More ‘The Lost Experience’

Tonight we get another piece of ‘The Lost Experience’ puzzle: What’s there? What happens next? If you want to trade notes or ask questions of other players, this is the place to do it. Don’t miss the previous thread, ‘Sharing the Lost Experience,’ full of other hints, tips, and discoveries.

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  1. Erik says:

    What was the website referenced on the commercial?

  2. Xandermor says: is the website.

    hey guys,is this an anagram?

    Permissum Vestri Complector Rector Vos
    help me out…

  3. ed says:

    “Permissum Vestri Complector Rector Vos” is latin… pretty much means “To allow footsteps compass guide you”.. or Let Your Compass Guid You.

  4. Xandermor says:

    allow – your – passion – to – guide – you?

    Permissum – vestri – Complector – Rector – Vos


  5. ed says:

    The “Lost Experience” web stuff has been interesting… but I am starting to think it’s all a clever way to get more product placements, what with the Chrysler and Mountain Dew connections.

  6. Lisa says:

    OK so I tried to let my compaass guide me, but I only got a green screen and a loading message. Maybe there are too many LOSTies logging on and the lions are busy.

  7. LN says:

    the site wont work until the west coast has finished viewing the episode….

  8. Paul says:

    Cut and past of text from, which I found by clicking on the “108” direction just outside the compass (roughly East Southeast). Access is forbidden to enter the directories (I didn’t try them all). I assume they represent Hanso Employees?

    Index of /usr


    This system is for the use of authorized users only.
    Individuals using this computer system without
    authority, or in excess of their authority, are subject
    to having all of their activities on this system
    monitored and recorded by system personnel. In the
    course of monitoring individuals improperly using this
    system, or in the course of system maintenance, the
    activities of authorized users may also be monitored.
    Anyone using this system expressly consents to such
    monitoring and is advised that if such monitoring
    reveals possible evidence of criminal activity, system
    personnel may provide the evidence of such monitoring
    to law enforcement officials.

    Icon Name Last modified Size Description[DIR] Parent Directory –
    [DIR] acarpus/ 10-May-2006 10:24 –
    [DIR] ahanso/ 10-May-2006 10:55 –
    [DIR] aoconnor/ 10-May-2006 11:03 –
    [DIR] compass/ 10-May-2006 10:55 –
    [DIR] dcheever/ 10-May-2006 10:55 –
    [DIR] ddouglas/ 10-May-2006 10:55 –
    [DIR] draupp/ 10-May-2006 10:55 –
    [DIR] fgardner/ 10-May-2006 10:55 –
    [DIR] hfeargha/ 10-May-2006 10:55 –
    [DIR] hmcintyr/ 10-May-2006 11:09 –
    [DIR] jgranger/ 10-May-2006 10:55 –
    [DIR] jsimko/ 10-May-2006 10:55 –
    [DIR] kporfiro/ 10-May-2006 10:55 –
    [DIR] lorchard/ 10-May-2006 10:55 –
    [DIR] lpeck/ 10-May-2006 10:55 –
    [DIR] lwales/ 10-May-2006 10:55 –
    [DIR] mwilliam/ 10-May-2006 10:55 –
    [DIR] owelles/ 10-May-2006 11:03 –
    [DIR] pthompso/ 10-May-2006 11:08 –
    [DIR] sconroy/ 10-May-2006 11:08 –
    [DIR] tmittelw/ 10-May-2006 10:55 –
    [DIR] wmalik/ 10-May-2006 10:55 –
    [DIR] zbach/ 10-May-2006 10:55 –

  9. Katie says:

    I screen capped the compass. if you look closely inside the circle between 144 and 108, there is small lettering, can’t quite make it out.
    link here.

  10. Mike J says:

    pthompso and hmcintyr are viewable

  11. Starlet says:

    Whats with the jeep commerical under hmcintyr? with the darma Logo at the end?

  12. Aura says:

    Why can’t I see any numbers on the compass sight?

  13. Dman says:

    The numbers/letters on the compass are : DI9FFTR751

  14. mag says:

    When you place the compass dial and click you get the letters/numbers combo.

    It might say DITFFTR731…..????

