Trans 2005-12-09: “Kate Revisited”


This special edition of “The Transmission” takes a second look at “What Kate Did,” ways to get your “Lost” fix during the hiatus, touches on production news… and “Lost” castmembers in the news. Of course, over 20 minutes of LostLine calls serve as the dessert at the end of this modest serving of our show. Got comments?


  • 00:00 Introduction
  • 04:35 You All Everybody (Feedback)
  • 31:20 The Forward Cabin (Spoilers)
  • 39:30 LostLine


Special Show Topics:

  • Grand Theories: What’s Going On?
  • Season Two: So Far, So Good?
  • Lost on the Web: Official Sites, Fan Sites, Forums…
  • Season One Revisited: Highs, Lows, and Hindsight

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11 Responses to Trans 2005-12-09: “Kate Revisited”

  1. Mike says:

    You mentioned how Kated dad reacted — “I knew you would kill him,” “I don’t have murder in my heart.”

    One this no one really noticed was, kates mom also had a reaction similar to her dad’s.

    Kate’s mom: “What did you do? What did you do Kate?”

    Sort of like she expected that she does out of the ordinary things.

  2. Rusty says:

    Hey, Ryan, Rusty here, and I have a link for you. I really like the composed music on Lost, and I found a great site that gives you plenty of stuff, but my favorite part is the complete list of all the composed-for-Lost music from season 1.

    Check it out at

    Hey, I also heard you talk about my show, thank you soooooooo freakin much, you guys do rule. THANK YOU. I’m gonna get so many listners….THANKS! If you wanna check out the site, its

  3. Mikey-boy says:

    You asked for show ideas during the off weeks – I suggest a “loose threads” show, which discusses the mysterious threads that have not been revisted – such as the black rock ship, Danielle’s maps, and the two corpses found last season. There are many more, and I’m sure this topic could fill at least one, if not many episodes.

  4. Bryan says:

    I think there has been a lot of negative response to What Kate Did in relation to the fact that she killed her father in a sort of ‘self defensive’ mode and how that sorta betrayed the darker side of Kate we have come to expect. I know Jen seemed really put off by this in the podcast, and the episode in general.

    I think however that the show’s writers are much smarter than that and have totally tricked the viewers into believeing that maybe Kate isn’t as deep and dark as as they originally led us to beleive, almost to the point where people (like Jen) have mutinied over the character.

    There’s more to the story. It’s season 2. There are at least 3 more seasons to go. I’m convinced that this was a smokescreen. Kate is deeper and has more issues than that. I’m sure of it.

    On the other hand I was delighted with the other developments in the episode. The further deepening of Mr Eko (fast becoming one of my favorites), the lost Dharma footage, and Michael’s little chat session on the computer.

    January cannot get here fast enough for me. Of course that will mean that I’ll be devoting more time to TV since Battlestar Galactica will begin again. Thankfully they aren’t on the same night and can both be purchased now through iTunes.

  5. Ellen says:

    Not sure if this has been addressed but I have a theory on the not using the computer to communicate and that it could cause another incident.

    The black rock is a chuck of magnetic rock or lodestone. the wires that connect the different hatches are near the black rock. When communication occurs near the black rock or lodestone it sends electricity through the wires that are near the rock this creates a larger magnetic field which is what messed with the plane instruments and the ship instruments causing both accidents. When there is no communication there magnet substance is the field is normal.

    This also could go with the research on electromagnetism that is going on in the hatch. and why the hansofoundation website has a link for the electromagnetism research.

  6. Dustin Beaudin says:

    Hi I love your show
    About the last coment I belive that this magnetic rock could have pulled the plane in and onto the island

  7. Lexie says:

    Hi Ryan and Jen. I really enjoy your show. I have a couple of comments on “What Kate Did.” Many people think that Kate must have done something really bad in the past, because her dad said “I don’t have murder in my heart” (implying that she does). But I took this to mean that she has murder in her heart because she is the biological child of the nasty guy – I guess his name is Wayne. Maybe he is a really bad person, and has even killed someone, maybe did time for murder in the past. That got me to thinking, what if Wayne was the original Sawyer? I know several people have theorized that Locke’s father was the original Sawyer, but wouldn’t it be cool if Kate was the daughter of the person who caused our Sawyer so much pain and messed up his life? In season one, one or the other of them said something to the effect that “you and I have more in common than you realize.” Foreshadowing?

    Finally, I’m from Iowa, and I have to point out something that really bugged me from last season with the flashback to Kate and Tom in a night scene. There are no big, arching live oak trees in Iowa, and the cows there aren’t longhorns. I know they are filming in Hawaii, but they could have made a little more of an effort to look like they were in the Midwest! (Sorry, Iowans have a chip on their shoulder about stuff like that.)

    P.S. My brother lives in Mililani, and we visited summer before last, so I get a real kick out of hearing you talk about local star sightings in the area!

  8. Katie says:

    Hey, any Fusies on here? If you know what I am talking about or want to go here:

  9. OJ says:

    Not sure if this is the right spot to post this or not.
    It appears that Michelle Rodriguez is not the only one having problems with the law in paradise.
    I love the podcast you guys do a great job!
    happy holidays to your family and loved ones.

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  11. David Brake says:

    Weirdly this file is no longer available and the enhanced version downloads but doesn’t seem to load into my iTunes! Is it a conspiracy?!

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