Left Behind

This week’s episode marked an interesting change in our household. I continued to read message boards, chat with other fans, track down spoilers, and devour “LOST” podcasts. Jen, however, decided to go cold turkey, and basically came into “Left Behind” as pure as a newborn babe. As it turns out, Jen said she definitely enjoyed the episode more. (Her primary complaint, as always, being ABC’s poorly thought-out “next week” promos.) Fortunately, I liked it too.

Yes, ABC set expectations pretty low last week, with what Jen dubbed a “Dynasty”-style catfight. Wet, no less, since Kate’s only happy when it rains. But as it turns out, the conflict between the two was much more nuanced. And it probably had absolutely nothing at all to do with Jack.

First, Kate’s flashback. No big reveals, but a lot more context added to stuff we’ve already seen. We learn why Diane sold her daughter out, and why she freaked in the hospital in Season 1. Her line about not being able to choose the one you love was hardly subtle, but fitting. The best part, of course, was seeing Cassidy again — unable to quit Sawyer, or being a con artist. I liked that both she and Kate recognized themselves in each other. To Jen’s surprise, there is, in fact, a Sawyer Jr., and I liked that it may very well have been Kate’s suggestion that landed our scruffy friend in prison.

On the island, things get going again after last week’s amusing detour. Hardly a sprint, but we’re winding up. The key development? Locke has signed up with the Others and split with them… but not before stopping by to tsk tsk at Kate for her troubled past. It was Season 2 when Ben told him he was the chosen one (in a manner of speaking), and Locke is only happy to believe him. Having daddy in custody probably helped.

Kate was left behind, and Juliet supposedly was too. We don’t believe that for a minute, of course. Neither does Sayid. Her story went right out the window when smokey showed up, and the handcuffs came off — a twist that was rather well done. Jen likes that both the electromagnetic fence and “the monster” returned prominently in tonight’s episode, implying that the fence was built to keep out more than hostiles. (My question? If Kate and friends could climb a downed tree over said fence, why couldn’t smokey make the jump?) But do the Others really not know what the monster is? That seems unlikely.

Interesting that in their first encounter, the monster seemed to strobe at them. Was it another “This Is Your Life” slideshow? Or something else?

No doubt “Skaters” are all squee, as Juliet outs Kate’s feelings for Jack, and vice versa. The conflict between Juliet and Kate sure got physical fast. Jen, of all people, felt the fights were true to Kate’s character, and thus much less gratuitous than she initially feared. I was tickled that Kate’s early ambush of Juliet went awry, and we’re definitely getting the feeling that Juliet’s reflexes are nothing to sneeze at.

Juliet definitely baited Kate into acting out, though, and the writers are further affirming that Juliet is turning our “love triangle” into a square. I’m not convinced, though. Especially after tonight, I think any tensions that she’s evoking from Jack and Kate are purely strategic in nature.

Finally, Sawyer makes amends. It was silly, and swings his good/bad pendulum the other way once more, but enjoyable nonetheless. He plays the reluctant gentleman well. “I don’t like… blankets.” I like how Hurley straightened him out and built him up at the same time. But for all the nice encounters we’re treated to (Desmond!), I’m glad Sun’s not buying it. Things are definitely going to get ugly over Sungate in the next few episodes.

Notes & Notions:

  • Why was Jack still unconscious when Kate got to him? If he got gassed at the same time as Kate, he must’ve gotten a concentrated dose in that hallway. Enough of a gap for Kate to get carried out to the forest, handcuffed to Juliet, and chased down by the monster — twice, after a long pitstop in a tree. I’m guessing Sayid was awake, but still chained to the swing set. Poor Sayid.
  • Given the things Jen has said about Evangeline Lily’s acting abilities in the past, she feels special mention is warranted for her emotional reaction to Jack’s asking about Juliet. Sniff!
  • What happened to Rousseau? She was spying on Alex, and… poof? Is she tracking the evacuating Others across the island? Or still crying in the forest?
  • Steve gets another shoutout. Now there’s a “sock” (apparently the writers’ term for background survivors) whose story is just begging to be told. I’m hoping for another Hitchcock twist involving Scott.
  • Didn’t catch the full combination to the fence control box, but the last two digits looked like 23 to me.
  • Of all the things Cassidy could pretend to be selling door to door, it had to be a box of bibles. Or is it Bibles?
  • Looking back at the number of times Sawyer has gone from bad guy to good guy, from outcast to leader, Jen’s wondering if he might figure into the “LOST” end game more prominently than we’d otherwise think.
  • We got another happy music beach people montage… although it didn’t close the episode. When was the last one? I feel like it’s a bit too soon for that gimmick, but maybe it’s just my imagination.
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43 Responses to Left Behind

