One thing’s for sure, Desmond episodes are different beasts entirely. Most of the way, I wasn’t exactly sure where “Catch 22” was going, and while I loved some of the a-ha moments, tonight’s episode really felt more like half of one. Of course, that’s to be expected as we near the season finale. Jen admitted to being somewhat “meh” on it, too, with Kate’s return to Sawyer feeling more like fan-fic than canon. But with flash forwards mixed in with everything else, It’s hard to compare “Catch 22” to the usual fare. I have to say, “Catch 22” made “Flashes Before Your Eyes” seem all the more brilliant.

Key points in tonight’s episode? Yet another new face on the island, for one… and the mind boggles at how many more ways the writers are going to come up with to do that. But the biggest clue was small, by “LOST” standards: the photo on the friar’s desk.

Oh, sure, it was sweet to see how Desmond and Penny met. But the friar’s talk of Desmond being destined for bigger things was a direct echo of Mrs. Hawking’s jewelry store lecture in “Flashes.” And the picture cinches it: larger forces are in motion to steer Desmond to the island.

This raises more questions, though. Why was Desmond chosen? And when? On the brink of marrying Ruth? Was his blackout and street encounter with the monk part of the plan? Or was it even earlier? And what is his greater destiny? To push the button? To not push the button? Or something else entirely?

Everything else was gravy.

I loved the Bernard shout out, and Jin’s ghost story. Jen liked the Superman v. Flash discussion, even though we heard it twice. Desmond’s mention of taped-up ankles was a nice reference to his running encounter with Jack, and I loved Charlie’s sarcastic reaction to the satellite phone’s failure. “Shocker.” Sawyer found a too-cute loophole in his “no nicknames” deal, and had the night’s top line, “”What, my doorbell busted again?”

The unsubtle mentions of life on the beach somehow getting back to normal was defused well enough: “Enjoy it,” Jack said. “I’m sure something will go wrong soon enough.”

The numbers resurfaced (108 quid per bottle of wine), and heavy Bible talk. Desmond failed where Abraham did not, we presume by not sacrificing Charlie. One wonders, then, how the journey into the forest would have differed had Charlie taken the spear in the neck?

Notes and Notions:

  • While the photo of Mrs. Hawking and the friar on the desk was a big deal, we also have confirmation that there are, indeed, now two copies of the Desmond and Penny picture. Desmond had his crumpled one, and the book in the backpack revealed a pristine copy. The first time folks questioned whether there were two photos (when the waterfront photographer gave them only one), I figured it could just be a goof up. Now that the two photos have been prominently introduced, I’m convinced something bigger is going on.
  • So the helicopter didn’t make it to the island, running out of gas or mysteriously dying offshore, crashing much like every other ill-fated vessel that’s ventured near. But the parachute and high-altitude suit and mask imply that the mysterious traveler anticipated a rough landing.
  • Jen’s not sure what frustrates her more: Jin’s sporadic and sudden grasp of English, or the repeated use of the “language barrier” comedy schtick.
  • Has Jen mentioned recently that the love triangle (or trapezoid or whatever) stuff similarly grates?
  • Location notes: Most of the flashback took place at the St. Andrew’s grounds, the same church where Charlie sought redemption and where Mr. Eko was sent on his miracle mission.
  • Links: “Catch 22” discussions at, and Pop Candy.
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  1. NuckinFuts says:

    Wow…some of you guys have the tools to find anybody…I was wondering how you knew her name too….funny….I didn’t see Arnzt listed there….j.k….I am going to go crazy and laugh till I piss myself or pass out when Mr. Science DOES turn out to be Jacob……….in a small way I’m now pulling for ya MJimbo….but I’m w/ Fernando…that’s going a little too far….I like this place cause everyone has an opinion and I hope everything stays friendly here! I’m hoping everyone was joking….even if in poor taste…..don’t mind poking fun of people, but if someone takes it bad then it’s not fun…you guys can treat me like trash and call me NuckinFuts, I don’t care!

    Thanks to those who commented on my latest theory from the end of the previous show post….perhaps it still holds some water….perhaps the helicopter hit the cloaked device / sheild….just like the plane…. I don’t really want it to be aliens either, but I’m running out of options here lately….

