Three Minutes

Last week’s episode was a tough act to follow, to be sure. And any episode that comes before a season finale will feel more like an appetizer than a feast. But I couldn’t quite get into “Three Minutes.” Eko’s parable, Sawyer’s confession, and the return of Walt (and Vincent) were memorable, and the clues in the scene with Mrs. Klugh were no doubt significant. Tonight’s story felt like the deep breath before the dive, though — like “LOST” was just tying some things down and dropping some dramatic dead weight before the climax.

Maybe it was the all-island flashback, reminiscent of “The Other 48 Days,” where we’re distracted by assorted scenes we’ve seen before. Or maybe it’s because we’ve seen so little of Michael, it’s hard to empathize with him. Whatever the reason, “Three Minutes” felt awkward. Even the funeral seemed like a mere formality. Out of sync with the mood and pace of the better episodes this season.

But we’re a week away from the season finale, so perhaps we shouldn’t quibble.

Several subplots were nudged forward tonight. Claire letting Charlie back in, if only just a little, and Charlie rejecting the heroin… for real this time. Mr. Eko giving up on his church and skipping out on the funeral (you’d think even a fake priest would feel obligated to attend) to assume button duty. Meanwhile it looks like Locke –- the wise but tough original Locke — might be back. But where’s he going?

The “Others” camp to the north was where the latest clues were dropped. They do appear to live as Michael said, yet Walt blurted out that they’re pretending, that they’re not who they say they are. Mrs. Klugh, while echoing Michael’s courtroom flashback, alludes to Walt’s special powers. And the “Others” have cherry picked four survivors that Michael is struggling to deliver.

So yet another list, but is this one also the “good people”? We doubt it. Jen figures it’s because Jack, Kate, Sawyer and Hurley are leaders or in some way would hinder an attempt to take over the rest of the survivors. I’m focused on Michael’s statement that those four know… something. What, I’m not sure. It can’t be knowledge of Henry (the whole camp knew) or the first encounter with Zeke (Locke was there). Either way, this list was different.

Jen’s primary beef with “Three Minutes” is that we’re not given a satisfactory explanation for why Ana Lucia and Libby had to die. Yes, a father would do anything, yada yada yada, but there are a multitude of ways Henry could have been freed and the survivors riled up without such a drastic turn. Mrs. Klugh had an interesting line: “They’ll be so angry, they’ll do whatever you say.” Did she expect Michael to figure it out, or forsee what he’d ultimately do? Jen was looking for Ana Lucia and Libby to be targeted somehow, but if Mrs. Klugh said anything, it ended up on the cutting room floor.

I’m heartened, at least, that Michael’s bizarre behavior has finally triggered some alarm bells. Sayid’s figured it out, and I expect Jack already had his suspicions. Mr. Eko’s story of the kid killing the dog implies he’s onto Michael too. Now, a double double-cross in the making.

And how about that boat? We have absolutely no idea what to think about that. (At least without sipping from the spoiler tap.) It ain’t the boat Michael had in mind. If it’s the boat Desmond used to race around the world, where has it been all this time? Unless Desmond’s on board, and his hatch story was complete hogwash.

Notes and Notions:

  • Michael used a compass? Wasn’t it bluntly established that compasses were useless on the island?
  • Speaking of magnetic anomalies, Mr. Eko discovered the mysterious humming wall in the hatch. For now he’s content pushing the button, but perhaps he’ll explore a little deeper than the other survivors have so far.
  • It was good to see Alex again. Jen liked that it turned out that she was at the forest confrontation, but that she wasn’t the one to produce Kate. She’s pretty chatty for a Zeke minion, and clearly hasn’t bought into the whole operation. I hope we see more of her in the future. Heck, I hope we see more of Danielle, too.
  • Why would anyone inject himself with a random needle? Though I guess if anyone would, Charlie would.
  • Locke gives up on the button, and Eko takes over. Eko gives up on his church, leaving it to Charlie. Doesn’t anyone ever finish anything?
  • Two more people are seen getting knocked out cold by blows to the head. Jen asked, “Has anyone compiled the concussion list yet?”
  • The Sawyer and Jack scene was odd, but entertaining. (It probably rekindled a whole ‘nother branch of fan fiction.) Sawyer’s definitely back on a softer cycle. Jack didn’t seem inclined to dissuade Sawyer from thinking he and Kate “got caught in a net” — you know, that way.