  1. Steve says:

    hahaha Welcome to the wonderful world of not knowing what the hell happened !! good quote

  2. sodadood says:

    At the end of this episode, the question that was really bothering me most was this: why didn’t Jack, Kate, Sayid and Juliette stay at the Others’ camp – and send someone to bring everyone else from the beach?? I mean if there were ‘real life’ accommodations, electricity and running water, why WOULDN’T the Losties want to live there? And wouldn’t they be more likely to find answers by living there? Why they’d want to return to the beach is beyond me.

    And Jack sure was easy-going about bringing Juliette back to the beach camp considering everything that has happened with her this season.

    Not a single word about Locke’s father? And where is Rousseau in all of this chaos of the Others leaving?

    This episode only cloudied up the water for me… although I really did love learning more about the Monster (albeit very little ‘more’).

  3. cuedblu says:

    Quick note from the preview for next week: Sayid is da man! The snippet of the exchange with Juliet was great dialogue already. It looks like we’re going to be getting some real answers next week! (well, hopefully!).

    From this week, there was a lot happening. Random thoughts:
    -I loved the Kate and Juliet interchange.
    -Kate looks to have a good and loving heart.
    -Both women can fight!
    -Why would a sonic fence keep out a smoke monster?
    -Is Juliet a plant?
    -Is Jack smitten by her? He comes back/takes care of her like Kate does for him.
    -Locke! Wow! Is he going to be revealed as Jacob/the great leader?
    -Hurley as a mentor to leaders and knowing what is best for the group. Why can’t HE be the leader – he obviously has the skills.

    Well written, well acted. A lot of interpersonal character relationship material to sink your teeth into, even if the mythology was a bit more scarce.

  4. Jonathan says:

    While I don’t think tonight’s episode was as good as Locke’s previous episode, I thought it was much better than last week’s, because it got back to the main storyline. It’s interesting how it was really Kate that suggested to Cassidy to turn Sawyer in; how he was at that prison at the beginning of Season 3. And Cassidy’s baby really IS Sawyer’s, it wasn’t just a con. Juliet, oh Juliet…i find you and your mixed signals fascinating. I’m really looking forward to next week’s episode where Juliet joins the other survivors. Is it just me or did the preview for next week’s episode hint that Juliet was behind Claire’s kidnapping, in Season 1, with Ethan? (I also think that Rousseau followed Alex and the Others, where ever they went, because the Others did not know of her presence.)

  5. Sharon says:

    So THAT’S why Kate’s mom yelled help when she saw her in the hospital!

    I like the sneaky way the writers have been tying up all kinds of loose ends while seamlessly integrating them into the episodes.

    We have two concrete reasons of why not to trust Juliet. (1) lying to Kate about never seeing the monster before, (2) attempting to gain sympathy from Kate by secretly handcuffing herself to her!!!!! Sayid is totally right to be suspicious of her, and so is Sawyer!

  6. Nadia says:

    How did Juilette know it was going to rain? Also Kate is a strong woman…but it seems like juilette throw Kate around with ease. Four times already had her shoulder popped out of place. Also the smoke monster….was it taking pictures of them when they were both in the tree? And trees and fences seem to stop the monster. I liked how the episode revolved around cons a bit…with Hurley teasing Sawyer about the banishment thing just to get sawyer to be a little nicer….and Sawyers girlfriend was helping kate con her mother so that she can see her…and Sawyers girlfriend wanted to con kate and the other people at the gas station with the jewelry…and ben with the mind games for juilette and kate….
    The man who opened the door for Locke when he came to see kate was that the man people thought they saw in expose during the crash scene? the guy who looked like michael? What else….Sayid kid of seemed like oh hello…..nothing really happened here but should juilette come to camp?
    And boy will Sawyer have a short run as leader 🙁 …Sawyer was starting to like the idea. I am going to have to watch it again though tomorrow.

  7. Nadia says:

    sorry….juliette…:) up late 🙂

  8. John Fischer says:

    Wow, anyone who says that they’re not answering some questions and moving the story forward is nuts. We continue to see connections in real life between the main characters. Somebody needs to write them all down. Now we can tie Kate to Sawyer in the past through Cassidy.