    Like the Desmond episode, but his comments to his ex-fiance who he left before meeting Penny make me think that when he fell in the street he must have started these visions….or started to go nuts thinking he wasn’t on the right “path” …….he said he thought he knew he had to go w/ the Monk….not that he had a vision at all…..I was thinking that in his pre-island button pressing hatch blowing life time that perhaps the visions did not start until he hit his head painting….that maybe the concussion or whatever caused these gut feelings to kick into a higher gear and turn to visions…but based on the Flashes episode they really didn’t flash as much as they were stronger “gut” instincts or what seemed like “past memorey flashes” …..but last nights episode tells me that whether or not he actually had “flashes” he was a person who was prone to make irrational decisions based on nothing more than a gut feeling…..perhaps even though the episode last night shows us there is some validity to his notions / flashes while on the island this is not to say that there was validity to things that were happening before a few major head traumas pre-island / post button / ….he was once right about the bar fight, but did not have it as exact as he did this time around….

    It just seems that something that has increased his abilities since the implosion….perhaps just as Locke can now walk, Rose is now healed, etc that the island properties have now increased his “gut” feelings to actual “visions or flashes”….so the only remaining question would be “How come the Monk and jewelry lady knew about him?” Well…to me it would mean that they were just like the recruiters sent for Juliet….As much as Ben seems to be able to forecast the future and manipulate the 815ers enought to predict precisely what they will need to do / where they will need to be / how they will need to act to make our Losties behave in certain ways they must have done the same to get Desmond there as well…. I just don’t know why they need him yet….but I’m working on it….

    Peace N Chicken Grease Brothas!

  2. Bill says:

    Yeah, I wish Dez would have told Charlie to leave the Ovation guitar behind because, “it’s gonna’ rain, Brother, I saw it.”

  3. Fernando says:

    WOW, Frank really put things into perspective for me.

    I had initially thought that the Catch 22 issue was “the dilemma Desmond faces: “save the junkie and “change the picture,” or let him die according to his flashes.” but you are right: “Dez needs to save Charlie’s life to see Penny again, but Penny is the only one who has what Dez needs to save Charlie’s life.” The Catch 22 issue is all about circularity, and there is no way to get out of it from the point of view you explained it. Thanks!

    As for everyone else asking how some of us know the name of the parachutist, this is the thing: We read it in the spoilers section from the Fuselage or in (I do not remember) where they also have very brief summaries for the episodes to come for the end of this season. I hope that mentioning her name, or about how I found out about it, does not spoil anything for anyone. After all, we will hear her speak next wednesday. until then,

    Peace, every1.

  4. Jim says:

    The message will be..”Desmond, if your going to break up with a girl, don’t run off to some stupid island”

  5. Bryan says:

    “Wouldn’t normally care, but you were the one who made a big stink about someone not having their facts straight.”

    Um, dear Frank,

    The partnership has nothing to do with the iPhone, rather the iTunes store downloads. The first poster remarked that the reference to the iPhone was to please the parent company. The parent company is Disney/ABC, who is not producing the iPhone, Apple is, and is not in a deal to sell iPhones. The implication he made was that some concession was made to please ABC over the iPhone, when the FACT is, they are not in any sort of deal to design, manufacture, distribute, or provide phone services for the iPhone.

    In fact, that article is dated Oct 15th, almost a full two months before the world even knew the existence of the iPhone. You’ll notice the word “iPhone” does not appear once in the entire article. Perhaps if you print the article out and cut out the letters you could rearrange them to spell the word iPhone.

    So don’t try to scold me and put me in my place for setting the initial poster straight about ABC not being the parent company in regards to the iPhone.
    I know about the iPhone, I’m an investor in Apple, and ABC has NOTHING to do with the iPhone. It’s an Apple product. Not an ABC or Disney product.

    The reality is, the production designers who make props for the show probably did that on their own volition, and it was not as a result of some so called pressure or implied conspiracy to make it part of the show.

  6. Bryan says:

    Actually Frank I made a mistake. That article you were smacking me down with is dated 2005, not 2006, so it is over a year, not two months, before the iPhone was announced. Sorry for the mistake…. wait, you made the mistake. Nevermind.

  7. David says:

    Listen, I love the show and I enjoy Ryan and Jen’s contribution to the LOST community. I enjoyed the similarity of the satellite phone to the iPhone, I thought it was a great “shout-out” to the largest Disney shareholder, Steve Jobs. The producers know that LOST fans find every detail on every show and I thought it was a very clever (if not inadvertent) tie in to the most anticipated mobile phone. It’s just a slippery slope that’s all. LOST drives me crazy sometimes because of the spectacular episodes that air makes me expect all the episodes to be that way. That said I still love the show. Peace.

