Lost Spoilers

Ever since the days of our “The Transmission” podcasts and its “Forward Cabin” spoiler segment, we’ve enjoyed sharing tidbits from upcoming episodes — especially since we benefit from living on “The Island” where most of the filming for the show takes place.

We understand that spoilers are a sensitive topic, and that many fans steadfastly avoid them. But there are definitely also several passionate fans that thrive on knowing what’s coming, from small, tantalizing clues discovered in a random photo to detailed scene descriptions direct from the set.

To ensure that spoilers reach only people who want to find them, we generally don’t post them directly to “The Transmission.” If you want to stay on top of the spoiler reports that we continue to eagerly collect, keep your eye on the following:

  • Hawaii Blog · My main blog and where I’ve most directly reported on “LOST” production and other show news. Browse the “LOST” category to limit your exposure to the other aspects of my geeky life.
  • Ryan’s Flickr Photostream · Specifically, photos tagged “LOST.” You could look at everything else, but you’re more likely to see my kids than anything related to the show.
  • Spoilers Section at TheFuselage.com · One of the most established “LOST” message boards has a great spoiler section. You need to register and specifically request access.
  • Spoiler Section at 4815162342.com · A younger, sharper message board where we frequently lurk also has a section for discussing spoilers.
  • Lost at Spoilerfix · A central clearinghouse for “LOST” spoilers. Perhaps not as current as the message boards, but most spoilers are carefully vetted for accuracy or plausibility before being posted.

If you’re a hardcore spoiler fan, you know that some spoilers turn out to be false. Either they’re “foilers” put out by pranksters (or even the show’s creators) to throw people off track, or the story or scene is subsequently changed or cut entirely. Sometimes, a little clue spotted by eagle-eyed fans can become the basis for an elaborate theory, but turn out to be insignificant or even a mistake. So enjoy these and other spoilers, but remember, the only thing that really matters is what eventually shows up on screen.

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