    This episode was total eye candy for the testosterone set. We got catfights, wet fights, mud pools and probably more that I forgot. I really like Juliet and can see why Jack does also. Next week we’ll learn a lot more about her and probably fill in a lot of blanks also about the island.

    I wonder why the Others felt that they had to leave their nice cozy camp. As longs as they held Kate, Jack and Sayid they weren’t in any danger. Why release them if you’re afraid they lead folks back to your camp? Hold them or kill them and keep yourselves safe.

    I join in the chorus of folks who feel that the Losties should all move to the Others camp. They have food, electricity, water, plumbing etc. Plus they have a fence that keeps the monster and who knows who else out.

    What happened to Rousseau? She pops in and out and then disappears. Is she following the Others and her daughter? What ever happened to her daughter’s boyfriend? Is he still wandering around the jungle?

    What’s up with Locke. I assume he’s staying with the Others since his father is there, but aside from that why? Could it be that he realizes he fits in better with those who want to stay on the island rather than those who want to leave?

    Sayid’s attitude is starting to wear on me. It always seems to be tell me what I want or I’ll torture you. He likes to pretend that he hated his time as a torturer, but it seems like he kinda likes his special talent.

    It was nice to see Sawyer as a nice guy even if it was all an act to get votes. Great plan by Hurley, though. Looks tell me that Sun/Jin and Sawyer will soon have a big showdown.

    Overall a nice episode and a fine bridge to get Jack back to the beach. The big question is what do they do next. Do the beach folks sit tight and survive or do they now go hunting for the Others and Locke? It seems the Others ducked into one of their tunnels, so they can likely literally pop up almost anywhere, anytime.


  9. DR Belden says:

    Is it just me or does Sawyer seem to get conned a lot for a “Con Man”.

    Just as I don’t believe that Locke blew up the sub, I don’t think Locke is buying into the Others. Ben may think he’s playing Locke, but I suspect that Locke is doing his own share of playing.

  10. John Fischer says:

    I was thinking about the whole plot of Lost for the first 2.5 seasons. From a realistic point of view (which I know would make lousy TV) the whole plot line is absurd. The plane crashes. Ben devises a scheme to get his operation which involves kidnapping Walt to get his father to search for him in order to capture Michael in order to use Michael to make Kate, Sawyer and Jack come to help him rescue Walt but really just so that Ben has Sawyer and Kate to further make Jack to operate on Ben.

    Wouldn’t it have been much easier when the plane crashed for Ben to send over a rescue party to help them, see if they had a doctor and nicely ask Jack to come help him with his tumor? Instead Ben devises the most complicated set of plans to reach the same end?

  11. Blondie says:

    I’m an editor. It’s Bibles. And someone at The Fuselage found out the code was 1623. 🙂 I’m doing what Jen is doing and am singing at the top of my lungs whenever a Lost preview comes on the television (much to the shock of the cats and probably the neighbors). It makes for waaay more interesting viewing. Do you think that Jack and Sawyer will duke it out for a leadership role when Jack returns? I think that could be a nice little set up. Also, what do you think about the Mouse Trap game and the backgammon set–clues?

  12. frank says:

    Really good episode, I thought. Certainly one of the better Kate-centric episodes. I enjoyed the back story, too (although, I wonder why Cassidy has decided to turn to a conman’s life … didn’t she have a real career when she first met Sawyer? Plus, that jewelry con only works with 2 people, not solo. Everyone knows that!), and thought that it nicely parallelled Kate’s feeling confused that Jack wasn’t exactly happy with Kate’s actions (just like her mom wasn’t exactly happy with ‘What Kate Did’). I don’t trust Juliet for a second … did she handcuff herself to Kate? Did the Others do it and just leave the keys? Is it all one big scheme. And, come on, who doesn’t love a catfight?

    The only thing that I don’t like is the Sawyer plotline. I did find it to be very funny and entertaining, but I’m starting to get the feeling that they’re spinning their wheels with him … I think that he’s got so much more potential as a character than just the wisecracking cranky redneck, and I wish that they’d start to deliver on that.

  13. bill says:

    with regard to claire and juliette–i believe claire will have a flashback when she sees juliette–remember juliette is a fertility doctor so the chances are high that she would have been involved with what happened to claire in the medical hatch. seeing juliette will jog her memory.

