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A new countdown, a lockdown, a creepy map, and a supply drop. A whole lot of meat for the mythology fanatics to chew on this week. On top of the clues, we had Jack showing some cunning, and Henry Gale … Continue reading

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The Whole Truth

A good episode. Not a barn burner, but still a healthy serving of Lost-y goodness. After the last mythology-rich episode, I guess a story focused entirely on the characters can seem a little flat. But I liked the flashback, wherein … Continue reading

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LPN Review: ‘Unlocking the Mysteries of LOST’

A special segment produced for the LOST Podcasting Network. Jen offers a sneak preview of “Unlocking the Meaning of Lost: An Unauthorized Guide,” by Lynette Porter and David Lavery, due out next month. Continue reading

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Got “Lost”?

Even with the repeats, it’s a good month for “Lost” stuff. The one we’re really looking forward to is the official “Lost” soundtrack, featuring the excellent, distinctly eerie orchestrations of Michael Giacchino. This long-awaited gem is finally less than a … Continue reading

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Maternity Leave

A thoroughly excellent episode. An unusual one, too, with no pre-crash flashbacks. Lots of wonderful little links to things that came before, but much more tantalizing were the hints and implications of what’s coming. It was good to see Mr. … Continue reading

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