Live Together, Die Alone

What a ride. We loved it. Some big answers, some new possibilities, and some major branches of the sprawling conspiracy tree mercifully pruned. Two hours that didn’t feel like two hours, and such delicious connections and brilliant moments that we’re a bit speechless. “I think we’re going to have to watch that again.” For now, I think we’re going to be limited to random notes and notions.

  • Desmond crashed the plane. Not a huge surprise, as it was probably the most plausible explanation, but I think it was handled perfectly. On the other hand, it’s now clear the crash was an accident. So, were our survivors on the plane by design? Are all these people on this island for a reason, or not? As far as grand theories go, this knocks a few big ones out of the running.
  • The last scene of this last episode, just like the first scene of this season’s opener, changes everything. (Imagine if we’d seen a glimpse of Desmond in the hatch at the end of Season One.) For the first time, we see the “outside world.” It’s still there. And people are looking for this island. What this means for Season Three boggles the mind.
  • Not sure what to make of the Others. They’re not cave people, but they don’t seem particularly intense, either. (“Where’s your beard?”) Either way, it’s good to see Henry again, and that he’s clearly going to be a bit part of the next chapter. Is he “Him”? Jury’s still out. Jen picks up a very strong Kaiser Soze vibe.
  • Zeke’s real name is Tom. That’s, what, five Toms in “LOST” now?
  • And Desmond’s full name is Desmond David Hume. Hume being another philosopher, who just happened to have been fond of the works of John Locke.
  • The button was real, the hatch was important, but both seem to have both come and gone this season. If the electromagnetic properties were what kept the island off the grid, though, and if the “fail safe” blew it all to smithereens, is the island visible again? And will weird things stop happening? I doubt it.
  • How else can you hide an island? Move it. I’ve liked this theory from the beginning, as it also explains the polar bear and drug plane. Penny Widmore seems to have known enough that the island is concealed by magnetism… but Henry’s instructions to Michael and the call from the monitoring station convinces me more than ever that there’s another reason the island is so hard to find.
  • Kelvin was Inman. A nice touch. But if the crash was indeed an accident, the continued emphasis on these pre-crash connections are problematic. A little hint here and there was great. Now they’re beating us over the head with them.
  • Speaking of which… Libby! Now really, can her meeting Desmond in a coffee shop really be a coincidence? “I just happen to have this boat I don’t need…” Either way, it was good to see her again, and it was a surprisingly strong scene.
  • The giant foot was especially unexpected. Colossus of Rhodes? But four toes. Animal? Cartoon character? It doesn’t look like this island will run out of stories any time soon.
  • So where does “LOST” leave us? Locke and Eko missing in action, Charile inexplicably unconcerned (but back in with Claire). Michael and Walt heading off to parts unknown. Jack, Kate and Sawyer in custody of the Others (or “the hostiles,” which is a new term for them), and Hurley’s in for a long walk. Will Sayid, Jin and Sun save the day?
  • Speaking of Sun, I loved seeing her joining the “merry band of adventurers,” rather than once again left behind to play in her garden or fret on the beach. Jen liked the morning sickness scene.
  • Jen also loved the discovery of the pile of canisters and notebooks. Positively eerie. My favorite scene has to be the reunion of Locke and Desmond. “Box man.” The hatch going kablooey was pretty awesome, too.
  • How about that Hurley bird? Seems like they’re just having fun with us, rather than dropping a big clue. The “snow globe” reference also falls into that category. Tommy Westphall, anyone?
  • Henry says, “We’re the good guys.” Coupled with his now disproven assertion to Locke that the button does nothing, our heads are swimming with what he might know or not know.
  • The shippers must be all a titter. Charlie and Claire, Sawyer’s short chat with Kate about nets, Jack’s valiant attempt to rescue Kate… But, what about “the look” Jack and Kate gave each other before they got sacks on their head. I thought I saw Kate give a deliberate blink signal to Jack, maybe a Plan B. Jen was most reminded of the “carbon freezing” scene in The Empire Strikes Back. Aww.
  • So the “girl in the picture” was Penny. Jen notes that rules out Penny as the would-be adoptive mother of Claire’s baby. A pity, I kind of liked that theory.
  • One thing I don’t get (besides the oblivious Charlie thing). If the Others were after Jack, Kate, and Sawyer, why not nab them when they surrounded them in the forest? They even had Locke to play the “go back and tell them to buzz off” role. And again, why them? At least now we know Hurley wasn’t in the “real” set.
  • “Mmm,” Jen said. “Desmond sure cleans up nice.”
  • Another book: Charles Dickens’ “Our Mutual Friend.” Summer reading! (I’m really trying to resist picking up “Bad Twin.”)
  • Locations: I think the prison Desmond walked out of was Oahu Correctional Center in town. The Pala Ferry pier looked like a combination of ‘Apua Fishpond at Kualoa (where Jin met his dad in an earlier episode) and a seaplane pier off Lagoon Drive near the airport. And the coffee shop was Honolulu Café downtown. That arctic monitoring station could have been anywhere.