  14. becksmex says:

    Great observations by all —

    My two favorite things about the episode are
    1- Locke’s attitude switch regarding Kate and his (former?) friends. This marks the first time we REALLY start to wonder who is “good” and who is “bad.” Certainly, Sayid and Kate have shady pasts (I might leave them behind, too), and so far we have only seen Locke get duped – never do the duping. Yet Locke is more than happy to go with the Others and more than happy to dump Kate once he learns of her past. By Locke’s judgement, Others = good, losties = bad. Slam dunk for the writers.

    2- Juliet. Elizabeth Mitchell is approaching Micheal Emerson in acting ability. She continues to develop in surprising ways, and not trusting her makes her that much more fun to watch. She makes Kate look
    (and feel, apparently) a little childish and stupid, which is in sharp contrast to her character thus far. She keeps appearing to switch sides, but never really commits to one or the other. Where do her true loyalties lie?

    I agree with Jen, I quit spoiling myself 3 episodes ago, and I have thoroughly enjoyed every episode since. And I was a spoiler-addict before! When I don’t have any idea the direction in which the episode is going, I enjoy the ride the writers have laid out much, much more! I highly recommend it!

  15. frank says:

    I don’t know if I could go completely spoiler-free, but I think that I could live without ‘Next Week on Lost’. Those previews are so misleading, and sometimes, as in the case of last night’s episode, just dumb (‘The jungle will rumble!’).

  16. Arad says:

    It’s not just Ben- The Others are a total mindjob.

  17. Bill says:

    I think Sawyer and Cassidy have a duaghter named Clementine living in Albuquerque, NM. That’s also where Kate pulled the bank job to obtain the toy airplane. Isn’t that ALSO where Kate’s soldier dad is an Army recruiter? Lots of flashback possibilities from that town.

    Thought last night was average. The smoke monster was cool. Was he flashing pictures or just being a bad ass? I wondered how they would get through the security fence… ah-h, Juliete just happened to have the security code and keys to the handcuffs. My wife says Juliete is a SNAKE and I gotta’ go with that women’s intuition thing. Right now, the only ones I trust are Sayid, Hurley and Claire’s baby. Wait a minute, the baby could have brainwashed under Ethan’s prenatal care… OK, baby’s out.

    Sayid, now that you have Juliete, get some friggin’ answers — TORTURE HER and quit torturing me! My only criticism of this program is that the characters often seem so unrealistic when reacting to situations and opportunities. This can go on only so long, then it will get as silly as an ABC promo.

  18. MontaukJimbo says:

    The end of Jack and Kate?The symbolism as they walked away from Others LIVABLE Camp!!

    New Power Tribe

    Outsiders and Those who REALLY Control what is decided
    HURLEY, Charlie,Desmond, Claire/Aaron

    and those further out BUT with ability to MatriarchDominate anytime Rose and Bernard.

    Locke is So Playing Ben and GasMaskCrowd…where did they go? Back to Alcatraz on the Big Ferry Boat?
    what happen to SlingShotSallyAl;ex’s Beau??
    Could he have ended up with Rouseau….Rescue??
    I am still thinking Artz or Penelope her dad is running this show and Playing with ALL our Characters
    Kinda like The Greek Gods did in
    “Clash of the Titans” the Ray Hayehausen Classic.

    The Smoke “Monster would Lose it Coehesion in the “Sonic/MicroWave Fence”. and I assume is unable to seperate itself or thin itself out to get through Roots of tree…. OR it was Preparing to rip them OUT when Some one ..possibly Roseau Startled the “Smokie/Polar/Monster” with some kinda ‘AntiMonster ‘ device a Stun Gun Strobe Flash thingy..

    Also Fascinating how Others had to Knock Everyone OUT..so they could get away…SWAT Style
    Possibly a Helicopter??
    and They Wanted NO Witnesses

    Juliet IS A Plant and She is Trying to Earn her way back to Others and off Island….She has Screwed up, She is so Hung up on Jack…”He’s CUTE” in an Honest moment in hatch.

