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Oh my god. There are so many things wrong with tonight’s episode. But I loved it. I absolutely loved it. “Exposé” will, I predict, ultimately become a conversational litmus test for “LOST” fans: either you loved it, or you hated … Continue reading

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The Man from Tallahassee

Well, if that doesn’t hook you for the rest of the season, just go watch American Idol. It’s not often that the consistently overblown ABC promotions team and the fan press hit the mark, but “The Man from Tallahassee” is … Continue reading

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Par Avion

I enjoyed the episode quite a bit. Jen was less impressed. To be sure, the big Claire reveal is something that’s been suspected since Christian Shepherd and Ana Lucia went to Australia in “Two for the Road.” I thought it … Continue reading

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Enter 77

“Why don’t you start with the DHARMA Initiative?” Why yes, why don’t you! Fans screaming for clues to the underlying mythology of the show, especially after last week’s feel-good character fest, get a heaping spoonful of information in “Enter 77.” … Continue reading

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