Spoiler: Photos of LOST Set

If you don’t like seeing or reading anything about what’s coming up on “LOST,” you should probably avoid this entry. But if you’re a spoiler fan, or someone who just appreciates the art behind “LOST,” I hope you enjoy what I’ve found as much as I did.

As you may have noticed, I love hunting down “LOST” filming locations here in Hawaii. Most of the time, I start my search after an episode airs. But occasionally, I’m able to catch the “LOST” crew in action. Sometimes they’re filming near where I work, or somewhere nearby.

Last week, my friend John send me a link to this message board thread, where a recent visitor to O’ahu spotted a “LOST” set out at Makapu’u Point, on the southeast shore of the island. It looked like a small village or camp, with huts and other structures, as well as a mysterious door set into the cliff with the DHARMA logo on it. He was able to get fairly close, and posted a few photos, which quickly captured the imagination of fans everywhere.

Well, I couldn’t resist. So on Saturday, I drove out there myself. Seeing a guard posted nearby, I took the long way over and around the point, only to find that the guard wasn’t particularly concerned with people wandering around… provided they didn’t touch anything. I even bumped into another camera-toting “LOST” fan named Scott. So, I took out my own camera and started shooting.

Lost Camp 27

So for the enjoyment of “LOST” fans everywhere, I present a tour of the DHARMA camp (hosted at Flickr). Click the “All Sizes” button to see any photo full size. As you’ll see, the level of detail is pretty remarkable. And the mysterious door is a wonder to behold.

As an aside, it’s interesting to read some fans suspicions that these photos are fakes (or claiming they’re from a “mole” at ABC!). I guess if I hadn’t taken them myself, I’d be similarly skeptical. I’m as shocked as anyone that I was able to get the level of access I did. Still, the local “LOST” crew is fairly easygoing, and who knows how much longer the set will be around. In any case, I’m glad I got to see it, and share it.

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14 Responses to Spoiler: Photos of LOST Set

  1. JAW says:

    Awesome sluthing work Ryan…..continued thanks!!!

  2. Jeremy says:

    Thanks Ryan! Looks like it might be another elaborate stage set like the fake beards and stuff.

  3. Lostie says:

    Could this be the camp, that Michaeal referred to when he came back, in the 2 for the road episode ? fantastic find !

  4. Arad says:

    Hmm, And what ever could be behind that door.

    Possible cliffhanger for Season 3? Or are we gonna get in there this season? Thoughts?

  5. Chris Waasdorp says:

    Well, to anyone that doubts that you could get that close to the site, they’ve obviously never been to Hawaii. Everyone is too laid back to care. I went with my cousin to check out the ‘plane crash site’ just west of Haleiva and after our car didn’t start we ended up sleeping on the beach up against the ‘wreckage.’ There was a guard there, but he didn’t care as long as we didn’t mess with it or nothing. Thanks for taking the pictures and keep up the good work. It’s cool seeing what’s coming up.


  6. Connie from Alaska says:

    Reminds me of a scene from the Myst series of computer games.

  7. Johnson says:

    great photos ryan !!

  8. Markos says:

    Great pics does anythone think that the ‘others’ have access to the outside world through that door????

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  10. False Anchors says:

    Awesome pictures! I guess I have my desktop background for the next couple weeks – that close-up of the creepy Dharma door.

  11. Anon says:

    did you try to open the door :P:P??

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  14. Robin says:

    What happened to Michael and Walt? Did they die or get to land? I have been itching to know!

    I love this show!!!!

    From, Robin

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