  8. frank says:

    My point wasn’t about the phone; it was about the Apple/ABC partnership, which, I believe, is still in existence today … meaning that a little bit of Apple product placement is going to make the execs happy. So I’ll accept in advance your apology for yet another mistake.

  9. Jen says:

    Knock it off.

  10. wackojacko says:

    Maybe one thing you haven’t looked at yet is…… If Charlie got the arrow into his throat then maybe they would turn back and return him to Jack. And then forget where he got shot or not be able to find it. Therefore making it so that the girl can’t give her message to Desmond. What if it is a good thing that Desmond stopped Charlie from dying?

    Every Wednesday night I go to a friends house and watch a certain show. Lately I have been watching/hoping. This Season was craptacular up until 5 episodes ago or so when it shows Jack playing with the others. Please bring back the magic of the first season. Not the second one.

  11. cuedblu says:

    Rebecca, I do like your ideas on Desmond’s visions in “Flashes’ – I thought a similar thing: that it was his mind recreating visions of his life while he was in a period of shock.

    I have a question for you though. You said, “I thought it was a good episode in general, I’m pleased the cast addition is someone already related to the island pre-815 as I think the writers will be getting a little desperate when they start dropping completely fresh faces out of the sky.”

    I’m confused because the IMBD site listed above by SpilledMilkInc shows this actress had not yet been on the show – her credits are listed as this last episode and next weeks (“D.O.C.”). What am I missing here? She’s obviously related to Desmond in some way as she has the picture and his name, but how is she related to the island (before or after the crash of 815)? Thanks in advance for your answer.

  12. Jen says:

    …also, anybody who uses the phrase “jump the shark” in any way, shape, or form or waxes poetic about season one or some missing “magic” gets a Sawyer nickname and is ridiculed. Who’s with me?

  13. Kopytko says:

    That woman is probably a highly skilled pilot and maby a soldier.
    Don’t know why could somebody think that it was Penny meant to take her
    place if Desmond let Charlie die. Is’t nonsense, there’s no logic in it.
    How Charlie’s death could bring Penny to the island instead of that woman.
    Complete nonsense I say. We know now that coming on this Island by
    an aircraft is extremaly diffucult because it’s somehow protected,
    force field, emp whatever. That woman used some expensive and advanced
    equipment so she probably wasn’t Penny’s best friend but somebody
    ho was hired to do this and she knew what she was doing.

  14. Brian says:

    Its probaby been mentioned before but I just wanted to clarify “The pigs are walking” reference from Expose… it was a reference to George Orwell’s book “Animal Farm” when the animals overthrow the farmer and take over the farm themselves on the grounds that “All animals are created equal”… then near the end of the book the pigs take over leadership roles and even begin walking on their hind legs which causes the other animals to fret that “the pigs are walking”. I think Artz was just pointing out that Kate, Sawyer, Jack, et al were assuming a role higher than the other survivors while Artz thought they should all remain in equal roles.

    By the way, I also didn’t think there was anything “meh” about this episode.

  15. Beachybroad says:

    I am thinking back to when we first meet Desmond in the hatch. Wasn’t part of his “morning” routine to inject himself with the same kind of medicine that the others used on Claire? Initially, we were led to believe (and then backed up by Rousseau) that there was some kind of virus or sickness on the island and the injections were either responsible or the cure. Maybe the injections cause the future flashes? But then later, it seems that they were part of Juliettes work. Different medicines? Did we just forget that Desmond injected himself? Just some other food for thought.

    Keep playing nice in the sandbox kids:)

  16. Dean in Chicago says:


    You make an excellent point about the Woman being a highly skilled pilot… I just realized that helicopters at sea means that the Island is either near another large land mass, or it took off from a ship! Helicopters don’t have as large of a range as other aircraft. So, maybe there is a larger vessel, somewhere out there?

    Anyone know anything about the range of choppers at sea?

    Jen & Ryan, I really miss the podcast!

  17. Dave says:

    Just a few comments…

    People seem to be misinterpreting what a “Catch 22” is (including perhaps the writers). In the book “Catch-22,” one of the characters (I believe Yossarian) wants to get out of flying military combat missions. He is told that the only way to do this is by being clinically insane. BUT, since it is *sane* to not want to fly a combat mission in a time of war, by trying to be proven insane, you are proving yourself sane. This is Catch 22.

