One thing’s for sure, Desmond episodes are different beasts entirely. Most of the way, I wasn’t exactly sure where “Catch 22” was going, and while I loved some of the a-ha moments, tonight’s episode really felt more like half of one. Of course, that’s to be expected as we near the season finale. Jen admitted to being somewhat “meh” on it, too, with Kate’s return to Sawyer feeling more like fan-fic than canon. But with flash forwards mixed in with everything else, It’s hard to compare “Catch 22” to the usual fare. I have to say, “Catch 22” made “Flashes Before Your Eyes” seem all the more brilliant.

Key points in tonight’s episode? Yet another new face on the island, for one… and the mind boggles at how many more ways the writers are going to come up with to do that. But the biggest clue was small, by “LOST” standards: the photo on the friar’s desk.

Oh, sure, it was sweet to see how Desmond and Penny met. But the friar’s talk of Desmond being destined for bigger things was a direct echo of Mrs. Hawking’s jewelry store lecture in “Flashes.” And the picture cinches it: larger forces are in motion to steer Desmond to the island.

This raises more questions, though. Why was Desmond chosen? And when? On the brink of marrying Ruth? Was his blackout and street encounter with the monk part of the plan? Or was it even earlier? And what is his greater destiny? To push the button? To not push the button? Or something else entirely?

Everything else was gravy.

I loved the Bernard shout out, and Jin’s ghost story. Jen liked the Superman v. Flash discussion, even though we heard it twice. Desmond’s mention of taped-up ankles was a nice reference to his running encounter with Jack, and I loved Charlie’s sarcastic reaction to the satellite phone’s failure. “Shocker.” Sawyer found a too-cute loophole in his “no nicknames” deal, and had the night’s top line, “”What, my doorbell busted again?”

The unsubtle mentions of life on the beach somehow getting back to normal was defused well enough: “Enjoy it,” Jack said. “I’m sure something will go wrong soon enough.”

The numbers resurfaced (108 quid per bottle of wine), and heavy Bible talk. Desmond failed where Abraham did not, we presume by not sacrificing Charlie. One wonders, then, how the journey into the forest would have differed had Charlie taken the spear in the neck?

Notes and Notions:

  • While the photo of Mrs. Hawking and the friar on the desk was a big deal, we also have confirmation that there are, indeed, now two copies of the Desmond and Penny picture. Desmond had his crumpled one, and the book in the backpack revealed a pristine copy. The first time folks questioned whether there were two photos (when the waterfront photographer gave them only one), I figured it could just be a goof up. Now that the two photos have been prominently introduced, I’m convinced something bigger is going on.
  • So the helicopter didn’t make it to the island, running out of gas or mysteriously dying offshore, crashing much like every other ill-fated vessel that’s ventured near. But the parachute and high-altitude suit and mask imply that the mysterious traveler anticipated a rough landing.
  • Jen’s not sure what frustrates her more: Jin’s sporadic and sudden grasp of English, or the repeated use of the “language barrier” comedy schtick.
  • Has Jen mentioned recently that the love triangle (or trapezoid or whatever) stuff similarly grates?
  • Location notes: Most of the flashback took place at the St. Andrew’s grounds, the same church where Charlie sought redemption and where Mr. Eko was sent on his miracle mission.
  • Links: “Catch 22” discussions at, and Pop Candy.
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88 Responses to Catch-22

  1. MontaukJimbo says:

    Could Desmond be seperating these three from 815ers, in order to allow Juliet to do that voo doo that she must do.
    I think that it may have been a week TONITE.
    They will have seperated Protectors of Mamma/Prego; Claire and Sun, as well as Hurley whom seems to have found a way to ” Make Your Own FATE!!”
    Zombies revisited…. Nickie could have been Prego, and they may have been Dug up already by Others…them having Known Future because MR. Science Arntz Told Nickie all about Spiders ability,in advance and having known what was to be, because he knew what was to be,knowing what was to be.
    Remember…the Randon quote?: That…”The Pigs are Walking”

  2. FoKoF says:

    you want some answer tonight ?? hahahhaa poor you… at least 10 more questions and its just the half…

  3. Brian says:

    Please let me know if anyone caught a good glimpse of the picture on the Monk’s desk… it looked like the jewellery store lady but I didn’t get a very good look.