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100 Responses to Three Minutes

  1. cuedblu says:

    We still miss your podcasts, Ryan and Jen! That being said, you have our thanks for continuing to update this page.

    Initially, I agreed with Ryan about this episode. Not much to really satisfy…until Walt came around and then my opinion changed entirely.

    As a father of two boys just a bit younger than Walt, I can entirely understand Michael’s motivation. To lose a child can set off trauma and panic in the best of parents (all you need to do is look at a parent who has lost their child in a crowded shopping mall to see this exemplified). For Michael, it is a double-whammy: he also lost Walt, against his wishes, initially when Walt’s mother took him. I think his actions, losing Walt a second time against his wishes and seeing Walt in anguish in last night’s episode, are entirely understandable, if not downright expected. Obviously, I still find him an empathetic character.

    I can’t wait for Desmond’s reappaearance. Even with brief stints, ‘Lost’ has such interesting characters (Desmond, Ethan, un-Henry Gale, and now Alex).

    Finally, after Jen’s ‘Kate trifecta’ remark a few episode’s back, I have to sadly agree with her. I don’t see Kate’s purpose anymore – hopefully Lindelof and Cuse will refresh her character’s purpose in the finale. Lilly’s facial deliveries are just too good to be wasted as window dressing.

  2. cuedblu says:

    Oops – forgot to add that Sayid’s intuition was ‘spot on’ (as Charlie would say) once again. His kind of sticking it in Jack’s face about being right about un-Henry Gale was just too good.

  3. Beltane says:

    I read every single comment — I cannot BELIEVE no one even once has had the thought occur to them that Walt was laying to Michael.

    That kid is sour all around. Wrong in the head. I say he’s on the Other’s side now.

  4. Beltane says:

    edit: Lying. Not Laying. Christ let us edit our posts.

  5. Linkmeister says:

    Regarding the “inject with needle” bit, that was a pneumatic air injection system. The user puts a tube filled with vaccine into the handle or barrel, and sets it for the amount to be injected. Without the tube, it’s just air being pushed through the aperture at the end of the system.

    I remember these things from boot camp back in 1972; we walked through a gauntlet of medics, one on each side injecting us with various meds.

  6. dzt66 says:

    Hmm, Ms. Klugh basically asked Michael could transport places, I wonder if that’s what happened when Sayid saw Walt with Shannon.

  7. bill says:

    i don’t think he transports but maybe like remote sensing. If walt “transported” and can control it then he would then voluntarily be transporting back to the “others”. If that’s the case then walt may be an “other”.

  8. Linkmeister says:

    Just for fun, here’s a product description of one of those jet injector systems.

  9. Duke says:

    Hey, Ryan & Jen. Really, REALLY miss your podcast. I do enjoy Cliff Ravenscraft, Jay & Jack, and some of the newer ones, but yours will remain classic in the realm of Lost podcasts.

    I have one prediction. This will be short/sweet:

    I won’t predict anything other than this, I think Michael will die, probably in the finale…and Hurley will do it.

    Hurley is the last person we would expect to take revenge by homocide, but when he accepted Michael’s invite to the hunting party, I think we got a little more insight into what, thanks to the island’s mystical influence, he is capable of. And Hurley DID lay into the village tough guy, Sawyer. Hurley is a sweetheart (which is what attracted Libby, from the asylum to the island), but he has his limits.

    To use another example, I didn’t expect Charlie to shoot Ethan, and then he emptied the gun into him. Kind of an overreaction, if you ignore the fact that Ethan DID hang Charlie. He won’t be making THAT mistake again!

    Anyway, like I said, short/sweet. God bless. Stay “Lost”.

