Season Six and Complete Series DVD Release

Today brings the much-anticipated release of “LOST: Season Six” on DVD (or Blu-Ray) and “LOST: The Complete Collection” on DVD (or Blu-Ray). The release brings what could be the last twelve minutes of the six-year “LOST” story with “The New Man in Charge,” a 12-minute epilogue showing a glimpse of what followed the final fade to white we saw in May. Of course, the discs include a ton of special features and other extras.

We’d love to hear your thoughts on the epilogue, as well as the other goodies unleashed on “LOST” fans today. When we finally release our final podcast, we’ll be sure to include some discussion of this awesome material. Meanwhile, be sure to catch the Emmy Awards on Sunday, Aug. 29, which will be broadcast on NBC at 8 p.m. ET/5 p.m. PT. “LOST” and its cast and crew are up for an impressive twelve nominations.

Finally, another invitation to join us on Facebook. Over on our page’s “Discussions” tab, a number of fun conversations among fellow fans and friends.

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  1. greenberry says:

    @ Embie ~~ Yes, me too! I love all your thematic observations too! Abandonment issues and/or feeling isolated are absolutely huge burdens for so many!!

  2. Crbell says:

    I hope I haven’t missed anyone commenting on this, but does anyone know if there is really more new content on the Complete Series DVDs compared to just the new content on the Season 6 DVDs? I already have 1-5 seasons and I really hate to put out so much money for 2nd copies plus a game and a booklet. I hope someone can help me decide. thanks.

  3. Bonita in Atlanta says:

    @ Embie – well put – we can pay more attention to the crafting. Exactly.

  4. Carol from Boston says:

    Crbell- check out the Best Buy season 6 edition, it has an extra disc with special features from the DVD complete collection. There are hours of extra material on it. Look for the silver box at Best Buy. If you buy Season 6 anywhere else it won’t have the extra disc.

  5. Carol from Boston says:

    @ Embie when you think of the series as a whole, many people were left behind. So many themes to this show make it worth watching several times.

    Poor Claire, she was REALLY left behind, several times. Plus Desmond left at the Hatch, Walt by Michael when they got back home, and Michael was left behind when his wife took Walt and then the others. You really have something there, Hurley’s dad left him, Kate’s father left her.

    The Jay and Jack rewatch podcast starts 9/22 (the orginal pilot date), they are going to do two episodes a week for 15 months give or take with time off for holiday weeks etc.

  6. @Carol: isn it 4episodes a week? 2episodes/podcast and one podcast on tuesdays and one on fridays?

  7. Just found out that the group Weezer next album is called… Hurely! And the cover is just a close-up picture of Jorge! (I think but I am not sure that it might be the Santa-Rosa picture…)

  8. Carol from Boston says:

    The last podcast I listened to said podcasts on Wednesdays with two episodes a week. I listened to the DVD podcast.

  9. Carol from Boston says:

    @yann – it is actually part of a picture of Jorge taken with the band, they liked his face in it so much they cropped it and just used his face. They decided to call it hurley because everyone would call it that anyway with Jorge’s picture on the cover.

  10. Carol from Boston says:

    @yann – the original picture is on the bottom of the page.

  11. @Carol: thanks for the infos… And to add on the “left behind”: how about the Oceanic6… it is the whole point of season4, how they felt about that and finally how they came back in season5.

  12. Anyway… we have to go back! We have to go baaaack!

  13. chris in seattle says:

    Hello YAE-

    Its been too long.

    Been winding up summer with chaotic comings and goings, but wanted to take a second to reconnect with one of my favorite places on all the web.

    I contacted Ryan about this post, and he felt it was cool for me to proceed with inviting anyone that was interested to take a look at an Alternative Season 6 Script over at:

    This is a project I started pretty much by accident as the series ended, and I just wasn’t satisfied by the conclusions we were left with. So, I-like so many here-delved deeper into all that had come before with Lost, worked ideas, theories, and just had fun playing in that world while trying to find answers. Or at least hints of answers.

    What came out in the end was a rough outline for an alternate version of everything that happens after THE INCIDENT. And after that came the hard part of filling in the rest to a roughly 200 page script.

    In the end 200 pages would be a mere three hours or so on screen, but was three months or so in the making.

    I felt like I should stick to the hiatus timeframe the writers had in coming up with this alternative. I also felt it was important in being frustrated by the ending to be able to point to something and say how it could have been different.

    And even so, l understand better now how things I really wanted to include were just not right in terms of timing, placement, or tone. it helped me see that even with the best intensions there is just too much to ever squeeze in.

    So, in the end, working out another ending I came to a better place of peace with what we all saw.

    Sure, according to quantum physics, its possible the events of the ReDUX could occur as well as those of Season 6. But more its just a prism to imagine another end for the show. Which, I came to see, was really a nearly impossible task.

    And as it seems things have simmered here a bit on YAE after the epilog, I wanted to offer any that were interested the invitation to take a look at the story.

