Live Together, Die Alone

What a ride. We loved it. Some big answers, some new possibilities, and some major branches of the sprawling conspiracy tree mercifully pruned. Two hours that didn’t feel like two hours, and such delicious connections and brilliant moments that we’re a bit speechless. “I think we’re going to have to watch that again.” For now, I think we’re going to be limited to random notes and notions.

  • Desmond crashed the plane. Not a huge surprise, as it was probably the most plausible explanation, but I think it was handled perfectly. On the other hand, it’s now clear the crash was an accident. So, were our survivors on the plane by design? Are all these people on this island for a reason, or not? As far as grand theories go, this knocks a few big ones out of the running.
  • The last scene of this last episode, just like the first scene of this season’s opener, changes everything. (Imagine if we’d seen a glimpse of Desmond in the hatch at the end of Season One.) For the first time, we see the “outside world.” It’s still there. And people are looking for this island. What this means for Season Three boggles the mind.
  • Not sure what to make of the Others. They’re not cave people, but they don’t seem particularly intense, either. (“Where’s your beard?”) Either way, it’s good to see Henry again, and that he’s clearly going to be a bit part of the next chapter. Is he “Him”? Jury’s still out. Jen picks up a very strong Kaiser Soze vibe.
  • Zeke’s real name is Tom. That’s, what, five Toms in “LOST” now?
  • And Desmond’s full name is Desmond David Hume. Hume being another philosopher, who just happened to have been fond of the works of John Locke.
  • The button was real, the hatch was important, but both seem to have both come and gone this season. If the electromagnetic properties were what kept the island off the grid, though, and if the “fail safe” blew it all to smithereens, is the island visible again? And will weird things stop happening? I doubt it.
  • How else can you hide an island? Move it. I’ve liked this theory from the beginning, as it also explains the polar bear and drug plane. Penny Widmore seems to have known enough that the island is concealed by magnetism… but Henry’s instructions to Michael and the call from the monitoring station convinces me more than ever that there’s another reason the island is so hard to find.
  • Kelvin was Inman. A nice touch. But if the crash was indeed an accident, the continued emphasis on these pre-crash connections are problematic. A little hint here and there was great. Now they’re beating us over the head with them.
  • Speaking of which… Libby! Now really, can her meeting Desmond in a coffee shop really be a coincidence? “I just happen to have this boat I don’t need…” Either way, it was good to see her again, and it was a surprisingly strong scene.
  • The giant foot was especially unexpected. Colossus of Rhodes? But four toes. Animal? Cartoon character? It doesn’t look like this island will run out of stories any time soon.
  • So where does “LOST” leave us? Locke and Eko missing in action, Charile inexplicably unconcerned (but back in with Claire). Michael and Walt heading off to parts unknown. Jack, Kate and Sawyer in custody of the Others (or “the hostiles,” which is a new term for them), and Hurley’s in for a long walk. Will Sayid, Jin and Sun save the day?
  • Speaking of Sun, I loved seeing her joining the “merry band of adventurers,” rather than once again left behind to play in her garden or fret on the beach. Jen liked the morning sickness scene.
  • Jen also loved the discovery of the pile of canisters and notebooks. Positively eerie. My favorite scene has to be the reunion of Locke and Desmond. “Box man.” The hatch going kablooey was pretty awesome, too.
  • How about that Hurley bird? Seems like they’re just having fun with us, rather than dropping a big clue. The “snow globe” reference also falls into that category. Tommy Westphall, anyone?
  • Henry says, “We’re the good guys.” Coupled with his now disproven assertion to Locke that the button does nothing, our heads are swimming with what he might know or not know.
  • The shippers must be all a titter. Charlie and Claire, Sawyer’s short chat with Kate about nets, Jack’s valiant attempt to rescue Kate… But, what about “the look” Jack and Kate gave each other before they got sacks on their head. I thought I saw Kate give a deliberate blink signal to Jack, maybe a Plan B. Jen was most reminded of the “carbon freezing” scene in The Empire Strikes Back. Aww.
  • So the “girl in the picture” was Penny. Jen notes that rules out Penny as the would-be adoptive mother of Claire’s baby. A pity, I kind of liked that theory.
  • One thing I don’t get (besides the oblivious Charlie thing). If the Others were after Jack, Kate, and Sawyer, why not nab them when they surrounded them in the forest? They even had Locke to play the “go back and tell them to buzz off” role. And again, why them? At least now we know Hurley wasn’t in the “real” set.
  • “Mmm,” Jen said. “Desmond sure cleans up nice.”
  • Another book: Charles Dickens’ “Our Mutual Friend.” Summer reading! (I’m really trying to resist picking up “Bad Twin.”)
  • Locations: I think the prison Desmond walked out of was Oahu Correctional Center in town. The Pala Ferry pier looked like a combination of ‘Apua Fishpond at Kualoa (where Jin met his dad in an earlier episode) and a seaplane pier off Lagoon Drive near the airport. And the coffee shop was Honolulu Café downtown. That arctic monitoring station could have been anywhere.