    Desmond affecting things by knowing their future is an example of the “butterfly effect” or the “Heisenberg uncertainty principle,” but NOT of a Catch 22.

    And to paraphrase Freud, sometimes the title of an episode of Lost just refers to a title.

    I didn’t have time to read through the whole list of postings, but I will say that I for one have an extremely difficult time reading ANY posts (I will not name names) where the conventions of grammar and punctuation and capitalization are not at least somewhat approximated. That’s why the conventions exist. So no matter how insightful the posts are — and some are very — I simply find myself skipping them because they give me a headache trying to read them.

  18. Tawl says:

    Carlos, you made an excellent point..
    “there is the theory floating around that the time rift could mean that Claire’s baby (or another Lostie baby) is actually Ben (since Ben said he was born on the island)”

    This could mean that Juliet’s job is to make sure that a particular baby survives. “Baby Ben” could be the son of Clair, Sun, or Kate! I’m guessing Kate, because she was chosen by the Others to be captive, and Juliet handcuffed herself to Kate for a reason (maybe to make sure Kate stayed ok).

    Beachybroad, I thought what you said could be true, too..
    “Could the purpose of Desmond’s injections by the Other’s be to keep him from having flashbacks about the future?”

    I think Desmond is they guy that the Other’s are most worried about, because he is able to change the future, and he is unpredictable.
    And just mabye Juliet’s side-job is to stop or kill Desmond, the last person she “probably” saw before she cinched the knot tightly with that angry look.

    Now I’m going to add “The Butterfly Effect” (Desmond changing the “past”) to “Groundhog Day” and “The Truman Show” as the possible answer-combination to what Lost is all about.

    Here’s another wild idea.. could Mrs. Hawking’s (the Jewlery Story Lady) be Jacob?

  19. Kopytko says:

    Tawl Says: “Baby Ben” could be the son of Clair, Sun, or Kate!”

    He really is, he’s the son of them all at the same time!Don’t forget about Juliet. She’s going to be pregnant soon with Jack. Imagine that Ben is son of four woman.! The different time loops which he is a son of one of these women combine in this patricular timeline on the island making him an incarnation of his different time loop versions!That’s why he’s so brilliant, his
    like four man in one. Don’t forget about his four fathers, and the major issue
    -> Jack and Claire are brother and sister so beeing a hybrid of their relationships he’s really a child of incest! That’s whe he’s so eVil!
    So Tawl, you made an excellent point.

  20. frank says:

    “I think Desmond is they guy that the Other’s are most worried about, because he is able to change the future, and he is unpredictable.”

    You would think that he’s someone that they’d be VERY interested in; even if he can’t really change the future (remember the jewelry store lady telling him that the universe has a way of course-correcting), he, at the very least, seems to be somehow working for a powerful group that’s independant of what The Others are doing. Yet, he was in that hatch for a few years, and has been on the beach for about a month … and from what we’ve seen, they have no interest in him at all. Is it possible that he has relevance that they don’t yet appreciate?

  21. Rebecca says:

    Cuedblu – I don’t think I phrased myself very well there. What I meant was I’m pleased that though she is a new character, she is not there by accident, but is there because of the tracking of Desmond – my point being that I’d be worried if the writers resorted to putting completely fresh characters on the island, characters who came to it as fresh as the 815ers did. I just cannot imagine it being anything but cheesy, least of all because it leaves the 815ers rather redundant as a plot device. Basically I’m glad that if they’re going to be dropping people out of the sky it’s for a reason, to further the plot, not just because they decide the show is getting a bit dull and want to crash a kayak full of cheerleaders ashore to spice it up.

  22. NorCal Matt says:

    Just to add something to the “ben’s baby” topic (which btw i don’t really understand)

    Consider that Juliet could be pregnant as well, with Goodwin. I mentioned this last week. It could mean that she has a different motivation for figuring out why women die from conception/pregnancy on the island.

    Jen, yes I agree with you. Anyone complaining about “jumping the shark” or Lost is a shell of its former S1 self. I say phooey, you get a nickname. I think it’s acceptable to say you didn’t really love a particular episode, but blanket negative statements have got to go. This show (even it’s weakest episodes) is so much better than 99% of what is on TV these days.

