Live Together, Die Alone

What a ride. We loved it. Some big answers, some new possibilities, and some major branches of the sprawling conspiracy tree mercifully pruned. Two hours that didn’t feel like two hours, and such delicious connections and brilliant moments that we’re a bit speechless. “I think we’re going to have to watch that again.” For now, I think we’re going to be limited to random notes and notions.

  • Desmond crashed the plane. Not a huge surprise, as it was probably the most plausible explanation, but I think it was handled perfectly. On the other hand, it’s now clear the crash was an accident. So, were our survivors on the plane by design? Are all these people on this island for a reason, or not? As far as grand theories go, this knocks a few big ones out of the running.
  • The last scene of this last episode, just like the first scene of this season’s opener, changes everything. (Imagine if we’d seen a glimpse of Desmond in the hatch at the end of Season One.) For the first time, we see the “outside world.” It’s still there. And people are looking for this island. What this means for Season Three boggles the mind.
  • Not sure what to make of the Others. They’re not cave people, but they don’t seem particularly intense, either. (“Where’s your beard?”) Either way, it’s good to see Henry again, and that he’s clearly going to be a bit part of the next chapter. Is he “Him”? Jury’s still out. Jen picks up a very strong Kaiser Soze vibe.
  • Zeke’s real name is Tom. That’s, what, five Toms in “LOST” now?
  • And Desmond’s full name is Desmond David Hume. Hume being another philosopher, who just happened to have been fond of the works of John Locke.
  • The button was real, the hatch was important, but both seem to have both come and gone this season. If the electromagnetic properties were what kept the island off the grid, though, and if the “fail safe” blew it all to smithereens, is the island visible again? And will weird things stop happening? I doubt it.
  • How else can you hide an island? Move it. I’ve liked this theory from the beginning, as it also explains the polar bear and drug plane. Penny Widmore seems to have known enough that the island is concealed by magnetism… but Henry’s instructions to Michael and the call from the monitoring station convinces me more than ever that there’s another reason the island is so hard to find.
  • Kelvin was Inman. A nice touch. But if the crash was indeed an accident, the continued emphasis on these pre-crash connections are problematic. A little hint here and there was great. Now they’re beating us over the head with them.
  • Speaking of which… Libby! Now really, can her meeting Desmond in a coffee shop really be a coincidence? “I just happen to have this boat I don’t need…” Either way, it was good to see her again, and it was a surprisingly strong scene.
  • The giant foot was especially unexpected. Colossus of Rhodes? But four toes. Animal? Cartoon character? It doesn’t look like this island will run out of stories any time soon.
  • So where does “LOST” leave us? Locke and Eko missing in action, Charile inexplicably unconcerned (but back in with Claire). Michael and Walt heading off to parts unknown. Jack, Kate and Sawyer in custody of the Others (or “the hostiles,” which is a new term for them), and Hurley’s in for a long walk. Will Sayid, Jin and Sun save the day?
  • Speaking of Sun, I loved seeing her joining the “merry band of adventurers,” rather than once again left behind to play in her garden or fret on the beach. Jen liked the morning sickness scene.
  • Jen also loved the discovery of the pile of canisters and notebooks. Positively eerie. My favorite scene has to be the reunion of Locke and Desmond. “Box man.” The hatch going kablooey was pretty awesome, too.
  • How about that Hurley bird? Seems like they’re just having fun with us, rather than dropping a big clue. The “snow globe” reference also falls into that category. Tommy Westphall, anyone?
  • Henry says, “We’re the good guys.” Coupled with his now disproven assertion to Locke that the button does nothing, our heads are swimming with what he might know or not know.
  • The shippers must be all a titter. Charlie and Claire, Sawyer’s short chat with Kate about nets, Jack’s valiant attempt to rescue Kate… But, what about “the look” Jack and Kate gave each other before they got sacks on their head. I thought I saw Kate give a deliberate blink signal to Jack, maybe a Plan B. Jen was most reminded of the “carbon freezing” scene in The Empire Strikes Back. Aww.
  • So the “girl in the picture” was Penny. Jen notes that rules out Penny as the would-be adoptive mother of Claire’s baby. A pity, I kind of liked that theory.
  • One thing I don’t get (besides the oblivious Charlie thing). If the Others were after Jack, Kate, and Sawyer, why not nab them when they surrounded them in the forest? They even had Locke to play the “go back and tell them to buzz off” role. And again, why them? At least now we know Hurley wasn’t in the “real” set.
  • “Mmm,” Jen said. “Desmond sure cleans up nice.”
  • Another book: Charles Dickens’ “Our Mutual Friend.” Summer reading! (I’m really trying to resist picking up “Bad Twin.”)
  • Locations: I think the prison Desmond walked out of was Oahu Correctional Center in town. The Pala Ferry pier looked like a combination of ‘Apua Fishpond at Kualoa (where Jin met his dad in an earlier episode) and a seaplane pier off Lagoon Drive near the airport. And the coffee shop was Honolulu Café downtown. That arctic monitoring station could have been anywhere.