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  1. Connie from Alaska says:

    Maybe Dave and Libby were working on Hurley as a team in the mental hospital AND on the island. Dave could have been real after all.

  2. Dave says:

    Connie, Dave was not in the Polaroid taken of Hurley at the mental hospital. Presumably that was not doctored. There’s no Dave.

  3. Connie from Alaska says:

    Wasn’t Henry Gale Dorothy’s uncle. I don’t remember what the wizard’s name was in his “Kansas” life. Or maybe Henry Gale was the wizard in the book, but they changed him to the traveling performer in the movie…anyone?

  4. False Anchors says:

    thanks amy and (hahaha) zombieboone!

    my thought beforehand (this pertains to the whispering business) was that perhaps there were more than one set of “others” – sorry, i can’t buy into the “good guy” thing just yet. 🙂

    to me, the others represented by people like not-henry, ethan, and tom seem a different breed than the barefoot folks wandering through the jungle, like the people that eko and jin saw while looking for michael. thus, or so i had thought, maybe there were more groups on the island.

    in accordance with that theory (which seems much less likely), i thought perhaps there was a disease of sorts on the island and perhaps the people that couldn’t be inoculated/cured were the ones running barefoot in the jungle.

    the rip in inman’s biosuit and his subsequent discarding of it would seem to suggest that there is/was no disease and that it was just a mechanism to keep desmond hatchbound.

    BUT.. what about rousseau’s (sp? the french gal) team? she told sayid that they got sick. does that mean that there IS an issue after all?

    also, while i’m thinking of it, let’s touch on the hatch door that would have hit claire during the electromagnetic freakout had bernard not intervened: was it THE hatch door, or just A hatch door? it strikes me as odd that THE hatch door (from the swan) would have found it’s way up into the air while everything else was being pulled toward the hatch.

    trivial? maybe.

  5. Beachybroad says:

    I have been a lurker in the rafters but am trying to sort some things out…The old litereary references, the genre of music, the hot air balloon, the amount of time between echo and his brothers parting, are all giving me the feeling of timelessness. There seem to be many crossovers of an “old-time” feel mixed with the present day. What this means I haven’t a clue, just thought I’d throw it in the mix.

    Walt did say that things were not what they appeared, so he obviously has information on the others/good ones. Why then are we all so surprised when the village is a facade?

    It seems like nothing is as easy as it appears!!

    One big lurking question I still have (ok really more than one but…) is who is Desmonds girlfriend engaged to? Her father said in his attempt to bribe Desmond that she was now engaged….which lostie is/was her fiance!!

    Love the thread – Miss Ryan and Jen’s pod cast

    See you around the Beach!!

  6. Connie from Alaska says:

    Wow, good point about the hatch door, False Anchors. Besides, we know that the Swan hatch door wasn’t attached (we saw it laying on the ground next to opening when Eko crawled out) so it could not have been blown off in Eko’s TNT blast, which is where I assumed it came from.

  7. jim says:

    OK, I will admit that this is a wild shot out of left field. But I was thinking about the statue fragment, the four-toed foot. I’m tempted to think that it’s just a deliberate false clue, but then I started thinking about the idea that the island is “not where it’s supposed to be”. Didn’t the legend of Atlantis include the story that the technologically advanced culture of Atlantis destroyed itself by designing a dangerous weapon that essentially blew up the land mass? Could electromagnetism have had something to do with it? Are our heroes stranded on some fragment of Atlantis that has drifted to another part of the world? Boy, I think I’m going off the deep end here. But, maybe not…

  8. dzt66 says:

    Okay, wow, there are a TON of theories on here. I LOVE reading all of them. I copy and paste my favorite for my personal reference (my brain doesn’t work as well as all of you – I have to steal your thoughts!).

    Regarding Henry Gale – I could not find that “Henry Gale” was the wizzard behind the curtain in the movie, but I did a little google research and found that Dorothy’s last name in The Wizzard of Oz is Gale and her uncle’s name is Henry – props to who first thought of that (how do you guys come up with this stuff?). My husband said that Dorothy had three uncles in the movie and in her dream they were the tin man, the lion, and the scarecrow. If that is true, I wonder which one of those three characters her uncle Henry played. Character reference for Henry Gale? Time lapse reference? I hope not.