    Truly the ReDUX project was fueled so much by this blog, this show, and all the amazing people that helped make this such an amazing experience.

    Which is why I felt like I should share it with You All Everyone.

    One of these days I’ll make it to Facebook. Thanks everyone for the conversation, feedback, and amazing ideas.

    Thanks for everything. Its been an amazing ride.

    While I will miss the adventure I am so happy to have been a part of it all.

  14. greenberry says:

    Wow Chris ~ you put your heart and guts into all that writing! Definitely had a different feel from the one we saw… and Jacob in your ending version came across as a Willy Wonkaesque-type of character, in that he was “testing” the Losties to see if they measured up to his standard of goodness. I liked the conversations between Jacob and Hurley ~ they were inciteful. Anyhoo, thanx for the interesting read.

  15. Mattfromnd says:

    @chris in Seattle.

    Personally I’ve never liked fan fiction. I think we should just take what they gave us and be done with it. They gave us the story they wanted to tell. If we didn’t like it, tough

    I was one Of those that didn’t like the ending, was left unsatisfied on the lack of answers and felt I had wasted 6 years watching the show.

    That said, I accept what they gave us and have moved on. I don’t feel it’s our place to rewrite it or basically say what they should have done differently.

    I feel that re-writing the ending is basically throwing dirt in the faces of the writers/producers, saying what they gave us isn’t good enough and saying you could have done better.

    I’m not trying to pick a fight or anything, and this post is in response to other rewrites I’ve seen online, not just yours. But I just wanted to express how I felt about stuff like that.

  16. chris in seattle says:

    hey mattfromnd & greenberry-

    thanks so much for the feedback. i just wanted to pass on that i’ve finally taken the plunge and joined facebook & started a fan-fic tab in the discussion.

    i’d love to discuss any and all ideas over there.

    thanks again to ryan & jen for hosting this amazing site!

  17. chris in seattle says:

    now it seems like we’re really at the end.

    no more season 6 release to wait for. no more epilog.

    really. truly. the end.

    hows everyone holding up as we move on to a new season in the world and on tv, the first post LOST?

    maybe the only new thing to look forward to is The TRANSMISSION!

    and then its thud.

  18. greenberry says:

    Yes ~ so sad….. nice to see you over on the discussion board!

  19. Bonita in Atlanta says:

    Hi Chris,
    welcome to us lingerers, (whisperers?) – the YAE not ready to move on yet.
    Maybe we need the new Man in Charge to help us Transition from the Transmission ……

  20. Bonita in Atlanta says:

    FYI – The fringe podcast at just posted an episode reviewing LOST that opens with 10 minutes of audio clips from the Series. Go check it out. Episode is 2. 108. Posted on Sunday, Sept 12th or Monday the 13th.

  21. JayJay says:

    When is this last podcast coming out? It’s kinda lost it’s appeal by now. I need to move on, but I won’t until I get my last fix of the transmission.

  22. Russell in Raleigh says:

    I think Ryan and Jen are holding out until the last Podcast starts to be referred to as the “lost last Lost Podcast.”

  23. Ryan says:

    Sorry, JayJay. We make a little more progress each week. Last week I got through all the voicemail messages. This week, emails and blog posts. The last track from “The Others LOST Band” is in, so hopefully it won’t be too much longer.

    But if it never happens, I imagine not many people will be surprised. Letting go is indeed harder than we imagined.

  24. greenberry says:

    @Ryan ~ we are all better for having met you and Jen through this site, and having been treated for years to your comprehensive write-ups and podcasts, and lastly to this precious gathering spot to share our common love of LOST…. I’m so happy you organized a way on Facebook for us hard-cores to stay in touch, for any of us interested to do so on the wonderful Transmission page and Discussion board.

    If that last podcast makes its way to the airwaves, it will be the cherry on top!

  25. Embie says:

    @ Ryan, JayJay, greenberry – I think we all have enjoyed the ride, and even those of us who think they are good at finishing things and being organized will admit that wrapping things up is the hardest step. It’s possible I’m speaking only of myself here, but I think not. I’ve been rewatching Season Four, There’s No Place Like Home, and it’s fascinating to see how many meanings we can take for that word “home.” I won’t make a list. But for me one of the places I think of as home is The Transmission. Betcha I’m not alone in that.

  26. greenberry says:

    @ Embie ~~ Well expressed!

  27. Bonita in Atlanta says:

    Amen, Embie.
    See YAE on Facebook

  28. Ryan says:

    We’re still not ready to let go, but we’ve climbed a few more steps closer to the white light. Today we set our list of favorite episodes and moments from the entire series. Subject to frequent second guessing and changes, of course.

  29. greenberry says:


  30. Carol from Boston says:

    Ryan, It sounds like it is difficult to break down all the information into a 1-2 hour transmission. I can see why that would be a problem. It’s so hard to find a starting point when you have so much stuff to go through and organize. May I suggest two podcasts, one with just you and Jen and another with YAE. I am not trying to make your life harder just trying to make you have to deal with less editing. Whatever you come up with we will enjoy. Don’t put pressure on yourself. It’s supposed to be fun!

