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Join Us in the Lost Fantasy League

Our friends over at DarkUFO are hosting the Lost Fantasy League for the upcoming fifth season of “LOST,” and we invite you to play along with us! Jen and I were fortunate to be able to participate last year, along … Continue reading

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Spoiler: Photos of LOST Set

If you don’t like seeing or reading anything about what’s coming up on “LOST,” you should probably avoid this entry. But if you’re a spoiler fan, or someone who just appreciates the art behind “LOST,” I hope you enjoy what … Continue reading

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The Official “Lost” Podcast from ABC

If you like the sound of a “Lost” podcast, but could do without the family-den production values and amateur talent of our show, it looks like ABC is cooking up something just for you. Yes, there will be an official weekly “Lost” podcast from the network, featuring interviews with cast members and insights from the show’s creators. Continue reading

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