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  1. Dave says:

    Maybe they see Hurley are more credible (or less credible) than Locke.
    Maybe they think Hurley will spill his guts, while Locke would not have.
    Maybe they don’t want Locke to know who they are.
    Locke also has fewer friends in the group, while Hurley’s sort of outgoing and a networker. People like Hurley.

  2. Kira says:

    i had some of the same questions-why didn’t the others take kate, sawyer and jack when they had them in the woods? they could’ve just left locke there if they didn’t want him or blindfold him and let him loose somewhere.
    Jen, i also had the kaiser soze vibe. i don’t think he’s the main man but it’s crazy that they had a ‘boss/main guy’ and didn’t know it. i told my husband the day ‘henry gale’ showed up, that he wasn’t who he said he was-could some rich computer guy as he purprted himself to be-handle the beating he took from sayid and not crumble?? i think not.
    also, whoever pointed out that kelvin was sayid’s american captor, thank you-i couldn’t place him. wow. how the hell did he get there? is there a military connection?
    too many connections for the plane crash to be an accident-yes, caused by Desmond, but on purpose i think.
    the wormhole theory? does that mean that locke, eko and desmond may end up somewhere else?
    i am always surprised by the lack of communication between the people. at least kate brought up knowing about the stage makeup and fake beards. why oh why don’t they say “holy crap! guess what i just saw?!?’ weird..
    anyway, psyched for next season. thanks for all the great postings. i don’t have tivo or anything so i only get to see it once and i think i miss tons of important info. i’ll check back later for more goodies..

  3. Will says:

    I think ‘The Others’ must play by more touch and go rules than we first suspected. I mean they clearly have agendas and plans, but I don’t necessarily think it’s all clear to them from moment to moment: they’re people too.

    They must have NOT wanted Jack, Kate, Sawyer, and Hurley at the time of the Hunting Party. In the same way, maybe they wanted Hurley at the time of Three Minutes and changed their mind because of something that happened in between (he was the only one who didn’t bring a gun?).

  4. Starlet says:

    Great finale. But one thing i haven t seen discussed yet is that why didnt anyone find the sail boat before? They were all over that island and did not find that rocky land or the boat? It didnt seen that far from the hatch. Anyone else find that odd?

  5. ShanC says:

    I can’t believe no one’s mentioned the fake camp and the fake hatch! Where are the Others really living and why is there a fake hatch door?

    I think they didn’t just take Kate, Sawyer and Jack in the woods because the Others wanted the four of them (including Hurley) to see Michael’s betrayal. It creates anger in the captives, and they also see that the Others know a way off the island.

    I don’t think the Others are “lost” at all. They have a boat, they know how to get rescued…I think they want to be there. But, the whole electromagnetic thing being screwed up now is great for Michael’s escape. I bet he winds up back on the island like Desmond.

    I think that Penny works for Hanso/Widmore, not that she was looking for Desmond. I think that’s a coincidence. But who knows.

    I love Sayyid. He’s by far my favorite character. He’s such a hero and a good guy (I hope! Haha), I can’t wait for him to save the day!

    Also, I love that the button was REAL! I totally thought it was a mind game! I want to know what is in those notebooks/who wrote the notebooks, and when they STOPPED writing in the notebooks!!!

  6. Bryan says:

    I keep reading comments about Locke and Eko being dead, but didn’t we see them in the hatch after the blast. Didn’t we see Locke tell Eko “I was wrong”. I don’t think anything bad happened to either one of them, that’s why Charlie left the hatch to go back to the beach.