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  1. steve says:

    what do you guys think of my theory

  2. SK says:

    I have a theory on Charlie’s reaction that I’m not sure has been discussed yet. Consder the 2 people left behind :

    1) Locke, who had helped him get off the drugs, then later turned his back on him, called him a liar & beat him up.

    2) Eko, who Charlie found solace with after being rejected by everyone else, and found some sort of redemption over his actions with Aaron, then turned his back on him in favour of the hatch. ‘Move your own damn things’.

    At the end, neither of them would listen to him. Eko would not stop with the dynamite, and Locke would not open the door. Eko even pushed Charlie off of him when he was trying to help him out of the hatch.

    Now, Eko may have done this as a ‘save yourself’ kind of thing, but perhaps Charlie thought of this as a final straw of rejection. Now with both of them missing, his reaction is ‘meh, they don’t care about me, so I don’t care about them’. Of course all 3 of them left in the hatch will be alright, otherwise we would have at least seen a glimpse of the devestation.

    Onto other questions from the finale…..what about the person they shot in the jungle, and the other got away? Were they ‘others’ or ‘other others’?

    I too am ‘disturbed’ by the lack of the black smoke monster of late. I felt it was built up to be such a big thing, then we had the big reveal, the nothing? Why not take that opportunity to explain what it is and how on earth it is actually in existance. Are the smoke and Big Bird related? 😀

    Also confused about Henry’s motives of telling Locke that he never pressed the button. Was it to simply plant false seeds in John’s mind? If it was such a devestating thing to not press the button, surely Henry knew that doing what he did may cause the button from not being pushed, thus setting off the ‘mega magnet’? The only reason it was stopped was by chance Desmond had returned with the key, so I think doing what Henry did risked not just the ‘losties’, but the others, the other others, and the whole island…..perhaps that will be addresses in later eps, or perhaps I’m reading too much into it (but every aspect of the show can be delved into for a myriad of things, so why not this? 🙂 )

    Also, Rouseau. If she has been on the island for so long, and it seems that Alex is taken along on these little adventures, how is it that they have never crossed paths?

    Back to things that seems like coincidences but are not…..

    – I think the plane was crashed on purpose, as do many others here. It just seems that the plane was always meant to crash on the island, and that was the perfect way to do it…..set off the magnet. However, again, if this is the case, how could they be assured Desmond would get back in a reasonable enough time to stop it?

    – Henry was captured on purpose to infiltrate the group, find the leaders, formulate who to capture, etc. I think Locke was supposed to be in the group, but after seeing how easily he could be broken, I think he was discarded as a potential addtion to the group.

    I have alot more, and I’m sure everyone else does, but this post is long enough as it is to leave those thoughts for another day…..

  3. Rebecca G. says:

    Sayid will save the day and Jack knows it. Even if he doesn’t, his tank top saves MY day! Whew.

