Trans 2005-12-21: “Theorycast”


This special edition of “The Transmission” explores some of the many, many theories you’ve come up with to explain what’s happening on the island. We discuss a few, and then include over 40 minutes of bonus listener comments. On top of that, we even cover some “Lost” goodies you might consider as last-minute Christmas gifts. And that’s not all! For spoilerfreaks, we’ve got a great advance look at Mr. Eko’s upcoming flashback. This is our longest episode yet, and hopefully one that can help you get a good “Lost” fix as we wait another three weeks for the next new episode.  Got comments?

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  • 00:00 Introduction
  • 01:10 Golden Globes & Writers Guild of America Nominations
  • 03:45 Upcoming Hiatuscasts: Season Two Midterm & Lost on the Web
  • 06:05 You All Everybody (Feedback):
     – 07:20 The Purgatory/Limbo Theory
     – 12:31 The Matrix Theory (False Flashbacks)
     – 19:05 The Time Travel Theory
     – 25:30 The Conjuring Theory (Magnet Power)
     – 32:00 The Man-Made Island Theory
     – 36:00 The Ultimate Theory
     – 38:30 The Cities of Refuge Theory
     – 39:30 The Otherworld Portal Theory
  • 42:01 Our “Lost” Shopping Guide
  • 50:10 The Forward Cabin (Spoilers)
  • 1:02:35 LostLine


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26 Responses to Trans 2005-12-21: “Theorycast”

  1. Gracie's Mom says:

    Ok…help me out here. I’m listening to the podcast (at work again!) and I was thinking about something that I noticed in the double re-runs last night. When the talies are scrambling around the beach right after the plane crashed, there is a man crawling on the beach…he seems to be making a shape in the sand (from crawling) the shape looks like the Dharma logo…kind of a pentagon shape….yes, I am crazy…just verify that for me! 😉
    Happy Holidays
    Do you have any information about a Lost chat room? I’ve seached and can’t find one…found the telnet site..set up like the Hatch computer…but they don’t really chat in there. If you have any info on a chat room where people actually talk about the show, please pass that info on….OR…maybe add one to this site? Just an idea

  2. chickFlix says:

    i would just like to comment on this purgatory/death theory that seems to be prevalent with a lot of peolple that call in to your show. it was stated on the OFFICIAL lost podcast by carlton cuse, and damon lindelof that THEY ARE NOT DEAD. i mean think about it. that would be the WORST cop-out EVER! it was a good theory, up until the point they said that our losties aren’t dead. just thought i’d put that out there. otherwise, great show, and i have to add my vote to jay and jack, that jen does have a very sexy voice for a podcast! 🙂

  3. PJ says:

    I was wondering if anyone has considered the similarities with the 1956 sci-fi movie Forbidden Planet, with Walter Pidgeon and Leslie Neilsen? The Krell’s alien super tech machinery using planetary energy? a mysterious invisible monster made of electromagnetic force? the creation of matter from mental projection (Kate’s horse? Walt’s polar bear?)

  4. Ryan says:

    Gracie, yeah, it looked like that guy would have drawn a pentagram or hexagon or something had he kept crawling. As for a chatroom? I don’t know of any offhand. For folks to watch the show simultaneously, it sure sounds like a great option versus posting on and constantly refreshing a message board. Frankly, we wouldn’t be able to keep up (and we’re in a weird time zone), but if we hear of one, we’ll mention it!

    chickFlix, yeah, we definitely declared the purgatory/limbo theory busted in the end, but we just had to cover it, since it’s so popular. And hey, I certainly think Jen has a sexy voice…

    PJ, “Forbidden Planet” definitely came up. I think we discussed it a few shows back. Other stories that are similar to or may be an influence in “Lost” has been a long-running conversation in our show. Great stuff.

