While “The Transmission” will certainly evolve and change over time, here is what we initially expect will be the show’s format:

  • Introduction

    Your typical opening remarks, announcements and updates about “The Transmission,” and a summary of key points we plan to cover. Note that what we say we’ll talk about doesn’t always match up with what ultimately comes out!

  • Flashback: Episode Recap

    If we’re doing the usual, weekly follow-up to a new episode of “Lost,” here is where we’ll try to summarize what we saw. If you’re a devoted fan of the show, this may be useless, but hey, we might have caught something you missed (or vice versa… in which case, tell us!). This segment will also be helpful to those who missed the broadcast or weren’t able to watch the whole thing. Of course, if you’re planning on watching it later… listen at your own risk!

  • Chatter: Reaction & Analysis

    Free form discussion about the “Lost” episode, with more detail on things we caught, how they might connect, and what they might mean. We’re talking speculation, not spoilers (though we may guess right!). Also in this segment, we look beyond the story, commenting on the show itself  — special effects, music, writing, and the like.

    Keep in mind that while we’re fans of the show, we’re hardly “hardcore,” and probably miss a lot of the deeper philosophical and psychological elements of the plot. We’re not experts on television production, either. We may very well not say anything you haven’t already thought or heard. That’s okay, though, because that sets us up for…

  • You All Everybody: Feedback

    Your comments and thoughts! We’ll share a few audio and e-mail comments, highlighting what fellow “Losties” had to say about the show, and about “The Transmission.”

  • Forward Cabin: Production News & Spoilers

    Some fans can’t resist. And while we won’t spoil everything, the fact of the matter is, we’ll occasionally learn some things about what’s coming whether we want to or not, be it from unofficial leaks to formal interviews and articles. But we’ll save this stuff for the end, in case you don’t want to know. We’ll warn you when it’s time to press pause!

  • LostLine: Listener Voicemail

    After we sign off, “The Transmission” is taken over by its listeners. Sometimes we can’t answer or discuss every comment we receive, but we still love hearing them, and think everyone else should hear them, too. Sometimes, entire discussions between listeners develop in this bonus segment between shows, free of our meddling.

We’re hoping to occasionally include on-the-spot reports (as sometimes it seems like “Lost” is filming everywhere), and if we get really lucky, maybe even an interview with a crew or cast member. Other goodies may be folded in as we go on, as well.

Just remember, we’re a couple of suburban podcasters talking in our family den, not CNN or People magazine. “The Transmission” isn’t a formal analysis of or report on “Lost,” but more like a random conversation about the show you might stumble into at the local coffee shop. If we say something pointless or stupid, don’t get mad… pick up the phone or fire up your computer and set us (and our listeners) straight. Just please, you know, be nice about it.

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  1. sonya says:

    Is there a transcript of your podcasts? I am watching all the episodes, two per day and would love to read your episodic podcasts, but can’t spend an additional two hours per day. PLEASE have a transcript!

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