Trans 2005-11-30: “What Kate Did” – Episode 2-9


This edition of “The Transmission” follows the Nov. 30 episode, “What Kate Did.” Kate’s original crime is revealed, Shannon is laid to rest, Mr. Eko gives Locke a new piece of the “Orientation” puzzle, and Michael makes contact on the computer. Got comments?


  • 00:00 Introduction
  • 03:20 Recap
  • 19:46 Discussion
  • 29:44 You All Everybody (Feedback)
  • 50:00 The Forward Cabin (Spoilers)
  • 54:25 LostLine


Special Show Topics:

  • “What Kate Did” Reaction
  • Season Two: So Far, So Good?
  • Lost on the Web: Official Sites, Fan Sites, Forums…
  • Grand Theories: What’s Going On?
  • Season One Revisited: Highs, Lows, and Hindsight

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33 Responses to Trans 2005-11-30: “What Kate Did” – Episode 2-9

  1. Lovena says:

    Aloha Ryan & Jen from sunny and cool (40 degrees) Masschusetts! Enjoyed your podcast today. I was happy to hear Jin speak english…..”Thank you” to Locke after he cut the handcuff off of Jin’s wrist.

    On the Kiss, somehow I don’t see Jack and Kate getting together. Maybe Jack & Libby…and definately Kate & Sawyer…also would be interesting to see Ana Lucia and Sayid!

    Looking forward to listening to the Transmission during the 6-week break. I think it’s a great idea to have different topics to cover over the break. Mahalo and keep up the fantastic work!

  2. Walter says:

    While watching last night’s episode, I couldn’t help but think about the great science fiction novel by Stanislaw Lem called “Solaris” (which believe me – is so much better than the most recent movie which seemed to gloss over the most interesting aspect of that book). Have you guys read it?

    Here’s a good synopsis from the Wikipedia:

    Interested to know what you all think about that. And please, PLEASE keep podcasting during the hiatus!

  3. Walter says:

    Crap, and I forgot to mention that the main character in Solaris is named Kris KELVIN. Remember Desmond said he was pulled into the Swan Station by a man named KELVIN.

  4. Ryan says:

    That’s yet another interesting link, Walter! Such parallels to be endless in “Lost.”

    And folks, I’d like to apologize early for all the mistakes in this show. I lost count after “Endiku.” (It’s “Enkidu,” as you all got correct.) I blame the lingerine vikane gas in our house!

  5. debbie says:

    I would be just as happy to not have romances on the island except for the ones that already exist (sun/jin, rose/bernard) because they distract from the more interesting stuff (mysticism, fate, destiny etc). sounds like you might feel the same, Jen. If i wanted romance/sex stuff, there are plenty of mindless soap operas for that. I thought the shannon/sayid thing was a drag on the show and made NO sense.

    so do you think sawyer likes kate? I mean not like her, but like her, like her….and will Jack choose ana or kate…blahblahblah…

    give me more eko and Locke!!!

    oh, and save sawyer for me :)!

  6. Tom says:

    In the episode 9 flashback scenes Kate appears to be wearing a “retro” t-shirt promoting a Janis Joplin concert. It’s perhaps worth noting that Joplin lived fast and died young, at age 27.

  7. BECKILY says:


  8. Jen says:

    Kate likes Janis _and_ Patsy Cline? I’m beginning to like her.

  9. debbie says:

    last week I found a website that played the canadian trailer for the new episodes, but cant remember where. Anyone know the link?

  10. Walter says:

    Here’s a question: When Michael hear’s the beep from the computer, he looks at the clock and the seconds are not ticking. It’s frozen at 51:00. So, what do you all think… did he interrupt the countdown while he was messing with the computer wires, or… did time stop!? Woah nelly!

    Also, Ryan & Jen, I’m surprised at you for not calling this out in the podcast: We now know the break between episodes will be 6 weeks… but more importantly for all Lostophiles… that’s 42 days! 🙂

  11. albert from chicago says:

    you asked for ideas for upcoming podcasts while on this hiatus… would you be able to take live phone calls via skype? perhaps from just normal everyday fans or maybe even a celebrity or two?

  12. Steve says:

    Now I’m sure we’ve all discussed the cryptic meanings behind Locke’s crossword but I believe that my interpretation might bring a new light to the debate.

    Locke and Eko will die.