    Then the screen popped up with a message that said


    first I put yes and it error out

    then I put no and it took me to this website:

  15. Troy says:

    Not sure how, but after logging into thew newsletter and then going to the world map section, the upper left clock started flashing ‘obey’. When I clicked it, it took me here —
    If you clikc the screens with the Lost numbers, it takes you to a screen with a code word. Is this old news or something new?

  16. margo says:

    4 + 8 + 15 + 16 + 23 +42 = 108
    If you put compass at 108 degrees (just past east). The leters/number combo: DI9FFTR751 appears in the compass.

  17. Julie from Chicago says:

    And the lady from the Hanso Foundation website is in the background of the compass. Spooky!

  18. Bre says:

    To Starlet’s question:
    If you read the line at the end of the Jeep commercial, below the DHARMA symbol, it says “ECHO MR DIES OFF”!!

  19. Julie from Chicago says:

    Paul said: “Access is forbidden to enter the directories (I didn’t try them all). I assume they represent Hanso Employees?”

    I clicked on hmcintyr and it sent me to a directory:


    Index of /usr/hmcintyr/mail

    Icon Name Last modified Size Description[DIR] Parent Directory –
    [IMG] 13919199147151871141..> 10-May-2006 12:24 3.5M
    [ ] CJ7_HATCH.MOV 10-May-2006 12:24 2M
    [ ] INBOX 10-May-2006 12:24 662
    [IMG] news_ad.jpg 10-May-2006 12:24 1.0M
    [IMG] ptsig.jpg 10-May-2006 12:24 55k


    The CJ7_HATCH.MOV sends you to a Jeep ad on YouTube. It’s a Jeep that hatches out of a giant egg on a beach of a tiny island, and then it drives around. It’s so bizarre!!!!

    The [IMG] 13919199147151871141.. takes you to an image of an old fashioned looking Jeep ad here:

    The [IMG] news_ad.jpg takes you to a letter from the Hanso foundation entitled, “Don’t Believe Bad Twin”

    [IMG] ptsig.jpg is an image of the signature of Peter Thompson from a letter I’ve seen somewhere before…I think on the Dharma site.

    [ ] INBOX says this:

    From MAILER-DAEMON Fri May 6 10:48:27 2005
    Date: 06 May 2005 10:48:27 -0400
    From: Mail System Internal Data
    Status: RO

    This text is part of the internal format of your mail folder, and is not
    a real message. It is created automatically by the mail system software.
    If deleted, important folder data will be lost, and it will be re-created
    with the data reset to initial values.


  20. Bre says:

    The link to the Jeep CJ 7 commercial. You’ll need to pause it when it gets to 30 seconds in order to read the writing.

  21. EyeMWell says:

    Actually the Latin Tansalation I got on the compass page was this:
    Permissum Vestri Complector Rector Vos.
    “Allow your grasp to guide you”….

    ….which makes sense because you can only gain acess to the “Forbidden” page after your icon “hand” is over 108 degress and you click.

    Julie from Chicago:

    I looked at that old timey jeep ad and next to the buddhist statue there are TINY words that say “the mouth piece”…What the heck does THAT mean?

    I’m beginning to wonder if these people are just messing with our heads.

  22. B says:

    If you go to and then click on executive bios, go to Hugh Mcintyre’s page, there is a spot that says you can log in for press releases. “The mouthpiece” is the code that you put in to access more information. It will show you a short movie, and then bring you to a new page where you can click on things to view more information. But I’m not sure what the purpose of it is.

  23. Paul says:

    There is backwards print on this ad (as if it were printed on the other side of the page. I believe it says:
    “if you are one, know one”
    and, further down:
    “Happy Mother’s Day!”

    Could it be…. a hidden Mother’s Day message?

  24. Michael says:

    Interestingly enough, if you go the “inbox” of peter thompson, and open it up you’ll see a URL for a google search. If you copy it in and search, you’ll get binary translators. Copy the binary line above that and enter it into a translator(i used the first one) and you’ll get “The Mouth Piece”. This is also on the Jeep ad in the mailbox of hugh mcintyre, right next to the buddha figure. Wish i knew what it meant…..

  25. B says:

    “THE MOUTHPIECE”, found both on the binary translator, and on one of the pictures is the codeword that you need in order to access information about Hugh Mcintyre on the Hanso foundation website.

  26. Dave says:

    Michael – the mouth piece is the code you enter into the text box on Hugh McIntyre’s bio page.