    P.S. My callname is: “…and found”

  10. may says:

    Julie from Chicago, the virgin mary statues are ceramic. I’m pretty sure they won’t float and really are gone forever.

    Where’s old Jon Locke going? I think the fact that he’s, once again, randomly going off into the jungle alone is a sign that we’re getting the old Locke back. Good! I miss him.

    I’ve often wondered about Desmond since he ran off into the jungle a while back. It’s an island. Where’s he planning on going? He might have been lying and really is just one if the others who was placed there to tell that story. A race around the world? Please. Even still, I’m looking forward to maybe hearing his story next week.

    I’m done rambling. Can’t wait for next week! Two hours of lost. How delicious.

  11. leezar says:

    I also liked last nite’s episode, though, admittedly it was slow by Lost standards (maybe due to the fact that the flashbacks were often events we’d already seen or at least had somewhat pieced together).
    Does Michael seem like a man in a bit of a trance to anyone else. I mean, I know that we are supposed to believe that Michael is just so upset about Walt that he is totally willing to kill two people and sell out four friends, people who helped him in many cases, and possibly the rest of the survivors for what sounds very much like a false promise (his and Walt’s freedom, oh yeah, and a boat). Uh-huh. What were they slipping him in his “dinner”?
    Then again, Michael has a tendency to over-react.
    Dunno, just a theory.
    I also thought Charlie bringing Claire the vaccine was a bit odd and her being happy about it, even odder.
    Sayid rocks!

  12. NemesisVex says:

    My VCR cut off the last few minutes of the episode to start taping Law & Order, so I’m not sure what I missed. It cut out right before the funeral. Someone fill me in?

    Anyone else annoyed by these shows going over their alloted time? Desperate Housewives is annoying for this as well.

    I should get a TiVO.

  13. Jen says:

    Jack said a few words about Ana; Hurley said a few words about Libby. Locke takes off his leg brace and heads off somewhere. Claire is warming up to Charlie again. Sun spots a sailboat offshore.

  14. Xandermor says:

    Walt never set out with guns, Michael did.

    Yes, please let’s edit the posts.

    I’m getting confused….

  15. Adriano says:

    Jaime Roberto is right. Sawyer, Kate, Jack and Hurley are the list because they indeed have seen things on the island while awake. I’m not sure what that says about them. It is said that some people are more susceptible to suggestion than others and yet these four would seem not to be. For their own reasons, they are untrusting and skeptical. Jack is a man of science, for god’s sake! Contrast that with Locke, the man of faith, or Eko or Charlie, all who have seen images in their dreams and literally, followed them. They are all of men of faith, actually, and of percpeption and sensing. But they are not on the list.

    And what of Sayid, who told Shannon that he had also seen Walt? Who has not lied to someone in distress in order to calm them down? Yup, he’s not a on the list either.

    Mind you, there is no way I would go anywhere without Sayid. Good thing he’s on to Michael. Just one thing, how many people know that Hurley’s real name is Hugo? Food for thought, but don’t go too crazy!

  16. Doug says:

    Adding onto Jon’s post earlier…. J.J. Abrams says that the finale is going to be one of the best ones ever. I kept wondering if when Walt says, “they are pretending, they are not what they seem” if he is referring to the losties that we have been following the past two years. Maybe it isn’t the others pretending, especially with all the changes in people the past two weeks. I have added some other changes in behavior to the list…

    Many are turning away from what they were (this can also be known as repentance):

    1 Eco stops building the church.
    2 Charlie repudiates heroin
    3 Locke leaves the hatch
    4 The Others are not what they seem
    5 Michael has “changed.”
    6 Sawyer softens up
    I would add
    7 Jack listened to Michael without really arguing.
    8 Claire letting Charlie back “in”

  17. Jane Seymour says:

    James Ford and Hugo Reyes are two names Micheal should’nt really know and yet he seems to. How is that?
    I loved this episode, I just want the finale now. I’ve actually gone and spoiled it for myself and so I know who the boat belongs to 🙂

  18. Dave says:

    The Others have the names of everyone on the flight. Have since day 1 when they attacked the tailies and lost a list with names and descriptions (per Ana Lucia). This was also before they grabbed Walt or any of the other passengers.