    The word that Locke writes is GiLGAMESH. Notice how the “i” is the only lowercase letter. It is written this way to give more than one hint to the viewers. The lower case “i” is Locke cryptic way of saying “I am Gilgamesh”. In the epic of Gilgamesh, he is a half-God whose mother plays a pivotal role in his understanding of what he is to become through showing him visions. (All of which has an eerie correlation with the first seasons episodes dealing with Locke’s past.) He is then joined by a man by the name of Enkidu. (This character is of course Eko.) Gilgamesh longs to perform great deeds (tell me that doesn’t sound like Locke) so the two of them fight Humbaba, the monster of the cedar forest. (Emphasis on FOREST MONSTER!) They then anger the gods and the Bull of Heaven (which represents drought) is sent to kill the two of them for their interference. But Enkidu literally takes the bull by the horns and Gilgamesh kills it. The gods decide that one of them must die for their misdeeds and since Gilgamesh is part divine and part human, and Enkidu is part human and part animal, the sacrifice, the judgment falls on Enkidu, who sickens and dies. ( Mr. Eko, a tribal and brutish looking man could very well be interpreted as being animalistic and this is when I believe he will die. Locke could also be interpreted as a divine being, not just because for the statement that his mother makes about him being immaculately conceived but also in his all knowing persona and essence that he seems to have. ) Gilgamesh is torn over the death of Enkidu and spends the rest of his days searching for eternal life.

    Gilgamesh and Enkidu were both experienced hunters and the stories seem to fit.

    So there it is. Whatever the truth is we do know one thing. This is a clue we were meant to see. The number 42 confirms that. GiLGAMESH was not something written by chance!

    One more little factoid. The hand-writing. Either Locke wrote this wor with a different emotion or the rest of this crossword puzzle was written by some else!

  13. Ryan says:

    Hmm! Girls behaving badly? Michelle Rodriguez (Ana-Lucia) and Cynthia Watros (Libby) were arrested on suspicion of DUI late Wednesday.

  14. madeline says:

    Ryan & Jen: u r the best! love the podcast better than abc’s and any other lostcast. Lost should hire you to do their PR, or something.

    there’ve been people calling in your LostLine and saying things about Locke, like he’s one of the Others, or he has secret communitcation with someone on the island, and I have to say that I don’t think anything like that can be true. first of all, Locke’s had several flashback episodes, so he’s for sure not an Other because they don’t have flashbacks. They’re mysterious.

    Second of all, i don’t think that there’s anything that the fusies and the tailies know now that the audience doesn’t know about the island. We learn the secrets of the island with them, and one of the ways that the show works is by having the audience and the characters (fusies and tailies) sympathetic with eachother. The First 48 Days episode filled us in on everything important that happened with the tailies, and I think we have to assume that nothing big has happened with the fusies that we don’t know about.
    secrets in their backstories are a different story, of course.

    Hope you’ll mention this on your show, which i love & listen to all the time (even over & over!)


  15. Sierra says:

    Hey, Ryan & Jen! I’m from Chicago, Illinois, USA and I just started listening to your podcast this last Thursday with “What Kate Did.” I LOVE IT!

    I’m 19 and started watching LOST when it aired 9/21/04, all thanks to my sister and her liking to Dom Monaghan and since then have liked the show.

    Picked up the Lost Season 1 DVD this past September and then I suddenly remembered that Season 2 was starting. I just happened to stumble onto your site, courtesy of another, can’t remember which one, but listened to it and it’s very well thought out and processed.

    I love the spoilers and the cast sightings! Too bad there’s a 6 week hiatus between now and January of ’06, can you believe it?

    Loved “What Kate Did,” mainly because Jack & Kate finally showed at least some of the feelings that they had for each other and I know Ryan was saying it was a “sloppy, wet, passionate kiss.” Just thought that was funny. But, loved the episode overall! We finally got to see “What Kate Did!”

    Looking forward to learning about Jack’s past. See you from the “Windy City!”

    ~Sierra C. 19yrs. Chicago, Illinois..USA

  16. Dan B. says:

    Here’s something I never noticed before…

    Go to The Hanso Foundation website (at
    Click on the Alvar Hanso page, and then mouseover the picture of Alvar.
    Then click.

    There’s a mole!

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  18. Dan D says:

    Does any one else have a problem with the existence of an alternate entrance to the hatch. Locke and Boone were out around the hatch for several days looking for a way to get in. I find it hard to buy the idea that they would not have come accross the alternate entrance given its size and relative conspicuousness.

