The mythology fans are probably howling at the moon, but as character-focused episodes go, we liked it a lot. Probably more than we should. We actually didn’t learn too much new about Hurley, or the island, and the whole Dave plot was one big ruse (practically a direct poke in the eye for the “it’s all someone’s dream” conspiracy theorists). Obviously there are a lot of clues and revelations in store as the season wraps up, so despite the fact that this week’s episode wasn’t particularly enlightening, it was a fun ride. Even if you spoiled yourself silly.

So we learn what led Hurley to be institutionalized, and exactly why his food addiction and weight issues are so deeply ingrained. On one hand, it’s clear he’s not quite cured, but on the other… hey, he got the girl. So what if she’s also loony toons? And we liked the Dave bits, too— you might have suspected he wasn’t real as soon as you saw him snubbed on the basketball court, but the slipper and coconut still kept us guessing. And the conversation where Dave explains how everything since Santa Rosa is all in Hurley’s head? He made a pretty damn good case. I mean, those numbers? The lottery, and the button? Really.

I suspect more than a few viewers were on the verge of exploding.

So you had a dash of “The Sixth Sense” (but we were spared the melodramatic “gotcha” montage), “Identity” (Dave has got to be modeled after Malcom Rivers), and finally, “Vanilla Sky” (but with a cliff instead of a high rise). And it all adds up to squat, we know, but c’mon. Hurley kicked Sawyer’s ass.

Sayid nearly killed Henry (which would’ve prompted some fans to riot, after Ethan also took answers to his grave), but Ana Lucia deflected the shot. Echoes of the moment Sayid saved Locke from Shannon’s rage. And Mr. Eko is infuriatingly silent about what he’s building (though it’s not a Starbucks). Not sure what he was doing with the water, but Jen the Catholic insists it was not the Sign of the Cross.

For the clue-hunters, there were still a few good nuggets to chew on. First and foremost, Henry’s reference to a “he,” which Sayid caught, and the confirmation that Zeke is not the man in charge (something Zeke himself implied when scolding Ethan). Weirdly enough, I’m now actually open to the possibility that Henry wasn’t originally an Other… but that he’s definitely linked with them now, willingly or unwillingly.

Secondly, Henry asserts that God can’t see the island any better than anyone else. Why can’t anyone else see the island?

Finally, you have Henry’s assertion that the bunker is a “joke,” and that nothing happens when the timer runs down. Of course, lots of folks doubted the button did anything. But now that Henry’s saying that, we’ve got to doubt that doubt.

Notes and Notions:

  • What does Libby’s presence in the institution mean? Evidence that she’s up to something, either stalking Hurley or even tracking Lenny for the Hanso Foundation? Or was it just another survivor flashback “crossover,” like the dozens that have come before, except for once someone had an inkling of recognition? The fact that this reveal closed the episode, rather than the truth about Dave, makes me suspect the former.
  • Hurley went to Sawyer for medication. Jen noted that Sawyer should have surrendered all the drugs to Jack. Then again, it would be just like Sawyer to neglect to mention it, meanwhile prying for more information.
  • In a moment of panic, fearing Sayid would shoot him, Henry blurts out that he can’t be killed because he’s not a bad person. Not only does this continue the “good person”/”bad person” distinction, but it shows that Henry deeply believes that no harm should or could actually come to a “good person” like him.
  • Sometimes, the writers throw in dialogue to prove some semblance of common sense, like the sudden chat about the food drop, a possible plane flyover, and its connection to the blast doors. Maybe such “grounding” wouldn’t be so jarring if our survivors thought and talked about their circumstances more often.
  • Hurley dragging Sawyer back into the tarp was funny. Jin laughing as he watched was hilarious.
  • Dave says, “See you in another life.” That, of course, was also Demond’s parting line. The fact that he said it before jumping off the cliff is a pretty direct link to “Vanilla Sky,” in which David says the same thing before leaping off the skyscraper. “Vanilla Sky” was about life extention, one of the projects of the Hanso Foundation. (Someone at The Fuselage reminded everyone that Nadia’s letter to Sayid also ended with a similar sentiment.)
  • Charlie joked that Mr. Eko was building a Starbucks. Someone actually tossed out that thought on a message board a couple of weeks ago.
  • Hurley joins the growing list of survivors directly responsible for the death of others. Unless you already counted the “eight something” people who died at his Canadian sneaker company.
  • Numbers: There were 23 people standing on a deck built to hold eight people when it collapsed.
  • Hurley’s doctor had a huge picture of a tropical island on his wall, which could have been another exhibit in Dave’s list of reasons why the island isn’t real. But since it is, maybe sometimes a picture is just a picture.
  • The real Henry Gale wrote a note to his wife Jennifer on a $20 bill. Yes, it was a “new” $20 bill, issued in mid-2003.


