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Season Three in Review

Wednesday, May 30th, 2007

The “LOST” withdrawal symptoms are setting in. For this, our first of about thirty Wednesday nights without a new episode, Jen and I take a look back at the last twenty two. ||| SEASON THREE felt like two separate seasons, largely due to the experimental, six-episode “pod” that aired last Winter before a two-month break. That first set was well-written and laid the groundwork for the Others we’d grow to know and love, but it’s safe to say it made for a shaky, slow start. (more…)

Through the Looking Glass

Wednesday, May 23rd, 2007

“LOST” has spawned a million theories. A show grounded in simple, human drama, but swirling with so many mysterious and supernatural elements that you know anything can happen. And yet, I don’t think anyone could have imagined where tonight’s episode has taken us. We were promised a “game changer,” and a game changer we’ve got. We know we’re only halfway through the grand arc of “LOST,” yet we’re given a glimpse of what we thought was the natural endpoint of a “stranded on a tropical island” story. Suddenly I’m willing to entertain even the most ridiculous, crack-pot theories. Because I have no idea where “LOST” will take us next. (more…)

Greatest Hits

Wednesday, May 16th, 2007

By popular demand, Jen takes the reigns again! Charlie, up until now, has not been one of my favorite characters. There just isn’t much to him. He’s a junkie, who came thiiiiis close to being successful but never quite made it. It took four Charlie-centric episodes in which nothing happened to bring us to the point where we can appreciate him again. Charlie is likeable, if not a little messed up, and Dominic Monaghan was remarkable in this episode. The look on his face when Naomi told him about his memorial service was priceless. (more…)

The Man Behind the Curtain

Wednesday, May 9th, 2007

Because Ryan is a slacker, this week’s blog post is by Jen! — I have to admit; I am now very, very nervous. We’re in the last four hours of season three, and in this episode, we encounter an invisible man and another man who appears not to age. We see Ben’sd ead mother, somewhat confirming that Christian Shepherd’s reappearance on the island was not a figment of his son’s imagination. I’m wondering where all this is going. (more…)

The Brig

Wednesday, May 2nd, 2007

This was ostensibly a Locke episode, or at least one that caught us up on his last week on the island, but it was Josh Holloway’s James “Sawyer” Ford that lent it its power. It was absolutely key to learn that some Others think Locke is a saviour of some sort, that Ben may or may not support that idea, and that Richard Alpert is so up to something. But for all the clues and information churned out in “The Brig,” the one-on-one confrontation within is what sticks with me most. (more…)