    Theory: I think Mrs. Hawking’s side job is posing as a picture frame model. I’m sure that’s a lucrative business. The monk probably bought that picture frame at target because he liked Mrs. Hawking’s warm demeanor. The monk then got bored one night playing with his new version 3.0 photoshop (released in 1994) and photoshopped himself into the photo. It all dates back to the monk’s mommy issues in his teenage years, which had a direct affect on him joining the monestary in the first place. See, it all makes sense. Just another red herring from those crazy Lost producers. Ah, geez, those silly guys.

  23. NuckinFuts says:

    In response to Dave, who said:

    “I didn’t have time to read through the whole list of postings, but I will say that I for one have an extremely difficult time reading ANY posts (I will not name names) where the conventions of grammar and punctuation and capitalization are not at least somewhat approximated. That’s why the conventions exist. So no matter how insightful the posts are — and some are very — I simply find myself skipping them because they give me a headache trying to read them. ”

    Although I was not pointed out directly, I believe you may be talking to people like me.

    I must say, this was very well thought out argument / point you have made here, sir. You’ve convinced me to take the time to make sure I will only post my thoughts in complete sentences. I think this is a good rule of thumb for everyone to follow, and thanks to you, I have seen the error in my ways.



  24. frank says:

    I think that all letters should be signed as “Sincerley, NuckinFuts”.

  25. EnviroCaper says:

    Kopytko & Dean in Chicago….Great job….although I was disappointed after reading every single post to see if anyone else mentioned it (helicopter at sea) and as i was coming to the end, you “guys” take my thunder…haha…kidding…

    But I think that is a very relative point that this site has not really discussed…especially after it seems you discuss EVERYTHING…..I am by no means an expert…but I don’t know of any helicopter (single passenger maybe??) that could travel as huge a distance as we are thought to believe……and why did it crash??…force field??… time warp thingy??…emp??….well, emp is out as we (or maybe just me??) know that was the reason of purple sky and probably not really working so well…..time warp thingy???… hmmm…just say no…. force field/cloaking device….maybe??…OR…maybe the Portugese guys found it and were able to determine the maximum amount of fuel to use to reach the island before it crashed……too realistic perhaps….

    Anyways, interested to know what “others” think of the helicopter situation….I too check this site on thursday mornings!!!….and although not a regular contributor, I have not missed any posts to date….so thanks to Ryan and Jenn for “hosting” our international Lost party….

    I’m with you MontaukJimbo, no need…if THEY Don’t LIKE caps, pass over your post….


  26. Bill says:

    Was the helicopter girl the same one that Desmond stood up (her brother socked Desmond in the nose)? My office friend says so. Note to LOST producers: work on your helicopter special effects. Both the character Jack and actor Matthew Fox want off the island real bad. He isn’t acting anymore. Thursday’s episode made it apparent that the main cast and their agent/managers are looking at new horizons. That’s ok, just don’t leave me hangin’, brotha’.

  27. Steve says:

    I dont understand why Jack and Juliet did not ask a boat to Ben.. and follow the same direction of Michael and Walt.. .. probably cause Juliet know Michael is not safe..

  28. SpilledMilkInc says:

    So I have been talking to a friend about it, and he thinks Penny definitely would have been there if he had let Charlie die because he saw her in the future flashes. I didn’t believe him, nor did I think that letting Charlie die would change that, so I found a youtube video.

    It’s around 19 seconds:

    So yeah, she’s there, in the jungle. And I am sad and confused. I like Penny.

    Also, no, Bill, helicopter girl was not Desmond’s ex-fiance. They are played by two different actresses.

  29. NorCal Matt says:

    SpilledMilk, why did you have to go and find that screencap? Dang it, Penny is definitely in his flashes. But… But… We only see her from the neck up, so we can’t tell for sure that she is wearing a parachute suit, right?

    That’s all I got. I just don’t want Charlie to have to die for Penny to appear. This whole conundrum thingy is all Desmond’s fault, really, if you think about it. Bastard.

  30. Steve says:

    heee I think SpilledMilk is right… if you look the shoe of the parachute girl in the Desmond’s flash back, they are white (dirty) or grey… But…. in real life.. at the end… the are black…
    so… think what you want about it..

  31. Steve says:

    -If Charlie was supposed to die why did he appear in Desmond’s Vision
    holding the parachute?

