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Trans 2005-11-23: “Collision” – Episode 2-8

This edition of “The Transmission” follows the Nov. 23 episode, “Collision.” Ana Lucia must face Sayid over killing Shannon, Jack and Locke seek answers from Mr. Eko, and finally our survivors are reunited. Continue reading

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Trans 2005-11-16: “The Other 48 Days” – Episode 2-7

This edition of “The Transmission” follows the Nov. 16 episode, “The Other 48 Days.” We follow the harrowing experience of Ana Lucia’s group from the moment the tail section hits the water to the shocking first encounter with our original group of survivors. Mr. Eko goes silent but then speaks, Ana Lucia toughens up but breaks down, Bernard makes contact but only with Boone, and an Other is discovered only after another is falsely accused. Continue reading

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Trans 2005-11-09: “Abandoned” – Episode 2-6

This edition of “The Transmission” follows the Nov. 9 episode, “Abandoned.” Sawyer’s wounds become life threatening as Ana Lucia and her group make their way toward the other survivors. Shannon and Sayid spend some quality time together, only to have their bliss shattered by a ghostly vision of Walt. We learn a little bit more about Shannon’s life, while we are simultaneously confronted by her death. Continue reading

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The Official “Lost” Podcast from ABC

If you like the sound of a “Lost” podcast, but could do without the family-den production values and amateur talent of our show, it looks like ABC is cooking up something just for you. Yes, there will be an official weekly “Lost” podcast from the network, featuring interviews with cast members and insights from the show’s creators. Continue reading

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Where Are You?

From Norway to North Carolina, Canada to Kansas, our mind boggles at how “Lost” fans are tuning in to our show from around the world. One of our listeners suggested that we set up a Frappr — that’s a “friend mapper” — … Continue reading

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Trans 2005-11-02: “Favorite Characters”

This edition of “The Transmission” is jam packed with your thoughts and theories. From your favorite “Lost” characters to details recalled from the Oct. 20 episode “…And Found,” we fill the void left by yet another re-run on ABC with great food for thought. Continue reading

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