    Islands Biggest Manipulators
    in order
    Locke(gaining Fast)
    Sawyer(Not Focused)
    Sayid(Covert/Steady/ Still suffering from RouseauSnatching)
    ALEX(Learned from the Best, Knows But Needs Experience)

    We enjoyed this one…
    Vincent must be chasing seagulls….N+P may be Zombie Bait.
    and While Not a Time Loop Now,there will be at least one more Time Jump/Reset to get back to the Happy AirPort Scene from Locke’s vision Quest.
    Here’s a Though :IF our BeachBlanketSet Goes Back to CuteVillage with waterHeatElectricity…. Do they Become the Others?
    And They wait for Another
    FULL of New Losties???!!!>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
    this could be like the
    Song that NEVER Ends
    ,” Some people started Dhrahmaing it and kept on singing it ….and it NEVER seems to END………………

  19. writerboy says:

    What a great episode! I was pretty much on the edge of my seat the entire time, especially during the scenes with Kate, Juliet and Smokey. And speaking of which, just what the hell is it? We finally get some extended shots of the thing and find out a bit more about it, but are still pretty much in the dark. What the heck WAS it doing to them…taking pictures is all I can come up with. Still, pretty great scenes.

    I for one, don’t think Juliet is the plant. I think it’s Jack. Who better to use to infiltrate the camp than the leader of the Losties? We still don’t know everything that happened or was said to Jack between the time he finished the operation on Ben and when Locke, Sayid and Kate show up at Other Land. We do know that the Others trust Jack enough to let him wander around without cuffs, etc. I think Ben knows that everyone will be suspecting Juliet and Jack will go by totally unnoticed.

    Remember, Juliet has only been with the Others for 3 years and has been branded and now banished by them. With how cold Ben has been shown to be, I can see him cutting her off without another thought. Maybe he’s simply testing her loyalty and committment to the Others? But again, I don’t think she’s “in” on it.

    All I know is Jack’s going to have to really plead her case AND explain why he was planning on just leaving all of them behind. I hope Kate is not too timid or forgetful to bring that fact up to the rest of the group.

    Does anyone have any ideas where the Losties may have fled to? Back to the Hydra station perhaps? My guess is to take Locke to see the infamous Jacob or the magic box. And like some of you, I think Locke is the one person with proverbial ace up his sleeve. They have beat over our heads how he has been conned his entire life in the real world. I think his luck or fate has been changed by the island and he will be the one to dupe them all in the end.

  20. xtremdelt says:

    Has anyone mentioned or thought about the relation of the Others “vanishing” to the plot of the book series..get this…”Left Behind”?

    “Suddenly, without warning, the most devastating time mankind has come to experience comes to pass: millions upon millions world-wide have vanished, the dead and alive, the born and unborn, many seen right before people’s very own eyes. Frantic “survivors” of the disappearances begin their search for their friends and family and to find answers. ”

    I haven’t read the books, but understand it’s about the rapture. The just dissaper off the face of the earth and the unjust are left (behind) to bond together and try to find answers and survive. I’m not suggesting that the Others went to Heaven, or even off the island…but the phrase “left behind” was used numerous times last night, as was the word “vanished.”

  21. Jen says:

    Why would the losties live in the others’ camp? That’s been pointed out here. Why would they move in there? Nobody has any idea if the others are coming back; if the others are still monitoring the camp. That would be the most absurd and illogical thing for them to do, at this point.

  22. writerboy says:

    One more thing about Kate and Juliet’s scene. I thought the part where Juliet lists all the things she KNOWS about Jack was interesting and the look Kate gets on her face even more so. To me it was as if Kate was thinking, yeah, whatever, b*tch, you may know facts about him, but I KNOW him. And to a greater extent, the Others may know facts about the Losties, the type of things you would find out on a form, but do they really know them? Think of yourself and what someone would gather about you from say, a resume or credit application. They would be things like Juliet listed: DOB, parent’s names, education level, address, etc.

    When you think about that, it makes the flashbacks more interesting because they are flashes into the characters lives; experiences that the Others could never intimately know, but have shaped each of the Losties into who they are.

    Totally random thought, I know.

  23. bill says:

    does anyone believe that the guy with the patch that locke threw into the fence is still alive? I don’t think the fence was on at the time.

  24. MontaukJimbo says:

    With Respects ,Ms. Jen,
    The Losties “Walden Pond” should be totally gone over, All Cameras Traced/Blocked/desrtoyed and At the very least ,Pillage EVERYTHING, afterall that the UberOthers put them Thru.
    If Juliet Knows that Code…
    Couldn’t she ‘Lock Out’ the Others who dumped her.