    It will be interesting to see how they resolve the hatch next season since obviously a lot of damamge was done to it, and the computer is smashed. Are we going to see this electromagnetic discharge 10 times a day now?

  7. WillF says:

    So how did Eko know it was so important to push the button? Do you think he saw the same thing Desmond did, that the plane crashed on the date indicated on the printout as having a system malfunction?

  8. ZombieBoone says:

    Libby’s was married to David? The same Dave that appeared to Hurley? It’s possible since the ? episode taught us that the dead can communicate with the living …

    Also, Penelope (Penny) was Odysseus’ wife. She waited 20 years for him to return from the Trojan War and all those crazy Greek islands he sailed to on his way home to Ithaca.

  9. Aitor says:

    Brilliant finale!

    Ryan, what do you mean by “girl in the picture”?

    Also, didn’t one of the others once mention a “she”? Could that be Penny?

  10. ShanC says:

    Just a thought: Since Pen knew Desmond was in the race, could she have planted a tracking device in his boat that couldn’t be detected b/c of the electromagnetic field and NOW can find the device b/c the field is down?? Random, but whatever.

  11. angelK says:

    I may have missed this as I didn’t watch the first season but can someone please explain this scene to me: right before Desmond turned the key he says to Locke “You save me and….so I’m going to save the world/you.” and then there’s a flashback to when he looked up that long tube and for the first time saw Locke. What happened there? How did seeing Lock save Desmond that one day he found the letter from Penny? I’m confused about that

  12. angelK says:

    WillF — the way Ecko knew about the electromagnetic field is a couple episodes prior to the season finale, there is a scene where Ecko walks into the button room and his cross literally lifts from his chest and is being pulled away from his body. That is how he knows. His metal cross literally was pulled away due to the electromagnetic field.

  13. Lala15108 says:

    I haven’t seen mentioned that Libby’s husbands’ name was Dave, and Dave was the guy that Hurley “imagined”. I too was waiting (hoping?!) that Michael’s boat would blow up. I cannot see him redeeming himself in any way at all. Hope Desmond isn’t dead, or Eko & John, but where could they be if the hatch door got blown all the way to the beach??? I also read somewhere else that the last name of the guy who was partnered with Clancy Brown’s character was mentioned in the episode featuring Rose & Bernard – does anyone remember this? I can’t wait for Season 2 to be out so I can go back over everything!!!

  14. Bryan says:

    angelK i think if you go back and watch the last episode of season 1, thats where Locke is banging on the hatch and the light comes on. I think Desmond is saying that he was going to kill himself because he felt like he was alone and trapped and hearing Locke at the hatch door made him stop.

  15. Lala15108 says:

    Love the Penelope/Pen Odysseus comment, and the “Lost” continent of Atlantis suggestion, as well as the island moving from place to place in the ocean

  16. ShanC says:

    AngelK and Bryan: desmond was about to shoot himself in the head when he found Pen’s letter in his book and THEN heard locke pounding and it made him realize he’s wasn’t alone.

  17. Kira says:

    i just remembered that ‘henry’ said to michael something like ‘we got more than we bargained for with Walt’. what did he say exactly? what does that mean and are we going to see walt’s “gifts” that they alluded to in season 1?
    also, weird that libby meets desmond in a coffee shop or whatever and giving him a boat, then within 3 years (if that’s how long desmond said he was on the island) ends up in a mental institute? maybe she did work for ‘them’ and when she knew too much they kept her drugged and isolated? dunno…

  18. slightly disapointed Says "only you can put out forest fires" but also says:

    I’m just glad we narrowed down the possibilities a little bit. Some of those theories were getting out of hand. I think if they had went with half of those, there would have been riots demanding better television. Lets see, where should i get started for my first “lost” theoretical. i think the harry potter dumbledore’s not dead was a little easier to write than this. This show has so many outlying variables to be tied up that i don’t know if abrams has the stones to not get wrapped up in the money and end this thing properly and without over stretching his limits. I thought it was a real douche move to kill off ana and libby (which we all know was for the Drunk driving) and affect art over reality.