  4. Jen says:


    Your theory works, and I think a lot of fans have been thinking along similar lines. I hadn’t thought about the smoke being people, though. Hmmm.

  5. Kathleen says:

    I haven’t actually seen it yet, being in New Zealand, (You know, the country that made Lord of the Rings)
    But I need to know, did someone kill Kate?
    And has Zeke got an I.D card with Jacks name on it?
    I have been flooded with weird and wonderful spoilers.

    Pity me, Im a kid.

  6. pete moss says:

    The explanation of the magnetic pulse throwing the hatch door was helpful to me (as opposed to the explosion), thanks.

    There was a little discontinuity with the Dharma key for me. Desmond got it out of his book on the bookshelf, but in an earlier episode Locke was carefully going through all those books, turning them upside down, seeing if anything was there between the pages. Hard to believe that Locke somehow missed this. Conversely, hard to believe Desmond would have a) taken the key with him and b) replaced the book on the bookshelf on a temporary return to the hatch.

    The Others clearly don’t seem to care about the pressing of the button. They clearly know about hatches.

    Some have said that there were multiple people in the yellow haz-mat suits picking up Desmond, but it appears to be just one person (Kelvin) with multiple exposures, an effect of Desmond being out of it.

  7. Tawl says:

    DarleenMB, you are correct, it was not an EMP (my mistake), just a super-magnetic force. Were any magnetic tapes/media inside the hatch, I hope not 🙂

    The “vaccine” does seems to make people happy and carefree. A great idea if you were conducting an experiment like this.

    Steve, I’m not sure we know enough to agree with everything in your theory, but it could work.

    Can someone point to any evidence that this is not a “Groundhog Day” scenario?

    Let’s say there are a few people (i.e., Dharma Scientists) who realize that catastrophic events are repeating themselves, and they are constantly try to rearrange things (like Bill Murray’s “Phil Conners” character) in the past to create a different end-result (like getting out of a time-loop). A Groundhog Day theory would simply explain so many details and coincidences in Lost (like Ethan and Goodwin joining both groups of Losties at the right time, that there was a list of Lostie Names to abduct, not-Henry saying the right things to Locke at the right time, and the “Others” seem to do so many things according to a script that only has slight changes each time it is used).

    Yes, yes, yes.. I know the producers said LOST was not in a time warp, but wouldn’t you deny it too if it was the simple explanation?

    Time-Loop, how?? Super-Magnetism can do some pretty strange stuff… just ask Einstein.

    Does anyone want to take a shot at why the Groundhog Day theory wouldn’t work?

  8. jim says:

    SK: Your theory about fake-Henry-Gale allowing himself to be captured on purpose to evaluate the group makes a lot of sense, especially in terms of his manipulation of Locke. But I’ll bet he wasn’t counting on Sayid’s tactics! It could be interesting if (I’m sure it’ll happen) the two meet again…

  9. meg says:

    can we go back to the 2 portugese men that Penelope hired to find Desmond. someone said one looks like Jack. anyone with a tape of the episode can verify that? if true, does he have a twin that works for Dharma? or is this toooo weird?

  10. bryan says:

    what a awesome episode.I like the atlantis theory. There was a show on discovery channel about the “LOST” Atlantis last week made refernce to the pillars of hercules. I glad to see Libby again. I also think she works for DHarma. I remember a earlier episode with hurly and his friend in a record store when they left the store yoiu saw a blurry blonde in the background. Could that have been Libby? I also liked how the hatch landed at the camp.

  11. Julie from Chicago says:

    They confirmed on the post-finale Official Lost Podcast that none of the Portugese men were Jack. nor played by Matthew Fox. They just look similar. Take a listen to the podcast…they give some pretty interesting info on next season and help clear up what happened in the finale.

  12. Nikanj says:

    Consider this. If the plane was brought down because the electromagnetic charge built up, then the plane clearly came down as an accident. There was no way anyone could have predicted what Desmond did (follow buddy outside and then not make it back in time to press the button.)