  9. Jen says:

    Charlie is eeeeviiiiil. Mark my words. He’s been evil since day one. Everyone is going to be thinking a long time from now what Michael did and they’re gonna be angry and just when he’s disappeared from memory, BAM! Charlie is going to hand Aaron over to the Others, or worse. His complete lack of concern on the beach after the explosion cements what I’ve thought all along: he’s creepy and evil.

    I think Hurley was sent back to the camp because he is trustworthy and has no agenda. Mr Pants–there is just no evidence that any of this is taking place inside Hurley’s imagination. In fact, I think “Dave” disproved that theory. We might have made the Hurley/Westphall connection if it made any sense. I think we can trust the writers when they say that that isn’t what’s happening. There’s no evidence of it, and I can’t think of what the Others (or Good Guys, or whatever) would gain from exploiting Hurley’s issues. There’s no reason to think that they are even aware of his issues.

    I’m sure that notHenry is being perfectly serious when he says that they’re the “good guys”. I’m sure they believe they’re on a noble mission, and who’s to say they’re not? We don’t really know what they’re up to. They took the kids and the “good people”, but where are they? What have they done with them? We have no evidence that they’re in danger. We imagine they’re up to no good, but we don’t know that for sure.

    Wait, so if the two dudes at the monitoring station were speaking Portuguese, then they might be Brazilian. I just now thought of that.

  10. Gabus from Brazil says:


    Connie from Alaska is right: those guys are speaking portuguese. They’re Brazilian, although their accent was a bit strange.
    The actors must be Brazilian raised on the US or child of Brazilian parents.

  11. Gabus from Brazil says:

    Oh, Jen is right too.

  12. William says:

    Can anyone please tell me what Penelope said in her letter? i looked for transcripts EVERYWHERE but none to be found for the finale .. 🙁 it said something about only nedding one person to survive? i missed it so please tell me if you know! Thanks.

  13. William says:

    p.S sorry for the bad grammar I’m kind of in a hurry.

  14. Jen says:

    Basically P said she’d wait for Desmond. She said “all a person needs to survive is one person who loves them, and you have me”.

  15. dzt66 says:

    I have watched every episode of Lost, but I have never been one of “you” – obsessed with all the details and figuring it out – I am just not smart enough for what you guys come up with… BUT I am obsessed now! I have been online all day reading blogs and looking at stuff.

    I have a question. Does anyone know what the dam is? Am I imagining it, or do they talk about releasing the dam? Am I losing my mind on that one?

    Also, I need your opinions… I want to buy a Lost t-shirt and my favorite one so far has the numbers on the front and the back says, “Every 108 minutes I press the button.” But what if there is no button next season?!?!? Will my t-shirt be outdated in a few months? Obviously the hatch is going to have some issues if it even is still around. Should I get a different t-shirt? This also makes me wonder – what DID happen to Locke and Ecko?

    AHHHH – I hope I don’t dream about Lost again tonight like I did last night.

    The newest obsessed fan,
    Sleepless in Florida

  16. Slappy says:

    I suppose that Charlie probably has a concussion could be an explanation of his behavior.

  17. Nuckinfuts says:

    OK – – I’ve been reading this for an hour or so so my brain might be a little scrambled…. I just feel I have to put something on the table…well…2 things to be exact….

    #1. Did anyone else think it was just a little odd after writing what appeared to be 100’s of letters to Penny ( think that’s her name ) that when she finally tracks him down outside the stadium that night that Desmond spends about 40 seconds with her, doesn’t say that he wrote her when she asks, and w/ the smallest explanation takes off on his run? I can understand him wanting to get his reputation back or whatever, but still…just a little wierd to treat the woman he loved like trash after apparently turning down her dad’s money and then not seeking her more by himself….OK – – just sort of struck me funny…did he fear his life would be in danger for being with or being seen with her because dad was so powerful and he wanted to earn her dad’s approval first or just take his money by winning the race and then be w/ her and still have to fear his wrath? …OK…now the real question…