    Man, would it be great if someone made a glossary of (or index of) all these clues… it seems like things just get spit out over and over again with no comprehensive direction.

    Julie from Chicago — all the mailbox stuf (e.g. DO NOT DELETE THIS MESSAGE) is standard text that mail clients (especially POP clients such as Eudora and Outlook) create. I don’t think this is a trick or anything; it makes the directories look “authentic.”

    Bre — NICE CATCH on the text at the end of the Jeep ad. Holy cow.

  27. EyeMWell says:

    Wasn’t that message printed on a newpaper? Maybe the mother’s day well wishes were just a headline for an article on the opposite page.

    Just a thought.

  28. Somechick says:

    1. Go to send a message to Joop. Type “The mouth piece” Hit enter and read.

  29. dman says:

    Under Peter Thompsons picture in the Bio section, there is a hidden login field. Click just under the bottom left of his picture to get a blinking cursor. In tis field, type in survivorguilt, then press enter once. You will see some very odd pictures.

  30. kath says:

    so how do you get to the jeep ad with the echo msg.


    so far this is what i’ve got:

    4 + 8 + 15 + 16 + 23 +42 = 108
    If you put compass at 108 degrees (just past east). The leters/number combo: DI9FFTR751 appears in the compass.

    from there—
    Then the screen popped up with a message that said

    first I put yes and it error out
    then I put no and it took me to this website:

    I put DI9FFTR751 where it says LOGIN and I get this:

    The Hanso Foundation

    Peter Thompson profile updated

    Born in Terre Haute, Indiana in 1959, Peter Thompson earned degrees from Loyola University and The University of Chicago Law School before embarking on a successful career as a corporate attorney – until a lifetime of smoking left Thompson with an impossible prognosis: inoperable lung and pancreatic cancer.

  31. Dave says:

    If you put DI9FFTR751 into the Enter Screenname for the Newsletter on the Hanso Foundation website, the site crackles and then Persephone starts messaging you there. She asks for a password, i’ve tried the mouth piece and DI9FFTR751, neither has worked.

  32. EyeMWell says:

    Persephone is asking you for your login name, the password is found on the Hanso foundation 1-800 number “expierence” where persephone tells you the password is breaking strain. Once you type that in you can login in each time you acess the site and persephone will show you some inside information each time you find a new password. (there have been new passwords discovered each week as LOST has aired new links to hanso related websites: Solve the puzzls on each one to get passwords.

    Hope that helps.

  33. Dee says:

    Not sure if this is old or not….but has anyone send Joop a message? If you send him a message, you hear him screaming and then you get what appears to be a brain on the screen with different circles popping up.

    If you click on the circles…not sure if there is an order or not…eventually a red circle comes it and it takes you to a letter. You have to move it around to see it all. Thoughts?

  34. zanet says:

    Hi There
    You may be interested in this site I found

    it seems everyone in the world cant help themselves by not allowing the clock to countdown to 000:00

    I found it on

  35. Arthur says:

    At another forum people where trying to figuere out what the code DI9FFTR751 means. If you change the numbers to their alphabetical counterparts you get DIIFFTRGEA. I spent about 20 minutes just playing the letters over in my head when i came up with, by using some of the letters you can get the word ADRIFT out of that…Lets see if this plays out anywhere

  36. Jason says:

    At the website “” I discovered that if you place your mouse over the same spot on the west side of the compass, the numbers come back. If you click, it asks for a username and password. Any ideas??

  37. Emilia says:

    when i clicked on the east side one, it asked me, “Do you believe?” Whether I put yes or no, it said “Thank you and Namaste.” Then, if i’d said no, it sent me to If i’d said yes, it sent me to

    i dont know whether people already know about this. They probably do.

  38. Emilia says:

    oh, by the way, Jason, the username and password, I know about it, i think most people do. I don’t think anyone has cracked it yet, though.

  39. Marnie says:

    I went on the internet and searched “Permissum Vestri Complector Rector Vos” and this Latin expert said it wasn’t proper latin, but that he thought they were trying to say “I, your leader, want your permission.”

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  41. It takes you to a screen with a code word. Is this old news or something new?

  42. Alisya says:

    I suspect that’s thereason general public want to read blog….Internet visitors generally create blogs to declare themselves or their secret views. Blog grant them same matter on the monitor screen what they specifically needed,so as the above stuffs declared it.

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