too miss the Transmission.
    I’ve tried other LOST podcasts and they just don’t live up to yours. I agree with all your other listeners — Bring back the Transmission. You guys were the best!!!

  9. James says:

    I must say, even though it doesn’t compare to The Transmission, I really enjoy Sledgeweb’s Lost Podcast. I think he does a really good job, thanks for the sharing the link.

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