    I guess i’ll start with coincidences vs. arranged meetings. We have a problem when it comes to the new information about the plane crash being an accident (there’s no way kelvin could have timed it where desmond (david hume!) would just make it back in time to have left the electromagnet running long enough to bring down the plane). All these backstories overlapping create a sense that there was purpose in that flight, and all the people were brought here in a big government/military/corporation/experimental project, but with the crash being an accident it really indicates those are all just coincidences made flashy like seinfeld where everything connected to make it more interesting. And hell, i like thinking its a small world where my psychic would come across a fake nigerian priest that i would later encounter because my psychic’s daughter’s miracle needed to be verified. IT MAKES SENSE! hahaha. alright back to business. but are we all in agreement that the plane went down on accident because of the timing issue? and that bringing people all together for an accidental dharma initiative is a little farfetched. people’s lives are spread apart too far to be brought together in a single plane ride by somebody elses intentions. ok. next topic. damn this is gonna be a long post but i’m at work and there’s nothing else to do. and i gotta write it somewhere. its rolling around in my mind always until i do.

    i’ll back off theory for a second and jump to opinion. I totally think “lost” jumped the shark with hurley’s episode with dave. not exactly the story line has jumped but the drama and delving in too deep into one area when everybody is more interested in the overall picture.

    i think i’ll post and then start again just so people will read more. funny how attention span works that way.

  19. Pink_Taco says:

    In response to your question on how Locke had saved Desmond… Desmond was sitting at the table in the hatch, with a pistol in hand. Desmond was ready to commit suicide, very angry at himself and situation. He got up and began throwing books off the shelf, sat down on the floor … and that’s when Locke banged on the entry. Locke saved Desmond from suicide by giving Desmond hope that his replacement had arrived.

  20. Dragosh says:

    hey im from romania and i would like to know when does the 3rd season start?? a very interesting finale which really pissed me off cuz i wnated to know the answers to some questions and i ended up having more questions in my mind…thanks

  21. slightly disapointed Says "only you can put out forest fires" but also says:

    dragosh, october/september.

  22. Johnny says:

    I think that when Michael was typing to Walt in the hatch before he left, it wasn’t Walt on the other end it was the other who were looking on from the pearl and they were baiting him to come rescue Walt. Also fake Henry didn’t get captured on accident he did it on purpose.

  23. collin says:

    Excellent episode for the finale.

    Any chance that you guys will get back into podcasting for the next season?

  24. BKthought says:

    I am wondering why Locke didn’t check to see if fake-Henry Gale was telling the truth when he said he did nothing (i.e. he didn’t press the button). If Desmond could see, in the print out, that when he didn’t press the button the system captured it, then why didn’t locke check Gale’s story?

    What is up with the Kate wink to jack?

  25. Mr Pants says:

    Why can’t we call Henry’s group “The Good Guys” as this is what they keep calling themselves?

  26. Dan says:

    i don’t know if anyone mentioned this yet but did Oz (the guy who picked up the yellow phone to call Desmonds exgirlfriend) look exactly like Jack but with a scruffy beard? if any of you have Tivo honestly rewind it back and take a look i am almost sure it is him. if so then all my theories have completely gone to hell because i have no idea what direction this show is going in. Let me know what you think.

  27. Mr Pants says:

    What do you mean, Hurley wasn’t in the “real set”?

    Why is it the fat guy is always discounted at the first opportunity?

    Having mentioned Tommy Westphal, you’d think you might make the logical connection between Tommy and Hurley. Despite the producer’s insitance that this isn’t some “all in one person’s head” show, I think there’s some merit to be found in what the metaphor or parallel of such a theory might imply. And, Hurley is the number one candidate for clues to that. They let him go not because he’s not part of whatever “real set” you’re talking about, but because … Hurley, who has issues wondering if everything is real, is going to return and probably have those same issues and who knows what he might say or not say about his experience.

  28. meg says:

    i still think that with all the cross-paths these people were assembled for a reason, not an accident. why else would we have so much back-episodes on the characters meetings? desmond’s electro-mag accident was set up to bring that plane down. another thing that bothers me…rousseau has been on the island for what 13 years??? Dharma’s hatch was set up in the 80s??the others have been there for longer than rousseau, so are they the original dharma project people from the 80’s?the ages of the others don’t jive for me. anyone have a timeline theory??