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  6. Bryan says:

    “THEY ARE NOT DEAD. i mean think about it. that would be the WORST cop-out”

    It would only be a cop-out if they didnt have an idea on how to end the show. If they had intended for the show to touch on the concepts of redemption and salvation, it would be very appropriate for them to have passed and be in a state of judgement. There are more than enough references to spirituality, and redemption in the show to support a purgatory theory as well as enough events in the show that could support such a plotline.

    To call it a cop out isn’t valid if that was their original intention and quite frankly i think it could be a really great way for the show to end as each character finds their end. Some of the sci-fi theories i think lend themselves to a very weak explanation and resolution of the storyline.

  7. Revan says:

    Hey guys! 🙂

    After listening to your podcasts, I realized you left one critical LOST merchandise out of your shopping list.

    There’s a book titled: “LOST: Endangered Species” that just got released not too long ago with several follow-up novels next year. 🙂

    It’s worth checking out. Maybe you could review it on your show?

    Thanks! 🙂

  8. found says:

    i’m starting to hate the show because i canot solve the show problems.

    Also after watching my tv box set of season one, i can not stand watching the show anymore because of all the comercials. There are way to many comericals..

    The best way to end the show, is to make a movie out of it, please at least 31/2 hours long so i could be next to a lot of lost fans

    great show, but 2 many comercials, and to many weeks off the net work. get back to the show, and give it the whole night it should be a 2 hour show

  9. found says:

    This is the best show i ever seen, and i like that it drives my mind crazy, trying to figure it out. I love the transmission it helps my fix my theory on the island will come soon.

  10. brian says:

    Great podcast. I’m just responding to a caller who was included in the Theorycast podcast. I didn’t catch his name, but he referred to a scene early on in Season 1, when the monster first made its appearance. Shot of Hurley and Rose conversing, and Rose could be heard saying, “That sound is so familiar like I’ve heard it before”. Upon which Hurley asks, “Where are you from?” And Rose responds, “The Bronx”.

    I’m from NY, and The Bronx (particularly the south Bronx, by Yankee Stadium) has elevated Subway cars and tracks that make unmistakable noises and very very distinct. Anyone living in parts of Queens and The Bronx will tell you that. It is basically steel rubbing on steel, very similar to a “rollercoaster”, as the original caller pointed out. So in conclusion, perhaps the monster is merely a machine, running on steel tracks?

  11. Bryan says:

    “Rose could be heard saying, “That sound is so familiar like I’ve heard it before”. Upon which Hurley asks, “Where are you from?” And Rose responds, “The Bronx”.”

    I’ve always latched onto that quote by Rose as being a big clue. I think it was significant since it was sort of a background conversation that could have been missed if not paying attention as if the writers were trying to clue us in but not spoon feed us. I was originally a purgatory theorist although ive sorta gone away from that since, but her comment was a big part of my supporting clues to the theory they were dead. That sound the ‘monster’ makes is very very similar to the sound the plane made when it ripped apart in the air. I wouldn’t be surprised to find they used the same set of soundeffects to make both sounds. The theory being that they are haunted by the very thing that caused their demise i think lends to a ‘dead’ theory.

  12. Henry says:

    Some of these theories were so stupid and too repeated. but others were wicked good. like the Ultimate one, that one makes a lot of sense. so do a few others. the island very well could be man made. we’ll have to wait and see.

    what a wonderful EKO spoiler. i’m so excited.

  13. seth says:

    great show, guys, yet again. i listen every week. when are we due for the transmission special edition episode 3? i can’t wait.

    – seth

  14. Mark says:

    Hey, Ryan & Jen –

    I enjoyed last week’s special theories show. The false flashbacks theory really caught my attention, and I made the connection to Dark City as a more fitting analogy than The Matrix before Ryan even mentioned it. While an experiment of implanted memories could nicely explain the implausible coincidences and connections in the backstories and the unlikely number of guilty consciences and deep dark secrets among the passengers of Flight 815, I think this is would be an unlikely and unsatisfying direction for the show to take.