    Some people on the island have been told by Hurley what his real name is. I believe he told Jack, for one. (He then said the Hurley nickname was a “long story,” which I for one am eager to hear… made me think maybe he has a history of bulemia.) But nobody aside from Locke knew that Sawyer’s name is not Sawyer. (Kate may have known… but I don’t think she knew that his real name was James Ford.)

    Michael knew the names of everyone except Sawyer on the list, and Mrs. Clue (or Klugh, not sure where people get the spellings from… is it on the end credits?) tells him who Sawyer is.

    As far as the notion that Jack, Kate, Sawyer, and Hurley all saw things on the island… Kate and Sawyer saw the same thing. How is that different from Shannon and Sayid seeing the same thing? Or Boone and Locke/Locke and Eko having overlapping dreams/visions?

    I do think (nnh334) that it’s quite an interesting coincidence that the people who returned to the hatch were the people on the Others’ list. I don’t think there’s any way they could have predicted that, for instance, Locke, Eko, Charlie, or Sayid would not have come straightaway to the hatch, given how much time each has spent there and how integral they’ve been in the group. There’s also no way they could have set this up. But it does make me wonder more about the island itself as a source of supernatural power (e.g. Locke and Rose healing rapidly… though we don’t know that Rose is truly cured, she just feels as though she is; Locke is pretty clearly objectively cured, though we don’t know the origin of his paraplegia… maybe a somatization disorder?).

    I also wonder — how have Locke’s injured legs healed twice already, but the scar around his right eye persist?

    Last, as far as Michale using a compass to go in the right direction… maybe the Others realized that the compass is useless and fed him bogus directions. It would be a lot easier for them to find him… especially if they know where the island’s magnetic pole is or how to change its coordinates. I suspect that was not a continuity error at all.

  19. may says:

    All the hatches seem to be deserted (except the one at the Other’s camp) , which must mean that the Others aren’t scientists from the original Dharma program. Were they the experiments that took over the island?

    I don’t know about anyone else, but it really freaks me out how the Other’s are on a first name basis with all the losties.

  20. Dave says:

    Unless the point of Dharma was to separate the groups and see what happened. Just think about the use of the term “the Others.” What do the Others call the Losties (aside from subjects)?

    They might have “rules” (run past an IRB I’m sure 😉 ) as to where they can go and how much contact they can have with the Losties, and maybe they can only intervene under certain circumstances.

    Maybe they started out as part of Dharma and something went horribly awry to the extent that they now can’t get off the island?

    The one thing (or one of the things) that STILL makes no sense, though, is this: HOW DID THEY DROP SUPPLIES ON THE ISLAND WITH NOBODY ON THE BEACH HEARING OR SEEING A PLANE? The island is small enough to walk across in a few days and the drop occurred in daylight!

  21. Tawl says:

    I still believe the answer to Lost will center on Walt.

    Jen, I also wouldn’t be surprised if Walt caused the plane crash, just like you mentioned above. If Walt could create a Polar Bear, then crashing the plane wouldn’t be a problem.

    Also, did Walt use his powers to set the rescue boat on fire?

    Let’s not forget the question from Mrs. Klugh (Clue), asking Michael if he had ever noticed if Walt was ever where he shouldn’t be.. like at two different places at the same time. This points to the writers tinkering with Time/Space distortion (remember Sawyer reading the book “A Wrinkle In Time” ?)

    If the writers are using distortions in space/time, this would easily explain why Michael is now looking older (and taller), all within the span of a few weeks. And also why Shannon was able to see him in the jungle (was he talking backwards too?) when he was supposed to be a “prisoner.”

    Why couldn’t the Others go in and rescue Not-Henry? Is that part of the Island off-limits to them, or maybe they know they would have problems being close to the super magnet that is around the Swan Hatch. Hmm.. are the Others real, or a semi-illusion like the white horse, Jack’s dad, Hurley’s friend “Dave” etc..