    #2. Jack’s “Plan”. Jack basically asks for Hurley,Kate,Sawyer ( and we know off in the distance somewhere are Sayid, Jin & Sun ) to trust him…that he has a plan and that they must believe in him that he wouldn’t have led them out there knowing Michael had possibly turned to the dark side so to speak and that by the time they must have agreed to his plan we next see them at the tube disposal place…whatever that shall be named…but we must now also agree that whatever plan Jack had was discussed right there in front of Michael after his confession…and Jack says that the “Others” or “Good Guys ( bull….I’m sticking w/ “Others” at this point, although I’m not convinced that there are not even more “Others” ( Dharma, Hanso, etc. or “Others Squared” ) ) must believe that they trust Michael and that they are not suspicious of his ill-conceived plan to take them to the group. OK…so….perhaps Michael is now ( and I admit that after the betrayal this may be a stretch ) part of Jack’s overall plan…after all…when they saw the smoke on the beach ( presumably Sayid ) and get all pissed at Michael they have already discussed the plan…and even though Jack/K/S/H get darted and knocked out Michael (holding his bag) did not…the “Others” trust him —a little— I guess you see where I am going here….perhaps Jack’s wink to Kate and nod to Hurley meant that they would stick to the plan even though Hurley was released and Michael would drive off and then turn towards the smoke and meet up w/ Sayid….having the power boat ( I mean come on…how much gas could that thing hold to get to safety ) could have some guns on him now and together w/ Jin come back to rescue them right away…plus Walt would know more about where they had been hiding….I gotta believe that Michael has a little good left in him and really didn’t mind the island, but wanted Walt back and got too screwed up for a while trying to do that….then if the plan works they will have the boat ( sail boat ) and directions to get to……………probably back to the island.

    Any thoughts?

  18. Carol says:

    Did anyone notice the ‘stonehenge pilars next to the 4 toed foot sculpture????

  19. Havasupi says:

    I was struck by the similar appearance one of the Portugesse guys ( the final scene) had to Jack. I even thought he was played by Matthew Fox.

    And since “Henry Gale” seems to be the boss… I think it was no accident he was caught.

  20. Purdy says:

    Ryan mentioned the idea of the island moving around. That’s like moving mountains. But if the island has a powerful electromagnetic anomaly within it then it may be able to interact with any place on Earth through the bands of Earth’s electromagnetic field. No need to move. The island can link to anywhere on Earth under….certain “conditions”….

    Was the hatch “terminated” as Desmond turned the key? Did the hatch “blow up”? Or did turning the key simply reverse the polarity of the machinery being driven by the electromagnetic anomaly in order to shut everything down? In doing so all metallic objects being attracted to the source would suddenly fly away from the source. That would explain seeing big metallic objects flying away (like the hatch door with QUARANTINE” written on it) while people like Charlie are still walking around with only a hearing problem left over from the dynamite.
    Such a major electromagnetic incident may also create new links to….who knows what? Don’t you love it.

  21. Lee says:

    Maybe i have missed something here, but i have seen a few mentions of the polar bear.
    I thought the appearance of the polar bear was something to do with Walt reading the comic book in the 1st series, which had a picture of a polar bear in it, and michael got mad with him and threw it in the fire.

  22. Thomas says:

    @Lost in the North West: Let me clarify some things for you.

    You said “… Sayid finally getting in some prayers to Mecca (by the way how did he know what direction it was?)?”

    For Muslims, the intention of praying towards Mecca counts instead of scientifically measuring out angles to be certain. In Sayid’s case, if we are to believe they are truly lost and have no idea of what ocean they are in, then he can pray in any direction and his prayers will count. This is supported by all schools of thought in Islam.

    You said “… apologetic attitude of Hollywood towards Islam”

    I was rather confused by your post since it took a very elitist and condescending tone at this point. It sounds like you want Hollywood to portray Muslims as terrorists so people like you can be happy with your constipated view of the world. The fact is that out of the 1+ billion on this earth, many do pray and most all are not involved in terrorism. Hollywood is hardly apologetic towards Islam and enjoyed fanning the flames of a stereotypical Muslim for years. Ask anyone on the street the first thought and description of a Muslim that comes to mind and you’ll have your proof. I’d ask that you refrain was from making such sweeping statements. Sayid prayed… big whop-di-doo. My fellow Americans disappoint me when they say these things.

  23. meg says:

    can’t resolve the power boat being handed over to michael so freely. imagine you’re on an island with limited reach to the rest of civilization and you GIVE the boat away. makes me believe that the others have many different forms of transportation that they would not miss one little boat! unless they know that the boat can never leave the island’s EMP,and it’ll soon be back.

  24. Dave says:

    Lee — the polar bear was in the comic book… which was Hurley’s (Walt found it and was reading it). Which I think is why a lot of theories initially focused on this all being in Hurley’s mind, or Walt being able to “apparate” things that he sees.

    Nuckinfuts — I was similarly perplexed. My best guess is that Desmond didn’t say anything to Penny because he didn’t want her to get upset with her father and cause a rift. Essentially, no good could have come of it aside from romantic melodrama value. He had already decided to go around the world to take Mr Widmore’s money and save his reputation; to tell Penny would either A) make her not believe him, B) piss her off with respect to her dad and create even more friction, or C) lead her to try to dissuade him from the race, which became a mission for him. That’s the only explanation I can come up with as to why didn’t even say something like, “I tried to write to you,” even without impugning her father. He also was led to believe (maybe incorrectly given the picture on her nighttable) that she was engaged and getting married.

