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LOST Fantasy LeagueOur friends over at DarkUFO are hosting the Lost Fantasy League for the upcoming fifth season of “LOST,” and we invite you to play along with us! Jen and I were fortunate to be able to participate last year, along with over 2,500 other “LOST” fans, and this year the LFL is introducing “mini leagues.” Now you can join forces with your favorite “LOST” community… and of course we’d be honored if you’d sign up as part of “The Transmission” team!

Get all the details over at the Lost Fantasy League announcement, which includes the link to the official entry form. Create your “fantasy team” by choosing one character each from eight different groups. Points will be awarded or taken away throughout Season 5 as various things happen to your team’s members, from hearing whispers (30 points) to getting killed (-30 points). It’s a lot of work for Dark UFO and LFL guru “G-Man,” but it’s a lot of fun for everyone else.

So sign up, build your “fantasy team,” and join “The Transmission” mini-league today! Season 5 is only… six months away. Sigh. [Thanks to Connie in Alaska for the heads up!]

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  2. macpro says:

    So is this thing like “time consuming” outside of the regular viewings of LOST and of course the listening of the “The Transmission”?

    Six months to LOST…. well that is about as long as it will take fans to get to BATTLESTAR GALACTICA too!!!!! And I watch both!

  3. Connie in Alaska says:

    Macpro-It will only take you a few minutes to log on to the Dark UFO site, register for the league and select your team. After that there is nothing for you to do until Season 5 starts in January ’09. Once a week, a few days after each episode, DarkUFO and his merry band of Lostie helpers post the results for that week’s episode. They give a detailed account of how points were alloted to each character and a list of current standings for each player. THEY calculated your score and post it for you! You don’t have to do anything but watch Lost and then check the site for how you did that week. As you watch Lost you will find yourself cheering when one of your more obscure league characters appears in an episode (I had Mrs. Hawking as one of my characters last season and she never showed one time!), and cringing when one of your more popular characters gets injured (there’s a deduction of points if they get hurt–Ben Linus fans took a big “hit” on points last season since he was always getting wailed on). It really is fun and adds just another dimension to the Lost community experience. They even have a celebrity standings board so you can see how people like Jorge Garcia (yes, he played last season!) and other notables do in the league.

    I feel your pain regarding Battlestar Galactica only worse. We don’t have cable and our internet connection is too slow to watch it online so we rent the series from Netflix. So not only do we have to wait until after a season airs, we also have to wait for it to come out on DVD! The one sweet thing is that we can watch a whole season in a couple of weeks instead of a few months.

  4. Andrew Hoogerhyde says:

    That sounds awesome, I’ll definitely be getting in on this.

  5. MJ from Midwest says:

    I’m in. Team Locke, Rose, Ben, Walt, Margo, Charlie, Eko, Daniel. All fairly random choices with the exception of Ben and Walt. Surely Walt will get and eye opener. I also think Rose/Bernard are due for flash backs/flash forwards. Reading transcripts posted at Lostpedia for the break. In middle of Season 2 this week. Michael just as annoying in writing. Have a good summer.

  6. NuckinFuts says:

    bring it on! Here’s my picks…

    The Transmission

    Miles Straume…maybe Juliet will not punch him…but his attitude has got to change quick….she hasn’t been deadly in a while…hmmmm…

    Cindy Chandler…who knows…maybe she’ll get more to do than “observe”

    Jack Shephard
    Walt Lloyd
    Rachel Carlson ( Juliet’s Sister )…dying
    Libby…probably just dead
    Tom…probably deader
    Christian Shephard…probably least dead

  7. nerico says:

    Just signed up. Team name LostToons.

  8. callyhob says:

    I’m in! I’m a recent fan of LOST (only past year) but I LOVE it and have been making up for lost time. Your podcasts have been so much fun to listen to and to help bring me up to speed. I think the LFL will add an even more entertaining dimension to season 5!

    Team name: LovesLaborsLost
    Charlotte Lewis
    Bernard Nadler
    Sun Kwon
    Charles Widmore
    Margo Shephard
    Horace Goodspeed
    Daniel Faraday

  9. I’m in too. Team name is Shouts and Whispers and my picks:

    David Reyes
    Mikhail (like a grenade to the head is going to kill him!)
    Daniel Faraday

  10. Julie says:

    I joined! Woo hoo! I made many of my choices based on not wanting to be too distracted throughout next season. I chose mostly minor characters that aren’t seen as often, so that way when I do see these characters I’ll be excited! I figured if I picked any major characters (like Jack, for instance) I would be too focused on scrutinizing their every move for so much of the season, and I wouldn’t be able to enjoy the story as much. Some of my picks were also made because I felt that these characters’ stories were unfinished, and there is more that I feel we still have yet to see (such as Nadia, Libby.) Here are my picks!:

    Chicago Julie’s Team
    The Transmission
    Richard Alpert
    Rose Nadler
    Desmond Hume
    Matthew Abaddon
    Carmen Reyes
    Claire Littleton

  11. Alice says:

    I just joined the mini-league! Go Transmission!

    Let me think….here are the people I selected:
    Team Razzle Dazzle
    Charlotte, Rose, Ben, Penny, Ji-Yeon, Charlie, Horace, Jin (sniff!)

  12. Ms. Wendy, first time fantasy leaguer ,from the It’s About Bunnies Team.

    My Picks : Richard Alpert
    Hurley Reyes
    Walt Lloyd
    Ji-Yeon Kwon
    Horace Goodspeed
    Daniel Faraday

    Now, let’s have fun out there, play clean and put a helmet on! It’s gonna be a tough season! 🙂

  13. Chris says:

    And you can also go to to play Fantasy:
    Grey’s Anatomy
    and The Office

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