    You also mentioned a bit about the island being man-made. While the possibility of the entire island actually moving around the ocean sounds a bit too much like Dr. Doolittle, it is plausible that at least a stationary island could be built. It’s certainly been done on the small scale to make land for hotel resorts, airports, or portals for submerged tunnels in numerous locations around the world. And in 1971 American millionaire Michael Oliver not only built a shallow reef into his own island in the South Pacific, near Fiji and Tonga, he even set up a goverment, created a flag and currency, and tried to gain recognition as an idependent nation. That is, until the king of Tonga started to get nervous. Read more at

    Also, thanks to brian for bringing up Rose’s season one comment. I vaguely recall that now, and how it made me think of Chicago’s El(evated) trains, which now doubt sound much the same as the ones in NYC.

  15. cassandra says:

    Hi, this is my 1st time listening to your show, and I love the theories that everyone has come up with, well here mine!
    I think it is all a giant researsh facility, located in Zanzibar, you might think, we’ll what a loon! Zanzibar? Why?
    How I came up with Zanzibar, go to the HANSO FOUNDATION web and (if you go to active project’s you can now view the video we seen on the Island under the Dharma project). Click on Alvar Hanso, then click on his picture on the right hand side and you’ll see a letter from “Global Health Oragnization”
    It shows the topic Re: The Hanso Life-Extension Project, and talk’s about the research being done in Zanzibar and about a large donation for a defence fund, It’s probably mind control, the Matrix”type thing and the magnetic nature of the area helps enhance the research being done. And the “Others” were probably former test subjects, gone “loony”.

  16. Jennifer says:

    I think the island is in some sort of “triangle”, where some of the characters, like the kids, and the baby, where brought there because of some unique clearvoyant powers. The island was man made, but there was a reference about an accident in the film that the scientists made. This may have brought some other “dark” forces there. ( I think that enetering the code in the computer was part of some psychological experiment) I don’t think that they are dead or in pergatory. I think that the “others” feeds off of the survivors guilt in life.

  17. Henry says:


  18. Melissa says:

    great show it really great keep up the great work, about theories, someone had said a theory about the end of the world and how they would be the ‘saved nataion’, witch made me think about a book that i had read a short time ago called ‘The city of Ember’ where you find out in the second book that they were was population unground in a hole and they were sent there to save the human race,none of them knew anything about the out-side world and in the snd book they find out that the out-side world didn’t know eather, both worlds were seperated from the rest, i belive there might be a connection not to the book but the theory about them being the last people on earth just like the book.
    thanks alot,
    Melissa , age 14, Toronto On. Canada

  19. Katie says:

    I saw that, too, but I don’t think it’s in Zanzibar because I looked on a map and Zanzibar is off the coast of Africa, not even close to Australia/South Pacific. But it still could very well be there (teleportation? Bermuda triangle sort of thing?)

  20. Ryan says:

    We’ve got one more “hiatuscast” due out this weekend! Sorry for being AWOL, folks! Trust me, though, you wouldn’t have wanted us to record these last couple of weeks, not unless you were interested in our family’s impression of a tuberculosis ward. The good news is, we’re only a few days away from our next new episode. This last stretch is often the hardest for “Lost” addicts, we know, so we hope our third special episode helps just a little.

  21. Elliot says:


    First off, you guys have a great podcast, i love listening to it. also… i was surprised int thoerycast, that you did not mention anything about the theory of collective conciousness. It goes hand in hand with all the different theories that you broadcasted, i logically could fit in any of those situations. Collective conicousness is the theory that scientists or dharma, or whoever is behind this, got a specific group of people with ideal skills for a powerful civilization. I may be getting mixed up with another theory i read about, but think about it. Theres doctors, engineers, and escaping criminals. This is exactly what scientists in the past have said, would be perfect if anybody wanted to start a new civilization that could take over the world. Think about it… everything seems as though its being monitored by an outside organization. And overtime the descendants of these people, will grow up to be strong and powerful. the best “breed of mankind there will ever be.

    forgive me if im not making any sense, but think about it. This almost makes more sense to the theory of it being a man made island, or even the electromagnatism theory, which acts almost as a supreme controlling power.