    I also don’t know what Jack’s plan was. There was a look on Michael’s face after all was said and done at the Pala Ferry of being, well… underwhelmed. Like, “I killed two people and pissed off all these folks who I depended on… and this is IT?” Anticlimatic. Don’t get me wrong, I’m sure he’s ecstatic to get Walt back, but I agree that maybe he’ll realize that getting off the island is not all it’s cracked up to be.

    Also — Jin and Sun have Desmon’d boat. Michael has the Pala Ferry (which is the boat that the Others used to attack the raft last season). Do the Others even have any other means of aquatic transportation? Can’t Michael take the boat and meet up with Jin and Sun and bring it over to the beach?

    As for Charlie… I agree he’s creepy and losing it, though I can’t tell why. One minute he’s surly and nasty and the next he’s desperate for approval. I wonder if his odd reactions after the explosion aren’t the result of a concussion (as put forward above) or PTSD.

  25. Vnahum says:

    Check THIS out!

    I Googled “4 toes statue” and a book by Thomas Love Peacock came up on Amazon. The excerpt says, “”The place is quite a wilderness,” said Squire Headlong: … Here you see is the pedestal of a statue, with only half a leg and four toes remaining: there were many here once.”

    I have no idea what the book is about but Ray Bradbury wrote the introduction.

    I’m going to check this out.

  26. Vnahum says:

    Book is named HEADLONG HALL.

  27. Vnahum says:

    Also, did anyone see Mr. Ecko carving what looked like 9:22 Revelation on that stick. I looked it up but Revelation only goes to verse 21. Hmmm.

  28. Reg in WA says:

    Here is a link to Revelation 9, in the King James Version.

    While clearly it is not a script for the show, there are all kinds of resonant images in the chapter. The key to the bottomless pit, lots of smoke images, something about the people who weren’t killed not repenting of their murders, sorceries, fornications, and theft. All kinds of material to over-analyse…

  29. Jeff says:

    To throw in another theory about the 4 toed statue…..I believe we will come to find that the “Great Man”, presumably Mr. Hanso, had only 4 toes either from birth or an accident. And the statue was of him and built back in the 80’s maybe when Dharma was at its peak. Although the Atlantis and HEADLONG HALL theories are interesting and need to be fully explored as well…..

    As for Penny and the Brazilian scientific equipement monitors…..I think that Penny was following Desmonds progress in the race around the world and when he went missing and launched an exhaustive search for him and his boat. I am unsure as to if the boat had a homing device on it or a GPS locator on it at all or if the race required one be installed or even if Penny had one secretly installed, but I kind of doubt any of that. Anyway, as her means ( $$$$$ ) allowed for extensive search capabilities, the only thing that was ever reported back to her was an abnormal ElectroMagnetic anomoly at about the time Desmond went missing. Since that was her only lead, she set up the monitoring station ( or stations ) to look for it in hopes that it will lead her to Desmond. The Brazilians missed the time when the system failure brought down flight 815, but now have it located and fixed since Desmond turned the key. Now we get to wait and see what Penny does with the information. Does she mount a rescue? Does fake Henry Gale get back to the Hatch site and repair the magnet somehow to re-hide the island?

    Jeff from Tulsa

  30. Tawl says:

    Superb finale!!

    My theories after reading all the prior posts.

    The LOST Producers have said that Lost is not in a time warp. How about a warp across dimensions (including time and space), because of the super magnetic properties of the Island?

    How could super magnetism create such havoc? Read about a World War II event called The “Philadelphia Experiment.”

    The “Good Guys” seem to know the future, and plan accordingly.

    The fact that the prior lives of the Losties overlap, and the magic Numbers are everywhere, suggest that the crash was not a coincidence.

    Turning the key may reset or reversed the magnetic properties of the Island. And the Portuguese crew must have seen it happen before.

    Why, if the Others wanted Kate, Jack and Sawyer, didn’t they take them when they had them before with Locke and send Locke back? Because the “Time” was right. If you know what will happen, you wait for the right moment.

    ‘Henry’ said to Michael something like ‘we got more than we bargained for when Walt joined us’. I wonder if Walt has the power to slip thru alternate dimensions that have been created by “incidents” on the Island… like not pushing the button.

    “Not pushing the button” may have occurred on past occasions (reality is then reset) and reality is slowly reduced to only those events that interrelate to just the Losties. Imagine a copy machine, copying the same thing over and over, until only the basic part of the original image is left. All of the original details are gone. But each new irregularity from one copy will be copied onto the next and become exaggerated.

    Does the “Other’s” ferry travel across dimensions, rather than water?

    Maybe the Island doesn’t move, “outside reality” does.