  4. FoKoF says:

    and let me know if anyone caught a good glimpse of Kate ass in the tent !!lolll

  5. FoKoF says:

    3 pictures ?????????

  6. FoKoF says:

    catch-22 ???????

  7. Sara says:

    Yes the lady in the picture was the same as the one from the jewelry store! I am sure of it!

  8. debbie says:

    My favorite bit….Jin telling Korean ghost stories by the fire. Ha!

  9. suprachic says:

    Yes, I saw the picture on the monk’s desk too and it was definitely the lady from the jewelry store.

  10. Fernando says:

    Another good episode. Not int he top ten list, but still good.

    The picture on the monk’s desk is effectively of him next to the lady in the jewelry store who told Desmond he could not change things when we first learned about his newly-found ability.
    We can speculate that the new character was sent to the island by Penny, but we need to wait to hear what she has to say once she wakes up.
    I think MountakJimbo’s theory about leaving the pregnant women unprotected at the beach may be on track of what is to come with Juliet’s mission. I am counting and Juliet has been at the beach camp for three days now!!! We just need to keep waiting to see what is going to happen.

    My favorite line: “If we don’t play [ping pong] every 108 minutes, the island is going to explode” Sawyer.

    Catch 22 refers to the dilemma Desmond faces: save the junkie and “change the picture,” or let him die according to his flashes. Which tied nicely with the narrative in his flashbacks, about the biblical story of Abraham, and the importance of sacrifice. That is what it meant to me. but other than that (and the picture on the desk), the flashbacks did not really add anything else important to the show’s plot, and seemd a little bit forced. it felt, at times, that this was another fill-in episode to slow things down. I am still waiting to see what the big cable is all about.

    Question: After three months, they still have working batteries for the flashlights?

  11. David says:

    This was just another “fill in the missing pieces” episode where they had to answer questions or at least let the audience know that they haven’t forgotten the loose ends. I’m convinced the writers spend time reading listener comments and addressing the most pressing questions. I liked/disliked (I can’t figure out) the iPhone shout out with the satellite phone. Nothing like pleasing the parent company. I can’t wait to see the new iPod show up on the island. Given the timeline that it is the end of 2004, they seem to end up with the new technology before we do.

  12. Lost in Lost says:

    That Sat phone look familiar to the iPhone?

  13. Bryan says:

    ” I liked/disliked (I can’t figure out) the iPhone shout out with the satellite phone. Nothing like pleasing the parent company. ”

    The iPhone isn’t being made by ABC, or Disney. Get your facts straight before you start grumbling about them.

    The pic on the desk was definitely the jewelry store lady. How does she tie in to the monks? That will be interesting to see

    Best part of the epsiode was Jin telling ghost stories in Korean. So funny.

  14. fuber says:

    Best line? When Sawyer confronted Jack/Juliette and said something to the effect of “Are we discussing are favorite Other?”

  15. jheadington says:

    I thought another great line was where Hurley said to Desmond, just after it began to rain on them, “Thanks for the heads up about bringing an umbrella, dude.”

  16. Blondie says:

    I agree that the episode was a little “meh.” I think it was because we kept seeing the same thing over and over. I was just doing a little googling about Isaac and found out that Abraham and Isaac were on Mt. Mooriah or however it’s spelled, so that’s a nice little shout-out with the wine.

    Do you think if Desmond would have let Charlie die that the parachute woman would have been Penny? That’s what’s getting me. Why would it have been Penny? And I’m sorry, but I wouldn’t search for a man who ran away from me for 3 years. No matter how much money I had.

    Why do people think Kate is pregnant?

  17. Marna in NYC says:

    While it wasn’t the fastest, most exciting episode, I rather enjoyed the breather… it was getting kinda crazy keeping up with all the stuff being thrown at me! And, I always feel better about the episode after reading Ryan’s (and Jen’s!) synopsis and opinions about it. Thanks for keeping up with this web site – it’s the first place I go on Thursday mornings! Must be cool to recognize some of the locations while you are watching an episode – I’m so jealous! And, it’s nice to hear Ryan’s voice occasionally on the Jay & Jack podcast – maybe some day we’ll hear Jen’s, too? 🙂

  18. tancalex says:

    Does anyone remember the psychic that told Claire she HAD to get on the plane? He must be one of the Monk & Mrs. Hawkings People.