    Now, if the plane crashed accidentally then it follows that they were not brought to the island on purpose. Why, then, were all these people, who had clear connections before meeting on the island (Sawyer & Jack’s dad, Hurley & Libby etc etc) on the plane together? Were they being brought somewhere else?

    I believe one of two things (not sure which, yet)

    1. The plane WAS NOT brought down by Desmond forgetting to push the button. It was something else that brought it down, on purpose.

    2. The plane WAS brought down by Desmond not pushing the button, but all these people were on it for another reason. They were being taken somewhere else, together. Where and why are the questions, though.

  13. tex says:

    I think the look Jack and Kate gave each other was one of…

    Jack was trying to tell Kate: “Don’t worry, I told you I have a plan” (Sayid)

    Kate’s blink was: “Damn Jack, I hope you’re right!”

  14. SK says:

    The Atlantis theory……..was it just me or was anyone else just waiting for fake-Henry’s throat to open up to reveal gills? There’s just something about fake-Henry in particular that makes me feel like they are not quite human.

    Then there’s the 4-toed statue….were the toes webbed?

    ‘We’re taking them home with us’…..I was just waiting for a submarine to pop up to take them to their underwater city.

    But that is just based on ‘what if’ rather than what I’ve seen in the series.

    They’ll probably be taken to another island just over the horizon, and that will be a more logical thing to happen….lmao….then again, if there’s a black smoke creature that can read minds, why not fishmen?

    The look between Jack & Kate at the end I believe to be ‘everything’s going to plan’. They could have easily have gotten the truth out of Michael after they all found out about his wicked ways, found out they were going to be captured, then formed the plot from there. The only unknown then would be why Sawyer didn’t seem to be in on the plan, unless he just doesn’t like those 2 making goo-goo eyes at each other….. 😀

  15. Jen says:

    I keep hearing that Brazilian Guy #1 looks like Matthew Fox, but I gotta say, I see no resemblance. At all. They both have brown hair and facial stubble. That’s about it.

    I don’t like that they “cheated” with Desmond’s picture. The woman in the picture earlier in the season was clearly somebody else and that kind of bugs me. I know, I know. It might not have been practical to get the same lady to play Penny, but it takes me out of the story somewhat. I’m weird.

  16. david says:

    has anyone else wondered why the hatch has (had) a state of the art washer and dryer but still relied on that very old computer?

  17. Dave says:

    Someone earlier posted these screen caps.

    In my opinion this clearly shows, as stated above, that the Brazilian guy and Jack are not the same. They shapes of the earlobes and eyes are completely different. If you’re just looking for a white guy with stubble then I might as well be Jack. (Has Matthew Fox ever NOT played a character with perma-stubble?)

    (I also don’t have a clue what kind of points the above poster is making… there’s one pic up there where Henry Gale appears to have four toes, but the rest seems like a huge reach.)

  18. SK says:

    Dave said :

    “(I also don’t have a clue what kind of points the above poster is making… there’s one pic up there where Henry Gale appears to have four toes, but the rest seems like a huge reach.)”

    If you were referring to me….Yeah, as I said is was based on ‘what if’, nothing to do with any concrete evidence. Just a niggling feeling I have had for a while. Nothing more than that….just waffling & sharing my theories.

    If I had said 18 months ago that I thought the monster was black smoke that reads minds, that would have been considered a huge reach too 😉

  19. Vnahum mentions Eko was scratching Revelations 9:22 on his stick and that there’s no Revelations 9:22… but keep in mind that the plane went down on September 22.

    “Gary Troup” can be an anagram of “Purgatory”, but Cuse/Lindelof/Abrams have stated “not Hell, not Purgatory”.

  20. Tawl says:

    Steve, I reread your theory, and I think you may have most of it right. Here is a question for you (Steve).

    If the “black cloud” becomes whatever someone thinks, then how come no one else saw Hurley’s “Dave” or Jack’s father? Yet, multiple people saw the black cloud staring-down Eko. multiple people saw the black cloud pulling Locke into the hole, both Sawyer and Kate saw the white horse, and multiple people saw the polar bear.