    Hurley, Jack, Kate, and Michael have a plan. Sawyer has been left out. Each give Jack the “look.”

    and finally…. Big Bird is “Him” – I couldn’t resist 🙂

  31. thinbluemime says:

    Good Guys, Bad Guys, and Why the Monument only Had 4 Toes..
    with screen caps….

    Guys,……Where are we?…..

  32. pete moss says:

    The Pala Dynasty was big on Buddhism.

    Lord Kelvin (if not Calvin) has some connections with electricity, so it’s maybe a good name for the electromagnetic hatch.

    The blown hatch bothers me because it wasn’t closed, it had already been blown and was lying beside the opening. For it to have been blown up in the air would have required total obliteration of that area, and Charlie with it. But it’s probably artistic license.

  33. Elizabeth says:

    I just started watching LOST a little after the second season began. I’m absolutely hooked.

    I’d like to know… If the Others are the ‘good guys’ then is there another group or abstract sort of beings (like the smoke) that are the ‘bad guys’? Cause how can the passengers of flight 815 be evil when they crashed by accident/ don’t know what half the stuff is on the island.

    Also, just another thought… was-Henry Gale isn’t the big boss. He’s pretty high up and likely to use his influence on those lower than him. But what’s up with him saying that he couldn’t go back.. ‘He’ would kill him? Was that just talk? Maybe Henry and his Other friends are being manipulated by a bigger guy, so they actually are the ‘good guys’.


  34. leezar says:

    Yep, great finale. Answered just enough questions and left a good deal more still hanging.

    I thought one of the key lines of the episode was delivered by Desmond, as the importance of pressing the button was all coming together for him. He said something along these lines to Locke: “There is no purpose, there’s no such thing as destiny but you saved my life once and now I am going to save yours”.
    So, there is no purpose, it is all random and yet even the random has significance. We have been seeing examples of “interconnectedness” all throughout the season and yet this scene with Desmond and Locke seemed to drive it all home.
    Locke saving Desmonds life, unwittingly, by bashing on the hatch door and screaming and of course Desmond, unwittingly giving Locke hope to continue his efforts getting into the hatch and furthering his “belief” in the island simply by turning on a light at just the right moment. And perhaps the biggest of all, Desmond, unwittingly bringing down the plane.

  35. zzipidy says:

    I thought the same thing as “Tawl” a few posts back, that maybe they can bend time on the island. I thought that when I saw the smoke plume that Sayid built on the other side of the island, and thought.. “we’ve seen this before” a few episodes ago… the losties never did find out who built that, so perhaps that was Sayid’s future fire they were looking at???

  36. Dave says:

    Elizabeth — the Others are the ‘good guys’ and perhaps the Losties are the ‘bed guys’ for the same reason that the Losties are ‘us’ and the Others are, well, the Others. Very polarized view of things. Very Lacanian. 🙂

  37. Tawl says:

    ?? Questions ??

    How did Goodwin and Ethan arrive at the two separate crash sites so quickly if the plane crashed “accidentally?”
    Why were they wearing the right clothes to fit in with the Losties?

    If the magnetic field was strong enough to pull the plane down and damage the plane’s equipment, how come the computer continued to work? An electromagnetic pulse (EMP) that strong would have crashed computers and fried electronic equipment.

    The Good Guys didn’t seem very surprised by the hatch “explosion” Did they expect it? and..
    The compass heading the Good Guys gave Michael wouldn’t have helped if the magnetic field was still in place. Did they know the magnetic field would be turned off?

    (Hmm.. it’s all starting to sound like the movie “Groundhog Day”)

  38. HeyBrah says:

    Ryan, it was really good seeing you on Jay and Jack’s video podcast. I hope that you 3 can do this again.

  39. DarleenMB says:

    Hi! Just got done reading the posts. My head is spinning! I loved the finale even though it left me with more questions, or maybe because of it.

    Yes to the two people who thought the guy in the ice tent was M. Fox. My jaw dropped when I saw him and I thought NOW what are they doing??

    EMP’s … NOT what occurred on the island. EMP’s are a direct result of a nuclear detonation. Do a google search. My thought was there was a release of stored up magnetic energy which would have repulsed the hatch door up into the air (a loooong way up) rather than blasted it upwards.

    Charlie… anyone ever hear of shock? I suspect our hapless little rocker is in a state of shock from being hammered by the dynamite explosion then nearly smashed by the washer and dryer. Also, there were several items that would not possible have been affected by a magnetic field that when flying by his head … an aluminum skillet for one. Also I doubt that Eko’s cross was steel (probably sterling) so why was it affected?

    The others most definitely WERE surprised and shocked by the “incident.”