  29. Mr Pants says:

    The problem with this show, as if I need to point it out, is that there is too much room for “red herring” plots and clues. And everything can mean something if you bend your mind to it long enough.

    And, every theory I’ve heard so far can easily be discounted by some event or statement that the theorist overlooks for the sake of their theory.

    Even the fact that – according to what we saw last night (and believe me, until an actual FAQ sheet comes out from the production offices, I don’t believe anything this show tells me – even the fact that it looks like not pushing the button triggers some huge magnet that downs planes (but only knocks cans off shelfs) is the reason for 815’s crash. But why would there be so many other coincidences? And don’t forget that the black rock boat is wooden. And let’s say the island does move (explaining the polar bear) how does that explain no one ever noticing this largish land mass moving? You’d think someone might, eh?

    I think it’s easy to show that The Good Guys (Hostiles, Rebel Dharmites, dirty bums, whatever) weren’t expecting Walt. I think Gale (Fake Gale, sorry) said something about how he surpassed their need, almost as if it was a blessing to get Walt. So?

    So? Aye, there’s the rub, for every “Here’s the theory that answers all” the immediate reaction is “so?”

    I need a summer vacation to regain my strength… Lost is exhausting.

  30. Dave says:

    Will — cool thought on Hurley not being wanted because he didn’t have a gun. Maybe that says something about his character.

    Is it striking anybody else as odd how borderline comical the Others/Hostiles are given the ruthless efficiency with which they stalk and attack people?

  31. Jaime Roberto says:

    Desmond said he headed due west and yet he ended up back on the island. I suppose that the unusual magnetism could cause his compass to go haywire, but if his compass were going haywire, he should have noticed that the sun was not setting in the west. So either there is a hole in his story or it is more evidence supporting the moving island theory.

    Also, it seemed that the Others were rather unperturbed by the bright light and loud noise. Why would that be?

  32. Julie from Chicago says:

    What was that look that Henry gave when the electromagnetic field was destroyed? The look on his face said, “Oh, crap.”, like he knew what just happened and thought it was bad. But then why did Henry try to convince Locke that the button doesn’t do anything? I wonder how this event will affect the Others’ plans.

    Dave Says:
    “I wonder if Libby was a part of Dharma? She got Desmond (indirectly) to the island.”

    To add to that, was Libby a plant by Penny’s dad? Maybe Mr. Widmore hired Libby (or maybe she was already a Widmore employee?) to trail Desmond and offer him the boat.

  33. STORMAMY says:

    i haven’t searched all the new posts yet, but has anyone given thought to the idea that maybe what the guys in the ice hut were alerting Penny to was not the electromagnetic (EM) failure itself, but what it caused? I don’t know anything about boats, but couldn’t some weird electromagnetic thing trigger a boat GPS (or other tracking device) to go off? Maybe Penny managed to find out the boat’s signal ID and since the EM field was disturbed, somehow that set off the boat tracking device and the ice researchers were able to locate the boat? It’s a big stretch, but just throwing it out for consideration.

  34. Lost But Wants To Be Found says:

    So, wow. Was that one hell of a season finale or what? I must say I am a tab bit disappointed that more wasn’t answered and instead were thrown more questions.

    Some big head-scratchers are Charlie’s weird reaction to the hatch being blown to all-hell and his memory loss of what happend to Mr. Eko, Locke and Desmond. Could easily be explained by head injuries sustained from the dynamite blast. But I don’t think so.

    Another one is the Other’s camp. When Michael is brought there it is full of activity, but when Sayid gets there to investigate, it is pristine and looks as if no one has been there for some time. There was no evidence of any camp fires or anything lit only nights before. It reminded me of the medical hatch where Claire was brought. When she was there is was active, but in a matter of weeks the walls managed to rust, and become desolate. And I must say the reveal of nothing being behind that big hatch door was shocking. I really thought something was going to be there. And like someone else mentioned, if that is not where they live; then where?

    I cannot even begin to imagine what the four-toed foot is. My first thought is it is just one more thing to throw the unfortunate people who find their way to the island off. Hopefully it will not fall to the wayside like the Black Rock or the radio tower that is somewhere on the island.