  19. Juvy C. says:

    Hi Ryan and Jen,

    Hafa Adai from another island in paradise, Guam! After watching Season 1 on DVD, my husband and I have loved getting LOST. We get episodes a week late here, so we download them from iTunes and listen to The Transmission afterwards. Your show has been a tremendous help to fuel our inquisitive minds!

    That said, I was disappointed to not gel with you guys about “What Kate Did.” I loved the ensemble story with bits and pieces from all our favorite characters. I think the writers were geniuses to bring us back to the heart of the characters after enduring episodes with just the tailees and just a few of the characters. I laughed so hard at Hurleys comments–come on guys, it was a great way to break the intensity of Jack’s scene!

    And about what Kate did — killing your own father is not a big enough crime?! He obviously wanted to sexually abuse her, talking about how beautiful she is. I think her decision to do so and her other father’s comments that he knew she was going to kill Wayne is indicative of Kate’s muddy character that we have yet to fully know.

    I think the black stallion wasn’t cheesy, either! I think you both are taking these manifestations too literally. The island, as a character, has shown us that it’s messing with the characters on another, unrealistic level. From the appearances of Jack’s father, the polar bear, the vindictive wild boars, and Walt, our characters have seen things and people that are beyond our reality. So, I think the black stallion was an interesting totem for Kate, a source of guidance that helped her escape the marshall before and now a vision to help her come to terms with killing her father.

    Anyways, we still love your show. Thank you for all of your efforts for putting it together and helping the fans fuel our minds. Have a great holiday season!

  20. Ryan says:

    Aloha e Juvy! Hope all is well in Guam. You’re not the first to differ with us on our less-than-enthusiastic response to “What Kate Did.” I definitely get the sense that a lot of people liked it a lot, even pegging it as the best episode of the season so far.

    I concede it probably deserves a second look, and that we probably could have been in a better mood!

    And I agree that it was definitely nice to see our “old friends” again. Heck, just seeing Michael doing something besides screaming “Walt” deserves a cheer. I suppose one’s take depends a lot on whether you find the Tailies a distraction or an interesting addition. I’m curious enough about them still to have not disliked the last few Tailies-heavy episodes.

  21. Dave says:

    I really liked the theory by Vernon in KC regarding Alvar Hanso. Seems like a theory that could add some scientific reality to the mysteries of the island. Also Vernon if you read this please post a site or any information regarding the theory and the magnetic field inlcuding the info regarding the area north of Australia. Thanks…keep up the great podcast Ryan and Jen. Is it Jan 11th yet?

  22. redfraggle says:

    I’m fraggle from CT and I love your podcast and have gotten many people listening to it. My boyfriend used to make fun of me because last season I was so involved and obsessed with Lost. I bought the Season 1 DVD and made him watch them and he got majorly hooked as well.

    For the comments on the “What Kate Did” episode. I do disagree that it was a horrible episode. I kind of like the fact that Kate did something that in a way was almost forgiveable. This seems to be somewhat of a theme among all of the survivors.
    Sawyer never meant to kill that man. His reasonings behind trying to find the “real” Sawyer again, are somewhat understandable and in a strange way forgiveable (and you know he regrets killing that man)
    Jack definitely regrets not being there for his father before he died and yet his anger was understandable.
    Charlie got involved with drugs because of his brother and at first did not want to be like that, and has made amends and therefore has learned from his mistakes (well as far as we know so far)
    Sun stayed with Jin because she loved him, but we can understand why she would want to leave him and it’s forgiveable.
    Jin did what he needed to do because he loved Sun and again that is forgiveable.
    We don’t know yet enough about Locke and Ana Lucia to know what to think of them.
    Kate fits in with the other survivors though because she killed out of what seems like safety and to protect her mother. Again… forgiveable.

    Is this a theme? Are the survivors slated as “bad” but are on the island to redeem themselves?

    I’m sure that there is a topic about this on some board out there, but I just wanted to know what some of the others thought about this.

    again… LOVE your podcast Ryan and Jenn!!! Keep up the amazing work!

  23. Jen says:

    I know I didn’t really articulate my reasons for my less-than-enthusiastic response to this episode. Honestly, I didn’t dislike it all that much. I just really wasn’t fond of they way the writers chose to flesh out Kate’s backstory. For instance: we see Kate holding up the bank in season 1. I, personally, would have loved it if her life on the run were sparked by a bank-robbing spree and the attempt to get the toy plane back was her “one last job”; the job that just happens to force her to flee to Australia.