    I suspect that once the built up magnetic energy is released, a “capping” mechanism goes back into place and the countdown sequence begins again. And btw, anyone besides me notice the computer they are using is an old Apple IIe?

    I need to go rewatch the last 2 eps because I could have sworn Hurley had a gun at the end.

    Libby’s late husband was “David” and “Dave” was imaginary. Timeline could have been she was a clinical psychologist FIRST, then lost her husband, then lost control and had to be hospitalized.

    Love the references to Homer. Thanks for pointing that out.

    Sad I missed all the Hanso commercials but we live in the sticks and don’t get ABC (really! It’s like an ep of LOST) so I finally bought them via iTunes and they come with no commercials, not even the phony ones. Darn.

  40. jim says:

    Here’s a link to a (mythical?) matter-shifting experiment similar to the so-called Philadelphia Experiment: the Ongs Hat group.
    It’s pretty “out” stuff, but it does show that the idea of moving objects and people through space/time is something that has occupied the paranormalists for a while now — and I’m sure the Lost writers/producers are aware of such things…

  41. murphy says:

    ok i have not gone through everyones thoughts but here are mine and some of my babysitter’s
    1. desmonds girlfriend has not been lokking for the EMP but i think that she has been looking for his boat and trying to find the transponder but could never find it before because of the EMP, the “did we miss it again” caomment from the russians could have been because they might have seen the signal before right before desmond was in the “snowglobe” area.
    2. someone asked how eko knew pushing the button would save them is because a few episodes back he came into the hatch and his cross flew from his chest and he went to the wall that had EMP, i think he evan asked locke if there was something behind the wall??? but that’s how he knew to through charlie’s belt at the wall.
    3. someone also said that Libby was sent to desmond to give him the boat?? but what about her being in the loonie bin with hurley?? well i think she just happened to be at the coffee house at the time of desmond and then later ended up with hurley because she was so depressed from loosing her husband?? just a thought
    4. i think that micheal and walt will get rescued but i don’t think micheal will say anything to anyone until he gets home because who knows if the people that rescue him are part of the “others” how long have they been on this island and why was only one hatch still operating what about the other 4 hatches that were being monitered by the centre hatch?? and if “pushing the button” was real then why are all the note books being dumped in the middle of the jungle with no one reading them it was like a big joke like locke said??
    The woman from the ship that crashed.. why was the ship in the middle of the jungle and not near any water?? her daughter helped out claire, is she going to help kate, jack and sayer?
    october can’t come soon enough!! and that sucks that there will be a break after the first 7 episodes until february i just hate waiting!!

  42. dzt66 says:

    DarleneMB – you can go to the Hanso website and watch the commercial.

    Theory about Penny…

    I think that Penny’s dad works for Hanso – that is where all of her money comes from. She knows that his projects are related to elctromagnetism. She also knows that he would do anything to keep Desmond away from her. Her dad sponsored the race so when he went missing she knew that her father must be behind Desmond’s disappearance. So she set up the team to watch for the surge and detect where he was.

  43. Julie from Chicago says:

    Did anybody else catch the mark on the lid of the box of letters that Mr. Widmore had in the car? It looked very similar to the marks on Michael’s forehead and hand. The marks didn’t look like ordinary scrapes….more like his skin was deteriorating…we saw Michael rubbing at his hand at night in the jungle when Jack came up from behind him, and then he tried to hide his hand from Jack. It was just too weird. Could the marks be signs of “the sickness?”

  44. Julie from Chicago says:

    DarleenMB, how do you not have ABC, but you have a strong enough internet connection to download an episode of Lost off iTunes?? Where do you live???

  45. dzt66 says:

    Have you guys seen the interview with Hugh McIntire from the Hanso Foundation on Jimmy Kimmel live? Here is the link…

    Quite interesting. Talk about keeping the buzz up for the summer!

  46. Tappa says:

    Great episode: some quick questions and observations.

    If the button was real, why was “Henry Gale” trying to convince Locke that it wasn’t? If he really knew what was going to happen when the timer ran out, wouldn’t it be in his interest to keep the status quo going?

    Interesting that when Gale told Michael that he wasn’t happy with the trade arrangement, he said something to the effect of “considering we got more than we bargained for with Walt, maybe this is for the best” You could interpret that to mean that they couldn’t handle Walt and his powers, and it was best to just get him out of town.

    At the very end, when the Others are lifting Jack, Kate and Sawyer off their knees, the woman guarding Kate reaches around and cops a major feel off her. Is that a clue that the Island is just a home for swingers and alternative lifestyles? That could explain all the costumes:)

  47. DarleenMB says:

    Julie, I’m in Sheridan, WY… live in a valley so the broadcast signal (a repeater from Rapid City which is over 350 miles away) barely gets to us. The picture is so awful I refuse to watch. KOTA refuses to give us a waiver so we can get a station via DishTV. Life in the boonies. We have DSL though (got it last August) so it’s not ALL bad 😉

    Tappa … yes I caught that and thought HUH? What’s up with THAT? I then dismissed it because I figured it was a slip by the actor. But who knows?