    The question about why Mrs Klugh picked Hurley, Kate, Jack, and Sawyer for the list can also be explained by Time Distortion. These four Losties were the first ones into the hatch after Michael shot Anna and Libby. How did Mrs. Klugh (or someone else) know? If time on the Island isn’t linear, then the Others would already know what would happen when Michael goes back to rescue Not-Henry. Interesting.

  22. Jimmy Beano says:

    Where is the freakin link to download the podcast?? It’s certain hard to find.

  23. Avery says:

    I want to comment on the vaccines that Charlie gave to Claire. I spoke to a physician who happens to know a lot about public health, tropical medicine, etc. I asked about a vaccine that you would need to inject every 9 days. He said, NO WAY. He did say that that certain psychotropic meds are injected that frequently to control certain behaviors. Didn’t Claire’s hatch flashbacks show her being injected?
    I’m not certain these vials are truly vaccines. Maybe it is a drug used to control the recepient….while the “experiments” are occurring.
    Just a thought…

  24. Nadia says:

    I just have to say that when the boat showed up it looked like a model boat to me 🙂 which reminded me of the model airplanes of the mobile for claire…..probably no relation….but that is what it reminded me of….

  25. Tori says:

    I’m a new kid on the block, and appreciate everyone’s insightful questions.

    Another thought to add to the list: Could The Others be comprised of two groups: The “leaders,” represented by Mr. Friendly and his tough, red-neckish, disguise-wearing buddies– and a subset, perhaps mutants, represented by Non-Henry and Ms. Klugh? I.e., don’t Klugh and Non-Henry sound and act remarkably alike? Both have sort of odd. fixated ways of talking and holding their faces, and both seem rather inhuman. Both also appeared to have psychic abiliities to the tune of being able to read Losties motivations, etc. Could they represent an experiment gone awry, but being used by the “leader” others for their own purposes, whatever those might be? Given Hanso Foundation’s interest in genes, mutations, experiments, etc., I thought this might be a possibility. I welcome thoughts!!

  26. okole says:

    Maybe the others didn’t expect Michael to kill Ana and Libby, and they want (or need to) bring them back by “rewinding” time. In order to pull it off, they need Jack, Kate, Sawyer, Sayid…

    Or the producers just didn’t like the whole DUI thing 🙂

  27. Drew says:

    This may have already been answered but why did Sawyer call Mr. Friendly “Zeke” during the showdown where Mr. Friendly set the line the losties couldnt cross? I have been wondering this for some time

  28. Frank says:

    hi, its frank aGain. I haVe to agreE that lost is now going back to how it was in the first season. poor locke is being jerked aroUnd with, but he Seems to be back To His old sElf (Back to square One) and getting up with a healing leg injuY. i can’t wait to see desmond’s story now. i hope they do the same For danIelle (sixteen years aGo…..and sHow what happened To her) along with desmond, showing what happened to him. i would really like to know iF desmond was and Is goiNg to be reliable anD TRUTHful. cannot Wait to see if that sailbout has anything to do with him. also if him using the stuff on himself will be explained. i am going Right on to say that mIke wenT “insanE”(R.) and thought he dId waS THE best way to get those Specific people, Which All fell oN chance. i thoght it was greAt that they had walt again meet up with his dad for “three minutes”. mike is really coming out. Jack appears tO be losing his leadership ability. congrats to sayid and charlie and claire and james. love mr. eKo’s boy bEating dog story and hell. what was he doing in england?? upset THat hugo changEd his mind on going, i am sure mike was haPpy to hEAR that. feeL sorry for alex. the symbol on the hatch door, did it look like a box or a door?? this cannot be the only hatch they are living in (THE FLAME or THE GOBLET or any other ones). cannot wait to see the finale. cho!

  29. Bicho says:


  30. Jenn says:

    I agree with Jen that the whole justification of Michael killing people in order to release Henry is way far-fetched. We all know he wants Walt back, and maybe the extra tidbit isn’t just getting Walt back but also supposedly getting a boat and getting himself and Walt off the island. (How does he even think that little power boar could even get them very far? I agree there must be land nearby as the most recent hatch video mentions a “ferry.”)