  19. Fernando says:

    Many people believe Kate is pregnant because she had unprotected sex with Sawyer in the cages, before last night. Maybe she is not. but we can’t be sure either way.

  20. frank says:


    Check this link and read about the partnership between ABC/Disney and Apple. Wouldn’t normally care, but you were the one who made a big stink about someone not having their facts straight.

    That being said, I agree that Jin’s ghost story was the funniest scene in the episode. I loved that they all laughed hysterically at the end. Guess that they’ve got an endless supply of Dharma batteries.

    The photo was a really cheesy photoshop, I thought. And I wonder, if the head monk works for The Powers that Be, that are somehow controlling Desmond’s life, why did he allow him to join the monastary to begin with? Was it to set up events just so that Dez and Peny would meet at that very moment? And if ‘the universe has a way of course correcting’, and Dez is destined to be on the island, why does he need all of these guides steering him in the right direction? Won’t he get there anyway?

  21. David says:

    Did anyone catch the language that the “Catch-22” book was written? Was it Portuguese? This is the book that the parachute gal had that contained the second Desmond/Penny pic.

  22. Carlos says:

    Based on the fact that in Left Behind the closing shot was of Juliet giving a death stare to Desmond, doesn’t it seem possible that Ben sent Juliet there to kill Naomi (parachute girl)? It feels as if Ben knows what is going to happen ahead of time also.

    Of course there is the theory floating around that the time rift could mean that Claire’s baby is actually Ben (since Ben said he was born on the island)…which would be why it was so important to save Claire’s baby…


  23. Sam says:

    Like Marna in NYC, The Transmission is my first destination Thursday mornings — thanks Ryan.

    About the number of Desmond/Penny pictures: it’s long be relatively easy to make copies of photographs without having a negative by simply taking a picture of the picture, and theirs was certainly taken recently enough that color photocopies could have been made.

    Thanks for the link to the screencap of the photo on the monk’s desk. Although it was seen only momentarily, in slightly soft focus, and seemingly as set dressing to the shot of Desmond handing in his robe, and even though I was watching on a non-HD, non-cabled TV, I could tell it was some kind of important clue, at least for the eagle-eyed fans, so thank you for sparing me having to go back to the videotape (that’s right, no Tivo either, and I tape the episodes as I watch them) to try and figure out who that woman was in the picture.

    And let me be the first this week to say, though I understand why you stopped, I still miss the Transmission podcast….

  24. Lori says:

    I agree with Jen, I certainly could do without the “love triangle”. Let’s just have Kate hot for Sawyer, and that be the reason for them being together.

    Carlos – did I miss something about the parachute girl? How did you know her name? Have we seen her before?

  25. ZombieBoone says:

    David, the book was Ardil-22, which is Catch-22 in Portugese.

    Wouldn’t it be a shame if the parachutist only speaks Portugese and the 815ers just buried their only Portugese speaker alive? Bummer.

  26. suprachic says:

    Did anyone catch the title of the book that was in the backpack Desmond got from the tree?

  27. MontaukJimbo says:

    Kate ,Now must convince James that she wasn’t just doing him as “revenge Shtooping”, she knows she has been caught ..again
    And YES, she is Pregnant,Now for sure.
    I think Naomi will be killed off ,or at least an attempt, because She Knows everything, Ironic Indeed if she only speaks Portuguese….However Doubtful as she was Probably Pilot of Heliocopter, and Wouldn’t it be a KICK if she was somehow related to Paoulo?
    Monk and Jewelry store lady, both Guided Desmond,
    Monk Brother KNEW he would be DrunkPassed out in street,
    AND he Directed Desmond to Load Wine into SUV with Penny,
    SHE,,ASSUMED that he had no Ride and Heck ,She KNEW that he would be there.
    She is in on the whole thing somehow.

    Bottom Line SOMEONE is going to a Whole Massive Campaign to ghet These People ON Island…
    ..IF the Fate of the World /Island depends on them running the Program, as it has been PreOrdained then this whole SET-Up is
    M A S S I V E.
    Every-little Detail has been planned ,doubleblind planned and even reset and controlled a bunch of times..

