Trans 2005-11-23: “Collision” – Episode 2-8


This edition of “The Transmission” follows the Nov. 23 episode, “Collision.” Ana Lucia must face Sayid over killing Shannon, Jack and Locke seek answers from Mr. Eko, and finally our survivors are reunited.


  • 00:00 Introduction
  • 03:30 Recap
  • 14:22 Discussion
  • 21:15 You All Everybody (Feedback)
  • 46:45 The Forward Cabin (Spoilers)
  • 52:41 LostLine


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34 Responses to Trans 2005-11-23: “Collision” – Episode 2-8

  1. Bryan says:

    File this under the I don’t know if it means anything, and also the potential HUGE spolier department (so stop reading perhaps) but..

    Stop framing the scene where Locke is doing the Dharma crossword, the pencil points to the clue “Enkidu’s friend”
    Doing a quick search for Enkidu since the reference is lost on me, the Google result turns up a passage on that refers to Enkidu as a friend of Gilgamesh. Reading the reference for Gilgamesh turns up the following passage within the description:

    “He was famous as a great builder and as a judge of the dead”

    So there ya go. Discuss.

  2. Bryan says:

    And furthermore (since I didn’t finish watching the part where Locke fills in the crossword before making my last post) he does indeed fill in the word “Gilgamesh’ for the crossword answer.

    Juicy, very juicy.

  3. Jake says:

    Great Show Ryan and Jen
    When you were listing the people who have killed other people, you said Jin may have killed somebody in his Job for his father-in-law
    He also made everybody think his own father was dead, i just wanted to throw that in here.
    Great show again! cant wait for the next episode of Lost and The Transmission!


  4. Dan B. says:

    I thought that Jin only beat the guy to within an inch of his life, not actually killing him. He made a mention that he “just saved his life” in doing so, because the other ‘associate’ of his father was going to (presumably) outright kill the man.

  5. Stacey says:

    In repsonse to the comment about the people that the “others” took not having killed people – the list could not have included Anna Lucia then. I am pretty sure the man she shot was dead.

    I am going to have to read The Stand now.

  6. John says:

    I’m new to your podcast. I got the last 2 from iTunes onto my iPod. Any reason why this episode is still not showing up in iTunes?

  7. Mendel says:

    The episode on Wednesday was kinda a let down. Not much information or clues to the grand scheme of things or new developments. Did see that Ecko looked at the Dharma logo as if he was perplexed when he was in the Fuselage hatch but other than that it seemed to focus only on character development. In addition saw a side of lost that was more like a standard drama with the triangle of Sawyer, Kate, and Jake forming. Very uncomfortable moment there!

    Thanks for your great job Ryan and Jen!

  8. Winona says:

    Hey there, love the show. I’d like to suggest during the 6 week long break that you can do some character studies to help us understand the character. Also, obviously since the season is spaced out through the year that we could get a timeline of major events to help give us some perspective on character development.

    Just heard you’re last podcast and somebody put forward the Ethan Rom/ Nathan Rom anagram and I’m thinking Nathan Rom = anothr man. I am more of the mind set that this is something the writers put in to play with the audience.

    Anways, I love the show. Keep up the good work! Thanks!!

  9. Jen says:

    Nathan=”another man”. Gosh, I hadn’t even thought of that. Good catch.

  10. Annie says:

    Love the podcast! Just thought I’d point out something I noticed that you didn’t mention on the show. In one of Ana-Lucia’s flashbacks, a reference is made to a location called Echo Park. I thought this was interesting since they are so careful with names. Probably just a random connection, but one the writers made.

  11. Avery says:

    Wanted to add a comment with regards to the discussion about when the crash occurred. There have been a few musical clues to help with that as well. In the bar scene before Ana Lucia shoots Jason, a song called ‘Outside’ by Staind is playing. That CD came out in 2001. And on the beach, Hurley is listening to ‘Delicate’ by Damien Rice on his CD player…that CD came out in 2003.
    Suggestions for a podcast during the 6 week hiatus….how about a LOST trivia show?!