    However, as the group was already willing to release Henry in order to trade for Walt, it still seems like such a stretch for Michael to commit murder. I noticed Mrs. Klugh’s “angry enough” line also and wonder if she gave him the idea directly (and we just didn’t see that part), or if she was just “planting the seed” for the idea, maybe as another type of experiment in human behavior? (to see how far Michael will go?).

    Walt’s age…yeah, a problem. It will be interesting to see how they deal with that. It does seem like they don’t know exactly what to make of Walt’s powers (or maybe how to get him to display them?) from all the questions they were asking Michael. At the very least, it seems like Walt can astral project himself?

    As far as Walt blurting out that the Others are not what they seem – have any of the characters on the show even made any guesses about who the Others might be? Not to my knowledge – and how strange is that? The know from their own hatch at least, not to mention the one Kate & Claire found and then the one Locke & Eko found, that the island was used for experiments. So it seems like a huge oversight that none of the Losties have had any conversations about who the Others might be (scientists, old participants?). I’m guessing Desmond might shed some light on this in the finale.

    David N. – I didn’t notice the thermos scene/preview. Interesting.

    I’m guessing the boat at the end must be Desmond’s, as we know he was going to return for the finale anyway.

    Dave – I believe Kate’s real last name is Austin – anyone?

    The list of four is a little confusing too – I can get Sawyer, Kate and Jack because they are the “leaders” – but Hurley? Obviously he has the numbers connection…. And they aren’t all “good” people (at least in the Other’s eyes I would think Sawyer and probably Kate would definitely be counted out). And as someone else pointed out, if Henry was sent to get Locke, then why wasn’t Locke on this new list? Curious.

    nnh334 – I think Eko got to the hatch before Hurley? And he’s not on the list.

    Amy – I don’t see how Kate didn’t hear the conversation either. They weren’t that quiet, and the bag on her head just looked like burlap?

    John F. – I wonder too if there isn’t another group of Others. **Spoiler** I’ve read next season is supposed to be kind of an “Us vs. Them” theme – the question being who is the “us” and who is the “them.”

    And just to agree with everyone else – Michael also is driving me up a wall with “I want my son back” or “I want my boy back” – everyone knows already! I don’t see how they can possibly redeem Michael now, nor how they can kill him off with Walt still being around (and I can’t see them offing Walt/a kid). So what will happen with Michael is one of the biggest mysteries, as some of the Losties are already on to him as of this last episode.

    I’m most likely to go with the “monster” making the plane crash, but the Others must have something to do with it as they do have everyone’s name. That makes me think they might be more the scientists than experiment escapees? Unless the theory of “Him” being like a power master psychic is correct and for some reason “He” orchestrated all of the Losties getting on the plane.

    I don’t see why Claire would suddenly want to start injecting the “vaccine” after she and the baby have both been fine so far without it (not to mention, everyone else has been fine too). Did Danielle ever say how long it was before all of her shipmates started acting crazy?

  31. Dave says:

    Jenn — I am fairly certain that Kate has used several aliases in her flaskbacks and does not go by Kate Austen in all of them. That being said, I don’t remember what other names she used specfically.

    As for the “vaccine”: I don’t think it’s a vaccine. At first I thought perhaps it was a sedative (based on Claire’s response to it), but we saw Desmond injecting SOMETHING as part of his waking ritual in the hatch in episode 1 of season 2. Maybe this need to inject something every nine days is similar to the need to hit the button every 108 minutes… another Skinner box type experiment. Also interesting that many of the number obsessions are multiples of nine (every nine days, every 108 (9×12) minutes)…

  32. jjj says:

    I think I remember Austin/Austen being Kate’s name on the list the Others had last apisode – and if they had Sawyer’s correct name, then they probably had Kate’s true last name also?

  33. clb5 says:

    Why does Michael trust the Others to free Walt? They have murdered (Scott/Sean), hurt (Charlie strung up; Sawyer shot), kidnapped (Claire, Walt, tailes), and attacked (bombing the raft) — all known to Walt. It makes no sense that Walt would choose to trust the Others rather than confide in his friends.