    I think Naomi is a random Factor, as is Desmond,that “Jacob keeps trying to control,
    Desmond has been to FUTURE…OR Has been Conditioned to recall
    Future Echos when he is triggered,If they(others) can simulate a Plague sickness with Claire and Condition Michael to Blow people away…..Implanting Memories into Des would be a snap…
    Speaking of Snap,Nasty Initial 90 seconds of Catch-22 with the Arrow to the throat.zzzzzzzzThunk!!!
    Peace I agree Ms. Jen

  28. Rebecca says:

    Although Mrs Hawking being connected to the monastery makes sense in the context of them being mysterious forces guiding Desmond to his future/destiny/button/not the button etc, I’m still tempted not to take that way (largely because I seem to be one of the few people who didn’t like Flashes Before Your Eyes – actually that’s unfair, I liked a lot of it, just not Mrs Hawking.)
    Her photo could prove something else, perhaps she has a role within the monastry and is someone Desmond has a passing familiarity with, so her appearance in his flashback/future-past/vision is an anachronism, something loose in his brain, perhaps like Charlie’s similar appearance.
    I do like the theories surrounding the second photograph, that it represents some sort of splitting point in a linear timeline and so on, but wasn’t the insert in the book a photocopy or printed scan? I know this still leaves the question of how the photograph was copied but as it was not the same physical photograph Desmond has the photo theories could still be a dud, and the truth a bit more banal.
    I thought it was a good episode in general, I’m pleased the cast addition is someone already related to the island pre-815 as I think the writers will be getting a little desperate when they start dropping completely fresh faces out of the sky. I enjoyed the group scenes, Hurley’s character has become a really good rock for giving even a little sense of reality. The love trapezoid or whatever it is now was a little cheesy, but at least Kate wasn’t wet. And it was nice to see something between Sawyer and Jack again, their’s is one of the more interesting island friendships. I also liked the Bernard shout out, I hope him and Rose get at least a scene in this series, they’re two of my favourite characters.
    As far as it being another UK set flashback this one wasn’t too bad for accuracy. One of the accents was a little dodgy but it was better than most over all, the only slip up that stuck in my head was ‘grape jelly’ and that’s really nothing compared to the magical land Charlie seemed to live in in his flashbacks.
    So I’m pretty pleased really. But I think I’ll be happy with anything that brings us closer to what’s happening ‘in a week.’

  29. CalSimon says:

    MUmbo JImbo-

    No sense make you do. Have NOt To Cap Words all. Not sure what mean words write you. Try Think Before Write. Easier MAY things mAke. Give TRY.

    Can see future not MEan been THERE.
    Have ever right you been with ideas/theories?
    Shoot, miss, shoot, miss.
    Why so worry about Arntz? No major role has played.
    DO n’t look for what not there.

    Nikki not with baby, Naomi not know all and not sister to Paulo, Juliette sister not man, dead stay dead, no travel to future, no time fruit loop, no massive sET-uP.

    Waste much space. Try hard must do add to intelligent cognitive discussion.

    \Luck good!

  30. frank says:

    That ain’t right.

  31. Allyson says:

    I hate to point out my horrible memory, but can some one please tell me if they remember Locke having visions of Boone’s death before he died? I was just curious if this might tie in to Desmond’s visions of Charlie’s death – and the island needing a “sacrifice” before it can reveal something new about it’s self. Desmond could be hampering a revelation by saving Charlie over and over.

    Just curious.


  32. frank says:

    I don’t know if they were visions of his death, directly, but he did have visions of Boone covered in blood, saying something like, “Nana goes up the stairs, Nana falls down the stairs” (paraphrasing from my unreliable memory!).

  33. Allyson says:

    Do you think that Boone’s death/sacrifice could be tied to the same happening to Charlie? But, even if it is – I have no clue how that would relate to anything else.

  34. MontaukJimbo says:

    Yo Cal Simon,
    Your WIT is unbounded in it’s Limits.
    My Theories Have Merit, While not Proven ,YET.
    Anything can happen Here .