  32. Paintergirl says:

    I don’t think that is Penny in the jungle in SpilledMilkInc’s screen cap. I think that is just a leafy background from when Desmond is helping load her car with wine. I noticed some of the flashbacks Desmond saw were from his past. For example, Desmond puts his thumb on Penny’s cheek. I’m almost positive that happens in “Flashes Before Your Eyes.”

  33. Tawl says:

    FoKof.. no need to “show” everyone how old you are.. just post a comment using real words and let the rest of use determine if it has any merit 🙂

    Here’s a few ideas that I bet no one has thought of yet.

    1. The helicopter really belongs to the Others and was left over from previous Dharma days. If Ben knows the future, helicopter girl is being planted by Ben to to get something from Desmond. Remember, Ben knows a lot about the Losties, so I assume he knows a lot about Desmond and Penny too.

    2. If you can only get to and from the Island by submarine, and it’s a rough ride, Walt and Michael are probably boating around in a circle in the same fashion that Desmond was when he was trying to sail away from the Island.

    This is why I believe the helicopter came from the Island and didn’t have to travel very far over the water, just like Mr. Friendly’s motor boat that took Walt from the Lostie’s raft

    3. Ben will not lie to the Others in order to maintain his credibility as a leader. Ben has lied countless times to the Losties in order to get what he wants. This means that whatever he has told Juliet is true, and whatever he told Jack (without Juliet around) could easily be a lie (Sawyer and the exploding heart device.. “Henry Gale”.. were among other lies).

    4. Kopytko, a very interesting point.. Ben could be the child of each of the pregnant Losties, BUT in different Time Loops. If you can have a Smoke Monster be a guardian of the Island.. believing in Time-Loops isn’t a real stretch either.

  34. Fernando says:


    The show’s producers had spoken in an interview about the introduction of a new character to the show, saying that she would not be an Other or an 815’er. Unless they changed their mind, then Naomi cannot possibly be an Other sent by Ben. My theory, Penny hired her to find Desmond. Why wouldn’t Penny go herself to rescue him? She knows more about the island than we do, and she did not want to risk her own life. With a little patience, let us wait until Wednesday or next week to see/hear what Naomi herself has to say (My guess is she will not wake up this week, just to keep us guessing longer).
    Also, another upcoming episode will feaute flashbacks from Ben’s life. I would like to think we will find out who his mother is then. But even if we don’t, spoilers maintain that we will meet Jacob that night. Let us wait and see.


  35. Connie from Alaska says:

    I am sure that Penny is smart enough to realize that going to the Island will take skills, strength and stamina she may not posess. If she has put as much time, effort and money into finding Desmond as we are being led to believe, then she wouldn’t risk failure by pulling some “cowgirl” stunt like trying to parachute onto the Island by herself…she didn’t seem like the that type of woman. She hired professionals or is working with a gov’t or other agency with mutual interests in finding either the Others, the Losties, or flight 815 (Oceanic Air perhaps?)

    Is anyone monitoring this blog space? It may be a good idea to start…I love The Transmission and would hate to leave because of the actions/postings of a few inconsiderate individuals. Just sayin’.

  36. Alaska Connie-
    I can not agree with you more. Vicious and malicious posts dampen spirits and can destroy a gathering of friends. Like a tasteless or racist joke/taunt.

    Penny is probaby closing in and in conflict with Dharma/Others who are backed by some shadow government agency.

  37. Tawl says:

    Fernando, if you are correct and somehow the helicopter came from the outside (not from the Island) and managed to find the Island.. then possibly a boat could escape the Island too.

    I just think it’s a little odd that the Others use a submarine instead of a surface or air vessel. But then, maybe a submarine that is underwater would not be sucked into the Island’s magnet fields as easily as a boat or airplane.

    I agree.. malicious posts should be removed in order to keep this a friendly and informative site for all. Let’s keep it fun.

  38. SpilledMilkInc says:

    Yeah, I don’t think helicopter girl is an other. I doubt Benry even knows about her. He is a lot more lost (HA. HA.) than everyone thinks he is. Especially now that their outside communication is gone.

    Oh, also, didn’t he say they lost communication when the plane crashed (and the hatch system failure)? I was pretty sure that he and Juliet visited the flame station with eyepatch dude right after the plane crashed, so how could that video of Juliet’s sister been real?

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