    Also, Kate saw the white horse off the island, how did that happen?

    I do tend to believe the black cloud is some kind of energy force that can be mentally manipulated. Hmm.. was there an ESP experiement on the Island? 🙂

    I think the plane crash was an accident, but only the first time. We’ll find out that the crash was being repeated over and over again because the “Others” were hoping for different outcome (like Desmond actually turning the key).

  21. Xandermor says:

    Ummm… how many times did the plane crash??!! I am really lost now! Is this just a theory or do some people really believe it happened more than once?

  22. False Anchors says:

    i don’t have it thought out enough to comment on yet, but the “groundhog day”/stuck in a time loop theory has me thinking. on one hand, it’s a liiiiitle too sci-fi for this show – i mean, that idea has been done within the star trek realm and who knows where else – but, yet.. i don’t know, i’m intrigued.

    i read something that quoted (i think) j.j. and damon talking about the introduction of new characters next season and where they came from being a surprise. (they also mentioned less flashbacks, which i see as a good thing at this point). i would guess that between the others and the folks we saw in the “real world”, we have our “new” characters.


    wouldn’t it be, well, “funny” if this second electromagnetic overload incident brought down another plane?

    i love this forum, but damnit, i get less work done because of it. 🙂

  23. clb5 says:

    has anyone else wondered why the hatch has (had) a state of the art washer and dryer but still relied on that very old computer?

    That’s been bugging me, too. Especially since the rest of the decorations are intended to be period ones (e.g., record player not CD, 16mm projector but not VCR).

  24. clb5 says:

    Sometimes I can’t tell when bad writing or a forced plot point is running rather than a key plot point:

    Hurley I’m going back.
    Jack No, Hurley. Hurley, you can’t!
    Hurley We’re all going to get killed and you knew it! You let us come anyway.
    Jack It’s too late to go back now, Hurley. We already caught them following us once. If they don’t believe that we trust Michael, they’ll kill us all. I’m sorry that I didn’t say anything. But you have to know that I would never bring you out here if I didn’t have a plan.
    Sawyer What plan?

    Why does Jack believe that the Others will kill them all if Hurley turns back? Why do the rest believe him? It seems bizarre that they could be killed if one turned back but not killed if they show up with Sayid later. If they were being tracked when they turned back, why wouldn’t they be tracked again as they near Sayid?

  25. Alexis Delgado says:

    The others keep saying there are the good ones.. My theory.

    They ARE NOT part of the Dharma Initiative. They are against it AND Hanso Foundation.
    Think of them as sort of a GREEN PEACE. Trying to thwart Hanso Foundations greater goals. Why do I think this ?

    They keep saying they are the GOOD ones. Most people that consider themselves
    freedom fighters etc say stuff like this.
    The Hanso Foundations Website and the Persiphone deal… Hackers trying to get the word out of how bad/misleading Hanso Foundation is. Maybe The others are part of this movement.

    Also… Kelvin and Desmond mention “Hostiles” on the Island.. I am certain they probably mean the others.. If the others were part of Dharma or Hanso Foundation why would they be considered “Hostiles” by Kelvin… A true Dharma Initiative employee ?

    One thing about this though. Zeek/Tom/Bearded guy said in the “don’t cross this line” episode..” one man smarter than anybody here once said …” and went on to quote something Alvar Hanso siad about Curiousity.. Avlar said this on the Hanso Foundation Website. Looks like Zeek/Tom/Bearded guy had some respect for why go against his company ??