    Not that I am a Materialistic Sort but Living Primative is nice for a while ,but, what three months into it…
    I think we would all want to at least visit and rumage thru the “WaldeN Resort.
    Besides Sayid is an Electronic Whiz and could maybe trace and salvage enough parts and stuff to help our Losties communicate and Maybe contact someone…even the blown up HorseyMikael Place must have something of value to rummage thru.
    Logistically, they must take full advantage of any resources.
    Juliet may be there as a Monitor Controller for Jack.
    She Knows the Trigger words to Initiate his Progrmming..
    Just like Ben did with EvilMichaelMurderer.

    Everything that happen in Jungle with Kate and Juliet was a Set up and Manipulation.
    right down to the Knife in Juliet’s Pocket facing Kate and Seductivly Sticking out of pocket….
    to MAKE Kate think she was OUT..

    And Jack was also Faking being out.
    His Cottage was Purposely Trashed to ..”Make It look like a Struggle had taken Place”.

  25. MontaukJimbo says:

    Bill, I said at Time That Patchy was not Dead.
    He could easyily fake Koam in Mouth and he put his hands to his ears(Blood Pack)
    This also could be a Locke as an Accomplice of Others.
    Staging the whole ‘Murder the Guy that has all the answers-
    set -up
    Just Like Mikael shot Nice Black Lady at Horsey ranch and
    DAVE jumped off Cliff…
    Something else..
    Paolao Knew about hatch so did Nickie, while they are not with others, it is strange that for almost 3 months it never come up,they never got curiouser, nobody bothered to ask them about ,if they had found anything…
    were N+P that ,invisible?

    Gotta work later Y’all.

    This show does rock,Promos stick but basic story is unique.

  26. heather says:

    This was classic Lost! Monsters, Mind Games and Mud. I am really glad to see the show getting back to basics.

    I was thrilled to see Juliet and Kate finally facing off. One thing that has always bothered me about Kates character is the whole criminal with a heart of gold thing. It get’s way over done. So, I kind of liked it when her mom basically called her a cold-blooded murderer. Of course, she isn’t a cold blooded murderer, but she is, at times, misguided and reactionary to the point of insanity i.e. blowing up the man that, for better or worse, her mother loved and trying to save Jack’s life and ending up ruining his hope of escape. Juliet is sort of the opposite, she is cool and calculated so they make a nice juxtaposition.

    If I was handcuffed and unconcious I would want Sayid to be close by. Sayid rocks, but I really hope that he is wrong about Juliet. I don’t know, I guess I kind of like Juliet, and Lost is short on good women these days (now that Sun has been marginalized and Claire’s character rarely gets to do fun, crazy stuff) so I wouldn’t mind seeing her come over to the good side. Also, I really enjoy the Jack and Juliet and Kate tension.

    I can’t wait for the reunion of all the losties and I am really hoping that Desmond’s story plays a more dominant role in the coming episodes…I mean, please tell me that the wierd, psychadelic mind trip episode will not end with simply: Desmond the boar hunter and social outcast.

    Good riddance John Locke. He has been a loose canon for a while now and just sort of annoying.

    Can’t wait for next week.

  27. bill says:

    MontaukJimbo–i was thinking the same thing. That locke is in cahoots with the others.

  28. C-LO says:

    My wife and I are Canadians living in Russia and are both dedicated fans of the show. Our situation matches your exactly in that this past week my wife decided to go into the episode completely fresh. Her reaction was the same as your wife’s and she will likely never look at another spoiler again. I’m thinking about joining her. I need some self control.

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  30. Bill says:

    I’ve been with this show since day-1, and I wonder this… are any of you at the point where you can’t trust ANYTHING you’ve seen or heard on this show except maybe the flashbacks?

