Trans 2006-01-06: “Lost on the Web”


Happy New Year! At long last, our third “hiatuscast,” a special edition of “The Transmission” for the winter break. In this show, we check out just a few of the great websites out there devoted to “Lost.” Discussion boards, official sites, great resources, and finally, a unique tour of the “Lost” podcasting community. We chat about one last theory, and of course share a few interesting updates on upcoming episodes in the “Forward Cabin.” Finally, in our LostLine segment, we’ve got half an hour of great stuff, from season two reviews, to theories and responses to our “Theorycast,” and much more. We’re only a few days away from our next new episode, but the last stretch of “Lost” withdrawal is sometimes the hardest. Thanks for listening.  Got comments?

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  • 00:00 Introduction
  • 02:52 You All Everybody (Feedback):
     – 04:27 Bonus Theory: Nanobots
     – 10:37 Official Sites
     – 23:37 Unofficial Sites
     – 25:06 Message Boards
     – 31:50 Resources
     – 36:53 Lost Podcasts
  • 51:37 The Forward Cabin (Spoilers)
  • 1:05:37 LostLine


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11 Responses to Trans 2006-01-06: “Lost on the Web”

  1. jules says:

    check this out….its most probably just a fake spoiler but it says [SPOILER!]….the french lady’s daughter was taken 16 years ago

  2. Thanks so much for the plug on the show! I’ve just downloaded the episode and I’m about to listen now. I’m not sure if you mentioned my interview with you guys or not, so I figured I’d put a link here early on in this thread.

    The Generally Speaking 01/07/2006 Episode has a 17 minute interview with Ryan & Jenn. Check it out if you are interested in getting to know Ryan & Jenn a little better.

  3. Terry Byard says:

    I like the podcast, but it will not play on my SanDisk SDMX1. Any suggestions? I contacted SanDisk support and they could not play it either. I think it may be the album art.



  4. Ken says:

    Hey Ryan and Jen! Thanks for putting me in your Podcast this week! Yay! You have no idea how happy that made me! I will definitely be sending you audio files each week now! I’m glad you guys actually listen to everyone’s submissions! Not a lot of people do that and it really makes it a lot more listener-friendly.

  5. face02 says:

    Hi guys! Love the show!

    I just wanted to follow up on the Prey theory that a caller gave you guys. Just to clear up two things that the caller may have been a little confused on. I read the book during the long winter hiatus, and think that it is POSSIBLE that there are nanobots on the island – and may actually have some connection with the numbers, albiet indirectly.

    The caller had two main points incorrect about the book, and the nanobots. They were originally created as part of a military contract. The medical usage was found as a coincidence, as a result of the work they were doing for the military – and showed it to try to drum up some financial support to help save the project.

    The second point the caller had slightly incorrect was that the nanobots became the form of the main character’s wife. What actually was happening was the nanobots “eating” away at the wife – and laying themselves on top of the wife as though it was the skin of the wife. They controlled her in every way – movement and speech. At one point in the book, the nanobots do move off her, and you see the skeletonlike body that is left, and the wife is no longer the evil woman you believed her to be.

    With these points cleared up, with whatever was dragging Locke underground, I think it is possible they were nanobots. In the book, the way the nanobots lay on top of some characters, taking over movement, is it possible that this is why Locke can now walk?

    In the book, the nanobots are negatively effected by magnetic energy – because they are made of metal. Because of this, I don’t believe that the nanobots are part of the experiment in the hatch. I believe that the hatch is possibly not as much of an experiment – so much as it is a way of controlling the nanobot experiment. Is it possible that entering the numbers in the computer in the hatch “re-charges” the electro-magnet in the hatch area – thus keeping the nanobots away from the hatch, and possibly even keeping them underground for the most part?

    Just some things to think about till Wednesday.

    Keep up the great work!

  6. face02 says:

    Sorry for the long comments, but I thought of another link.

    In the book, the characters who created the nanobots were taken over by them, and did things to protect them – and help them flourish. Maybe Locke is being at least partially controlled by them – which is why he screamed “I’ve done everything you wanted me to do!” while at the hatch back in season 1. He may be working with/for the nanobots.

  7. WillF says:

    Thanks for the great references to other LOST sites. I thought you might also want to mention Wikipedia’s articles:

  8. Ayla says:

    Thankyou to Jen & Ryan on a great show. There are so many websites/forums out there I didn’t know about and I’ve had fun checking them all out 🙂
    Also the podcast comments from the other casters was great and a few of them seem like real characters, I may check them out 🙂

    Keep up the good work and can’t wait till the next podcast, finally a new episode! AHHH!!! *screams like a schoolgirl*!!! 😉


  9. Sandy in Ojai says:

    Aloha Ryan & Jen,

    Thanks for listening to my comments and theories on your show. I so enjoy listening to you both, and like I said before you guys are the best. I am also starting to recognize some of the regular call in people, it’s fantastic. It’s now Wednesday am here in California, and with TIVO and a Satellite Dish I am at hours and counting down until tonight’s new episode. I can hardly wait until 5pm to watch (I have east coast feed!!). I will call you later with my comments on tonight’s show.

    Sandy in Ojai

  10. nick says:

    Thought you might be interested in The Lost Fan Blog ( It has regularly updated posts about “Lost” and much much more.

  11. Katie says:

    Cool!.. Nice work…Greetings!..

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