    My explanation… According the Persephone (hacker from Hanso Website) Alvar has been missing for a few years.. hinting at..” who is runing Hanso Foundation?”
    Maybe these guys..the others are Alvar Loyalists that want to bring the truth out that Hanso Foundation has been taken over.. Is Alvar Dead? Has he been taken Hostage ? By whom? maybe Widmore Corporation ?… hmmmm

    Other evidence ? It is almost obvious now that Henry DID push the button. But he told locke he didn’t. Why ? To get them to STOP pushing the button… If they were part of Dharma or working WITH hanso why would they want to kill the experiment?… Answer: They are Not part of Dharma or the present Hanso foundation. They are working against it…

    Other stuff…

    Atlantis… I know this has been discussed before… but Atlantis in just about EVERY reference you read about it is considered to be ” The LOST city”

    That STATUE foot had a Sandal on… A fallen great statue of a once great civilization ? Think of Ancient Greece Parthenon and the Egyptian Pyramids ?

    Four toes? not sure what that meant. but whay the hell did people first think when they saw the Sphinx ? That has a hell of a lot more ” What the hell?” factor than a foot with four toes…

    Atlantis was tought to be LOST to the sea..Swallowed up by the ocean…
    WHo knows…maybe the Electromagnetic Interferance/uniqueness was caused by a giant meteor crashing millions of years ago… making the island inpossible to find by traditional means …Most meteors have a lot of metals in them I hear (mostly IRON)..

    Maybe Hanso foundation found the Island by accident back in the 70’s while doing some studdies in electomagnitism.. and then decided to set up a base here…
    think of it as the perfect one can find if through conventional could do a lot there without having to worry about rules/laws or anti-research or religious groups (animal testing, human cloning..etc)

    Widmore Corporation and Hanso may be rivals now…or fighting for Power.
    Power could be many things.. maybe Patent rights for reseach etc, Government contracts ? who knows…

    The others maybe thought the Losties were there as a PLOT against them…
    and now realize that they are not. Maybe Widmore or Hanso once sent in a group possing as plane crash survivors but were really there to hurt/kill the others…

    Where am I getting this from..

    Oceanic Flight site once mentioned a flight 777. Maybe this flight was a FAKE crash… and the “survivors” were there to befriend and infiltrate the others…Hence the other’s hostility towards the losties now…

    Ecko and Locke are not dead..
    Charlie could not have been more than about 15 seconds ahead of Ecko and Locke… He barely had a scratch on him.. Maybe when this new “incident” happened they all got up and Ecko and Locke made peace and decided to go to one of the other hatches again on the map..they decided this after Charlie left for the beach.. Charlie saw them before he left hence his comment “They’re not back yet?”
    it would also explain his laid back attitude… Surely had he seen them dead he would have acted a little differently. Also the “They’re not back yet?” comment seemd to imply theat he saw them after the “incident”. As for Desmond… I do not know. Maybe he’ll end up like Marvin Candle ? With a dead arm ? the Arm that turns the key ??? I hope he lives…

  26. Dave says:

    clb5 — I think a possible reason that the washer/dryer are new is that the prior ones might have broken down. That would be the #1 reason to imrpvoe the technology, right? I mena, there’s a VCR (albeit Betamax) in the Pearl, but a fil projector in the Swan. Why use two different technologies there? It may also just be Dharma (or the Lost creators) being difficult. 😉

    Alexis — I used to share your thought that the Others were a THIRD group (not the Losties and not Dharma). This sort of falls apart in my opinion under scrutiny. The Others were *definitely* the group that abducted Claire — Ethan and Tom “Zeke” Friendly and Alex Rousseau were all there. They also all had scientific garb in addition to their “Others” costumes. The same outfit Kelvin/Ingram used… and he’s the first one of the Others that we’ve seen OFF the island.

    Now… it’s possible that these guys were unaffiliated with Dharma/Hanso but continued to use their equipment and then hid it so the Losties wouldn’t find it. But that’s a lot of supposition.

    I can’t recall if Ingram referenced the “Hostiles” to Desmond but he may have done so tongue-in-cheek. Desmond definitely referred to them, but he has no concept of “Others” — just hostile or not.

    The Others may be disenfranchised from Hanso or Dharma (after being stuck on the isaland all this time), but I can’t imagine how they could be a third party.