    Again, that was NOT an EMP that occurred when the button wasn’t pushed. An EMP only occurs with a nuclear detonation.

    It was marked on the screen of the two guys in the ice tent as a “magnetic anomoly.” I do not believe that Penny was using it to search for Desmond but do think her father is part of the Dharma group.

    dzt66 thanks for the link!

    The mark on Michael’s forehead? I thought it was from being knocked around by the Others, but again, who knows?

  48. Sus UK says:

    Just thought I’d add my thoughts to this great site. Watching in the UK through itunes, and everyone else is at the begining of season 2 on TV, nightmare I so want to chat about it!!!
    No idea if they are there by accident or intention.
    But think our losties and the others are all in the experiment – with another group of experimenters controlling and influencing them. I think it all goes back to how easy it is to misperceive when we feel scared and vulnerable ( I think this links to Sayid’s character; we as an audience were initially inclined to mistrust him because of our preconditioned response to see him as a terrorist – in fact we now see him as one of our heros).
    Oh and Charlie’s weird behaviour – he took oneshot of the vaccine maybe it’s affecting him, Claire has also taken it and has forgiven Charlie all of a sudden, remember how she was controlled by the medication at the medical hatch – all doppy and smiley…..

  49. Ed says:

    Did anyone notice how the guy at the monitoring station with the glasses at the end looks just like Jack. In fact I think it is Jack.

  50. Steve says:

    Here is my theory on the show. Stay with me now this can get intense!!

    OK it all starts with a man named Alvar Hanso. He was a man of faith. He loved all the world’s phenomenon. He also loved studing the way humans work. He grew up and went to college where ever it may have been and met a man. A man that would later become his best friend. This man’s name was Widmore. I forgot his first name, but his last name was Widmore. Widmore was a man of science. He also had the same fascination with the world’s phenomenon and he began to study it with his friend Alvar Hanso. Late in Life they became Partners in a single unkown company. This company did not last and due there scientific and faith based issues they split and even grew to hate each other. They became arch rivals and both tried to study the same thing. This was the South Pacific Green Flash. The Green Flash is a phenomenom in the sky that happens only on certain nights in certain areas of the the south pacific. This happens only for a few minutes before the sun sets. Alvar Hanso was looking for a secluded spot to do his studies and came upon a uninhabited island. This island is the island our Lost cast is on right now. Any back to Alvar Hanso. In order to claim the island as his he had a massive statue built of himself off the shore of the island pointed toward the Green Flash. Alvar Hanso spawned the Dharma Initiative through the Hanso Foundation. The dharma initiative were a group of extremely smart scientists such as Marvin Candle that Alvar Hanso hired to run multiple tests on the island. They tested many things such as the human pysche, zoology, electromagnetism, and much more. Widmore found out about this secret island and always would try to infiltrate the island and hack into his system whether it would be through a boat or in a ballon. That is why the ballon has the widmore logo on it. These test were a hige success. They made huge advances especially in the human psyche. They were even able to find out a way for a person to move things eventually very large things with there mind. he was able to move there thoughts pysically all around the island. These test subjects were even able to read minds. This was all fine and dandy until th incident. The incident which is unknown destroyed the dharma initiative and there were only a few that survived. These survivers are the others. Those people who were able to convert there thoughts into pyshical form were in that process and died in that process. there thoughts were stuck to roam the island and protect it. This is used by the others and it is the black cloud that roams around and kill of all the bad people as order by the others. This black smoke also read the mind of eko and we were able to see those thought inside the cloud as it was reading eko’s mind. The cloud was going to kill eko because it thought that he was originally a bad person via all the drug dealing and killing eko has done, but when it saw how he helped his brother and became a preist it decided to leave eko alone. This cloud is also responsible for the whispers and for all the illusions. As I said it takes on the form of the person’s thoughts. It was the polar bear that attacked michael and walt after walt read the comic with the polar bear. And in that flash back in that episode michael gave walt a polar bear doll right before he left. The smoke was also the horse that kate saw because there was a horse in kates flashback. And the smoke was hurley’s friend from the mental hospital. The smoke was also Jack’s father in the begining of season one. It is unknown how kelvin arrived on the island but we all know how desmond arrved on the island and why the lost cast is oon the island. Now it is all up to the show to unfold what happens next and all I know is that I can’t wait for season 3!!!!!!!!!!!!

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