    The episode itself was fine. I just think that somebody could argue that her killing of her father was in self-defense. That seems (at least to me) to go against what we’ve been told about Kate thus far. Kate is someone who boldfacedly lied to two men to get them to help her rob a bank and then shot them. I was totally prepared to buy Kate as a duplicitous, manipulative killer and the idea of her having to go into hiding after an act of self-preservation seemed a little far-fetched. My personal feeling is that in a real-life situation, a person facing charges stemming from a self-defense killing wouldn’t have run.

    I did quite like the developments happening on the island.

  24. Brian says:

    I wouldn’t worry so much about “timelines” in Lost.

    The writers of Lost have been influenced as you’ve said, by Stephen King, particularly the Stand. Most of Stephen Kings novels are all tied together and inter-related to a series called The Dark Tower. Very briefly, it’s a seven book series that spanned over 3 decades for King personally, to write. It’s a story that takes place in different dimensions, and different “times”. Each world/dimension the characters enter are very similar to our world, our Earth, but with slight twists and variations. Example, instead of Coca-Cola, they would have Fizz Cola, or instead of Datsun becoming Nissan, as in our world, Datsun still stayed in production.

    There is absolutely no guarantee that the world Lost takes place in is OUR world (ie – Oceanic Airlines!!). It could very well be a distorted mirror image of our reality; where the new 20 dollar bill was in circulation BEFORE the Red Sox won the world series (or vice versa), where the first Gulf War took place, perhaps, in the 1980’s. So I basically, I wouldn’t be too concerned about a “timeline”. Because time, as they say, is relative…

  25. Jonathan says:

    I think that the timeline is not too important, and most of the interesting facts found examining it are just continuity errors. Why other castaways appear in others flashbacks is something that will have to be explained. I hope the special edition Transmissions include:
    1. Website “easter eggs” and their respective codes
    2. Theories
    3. Lost Media: Books, songs, and other mythology in lost. Something for listeners and viewers to listen to or read on Wednesdays at 9:00.

  26. Vic, Dominican Republic says:

    I’m no computer geek, but I believe the operating system they use in the hatch is Microsoft DOS (Disk Operating System) and I’m pretty sure the only way you could chat using DOS was when computers where interconected in the same mainframe. If this is true, this leads me to confirm that Walt and the Others are in a hatch and have probably the same infracstructure as our Losties.

    Just a thought

    Thanks, a have a merry, merry xmas!!!

  27. Lea Elkins says:

    While reading the posted opinions etc. I thought about how most of the characters have not had a close connection to parents – or a lack of bonding, acceptance, unconditional love with parents. Could this be a reason they were “chosen” to be on the island?

    I have always thought each person was “chosen” to be on this plane, rather than just a random group of people on a random flight. This means the plot would have started long before the plane crash. The reason for each person being “chosen” has something to do with their personality or life experiences since this will make them more susceptible to the mystery and plan the island has for them.

  28. Zach says:

    The numbers 4 8 15 16 23 42 add up to 108. Which is how much time in which the timer is set to. Love the show. Thanks.

  29. Gracie's Mom says:

    I just found your site today at work (shhhh!) AMAZING! Your show is helping kill time at the office.

    Ok…I must admit that I didn’t watch the show last year (ducking out of swinging distance) BUT! I started to watch this year and I’m going to watch Season One durning my Christmas break.

    I’ve become obsessed with the show this season. I can’t get enough information about the show. I spend the day reading anything I can about the show. (That’s how I found your site)

    OK…the biggest information that I came upon is….as far as we know…ONLY HURLEY bought his own ticket for the flight! WHAT? This freaked me out…and who knows, maybe he didn’t…but from what I can tell no one else bought their own ticket! YIKES! Which leads me to ask….WHO planned this? Who/what could have had this much influence?

    I’ll break it down…from what I know…Sun’s father bought their tickets, Charlie’s manager bought his, the Marshall bought Kate’s, Jack’s mother bought his, the Walkabout agent gave Locke his, The CIA or someone else bought Syiad’s, Boone bought Shannon’s…and it’s possibly that Boone’s mother bought his, Brian bought Walt and Michael’s…am I WAY OFF?

    Love the site…love the show…I plan to listen to them all…I must play catch up since I only found the site today. I plan to spend a good portion of the day on this site…hope to find out more information.

    Thanks so much!
    Happy Holidays!

  30. Kent says:

    Big clue to the purgatory theory. When Sawyer wakes up, he asks Kate “are we saved?” Kate responds “no, we are not saved.”


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