    And what is up with the huge bird? Our Losties encountered it during last season’s finale as well on their way back from the Black Rock.

    And lastly, the plane crash. Was it all part of a master plan or not? For two seasons we have been led to believe there was some grand scheme that brought each of our beloved characters together on this island, supported by the cross-overs in the flashbacks. Now, we find that it was an accident caused by Desmond (and brilliantly so!) I do like the way they weaved Locke’s attempts to get into the hatch to saving Desmond so he could in turn save the island. Everything happens for a reason, right?

    Things I am looking forward to next season:
    *The development of Locke’s character now that he has once again failed. And with the electromagentic properties of the island expelled, will he be crippled?
    *What project will Eko be lead to do now that the hatch has been destroyed?
    *Who is really on the boat with Michael? I find it hard to believe the Hostile’s would give him up so easily.
    *How the Hostiles know our Losties.
    *The ominous room Walt speaks to Michael about.
    *Will the other Losties try to make a break for it on the sailboat?

    Wow, I just realized how long this post is!! I can’t wait to read all the interesting new theories all of you will come up with now that the show has given us some concrete answers, yet spun off into another direction. And Ryan and Jen thank so you much for providing this awesome forum. I truly miss your podcast!

  35. Dave says:

    I’m very impressed with the recent posts. People have some really cool ideas. I also have to add that having lurked on some other forums, it’s nice that we have one that is relatively laid-back and well-moderated with intelligent posters and though-out arguments.

    Enough self-congratulation.

    With respect to the above comments about the Others’ camp, the actions of the Others, the four-toed foot, etc., I have a few thoughts. Part of me wants to explain that the Others/Hostiles/”Good Guys” are also pawns in an experiment, which is why they don’t leave. They also have a good thing going and don’t take kindly to new people (Rousseau, Desmond, the Losties) but can’t/don’t want to leave.

    However, this line of reasoning has a few flaws. F’rinstance, the Others — or at least Ethan and Alex and Tom/Zeke — were in the Dharma-sponsored “medical hatch” doing experiment and stashing their outfits. So they’re not just pawns, they’re complicit (to borrow a 24-ism) in this.

    There are also a lot of disguises and theatrics used. Henry Gale is Henry Gale, or he’s not. Mr Friendly/Tom/Zeke seems to have several beards that he uses. Mrs Clue is named Bea. The Others have Dharma jumpsuits and “hillbilly” outfits. They live in hatches and/or huts and immediately dismantle them as quickly as they create fire out of nowhere. Interestingly, there is also a giant four-toed foot and calf on the island without anything else; is this all that was ever there and deisgned to be spooky/mysterious/a deterrent of some kind? What about the fact that the pneumatic tube from the Pearl goes NOWHERE?

    Trying to put it all together, it’s hard to believe that Dharma and the Others are not one and the same (though the Others could have been abandoned by Dharma and are now no longer participating in the project but living ferally, Lord of the Flied style).

    As far as the Others’ camp… all we saw of it was exterior shots and the empty tent Michael was in. Who’s to say the whole thing isn’t either a ruse/red herring, or that it hadn’t previously been cleaned out before bringing Michael there? The less of their “truth” he knows, the less he could have told anyone.

    Charlie’s actions were totally puzzling to me. I supopose it could be some PTSD/dissociative fugue kind of thing, but… could he have been “compromised” as well? Guess we’ll find out next season.

  36. Dave says:

    PS – Ryan & Jen, how about a *monthly* podcast during the summer hiatus? Please?

  37. Frank says:

    I have a theory, based upon her encounter with Desmond, that Libby was Mrs. Henry Gale (the real one that fake Henry buried). He was obviously an adventurer of sorts since he was traveling in a hot air balloon, so the idea that he may have also owned such a beautiful sailboat would make sense. Any thoughts?

  38. Becky says:

    I will echo everyone else by saying a hiatus podcast would be fantastic.
    I have lots of theories at the moment, but as the majority have already been covered and those that haven’t make very little sense I shall leave them in my head.
    However, I thought I would mention to the person who drew the Desmond/Odysseus comparison — in The Odyssey Penelope had 108 suitors.