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  1. jim says:

    I’m not so sure about Sayid and Ana Lucia playing Good Cop/Bad Cop, but I do have a hunch about something: does anybody else besides me sense an emerging relationship between the two of them? I realize it’s a little early, there’s a lot of tension, but nobody else on the island has endured as much trauma as those two, both in pre-crash and post-crash days. And they are both consumed with guilt and a desire for justice. And, just to be a little superficial here, they would make a very attractive couple!

  2. Niall Carson says:

    Hi guys I still havent found a podcast as funny and well made as yours was! I thought this episode was great, Jorge acted his socks off. Hurley and Locke are my favourite characters so the pas two episodes have been right up my street. I think things are going to get really interesting now, The Henry line about the Magnet was giving away too much by the writer, but who knows what will happen next.

  3. Desmond Jr. says:

    Ya Niall the henry line was a little too much. I think something did happen(it just seems like nothing did). like how do we know it didnt do anything to the rest of the world? huh? But i belive him now for some reason. Well now we know he knows about the dharma ini. and has known about it for a while,because noone told him that the station was electromagnetism reaserch. I would never have thought that noise was a magnet. sounds nothing like a magnet!I dont even think a magnet makes a noise…..ill look into that. I would be freakin out at that moment. i wuoldnt be all “ohh, sounds like a magnet.”. So ya.

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  4. Tom says:

    Alright how about this. Dave was only a hint a what will be the season cliff hanger/finale.It really is only a Hurley hallucination. Next year Lost will return as a reality series with Jorge Garcia playing himself losing weight on a desert Island and also interveiwing guests about mysterioous subjects ala Coast to Coast AM! Well lets hope not!

  5. Desmond Jr. says:

    funny. That would suck sooo bad. it better not be all in his mind! Ill be soo mad.>:(

  6. sir monster says:

    Ill bet money Echo is building a church.

  7. Desmond Jr. says:

    You know how this show is. j.j. might want us to think hes building a church.But your right i thought “he must be building a church” when i watched this episode.
    4 8 15 16 23 42

  8. johnp says:

    Locations. I was watching OC16 and it was said that Hurley’s episode was the YWCA downtown. The basketball court was used as well as the classrooms. The YMCA was used previously as the Mosque that Sayid goes to. The bunkers in Diamond Head crater were used to film the scenes in Iraq. I don’t know if anyone is keeping track of the locations but I find it interesting.

  9. Jen says:

    I don’t trust not-Henry an inch, I’ll say that much, Desmond. Something totally happened when he let the timer run out and he knows it. It’s not going to be apparent to anyone until the last batch of new episodes, but it’s gonna happen. Anyone get a peek at the titles for the upcoming episodes? Very interesting.

  10. Mike says:

    Ryan & Jen…….
    Boy I still miss your podcasts!! How about a recap once a month or so?

    Anyway….re some comments…I too would like to see Anna Lucia/Sayid
    grow together and start a relationship. I think ” Henry” is a great character.
    Can’t wait to find out who he really is. I miss Desmond.
    And…..I think Eko is building table for a feast…..isn’t it time for the Holidays on the island?

  11. Alex says:

    I have come up with a connection here. The Infra-red map on the blast door within the hatch had comments on; such as ‘The cure is worse than the disease’. Now Libby was in a mental home, so surely thats a discreet connection? So, the question that begs is… Do each of these little statments on the map have their own meaning to each of the main characters? It’s a long shot, but it may just work…

  12. Janine says:

    Just to comment on one of your insights: “Charlie joked that Mr. Eko was building a Starbucks. Someone actually tossed out that thought on a message board a couple of weeks ago.”

    I hope everyone is aware that the writers for X-files got alot of their material off the web and on message boards. It’s intersting to wonder who may be reading our comments,

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