  31. Tysie says:

    I liked this episode. A few notes…

    – someone asked why Jack could still be unconscious the whole time Kate and Juliet were gone – if you review the show you’ll see there are 2 cans of the gas thrown where he is so maybe that explains why he was out longer

    — Montaukjimbo, although I didn’t understand everything you wrote in your post when you said ” I am still thinking Artz or Penelope her dad is running this show and Playing with ALL our Characters,” I agree. In the Expose episode, the flashback of the actual show “Expose” you hear Hurley say that the bad guy of the show has been “shrouded in mystery” since the 1st season and he was among them all along (Billy Dee Williams) — there has to be a clue there, a parallel. The bad guy (ie, Jacob) is someone among the Losties. The only person I can think it can be is Artz. Paulo says to Nikki during the Expose episode that he doesn’t trust Artz. They made a point of showing Artz in the reenacted plane crash scene when Nikki is looking for Paulo. I think there’s a reason for that. Also he’s a scientist and he collects things in a jar to observe them. What if he is also observing the Losties in some sort of experiment? Just a thought…who knows

    –writerboy, you mentioned that the Others might be taking Locke to see the magic box or Jacob. The producers have said in the podcast that the magic box is not a literal box. I think Ben was referring to the overall magic of the island when you’re in tune with it.

    –there is usually some parallel in terms of a character’s flashback and their current actions (ie, to show their motivation or thinking behind what they’re doing on the island in that episode). When Kate teams up with Cassidy I think it’s to parallel her teaming up (though against her will) with Juliet. Cassidy says in the hotel room to Kate “Good thing I know how to lie.” Maybe this sort of parallels Juliet and that she is a liar in this situation and in saying she was left behind too. Everything she did in last night’s episode implies she’s a bona fide plant. Maybe she’s been given the task to infiltrate the Losties and somehow prove herself worthy again to the Others. I don’t think Jack’s in on it at all.

    –I’m a die hard “Jater” fan. I think the love triangle is now a square w/Juliet there. But I think in the end Jack and Kate will get together. Kate’s history tells us that her true love was Tom Brennan. He’s very similar to Jack: doctor, kind hearted, etc…In the end I think that she’ll end up with someone like her childhood sweetheart.

    –Very random: I think the gay character on Lost is Tom of the Others. He told Kate before “you’re not my type.”

    Sorry so long……(and sorta random)…

  32. Tawl says:

    My observations..

    If Lost has a Truman Show (the movie) answer, maybe Jacob is the Director.

    How could Dr Juliet flatten Kate in a matter of seconds while walking into an unexpected ambush, holding a serving tray of food?
    Juliet obviously has been specially trained in self-defense, as are most of the Others. Or, Juliet was expecting Kate’s action?

    How could Juliet drag the knocked-out Kate a few miles from the Other’s camp by herself?
    1. The Others helped moved Kate
    2. Juliet can harness the Island’s magnetic energy for power
    3. Juliet ran to the Lost camp and borrowed Hurley’s VW bus

    Juliet obviously let Kate win the fight where Juliet’s shoulder was dislocated. Most likely to gain Kate’s trust and make Kate feel that she was her equal.

    Smokey the monster isn’t very smart. He attacks in a straight line (he didn’t know that he could go OVER the sonic fence. And he’s afraid of grabbing people that are hiding in trees (How did Kate know that she was safe inside a tree?)

    Juliet lies. And like Ben, she doesn’t seem to be concerned about being found out to be a liar.

    With Ben using Locke’s Dad as bait, and the fact that Locke doesn’t want to leave the Island… it was pretty easy to get Locke to become an Other (for awhile).

    Could Locke be turning into the “Jacob?”

    Cassidy is part of the “Truman Show” answer, and an Other. There was no logical reason for her to help Kate, except to manipulate her (and Sawyer) and/or study Kate.

    I’m still leaning towards a Time-Loop (Grounhog Day) answer to Lost (where certain people change past events slightly that have been experienced before), but I also see elements of the Truman Show, where there is a master plan to study and manipulate the Losties for an unknown reason, both on and off of the Island.

  33. Annie says:

    I think the innocent-Bible-salesman gag was a shoutout to Paper Moon, in which Ryan and Tatum O’Neil play con artists selling Bibles door to door.

  34. David says:

    Where was Charlie this whole episode? My guess, he is digging up the diamonds over Nikki and Paulo.

  35. Dave says:

    John Fischer — My guess regarding your questions about Ben’s plan would be to ask a rhetorical question. Do you think the writers of Lost wrote characters like Nikki and Paolo into the show just to kill them off in Expose? I very much doubt it. I think they had a plan, it didn’t work just so, and so they improvised and tried to make an elegant solution to an inelegant mess. I think Ben did the same… the more they learned about the Losties the more the plan changed.