    Some facts that may help back me up, is the whispering. who says anybody has to be there to whisper in the jungle, theres enough technology to make life like sounds project towards one area of a jungle. Also, the organization behind it also keeps doing things to make people believe that there is something special about the island. I read somewhere that in a hot climate, such as the one of this island, if polar bears would ever live there, after four days or so of such heat, their fur turns green. So the polar bears must have been just transported to the island. I was aware of this theory for atleast over a month now (before the episode, what kate did), and when that episode premiered, the horse came out of nowhere, as though ity was staged. more proof! you may think thats kind of weird saying it was the same horse that she saw when she crashed that car, but remember, these scientists must have monitored carefully who they wanted on the island, and may have been watching these people for years even. Think of every little thing that even people just recognize recently, and it still fits in the idea of people creating a clklective conciousness, making them believe they were in a plane crash, like desmond’s girlfriend who wanted to adopt claires baby. She knew because she was part of this organization, and everything that was going to happen on the island was planned. They didnt want a baby, becuase it wasnt the right person to be on the island. Same with why the others took the children in “the other 48 days”.

    once again, sorry if i dont make anysense… but i think this may be the ultimate theory. it just fits.

  22. dmc says:

    hi Im irish and was just wondering when series 2 was starting bac on rte or channel 4 . thanks

  23. Riverbelle says:

    Some interesting ideas. Is it possible to get notified of future updates from your blog?



  24. Nadia says:

    If there was a purgatory can a child be born and baptised? hence arron?

  25. John Cavour says:

    I have read the Ultimate theory and I think it’s dead on. However, in light of recent events on Lost, I’ve come up with my own ideas for it. I think when the button is not pressed, a missile will be launched at the island, as the countdown clock seemed to illustrate. I believe if the button is not pressed, it will launch a missile that destroys the hatch and much of the area around it. This was why Desmond was running away. When the missile destroys the hatch, vast amounts of magnetic energy will be released. Electromagnetism moves light, which many scientist theorize to be time itself. In this case, the release of electromagnetism will cause temporal disturbances on the island. Due to this, characters will be able to step into the past and witness the history of the island firsthand, and even influence it.(Of course they will eventually return to the present) These temporal disturbances will move about on the island, or in other words, a character can visit a certain area on the island and stilll be in the present, but return to the same area and be in the past. These temporal disturbances are part of the DHARMA Initiative’s experiment. In this case, it is to study how a human copes with an unusual situation.
    As much I believe what is happening on the island has scientific explanation, I also believe it has some religious significance. It seems to me that the DHARMA Initiative is controlled by an evil force. The castaways seem to be part of an experiment whose main goal is to preserve humanity. On the island, the castaways will remain safe from the polar shift (global warming), the asteroid heading our way (assuming it will hit), and the terrible third world war. But the others have illustrated the experiments true intentions, which is to rebuild mankind more barbaric and cruel than ever before. This experiment is an attempt to prevent the great peace after “the time of troubles.”
    As far as what controls the island, I believe there is a futuristic laboritory that controls things such as the weather, the release of animals DHARMA experiments with, and the electromagnetic security system the castaways call the monster. The man who controls this laboritory is behind the experiment, and is the man with a black and white eye(he can have normal eyes at times as well). But truly, he is no man. He is an incarnation of pure evil born into human flesh, and he oversees the godless experiment.

  26. fanatic says:

    Ayone notice in the last episode the escape hatch in the Caduceus (medicine) bunker. I think it doesn’t lead up but down and maybe be a ladder or a slide which leads to an extensive system of tunnels and caves. This alows “the others” to move around and store things with out being seen. Anyoen esle get teh sense that Locke + Jack’s prisoner is blowing his cover? I saw this when He was talking to Locke about books and a certain leader who’s name I can’t recall.

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