Greatest Hits

By popular demand, Jen takes the reigns again! Charlie, up until now, has not been one of my favorite characters. There just isn’t much to him. He’s a junkie, who came thiiiiis close to being successful but never quite made it. It took four Charlie-centric episodes in which nothing happened to bring us to the point where we can appreciate him again. Charlie is likeable, if not a little messed up, and Dominic Monaghan was remarkable in this episode. The look on his face when Naomi told him about his memorial service was priceless.

But the rumors loomed large. I think we were all expecting Charlie to buy the farm tonight. So by the end of the episode, I was alternately weepy and buzzing on some kind of pumped-up sugar high. It’s a weird way to watch this show. And when his lone checkered sneaker floated away? I was a mess.

This hiatus is going to be hell.

You know who else I love? Sayid. He’s the only one on the island, it seems, who is willing to go toe-to-toe with Jack. “You said earlier you were a a leader, Jack. Why don’t you act like one.” [Ryan: Then again, remember what happened the last time Sayid “took charge” of an ambush — stolen yacht, anyone?] I know he’s a resourceful dude, but I’m wondering where he got that map of the Looking Glass.

I’ve got “Brandy (You’re a Fine Girl)” stuck in my head. Help!

Still, Jack displayed some cojones tonight. I am so glad he went to Rousseau. I had major doubts about Rousseau this season, but my faith in her is restored. Even if she is only motivated by the chance to reunite with her daughter, she can be trusted. I think. This show continually surprises me with the way I feel about the characters and Rousseau is the best example of that. She comes out of nowhere, stirs up the survivors, disappears, reappears fast as a flash, possibly after being up to no good, and turns around and does something unexpected. She’s my new favorite character. For this week. She’s fearless and quiet and just a general badass. Personally, I wouldn’t have wasted the dynamite on the tree, but whatever works.

I don’t know who Alex has been talking to, but she’s onto Ben. I will not be surprised at all if she gets him killed. If she has learned about her mom, who is her source? There’s a whole lot of time unaccounted for, and I think it’s gonna make a heck of a flashback.

The leadership crisis back at the Others’ camp is intensifying. Alpert is clearly suspicious and Ben refuses to answer any questions. We have not yet begun to see Ben’s bad side, I bet. [Ryan: Even after he gassed his dad and shot the Second Coming?]

And I think we’ve discovered the Other Others. Fans have long speculated about a second group of folks hanging out on the island. Are the two ladies in the Looking Glass affiliated with that group? If not, who are they?

Notes and Notions:

  • What is with Jack’s hair? There are a lot of bad wigs and confusing hair on this show, but Jack takes the cake. He’s had a close buzz cut for three months and it’s just now starting to grow out.
  • I always tell Ryan that Rousseau and Alex could be mother and daughter in real life. They look eerily alike.
  • Yay for Rose and Bernard! I missed them.
  • Maybe I’m insane, but to me, the second woman in the Looking Glass looked like Cassidy. I can’t even begin to imagine how Cassidy fits into the Other Others, though.
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106 Responses to Greatest Hits

  1. Bill says:

    Dean, not sure Flight 815’s altitude is significant. During the initial disturbances, it appeared the plane was pretty high; then, when the break-up is shown from the ground, they looked low. Plane could have dropped significantly during the interval due to some massive magnetic pull. Remember what it was doing to metal objects in the Swan Hatch?

    Some vessels have obviously “punched through” the island’s curtain. Black Rock, Danelle’s boat (???), Smuggler’s plane (???) Desmond’s boat, Flight 815. I don’t think the “rough ride” is from the sub, but perhaps through the portal.

    Maybe supplies are NOT dropped from the sky, but rise from underground? Maybe Cuse and Lindelof are actually Penn and Teller?

  2. Bill says:

    NuckinFuts, yeah, maybe that’s all Desmond needed. A good whack on the head might stop the merry-go-round and counteract that whack he got in the pub. That’s a great observation.

  3. Dave says:

    The last ABC podcast hinted that we’d get some resolution regarding Des’s premonitions. I agree with you NF & Bill, maybe the whack to the head will revert Des. That little storytelling element could get very old very quickly, with all the “why doesn’t Desmond do this…” questions.

  4. Judi from Ont.Canada says:

    Maybe I missed some of the “visions” Des has had, but haven’t they all been about Charlie’s demise? And if so might they then stop due to a resolution as to Charlie’s fate (be it his actual death or whatever the writters have in store?).

  5. Lori says:

    Judi – that’s a great point. Why are all of the flashes about Charlie? I wonder if there is some other link between Charlie and Desmond that we have not seen yet.

    Why doesn’t he have a flash about what the Others are doing, and stop them!

  6. Carly says:

    Lori- that would be too convenient! LOL plus, I think he has these visions because he’s there when they happen. He’s not with The Others… maybe.

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