  12. Katie says:

    Hey guys! Great show this week…I loved both the episode and the podcast…great thing to listen to while spending Thanksgiving with my younger cousins (I was the oldest).

    Happy (Belated) Thanksgiving to you and yours in Hawaii! For your information, it snowed up here in New Hampshire.

    Most everyone on the Fuselage boards are hating on Ana-Lucia…and I just want to know what all you guys think (Ryan, Jen and all the commenters). I kind of like her because she’s strong and forceful, a bit like myself at times.

    PLEASE PLEASE KEEP UP THE PODCAST DURING THE HIATUS. I love Avery’s idea of having a Trivia Show…and the hiatus would be a GREAT time to have a show dedicated to Lost Line calls and audio files.

    And…on an unrelated note, I just wanted to know if your daughter (who shares the same name as myself) name is actually Katie or if it’s just a nickname…because I’m the only person I know who’s name is just Katie.

    Well, can’t wait for the next episode and next podcast…continue the great work!

  13. Katharine says:

    As always, enjoying your podcast. Hope that you will do something during the hiatus like an analysis of the storylines, characters, episode scripts, etc. I like hearing your opinions (just like I enjoy reading other people thoughts in the forums).

    You also don’t have your podcast “censored” like in the fourth podcast from the officials at “Lost.” And seriously, do you know why in the Thanksgiving broadcast when they were talking about things like the JKS triangle it was covered up with no sound — did they accidentally reveal a spoiler that needed to be deleted?

    Anyways, thank you for the podcast, as a “Lost” fan I really appreciate it.

  14. Steve says:

    Here’s a bit more on the Lost-like series, “The New People”.

    “A planeload of American exchange students crash lands on a Pacific island. Once planned as an atomic test site, the sanctuary offers a completely provisioned village. The survivors, a microcosm of their generation—white and black militants, leftists and rightists, glue sniffers and middle-of-the-roaders—must now suit their actions to their ideas and create a society of their own.” (TV Guide, September 22, 1969)

    Of course Serling meant the series to be about the politics of the day, and it wasn’t going to be anything like his Twlight Zone series. But some of the episodes have an eerie similarity to Lost.

    “The discovery of a shallow grave gives rise to fears that someone — or something — may inhabit the unexplored side of the island. The fear mushrooms into near hysteria when one of the girls disappears.” (TV Guide, November 17, 1969)

    “The outbreak of a mysterious epidemic raises a point in medical ethics: who will be guinea pigs for a chemical that may cure — or cause — the malady?” (TV Guide, September 29, 1969)

    “Several youths decide to leave the island by raft. A near-suicidal scheme to start with, the plan is further endangered by the inclusion of Christine Miller, a neurotic.” (TV Guide, October 27, 1969)

    “Mental illness — and the problems of coping with it — loom with dramatic suddenness when a normally happy-go-lucky guy erupts in murderous paranoiac outbursts aimed at George.” (TV Guide, December 15, 1969)

    “The appearance of a distant fishing trawler raises the exciting hope of being rescued — if the New People can agree that they want to signal the ship.” (TV Guide, January 12, 1970)

    Unfortunately we may never see this series rebroadcast. It was 45 minutes long, and paired with another 45 minute show (the David Brenner Show) to make a 90 minute block. Not many stations have a 45 minute block open these days. In fact, I think it was only run once and never aired again. I doubt very much that the creators of Lost ever saw an episode of the show.

    By the way the name of the Island was Bomano. Could the Lost Island be Boma

  15. NemesisVex says:

    I don’t think Libby is as suspicious as folks may be interpreting. Keep in mind the order of events — Libby says Nathan creeps her out, Ana-Lucia throws Nathan in the pit, Goodwin kills Nathan, Ana-Lucia and Goodwin head out to use the radio, Ana-Lucia returns without Goodwin.

