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Wednesday, March 29th, 2006

A new countdown, a lockdown, a creepy map, and a supply drop. A whole lot of meat for the mythology fanatics to chew on this week. On top of the clues, we had Jack showing some cunning, and Henry Gale continue to climb the charts as a great character. (Even if he’s evil.) Jen’s not entirely satisfied, though, expecting a lot more concrete answers to Locke than we got. (more…)

The Whole Truth

Wednesday, March 22nd, 2006

A good episode. Not a barn burner, but still a healthy serving of Lost-y goodness. After the last mythology-rich episode, I guess a story focused entirely on the characters can seem a little flat. But I liked the flashback, wherein at least we learned things we didn’t previously know, and where things are left somewhat ambiguous, rather than sewn up with a big twist. And on the island, the mixed loyalties and keeping of secrets are getting so thick, even our survivors sense that things won’t end well. (The “I’m the last to know” device is getting a little old, though.) I thought Daniel Dae Kim shined in this episode, and that Jin’s character got richer and more complex. Jen, however, was miffed at his early outburst, and suspects it’s a hint of a darker turn. We’ve both always liked Ana Lucia, though, and this episode was a good one for her.

So, is Sun’s baby Jin’s? I say yes, Jen says no. “It’s that look,” says she. A woman’s intuition. Is Henry Gale an Other? Jen and I still say yes — breathtaking preview for next week notwithstanding. (more…)

LPN Review: ‘Unlocking the Mysteries of LOST’

Saturday, March 18th, 2006

A special segment produced for the LOST Podcasting Network. Jen offers a sneak preview of “Unlocking the Meaning of Lost: An Unauthorized Guide,” by Lynette Porter and David Lavery, due out next month. To download this segment, click the “Pod” icon below, or cut-and-paste the following URL:

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Got “Lost”?

Wednesday, March 15th, 2006

Even with the repeats, it’s a good month for “Lost” stuff.

The one we’re really looking forward to is the official “Lost” soundtrack, featuring the excellent, distinctly eerie orchestrations of Michael Giacchino. This long-awaited gem is finally less than a week away from shipping. Check out the track titles: “World’s Worst Beach Party,” “Booneral” (and “Shannonigans”), and “Run Like, Um… Hell?” among them.

Due out in April, “Unlocking the Meaning of Lost.” If you’re a “Lost” theory buff (and could do without the cheese factor of some of the other published “Lost” works), this is right up your alley. The authors are Lynnette Porter and David Lavery, who’ve previously written analyses of The Lord of the Rings, Twin Peaks, The X-Files and Buffy the Vampire Slayer. We got an advance copy, and Jen devoured it immediately. Look for a review from her soon!

There are also a couple of “Lost” items up for bid at the “Clothes Off Our Back” charity auction. A bottle of HQ Hpnotiq autographed by the entire cast, and the pair of flip flops that Terry O’Quinn wore to the SAG Awards. The auction runs through March 31.

Finally, even if you missed the Creation Entertainment Sci-Fi Summit this week, they’re always adding new “Lost” merchandise to their online store.

Maternity Leave

Wednesday, March 1st, 2006

A thoroughly excellent episode. An unusual one, too, with no pre-crash flashbacks. Lots of wonderful little links to things that came before, but much more tantalizing were the hints and implications of what’s coming. It was good to see Mr. Eko again, and who knows what he’s up to (cutting down marked trees, and cutting off a chunk of beard). He seems to think Henry Gale is connected to the Others, though, and now I’m even more convinced. Jen has also come around on that point, given that he too has clearly figured out just how to rattle Locke’s cage. (more…)