    Unfortunate that you have Taunting Mentality that other
    people have turned on people who are not exactly like them.
    People who have English as second language , and are tormented by overbearing preppies like you. enjoy your one moment of ‘Power” , you like the Others will come crashing down….Watch the NEWS and learn.
    Simon, you have made an error, I pity those you hold sway over.

    Sorry Losties, I did take offense.

  35. tinach says:

    Meh? …you’re kidding, right? I thought it was great– I was on the edge of my seat the whole time, expecting either Charlie or Desmond to get killed! I was worried the whole “Mr. Moriah” reference was a forshadowing of someone being “sacrificed.”

    … And anytime Desmond has more screen time, that works for me 😉

  36. NorCal Matt says:

    I first thought that the parachute girl would have been Penny had Desmond let the arrow kill Charlie. The order of events would suggest this: 1. the book falls out of the backpack revealing the Des/Penny photo. 2. Desmond averts Charlie’s arrow death. 3. The parachute girl turns out NOT to be Penny. Did Desmond alter the events, which altered the outcome? I think this is what the producers are leading us to believe. But I think it’s much simplier.

    Parachute woman was sent to the island by Penny to find Desmond. How would parachute woman know how to find Desmond when she got to said island? A photo naturally. How Penny got that photo is unclear, but she certainly gave the photo to parachute woman to aid her in locating Desmond, which is how parachute woman knows his name when she first sees him.

    So, now the big question remains, what is the message she was sent to deliver to Desmond?

  37. heather says:

    I really enjoy Desmond, so I liked the episode.

    Some observations and questions:

    Weren’t the guys in the wierd sort of observation pod in the arctic, in the first episode of this season also speaking portugese? I think they were, which makes an even stronger case for this woman in the parachute gear being some sort of envoy from Penny.

    Is Desmond going to kill Charlie as a part of his test and sacrifice? No Desmond, no. Still, if I were Charlie I’d steer clear of Desmond for a while.

    As for Desmond’s, um, powers, why did they start after the hatch blew up? I’m anxious to know how Desmonds story relates to the island.

    The monk and the jewelery store lady: spooky.

    And finally, yeah, I am tired of the love quadrangle too.

  38. frank says:

    NorCal Matt–

    I had the same thought about Dez saving Charlie changing the parachutest from Penny to mystery woman. It’s a crazy line of thinking … Dez didn’t make his decision until the last possible second, and she was already there hanging from the tree by that point. So does that mean, he made his choice, time rewound itself so that that it wasn’t Penny in the parachute? What if he chose differently the next time? Ot are things already predetermined, and his choice already made? In that case, then does he really have a choice at all?

    My brain hurts…

  39. MontaukJimbo says:

    Before Dez saved Charlie they had already found ,Portuguez “Catch 22” novel, so she was there before Dez altered his FutureEcho vision.
    Unless Penny had Portuguez book , as she is hanging with her Arctic Monitoring Station crew and borrowing their reading material.
    Mr. Arntz will return, and when he does it will be a “Man Behind the Cutain” ,moment.
    Dig Vincent Dig
    “The Pigs are Walking,The Pigs are Walking”

  40. NorCal Matt says:

    Reread my post. At first I was doing the painful brain twisting thought process you just outlined. Then I rethought it and realized the parachute woman was sent by Penny to contact/find/deliver a message to Desmond. She had the photo so she would know who is was when she found him. Simple as that. Those pesky Lost producers just like messing with us.

  41. frank says:

    Unless time somehow ‘rewound’ itself to correct for Dez’s decision. That’s where my brain starts to hurt. I agree, it’s much simpler and makes much more sense that the one who was there was the one who was supposed to be there. But the episode is called ‘Catch-22’, which leads me to believe that Dez’s decision is supposed to be the catch-22 … save Charlie, lose the chance to be reunited with Penny; or, don’t save Charlie, and be reunited with Penny (that’s not really a catch-22, but it’s the only thing that I could think of).

  42. mlgmom says:

    Has anyone seen the lady falling from the sky before? Who is she and how do you know her name?

  43. Fernando says:


    I echo MontaukJimbo’s words: “Your WIT is unbounded in it’s Limits”, without the sarchasm. i mean it. i had a long busy day,a nd came to read your message, and could not stop laughing. Thank you. It was really funny.