  39. TaraTea says:

    Had a few comments to share with those who may already be able to shed a little light.
    1. Pala Ferry; the name of the dock that is mentioned in orientation to be the pick-up spot for employees after their 8-hour shift, that takes themn back to the barracks.
    2. Ecko’s cross is magnatized a few episodes back when he discovers the magnatism for himself, but when all H*** is breaking loose and it’s all flying around, his cross never lifts off his neck.

    Just wondering if anyone wanted to comment on these, as I haven’t seen them mentioned yet.Maybe I missed them.

  40. False Anchors says:

    hey all!

    firstly, since i’ve never done it, thanks to ryan & jen for keeping this forum a fun place to read and post. i came in to work looking forward to reading through ryan’s notes and all the thoughts and responses.

    i really liked the episode! you can’t have all the answers, so i’m satisfied with what i got.

    as a side note, i also enjoyed the really creeped out look on my friends face as he watched a hanso foundation commercial for the first time. 🙂

    ok, i haven’t had time for a re-watch yet, so someone please tell me: right after the scene where the group confronted michael and right before they were taken (darts, etc) was or was there not the telltale “Others whispering” sound?

    i’ll wait to comment more until someone can clue me in, but i have this theory about more than one set of “others” that might have to be re-thought out if that sound was present. and i think it was.

    what IS that sound? literal whispering? we know that it’s not just a “TV sound” (incidental music / effect) because the characters have discussed it.

  41. mobber says:

    me thinks:
    – perhaps desmond didn’t crash the boat. he awoke on the shore. the boat was okay all along
    – it’s always bothered me that the lost crew never walked around the island to ensure they were, indeed, on an island.
    – i really think libby was an insider for hanso. i bet her former job is up on
    – what would keep walt and michael from circling the island and picking up their crew? bomb? hopefully sayid sees them at sea. i’d rather be on desmonds boat anyways…
    – there were multiple people in biohazzard suits that rescued desmond.
    – Inman was training desmond all along. he was disappearing to communicate with the others.
    – the boat didn’t need any repairs. perhaps Inman tricked Desmond outside the hatch on purpose. perhaps Inman really wanted 815 to crash…
    – what was Desmond’s book? i bet it relates to the story…
    – funny how the others/”hostiles” refered to themselves as the good ones
    – jack, kate, & sawyer were all known by the otheres to be hostile. that’s why they were choosen. henry gale will probally add sayid to the list of people that’ll give them trouble
    – hurley was needed because of libby, but henry knows she’s dead so he told hurley to return

    ahhh…my head hurts. gotta stop and get back to work.

  42. Lost But Wants To Be Found says:

    Something else I can’t seem to stop thinking about is not-Henry’s comment about his group being the “good guys”. Now I know what he says cannot totally be trusted, but if what he says is in fact true, who are the “bad guys”? And have we seen them yet? Any ideas?

  43. Daren From Delaware says:

    “Slightly Stupid” oh… I mean Slightly Disappointed…

    Michelle Rodriguez has given multiple interviews in which she states that her original contract was for one season and that’s it. She said when she agreed to do the show her friends/agents warned her not to get involved in a long term TV show because it can pigeon hole an actress into being know as strictly television. A Lost writer/creator not J.J. Abrams also gave an interview to the Lost magazine in which he stated that they had a meeting with Michelle Rodriguez and her agent a couple months back in which the produces asked her if she would like to stay on the show for “X” amount of more seasons. She refused and said they should go on with the original plan/contract which would therefore be the original plot that was developed for her character. J.J. and crew wanted to keep her on the show just so it didn’t look like they were killing her off because of her DUI.

    Most of your post just picks apart the show in a negative way!
    My Question to you is, do you really like show or not? And if you do, why do you feel that it is necessary only to point out the negative stuff you noticed or the inconsistencies in the plot.

    David Hume states reality is based on your perceptions so if you perceive everything negatively your reality will inevitably be the same!