    There is one overarching question, though. Did the Others intentionally get all the Losties on the plane and set it up so Des “accidentally” brought it down? Or is this all coincidence? We have some pretty clear evidence that the oOthers at least have strong communication with the outside world, and presumably they could have quickly gathered info on the crash survivors and over time refined their needs/plan. When the plane first crashed, Ben told Ethan and Goodwin to hit the crash site and learn names. So I doubt they knew who was on the plane… the ensuing three months or so seems to be a mad scramble. Maybe the Others are just trying to grab the most “ideal” (to them) Losties (kids, believers such as Locke, those with skills such as Jack and Juliet) rather than cynics.

    I don’t know but it will be great to see how it all plays out.

  36. Tawl says:

    You made some interesting points, Dave. I assume that although the producers probably have (I hope they do) a Lost “Answer” that ties almost everything together, I get the feeling that they are willing to change course when they see an idea not working, or another idea that is.

    I bet Ben was never intended to become a central character in Lost, yet because of fan reaction and enjoyement.. they had to keep him around and make him more visible.

    For those fans who pray that there is not a “Science Fiction” answer to Lost, I’d say.. that particular Shark has already been jumped. A Sonic Fence, Purple Sky, Smokey the Security Monster, Island Magnetic Healing properties.. does anyone think there could be a purely scientific reason for all of this? And what’s wrong with a Science Fiction answer? It sure hasn’t bothered the readers of HG Wells novels.

    One more observation. (check this out yourself). As I was playing back the scene where Smokey attacks the Sonic Fense, I saw that Smokey started out as 3 separate pieces of black smoke that quickly join together to become the final BIG BadA$$ Smokey. Did anyone else notice this? Hmm.. symbolic of Christianity’s concept of God being a Trinity?

  37. Steve says:

    Tawl wrote:

    Smokey started out as 3 separate pieces of black smoke that quickly join together to become the final BIG BadA$$ Smokey. Did anyone else notice this? Hmm.. symbolic of Christianity’s concept of God being a Trinity?

  38. Steve says:

    Tawl wrote:

    Smokey started out as 3 separate pieces of black smoke that quickly join together to become the final BIG BadA$$ Smokey. Did anyone else notice this? Hmm.. symbolic of Christianity’s concept of God being a Trinity?

  39. XR15 says:

    I’m with Heather. I like Juliet too, and I hope she becomes an honorary Lostie. Who would you trust more right now to do right by the Lostie’s: Locke or Juliet? I don’t think the answer is clear. (How fun!)

  40. Renee says:

    I’m having a crazy thought- After Juliet’s speech about how much she knows about Jack’s pre-island life, coupled with this week’s preview, I’m wondering if Juliet is going to be the one who tells Jack & Claire that they are siblings.

  41. MontaukJimbo says:

    I would still trust Locke ,over Juliet.
    She is Killer and Much more Self motivated than Locke,
    Locke is about honesty now,getting to the truth and doing truely what is right…Granted he Fried Mikael..so he is a “killer/hunter” as well, or is He?
    Did Patchy Mikael really Die?
    Juliet is in a Trance ,she is almost as spaced out as Rosseau,
    she has a blunted affect and seems sedated or Controlled, as if she knows what is going to happen(time Loop)
    Now does Locke have some of these same characteristics?
    Did not Patchy say, “Thank-you” to Locke as he was ‘sonic-cooked-Fake-died’
    Juliet is a MOLE!!! wake up!!! Sayid will need to catch/trap her in some deciet and go Republican Guard on her.
    Do not let her take you in!!
    She will Poison Claire, maybe Sun To Get To Baby (Babies),She is a Pediatrician right?
    As my people say, “Keep your friends close your Ememies closer.”..Watch this Evil chick kill one or more of OUR Peeps.
    They do not value our losties lives in the LEAST>

  42. Dave says:

    One more thought for anyone who watches “Planet Earth” on Discovery (and if you don’t you should):
    They occasionally show a swarm of locusts or birds that fly so densely packed that they occlude the sky for minutes at a time. My wife intimated that this looked a lot like the smoke monster. Maybe it’s not a Nanobot, but maybe it is a swarm of insects/birds/other creatures?

  43. Yeah it’s clear that recent episodes of “Lost” are referring to the Biblical Jacob, father of the 12 sons who create the 12 tribes of Israel in the old-testament. There appears to be some religious symbology, also, in “Lost”. I’m not a regular viewer of the show, but I have seen it a few times, and it is interesting–although violent, with the many shootings and killings and suchlike. Still seems to have some quite interesting content in its plotlines, though.

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