    I hope you cool down, and do not take offense, please. It really was just a funny joke. BTW, I am not a native English speaker either 😉


  44. Dean in Chicago says:

    To all who are worried about the “Polaroid equals one photo” conundrum:

    There are actually many different types of Polaroid media that can:

    1.) produce multiple photographs.
    2.) produce a negative in addition to an actual photograph.

    So, this can easily explain the multiple identical photo problem. If there were a photographer with multiple backdrops and such, it would be likely that he’d have the type of Polaroid back on his camera to reproduce the images for himself, or for a customer like Penny with tons of money!

  45. SpilledMilkInc says:

    “# NorCal Matt Says:
    April 19th, 2007 at 9:14 am

    Reread my post. At first I was doing the painful brain twisting thought process you just outlined. Then I rethought it and realized the parachute woman was sent by Penny to contact/find/deliver a message to Desmond. She had the photo so she would know who is was when she found him. Simple as that. Those pesky Lost producers just like messing with us.”

    mlgmom Says:
    April 19th, 2007 at 9:33 am

    Has anyone seen the lady falling from the sky before? Who is she and how do you know her name?”

    I liked the episode alright. They did the Lost thing where you think there is going to be a lot of cool stuff, but really they just drew out the events. Also, Penny looked weird in the flashback. And I would have been cool with Charlie dying. What the hell was he doing carrying an Ovation around in the RAIN?

    Favorite line: “Are we discussing our favorite other?”
    The answer: Probably.

  46. CalSimon says:

    Mumbo Jumbo-

    Ok…so I went a little over board, but come on. It has nothing to do with the English language. It is the keyboard I am concerned with. There Are Not Many (If Any) Languages That Cap Every Other Word.

    I am not taunting you….seriously. But do you read over what you have written before you submit it? Just might help.

    Trust me, I have never had a moment of power. Wouldn’t know what it is like. And just to be clear, is it the English speakers and the Others that are going to come crashing down, or is it the Preppies along with the Others?


    I think we had the same busy work day!

  47. NorCal Matt says:

    Frank, I thought the same thing about the title of the episode. It’s not really a Catch-22 if we don’t know the two separate outcomes of the two decisions.
    Would we have seen Penny if Des let Charlie die? Nothing in that episode can allow us to absolutely assume that. The plot of the novel Catch-22 revolves around the decision process of the main character because he absolutely knows the outcome of the two paths he has to choose from. Des, based on patchy visions, hopes (not knows) one of his paths leads to Penny. That’s why I can’t really say I liked this episode, because it wasn’t a true Catch-22.

  48. MontaukJimbo says:

    Is the Bizzaro Mocking style of NoCalSimon, Funny?

    Not to someone who ReRead my Previous post and
    Found a “ghet” typo ,and a few times I used Capitals to make a Point.
    I am COOL but, It sickens me when, Hurtfull Bullies, can get Thinking individuals like yourself, to join in the group Taunt.

    It all seems harmless until someone takes offense and internalizes it; Columbine, V T, Austin Tower,Amish….ect.

    Think about how, You effect those around you and how , a Rock in a pond make ripples in the water. Leaving someone feeling less of a human can lead to InHumane Acts.

    I am glad you were brightened by NoCalSimon’s put down of Me.

    I was not

    I guess that is what Lost is About Cause and Effect.

    Don’t worry NoCalSimon …I will save Lot’s of space for you to humiliate others..
    I am done.
    True Peace to you ALL.

  49. NorCal Matt says:

    Can’t we all just get along and stick to writing about Lost?

  50. frank says:

    NorCal Matt–

    I think that a catch-22 is when you have two different actions, but each is dependant upon the other to complete. I haven’t read the book, but the way I’ve heard it used the most is, “You need experience to get a job, but you can’t get a job without experience”. If Desmond’s choice to save or not save Charlie was supposed to be a Catch-22, then the writers are just wrong, because it’s not. It’s just a decision with consequences. If it was something like, “Dez needs to save Charlie’s life to see Penny again, but Penny is the only one who has what Dez needs to save Charlie’s life”, THAT would be a catch-22. Maybe it’s something that is yet to be revealed.

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