    Libby’s remark about Ana-Lucia being a bad judge of character makes sense in that context. Although we never hear Ana-Lucia cop to killing Goodwin to the other Tailies, I think they understand very well she dispatched him, even after having kept Nathan in captivity. Libby has definite cause to question Ana-Lucia’s judgment.

    As for what to do during the hiatus, well — I listen to the original HawaiiUp podcast, which hasn’t been updated in a while. I would rather see the Transmission take a bit of break so that Ryan can do at least one HawaiiUp show during the hiatus.

    Too, I think they deserve a break.

  16. notlost says:

    Did anyone notice Eko’s tattoo on his left arm in the previous (The Other 48 Days) episode? Does it resemble the Dharma Initiative logo?

    Just wondering.

  17. Ana-Lucia badge number is 68631. Here is a few things
    – It is a zip code of Creston NE. 68631. It less than a degree of being the exact center of the Continental United States with a latitude of 41.6546 and longitude of 97.3676. The Latitude is almost is a few miles from being 42 degrees North, and 42 is one of the golden numbers. Also this was near where L. Ron Hubbard grew up.

  18. Ayla says:

    Hi, I love the podcast, but I haven’t listened to the latest one because It isn’t up on itunes yet for some reason.
    Usually each week it updates it automatically for me, but it isn’t on the itunes podcast directory for some reason so it doesn’t update.
    I know I should probably download it from here and listen to it but I when it comes to computers I’m pretty inept haha.
    Also Is this just a problem with the enhanced transmission?
    Any chance of fixing this weeks podcast to make it update on itunes?

  19. John B says:

    Thanks for all your hard work. Another comment about Gilgamesh. After Enkidu’s pointless and tragic death, Gilgamesh went on an ill conceived quest for immortality and power over life and death. With the references to Peter Pan (misplaced eternal youth) and Ponce de Leon (quixotic search for the fountain of youth) it could be an emerging theme.

  20. Katie says:

    Here’s something I found out about Gilgamesh and Enkidu from ~Lirpa~ on the Locke boards at the ‘Lage: “Gilgamesh is the name of a Sumerian hero depicted in one of the first epic stories ever recorded ‘Gilgamesh’ or ‘the Epic of Gilgamesh.’ They then went on to say that Enkidu, was a monster/wild man that wanted a woman and had to settle for a prostitute.”

    ~Lirpa~ also posed this question: “Does anyone think this may allude to the fact that Locke relied on a phone sex operator as his girlfriend? Or maybe I’m not looking deep enough. Of course, as with many aspects of this show, things can often refer to many parts of the story.”

    I thought it might spark some conversation over here.

  21. Ryan says:

    John and Ayla, the enhanced version of our show was late getting online. It went up over the weekend and should be available in iTunes now. Remember, even if the index inside the iTunes Music Store is out of date, SUBSCRIBING to the feed (and updating your podcast subscriptions locally) will check directly and find the latest file.

    Katie, our daughter is another nicknamed Katie. She’s actually a Katherine.

    Noticed the Echo Park thing. Made me think of “L.A. Confidential.” But like the Gilgamesh/Endiku reference, I really don’t know how much weight to give it. The latter detail, at least, sure has a subset of Americans spontaneously educating themselves on historic literature!

    NemesixVex, you’re a dear. We’ll have some stuff over the winter hiatus, but I think we’ll take a little time off ourselves!

  22. laura says:

    sorry if it’s been mentioned already, but regarding the timeline…

    remember when sawyer tries on his new glasses? kate says he looks like a “steam-rolled Harry Potter”. helps to narrow things down a bit.

  23. laura says:

    one more comment from me:

    one of the callers at the end of this episode said there are 3 tailies missing, but he forgot to count the kids.

    that’s all!