  44. Amy says:

    TaraTea — We totally noticed that bit about Echo’s necklace (or lack thereof) as well…

    False Anchors — yep! The trees whispered “Elizabeth” — the name of Libby/Desmond’s boat and thus Libby’s full name…. Hell if I know what it means, however. Anyone remember what the trees have whispered before?

    mobber — If the three taken were taken because they’re “hostile”, how would Sayid and his torture antics not qualify him? (I won’t press this point, as surely Sayid will save the day…though he was mysteriously absent from the montage during the bright light)

    Dickens’ “Our Mutual Friend” was the last full book Dickens wrote before he died, according to Wikipedia. (Drood was never finished). What is the significance of this book or title? Think Dickens was in on this? (Kidding, of course. Mostly.) Wikipedia’s description centers around money, mercenaries, and lists a cast of characters headed by “the absent center o the story” ( The money focus follows Penelope’s “I’m rich and persistent” comment and the absent center is Hanso?

    I think the point about Desmond’s full name referencing another philosopher is an interesting one… Because of Desmond’s accent, I understood Inman’s name to be “Calvin” which adds a theologian to the list (Locke, Hume, others?). Then again, I could be stretching this a bit far.

    Watching the finale was exhausting as each detail may be hugely significant or completely inconsequential…

  45. pinkk says:

    I was thinking that the hostile’s ‘camp’ may be just a set for the losties to find and draw wrong conclusions from. We know they have the ability to come and go from the island on the old boat. Maybe they actually live somewhere else and travel to and from the island. This might explain the age discrepancies that somebody mentioned. The members of the ‘hostile team’ could be replaced as time has passed(the last 13 years).

  46. Mr Pants says:

    Isn’t this the second or third time Henry has called his group “The Good Guys”?

    But, to me, it always sounds like he says it in an ironic sort of way, sort of “Well, according to everyone else, we’re the good guys, ha ha ha.” Not in the usual “We’re the good guys” sort of way.

  47. Mr Pants says:

    I hearby vote to call Henry’s team by the name they call themselves – “The Good Guys”

    Not “hostiles” or “Rebel Dharmites” or “Others” or whathaveyou.

    Let’s show some respect people. They are, after all, the good guys.

  48. ZombieBoone says:

    For more on the whispering throughout LOST, check out I imagine they’ll have a transcript of last night’s noises soon.

    Thanks Becky, I didn’t remember Penelope’s 108 suitors. The numbers are everywhere!

  49. Dave says:

    Pinkk — I am not certain that the “Good Guys” (it’s just not as catchy as “Others” and also no in accordance with Loacnian psychology 😉 ) can just “come and go.” They have a boat, but I’m not sure that boat can get away from the island (similar to Desmond’s boat). Although the notion of the Pala Ferry suggests that it is used to cross a body of water (although technically I suppose it could just be from point A to point B on the same coast… and BTW “pala” apparently means “protector” per the Wikipedia) and so maybe there is another island?

    Mobber: Desmond most certainly didn’t crash his boat. How he got to shore is a good question though. I also saw multiple yellow suits, not just Kelvin/Calvin/Inman (as in inside man?).

    I can’t imagine that Libby’s husband is the “real” Henry Gale. His name is Henry, after all. But could her husband be the “fake” Henry Gale? I also wondered if he is the same “Dave” from the psych facility. I would LOVE to find out how Libby went from the coffee shop with Desmond to an inpatient psych facility to a clinical psychologist… I think there’s a lot more to her character and I am just not sure how it will get pulled in, unless we start getting flashbacks from the Others.

  50. red herring says:

    With all this talk of fake Henry Gale, I can’t help but wonder who the real Henry Gale is and how he ended up on the island. It is especially weird that he crash landed on the island by way of hot air balloon!!! But it also brings me to one thing that I keep getting stuck on, which is the character’s names… There are so many allusions to literature(i.e. Sawyer, Gale, Penelope?) and to great philosophers (i.e. Locke, Hume, Kelvin/Calvin?)but then there are many characters that don’t seem to have a the same symbolism? Henry Gale is interesting because he was the fake wizard of oz. In other words there was no real head honcho/wizard. It was all just a normal guy behind a curtin (oh yeah, and he left the mysterious land of oz in a hot air balloon). Similarities??? The teachings of Locke and Hume are very relevant to the dynamics of the show.
    So is there significance to the names or are they just another red herring?
    Dave- I agree about “the others” and Lacanian psych. I didn’t know anything about Lacanian psych until last night when I checked out the latest Hanso Foundation website and saw it under one of the job descriptions. I researched it and was totally floored by the relevance to the show… check it out!

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