    Why wasn’t Bernard at the funeral for Libby and Ana? He and Eko are the only two tailes left and we had a whole episode featuring him a few weeks back, but when it would be appropriate for him to eulogize Ana and Libby he is not there.

  34. HeyBrah says:

    FYI: some interesting spoilers can be found at:

  35. Dave says:

    clb5 — The Others did give back Claire and the baby (no, the dingo did not eat it 😉 ) and as far as anyone can ell they were completely unharmed. “Vaccinated,” but unharmed.

    We don’t know what they did to Cindy the flight attendant. The only Others who have killed people were sort of “rogues”: Goodwin killed Nate (to throw the tailies off? to avoid being compromised?) and Ethan hung Charlie and beat the snot out of the other Losties who tried to stand in his way/compromise his goal.

    Mr Friendly and his crew did also shoot Sawyer, but only when he first threatened them with a gun. They *did* leave Sawyer, Michael, and Jin adrift to potentially drown, but that’s more manslaughter than murder if I remember my Law & Order. Maybe negligent homicide at most. =)

    Otherwise they’re been mostly peaceful. Sure, there’s the occasional strangling or rock to the head, but they didn’t shoot anyone in the jungle standoff when they gave Kate back. Michael probably does not know much of this, but he sure knows that if the Others wanted to kill Walt (man, everyone seems to confuse these names, no?) they would have. Whether they want to give him back, keep him, or use him as a hostage, I don’t know.

    I also wonder if there’s only a certain group that the Others are allowed to use “lethal” force with… e.g. none of the have had trouble trying to kick the snot out of Ana Lucia, but when Locke was pinned to the floor or Kate captured, they were treated well.

  36. Xandermor says:

    Dave- Alex helped Claire escape! They were going to take the baby and kill her. Watch Maternity leave. Ethan even came back after her and I believe he Killed Scott when she was not returned. They staged a trade and that was when Charlie killed him! These are NOT Peaceful people… they are manipulative, deceitful and violent and they are hiding a whole lot!

  37. scott says:

    If Walt has such amazing powers, (the bird, the polar bear, the rain, backgammon, the knives), how come he couldn’t get Vincent to come?
    Is the dog one of “the others”?

    The island seems to mean something different for everyone. I don’t know that there will be one common theme for the four names on the list.

    I hope Desmond and Alex will figure prominently next season. The seem to be the most intriguing.

    Thank you Bryan & Jen for putting this website together. The level of commentary is the most insightful I have found.

  38. Frank says:

    Thank you Bicho for figuring out the hidden words. Now figure out what the woeds mean and relate to.

    I would like to add that there has to be more then 6 stations on island. Maybe there are substations.

    HeyBrah thank you for the link. . . . . need to add that one on my list.

    As for how “the Others” are I think they are hostile when they want to be but maybe like Mike they need to do what they need to do to figure something out. Or they are part of an experiment along with everyone esle. Or they are the ones doing the experiments on everyone. Who knows, I hope the finale will clear that up.

    I cannot wait to see the Desmond flashback. This one is going to be good.


  39. billz says:

    I think folks are reading too much into Mr. Eko’s story of the boy and the dog. It’s a parable and he didn’t have to be in England. He might not know specifically about Michael shooting Ana and Libby, but he knows/suspects he’s done something bad. The parable was a way to let Michael know Eko “knows” something and offering a way for Michael to open up and confess his sins.


  40. Tawl says:

    Billz, as Freud once said, “Sometimes a cigar is just a cigar.” In other words, we don’t always have to read more into what is there than what we see.

    That being said, I believe everything that is happening on the Island is for reason. Whether the Island is a dream, someone’s fantasy, Purgatory, an experiment gone bad.. far too many events in flashbacks, the numbers, and odd occurrences in real time prove that everything is related, preplanned, destiny, or being controlled by “Him.”

    I have a burning question for the Forum..