  24. Liliana says:

    To responde Katies question, I too like Ana-Lucia. She is really going to spicy things even more in the show. I believe Jack is going to become her protector now thta everyone is going to be hating her for killing Shannon and their will be strong confrontations between Kate and Jack over her which I am just ansiously waiting to see.

  25. Ayla says:

    Thankyou Ryan, The Enhanced Podcast is working now for me on Itunes 🙂

  26. bunga says:

    I lived in hawaii three months ago, I lived their for 8 years miss the weather. I am now in Japan. Its a lot of fun. I usually download the episodes from iTunes. We don’t get lost on TV here in Japan. Several things…
    I have recently started to listen to your Podcast, love it, love it, Love it. I really do appreciate the great insight into the show. It makes my wife and I wonder even more…
    The last podcast a listener asked about what goes into making your Podcast… I am guessing you use MACS. is this true? I listen to the Sound bites and they sound like either Logic, Garage band or sountrack… anyways I am an egghead, just wanted to verify that.
    As for Lost…
    I believe the answers to the island all lie within the Hatch and Dharma…Seyid said something about chernobyl a couple episodes back. He and Jack go on to discuss the cement and stuff. So I am thinking their is some type of nuclear reactor on the island. I also feel that Dharma used the islands for experiments and maybe, just maybe someone else “the others” are continuing the research. Hence Polar Bears… About the security system, I bet its what protects our Fuses from the others because in reality the Security system is protecting the Hatch… hmmm. The Hatch, I know its the hatch what do you think?

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  28. Rusty says:

    Hey all, quick thing. In The Other 48 Days, Goodwin said that people were on the list because they were good. Good, I think, for experimentation. Maybe Dharma? Maybe, just maybe, the Others are Lost Dharma employees, or maybe they still work for Dharma, acting as herders for people to experiment on. I dunno how this explaint why they take so many kids, but it may be what they take people for.



  29. Katie says:

    Going off of what Rusty said…

    What if the Others WERE Dharma people, but Dharma has abandonded the island for whatever reason (the “incident” Marvin Candle was talking about???) and they were left behind because they got too far into it all. Maybe they still conduct Dharma related research even though Dharma is no longer a company and they’ve gone insane and that’s all they can think about doing.

    Just bouncing some ideas around. I’d love to hear what you all think.

  30. Katharine says:

    Don’t know if you’re taking votes on A.L. in response to “Collision” but I thought that Television Without Pity summed it up nicely in their plot line of the episode: “Ana-Lucia flashes back to her days as one of L.A.’s finest, and a lapse in judgment costs her her unborn baby. Amazingly, despite a tragic backstory, she remains largely unsympathetic.”

    I believe that’s because she is not just an angry and cold person (which are understandable), but she is also viciously cruel. “The Other 48 Days” were much better for A.L. in comparison.

  31. Lovena says:

    I’m finally able to access this transmission! Another great transmission Ryan and Jen…Happy (belated) Thanksgiving to you and your family too! I enjoyed this ep especially the reunions of Michael/Vincent, Rose/Bernard and Sun/Jin…very touching! My fave character is also Ana Lucia. I also hope to see more of Rose/Bernard and their story.

  32. losthokie says:

    “kate says he looks like a “steam-rolled Harry Potter”.

    Actually Hurley said that to him.

  33. Noelle says:

    Since they has not been any new episode of Lost, I’ve been watching the first season over again. After watching Boone’s death, I noticed that Shannon is wearing the same outfit is which is was killed in. Also, the same outfit she tried to kill Locke in. I don’t know if that means anything, but it is interesting.

  34. Irish says:

    Hi, this post is WAY too late and Im very sorry!Its for the episode where Charlie is conning the woman who’s father gives him a job (and then he vomits in the copier), remember?I know its old!She says to Charlie while they’re in her house, after Charlie asks where her father is, “he’s in Slough about some Paper Company”.The tv series, The Office (the original, British version), is set in Slough, in a paper company.Probably not a clue but just a little shout-out by a writer to a show he liked.Well thats it, sorry!

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