  31. chris in seattle says:

    Coming to the Transmission is like watching a flower bloom. It is a slow and lovely process.

    Good luck as you power on Ryan, Jen, and all the YAE-verse.

  32. Mattfromnd says:

    Time for me to move on.

    Tired of waiting for a podcast that seems like it’s never going to come.

    Ready to move on from lost. Enjoyed the ride, enjoyed the podcasts and discussion with you all everybody.

    But i decided to move on. See you all everybody in another life.

  33. Chris says:

    Just like head cheerleader Jeff Jensen, Ryan and Jen cannot make a final podcast because there is nothing profound to say about the end of the show – Other than how Cuse and Lindelof thumbed their noses at every single hardcore Lost fan with that Titanic rip-off of an ending.

  34. Embie says:

    I don’t agree. I think there’s lots to say. I’ve been thinking about Jack and exploring the complex emotions of someone who just needed to fix things, and who couldn’t accept (couldn’t even see, most of the time) that there were things he couldn’t fix.

    And then the deep well of sadness that was tapped in him when he finally got that. Aging and death and life’s hardships will bring this realization to all of us eventually, if we live long enough. Exempted are those who continue in the words of Dylan Thomas to “rage rage against the dying of the light.” In my view, denial isn’t particularly helpful when you have to move on. But it’s hard to come to acceptance. The SW and particularly The End were necessary for Jack’s understanding.

    Interested to hear responses from others!

  35. Russell in Raleigh says:

    Hi Ryan and Jen.
    Have not given up on the last podcast. If you could give us an update or an eta that would be great.
    I really appreciate all of the work you’ve put into the transmission.

  36. chris says:

    For me, my LOST experience will not be over until I hear the last Transmission podcast. I come back week after week to get an update. Please post or put us out of our misery!

  37. Ryan says:

    Sorry to keep you waiting. If you’re subscribed to our podcast in iTunes, you’ll get it as soon as we post it, without having to check the blog!

  38. greenberry says:

    @ Embie~~ I had hoped to see some myriad responses to your thoughtful post; I think many of us mss the days of rapid-fire refreshing conversation…

    Acceptance, on many levels, is an ongoing personal struggle, but aging does indeed aid its embrace! Pure and healthy growth is the most beautiful thing I can think of!

  39. Matt from Kansas CIty says:

    Still waiting. Hope to hear from you soon.

  40. Embie says:

    @greenberry – I too miss the conversation.

  41. JayJay says:

    Bethshady from the tailend podcast said that they plan on being the last ever podcast about Lost. Anyone else who dares make a podcast after them, will be knocked off as they will attempt to record another podcast to ultimately be the last.

  42. Mattfromnd says:

    I find it hilarious people are still waiting around for this podcast.

    Clearly they’ve forgotten about it and don’t care anymore.

    Move on.

  43. Ryan says:

    @Embie, @greenberry: I miss the conversation as well, but there’s no shortage of chatter and camaraderie elsewhere. Heaps of “LOST” fans and listeners are on Twitter and Facebook, still sharing stories and the like. And I do check in on the Facebook page discussions now and then as well.

    @JayJay: That sounds like a challenge we might actually be able to win. Must strategize…

    @MattfromND: I find it hilarious that you come by after saying you’ve moved on, merely to tell us that you find it hilarious that others haven’t. But if it makes you feel better, we’re happy to have provided some amusement.

  44. greenberry says:

    Ryan ~ LOL re: hilarity & amusement (I was thinking this too) ~~ the Transmission Facebook Discussion page (and new FB friends) has been great; I don’t do Twitter or other sites…

    I’ve just recently started watching S1s of both Fringe & Carnivale upon recommendation from LOST fans, and I regularly learn about great music and other pertinent events or musings from this sensitive intelligent fanbase ~ you and Jen have opened up my world considerably!

  45. Mattfromnd says:

    I came by to see if by some miracle it had actually been posted.

  46. Russell in Raleigh says:

    @ Mattfromnd, it appears you moved on for almost 10 hours before coming back again.

  47. BillyTwigs says:

    Aloha Ryan & Jen —
    Cannot wait for your podcast! — Actually I can. I’ll just keep checking hourly. 🙂
    We just made it to Oahu (We were on the RSVP cruise of the Hawaiian Islands) and went on the Kos LOST Tour. We had a blast. I fell in love with the valley at Kualoa Ranch. What a beautiful place — in a beautiful state!
    Love you guys!

  48. Joey says:

    Are we going to be getting a last and final podcast?? I check everyday for a new update!!!

  49. Ryan says:

    You will, Joey! But you might want to simply subscribe to our show in iTunes, connect with us on Twitter, or join the Facebook page, where you’ll know when it arrives without having to check here!

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