  27. azathoth says:

    The only thing I am reasonably certain of is that Locke/Eko/Desmond are all fine. When Des dumped the magnet, it discharged a huge EMP (electromagnetic pulse) which is highly damaging to electrical systems but virtually harmless to anything organic.

    Less certain: I believe the Island still has its electromagnetic properties. What it not longer has in operation is the device Dharma or whoever had been using to harness that energy to whatever purpose. If that purpose was teleportation via electromagntism (ala Philadelphia Experiment) perhaps a once-mobile Island is now stuck in place…and located by the arctic monitoring station.

    Speaking of those guys, from the accents I assume they are up north, not down south…likely near the northern magnetic pole.

    Things still bothering me: like many others have noted, Charlie’s nonchalance is odd, as is the elaborate plan by the others to capture a group they had in hand previously.

    I don’t think Walt is Walt. I’ve had a bee in my bonnet about cloning for quite some time. Bad Twin, the twin Others, and the extraction of something from Claire’s unborn baby (stem cells?) play into this. So did Michael get Walt back, or an Other-grown version of him?

    September is a long way away.

    As for the 4-toed statue, so far I like the Atlantis explanation best.

  28. Tawl says:

    Another thought about the “Groundhog Day” theory. I believe that when Desmond (finally) turned the key, the time loop was broken, and now the LOST story can continue on a linear time path (no more time loops).

    The real plan by non-Henry was to setup Locke (mess with his mind) so that he wouldn’t push the button, and so he would keep anyone else from pressing it too. I think (a la Groundhog Day) that non-Henry had tried various strategies in previous time-loops, and finally came up with the right sequence of events to tweak Locke’s mind into doing exactly what he wanted to do.

    The question comes up, why couldn’t not-Henry destroy the computer, or keep the button from being pushed, all by himself? Why couldn’t not-Henry and his band of merry men just invade the hatch and destroy everything? Why did Locke have to do it?

    The only answer I can think of is that ONLY Desmond, and the Dharma guys before him in the hatch, knew about the “key.” What not-Henry really wanted was to get someone to find and use that “key,” and NOT let the Island destroy itself through a violent magnetic storm which would also restart the time-loop.

    Not-Henry knew far too much about the Losties, about how they would behave, and about how they would react. In other words, he must have had a peak into the near-term future.

    Not Henry also had a look of satisfaction (more than relief) after the painful noise ended, and he knew that the key had been turned.

  29. Tulsi says:

    Steve I really liked your theory. I have a couple of questions. Where else did Whidmore appear besides the hot air ballon. Also was Kelvin in Iraq w/Sayid? I missed that. I thought it was Kate’s dad who was in Iraq w/Sayid.

  30. Jeff says:

    FYI: the two guys in the arctic station spoke portugues, and it sounded like a Brazilian dialect and not one from Portugal. I suppose they are in the south pole or Terra de Fuego area of South America

  31. x98lbwuss says:

    Desmond said “we’re in a snow globe” or something to that effect. Antartica references all over the show. What if the island is a snow globe?

  32. Brian says:

    Tulsi…. Inman was the soldier who gave Sayid “a whole new skill set”. Ie. the ability to be a torturer. Kate’s Dad also was in Iraq with Sayid, Kelvin, however, was the meaner, more sadistic one. Also… Widmore Labs made the pregnancy test that Sun took on the island and also owns a construction company that was seen in one of Charlie’s flashbacks. (Michael worked construction but I don’t think its ever been stated for whom)

  33. Tulsi says:

    Thanks for the info Brian. Wow the connections keep getting more and more complex!

  34. Marie says:

    Hey…wow, it’s like four months till the next episode. That’s gonna be tough. But anyway, one thing I’ve been wondering is that where do they, the others, need that blood? We remember them taking Michael’s blood when he first came to their camp. And why did they let Walt go now? I mean, so-called Henry Gale said that “they’ll never give you Walt”. I guess they already got what they needed from Walt…something suspicious there is. Well, great great show, I love it and can’t wait for the 3rd season to begin!