    Do you believe that Time has been, or is being, distorted on the Island?

  41. cuedblu says:

    The time angle is certainly interesting and something I know I have personally overlooked.

    ***Possible Spoiler Alert*******
    Hopefully this won’t violate any rules of the forum that I have somehow missed. If I did, my apologies to Ryan and Jenn

    -Clancy Brown is listed in tomorrow’s finale castlist as Kelvin (the guy who first brought Desmond to the hatch and later allegedly died). Recall that he was also in a Sayid Iraq flashback as a US commander.

    -Harold Perrineau apparently isn’t listed as a regular for next season. If true, this would indicate that the Walt/Michael story arc will be resolved, or put on hold, in tomorrow’s episode.

  42. may says:

    Maybe when the Losties finally get off the island (whenever that will be and if it ever happens), no time will have passed in the real world.

    Maybe a group of scientists found an island where time doesn’t pass like it’s supposed to then started the Dharma Initiative to do research.

    It’s just a theory. When I first heard the theory of “time distortion” I thought it was stupid, but it HAS got me to thinking.

  43. HeyBrah says:

    Although the time warp theory (as well as many other theories from viewers) have been discredited by the show’s creators, I think that there is a butterfly effect (based on spoiler info.) in which whatever happens on the island changes what ever happens on the rest of our planet. It’s sort of the opposite of TV commercials for Las Vegas. This seems to be validated by the Orientation Tapes and Films left in the hatches—“[it is of utmost importance] that you do not attempt to use the microcomputer to communicate with anyone else” [in the outside world], since whatever is said from the island could have profound effects on the entire planet.
    “The survivors are in a time warp” — dismissed by Damon Lindelof [17]
    Discredited theories
    Lost’s mythology is exceedingly complex, in the style of other mystery-adventure shows such as The X-Files and Twin Peaks. This intricacy, and the unresolved questions it spawns, have led to rampant speculation and theorizing among fans, mainly concerning the nature of the island, the origins of the “security system”, the “Others”, the meaning of the numbers and the reasons for both the crash and the survival of some passengers. Several of the more common fan theories have been discussed and dismissed by the producers, including:
    1. The survivors are dead and/or in Purgatory — dismissed by J. J. Abrams [16]
    2. The survivors are in a time warp — dismissed by Damon Lindelof [17]
    3. Spaceships or aliens influence the events on the island — dismissed by Damon Lindelof [17]
    4. Everything seen is a fictional reality taking place in one or more of the survivors’ minds — dismissed by Damon Lindelof [18]
    5. The island is a reality TV show and the castaways unwitting housemates — dismissed by Carlton Cuse [19]
    6. The “black smoke” is a nanobot cloud similar to the one featured in Michael Crichton’s novel Prey — dismissed by Damon Lindelof [20] [21]

  44. Tawl says:

    HeyBrah, you’ve brought up a provocative theory when you said “I think that there is a butterfly effect (based on spoiler info.) in which whatever happens on the island changes what ever happens on the rest of our planet.”

    Butterfly Effect definition:

    This could explain why the “Numbers” are found everywhere the Losties were, outside of the Island.

    If this is true, and there is a “Butterfly Effect,” how could some kind of distortion with Time not be involved?

  45. Tawl says:

    If the Butterfly Effect is the answer, then flashbacks aren’t flashbacks.. but alternate streams of reality.

  46. HeyBrah says:


    One more day and hopefully the season finale will explain this all. Stay Lost.

  47. Xandermor says:

    All of these ideas and theories are great! I just hope everyone stays as pumped up during “the off-season”. I know I will be re-watching Season 1 and all the Season 2 episodes I bought off of iTunes for the clues and easter eggs everyone has been putting on the forums! I’m lovin’ the Experience and hope it only gets better! and I don’t know who started it but it is too cool and I am adopting this new saying…..

    Stay LOST!

  48. Johnson says:

    i like that Stay LOST

  49. mr skin says:

    Boy, Sawyer sure turned around from the jerk to a seemingly likable guy. And I think him and Kate will be having a baby soon :).

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