Lost Filming Locations

To celebrate the sixth and final season of “LOST,” I’ve taken my old list of “LOST” filming locations (last updated during Season 3) and created a new website completely dedicated to tracking the show’s location shoots across O’ahu. Please check it out:

Lost Locations

Special thanks to John Fischer, editor for About.com’s Hawaii/South Pacific for Visitors (and author of “In Search of Filming Locations for ABC’s Lost“), local “Lost” fan Christopher M., and the members of the HawaiiThreads.com message board for providing some of the details that went into the original list!

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  1. […] As you may have noticed, I love hunting down “LOST” filming locations here in Hawaii. Most of the time, I start my search after an episode airs. But occasionally, I’m able to catch the “LOST” crew in action. Sometimes they’re filming near where I work, or somewhere nearby. […]

  2. […] is filmed. Some filming locations ?? such as the beach where the fuselage came to rest, or the …http://www.hawaiiup.com/lost/locations/When Tony Met Oscar where do the wonderful world of theatre and the world of film collide?? Thomas […]

  3. […] be so nice. I imagine that’s some kind of Hawaii effect. A nice feature of the website is the filming locations page, which identifies and describes the buildings and beaches that the episodes use. If I were […]

  4. LOST cars says:

    […] It’s a grat source of behind-the-scenes information regarding the show, including a long list of locations. Please enable Javascript and Flash to view this Flash video. […]

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