  35. pete moss says:

    Just an interesting quote, made me think of Henry Gale:

    The only thing we knew for certain about Henry Porter was that his name wasn’t Henry Porter.
    — Bob Dylan, “Brownsville Girl”

  36. Davina says:


    i think it is a test to see how far one will go for survival during disaster. Look how Michael betrayed his friends, Hurley left his friends and Locke stopped the numbers from being pushed. Every one is going crazy, trying to save themdelves It’s like the movie ‘SAW’, this is crazy.

  37. xandermor says:

    I don’t think everyone is going crazy… Hurley was basically given no choice. “Hugo, go tell your buddies to stop messing wth us…Meanwhile… we will keep your friends. ” He was very reluctant to go without them, and Michael will get his, just wait. Sayid, Jin and Sun are still out there and will figure something out soon. A boatload of answers are forthcoming….

  38. SilentHill says:

    Have you seen this Lost site?

    Lost Mysteries

  39. Jayme says:

    No I haven’t.. cool site though.

  40. AP says:

    Thanks to all for the interesting reading and informative comments.

    GOOD NEWS FOR LOST ADDICTS – Dominic Monaghan was on a chat show in the UK this weekend and said that they start filming again in about 3 weeks

    One thing has puzzled me for some time. If you cast your minds back to Season 1, when Sayid goes walkabout to explore the island, he finds the cable coming from the sea which eventually leads him to Rousseau. What was it? Where does it come from? Does it add fuel to the Atlantis theory? Is there an underwater hatch and is this where the Others actually live?

    I am still digesting the various hapenings in the finale but like Ira, I immediately thought of the last scenes of the original Planet of the Apes when I saw the remains of the statue. End of the civilised world???

  41. Drew says:

    Oh my God… I totally wish I’d checked this site earlier in the season! I was so dismayed when this podcast went off the air, as it was one of the best Lost podcasts out there.

    I am so going to be checking here from now on when season 3 rolls around. 🙂

  42. Matt says:

    Jack, Kate and Sawer why them? not sure on this but parents? all have had parent problems and all of their fathers’ are dead… dunno just an idea

  43. Aoife says:

    :S Where are you people?? America? I think you are way ahead of us (ireland) Far too many questions for me to ask. So I’ll just do a few 😀
    -Who is Henry?
    -What’s a podcast? Lol
    -Where you are, has Series 2 ended yet?

    Btw, email me or add me on msn ~

  44. Carel says:

    There are almost too many story lines to keep track of to make this worth while. I’ve only watched it as the entire season 1 on DVD and season 2 on a friends DVD…all without commercials or waiting for next week to continue the story. Lots of interesting charactes. Hate Michael and his screaming “Walt” everywhere. How did he become such an obcessive Dad in one week when for 9 ( or is he 10 ?? ) years he was content to never get a response from Walt (yes I know he never got the letters from Dad). He is just too annoying.The only real turn off besides Micheal suddenly discovereing fatherhood to the loss of untold numbers of peoples lives…is how the story ended. You are at the beach…and huge hatch blows in next to your tent, there is ear piercing sounds and the sky turns violet and no one at the beach wonders what happened at the hatch. Even Charlie makes light of it with Claire when she tries to ask what happened or where is Mr Echols .It was as if it didn’t happen and no one is wondering about the hatch or pushing the button anymore.

  45. Funny story I wanted to share with you guys (and I am also trying to deal with my summer Lost withdrawal). On the night of the season finale, I had a viewing party at my apartment. Each of the 10 of us there were die-hard LOST fans.

    We’re in the final 5 minutes of the episode…and just as Michael and Walt are pulling the boat away from the dock, the unthinkable happens. The satelite TV goes out. I sit there in stunned silence. My guests boo me as they leave the party. WHAT JUST HAPPENED???

    I awake at 6:00am to watch the episode’s ending on

  46. amy says:

    hi im from the u.k and came on this site because i couldnt wait for the finale. and anyway i just wanted to say thank to everyone because now im finally up to date. just one question does lost start again next year?

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