Sharing ‘The Lost Experience’

There are excellent fan sites out there devoted to ‘The Lost Experience,’ the ARG (Alternative Reality Gaming) universe, where clues are collected and analyzed in detail. Wikis are a great way for fans to collaboratively build online resources, such as The Lost Podcast Wiki (from our friends Jay and Jack) and the LostPedia. There are also sections at message boards like and And there are several blogs, official and unofficial.

Visitors to ‘The Transmission’ are a community unto themselves, of course, so we’ll post ‘open threads’ about ‘The Lost Experience’ on occasion to give you a playground in which to share your own discoveries, observations, and theories, separate from the show itself. Have at it!

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  1. Brian says:

    OK, there must be something dead simple that I’m misunderstanding.

    When I visited the Hanso site and looked at Alvar’s bio, I noticed something that was not there the last time I looked around a week ago: the photo of Alvar Hanso used in the first orientation film is identified as having been taken on October 28, 2003! Was that always there or am I going crazy?

    The orientation film was dated 1980, and certainly didn’t have a modern feel to it.

    So what does this mean, that the hatches are such a fraud that they’re not even old but actually new and made to look old?

  2. dman says:

    Under Peter Thompsons picture in the Bio section, There is a hidden login field directly under the bottom left of the picture with the blinking letters. Type in : survivorguilt, then press enter one time. You will be able to view more hidden pictures.

  3. Lost Dog says:

    Two things:

    1) Peter Thompson bio has some cool photos – click through the links to see what he’s been involved with.

    2) Click on the date under Alvar’s picture and let the movie play out. At the end, you’ll get a flashing dot that appears to repeat Morse Code (… .. …. . _ _ _ ). I tried to translate it and got “SIHEO,” but am not sure about my listening or my interpretation. Someone else try this and see what you get.

  4. Lost Liz says:

    When you go into the Peter Thompson section, there’s three reports which send you to pictures. Those pictures have lots of things flashing under them. Has anyone made that out? I know the second one has four words. The first is clearly “don’t”, the second is about 5 letters long, the third is “this” or “his”, and the fourth is kinda short. I thought it might be “Don’t trust this man” or “dont watch this something” “Dont’ trust this man” might make more sense as it always fades to this guy, whose face is unclear. The face was almost clear in the first one, the nuclear power one.

    Also–in every screen there’s a place you can click on the bottom left. Does this do anything besides move the green blobs around?

  5. Spike says:

    Just noticed the name ‘Gary Troup’ is an anagram of ‘purgatory’.

    I think I might be getting obsessed…

  6. Dman says:

    New clue on Not sure what the blurry words are yet. Stay tuned!

  7. letty says:

    lost liz…. i think they say dont tell his….. dunno the last but it came up with a big x

  8. Doit says:

    It says ” Don’t believe his lies”. All this information is actually old news at this point. All the up to date information can be found on ABC’s site. There you will find still shots of the pictures that flash by so quickly that you cannot read them. Just ask anyone on the forum to see the pictures, they will post a link for you to access the pictures. This hawaiiup site seems way far behind in the game.

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  10. Andrew says:

    Hugh McIntyre from the HANSO Foundation on Jimmy Kimmel tonight!

  11. susanne says: if you go there and watch the numbers 108 on the plane. type that in (“108” that is) and you get a funny radio show talking about persephone etc.

  12. gina says:

    My mother is going to visit us here in HI in August, I was wondering if anybody knows if they offer a tour for the set? I would love the info. Thanks

  13. alielathy says:

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