Season Six and Complete Series DVD Release

Today brings the much-anticipated release of “LOST: Season Six” on DVD (or Blu-Ray) and “LOST: The Complete Collection” on DVD (or Blu-Ray). The release brings what could be the last twelve minutes of the six-year “LOST” story with “The New Man in Charge,” a 12-minute epilogue showing a glimpse of what followed the final fade to white we saw in May. Of course, the discs include a ton of special features and other extras.

We’d love to hear your thoughts on the epilogue, as well as the other goodies unleashed on “LOST” fans today. When we finally release our final podcast, we’ll be sure to include some discussion of this awesome material. Meanwhile, be sure to catch the Emmy Awards on Sunday, Aug. 29, which will be broadcast on NBC at 8 p.m. ET/5 p.m. PT. “LOST” and its cast and crew are up for an impressive twelve nominations.

Finally, another invitation to join us on Facebook. Over on our page’s “Discussions” tab, a number of fun conversations among fellow fans and friends.

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172 Responses to Season Six and Complete Series DVD Release

  1. Chris says:

    Why bother? No one is talking about this show now. It is so telling to me how 99% of the fandom of Lost has already faded away. As they say its not how you start, its how you finish. Lost could have been one of those shows that gets talked about for years. Its truly terrible hack of an ending just puts this in the category of ‘Had Potential’ that many shows over the years have ended up joining.

    If you, Ryan and Jen, loved this show SO much over the years why haven’t you YET put out your final thoughts? I think its just like Jeff Jensen, when it comes down to it you really don’t know what to say.

    At least you are not doing a Jay and Jack and refusing to let go of your nerd quasi-celebrity by rehashing the series all over again. Ugh.

  2. Ryan says:

    Chris, if you’re so clearly disinterested, why even bother taking the time to return here just to harp on us or other fans (or other podcasts)? You’ve now invested considerable time and energy over several months to say how unhappy you are with “LOST,” which frankly seems much more ridiculous than a delayed podcast and a few friends and dedicated fans that are keeping in touch.

  3. chris in seattle says:

    I for one have been happily checking in with the Transmission as I would an old friend. I have loved and valued all the hard work, great analysis and focus Ryan & Jen have given out. They have sharpened my LOST ideas and fostered an amazing environment of exploration.

    Things change, sure, and life gets busy.

    But the idea that there is a reunion ahead gives me hope and peace.

    Sure. We don’t all have the same constant of weekly interactions we once did. But as the holidays approach I am reminded of how strong a role Lost & The Transmission had on my life. And I revel in the fact that somewhere down the line there will be at least one more chance to connect and enjoy each others company.

    I have loved the ride. And it will take as long as it takes to reconnect. But that is okay in my book, because friends are always welcome.

    All the best,
    (in Seattle)

  4. JayJay says:

    I’m still waiting on the podcast from the ODI. He says he’s recorded the content, and he needs to edit it. I think that’s ridiculous. I few of his ex-fans have told him to just release the recordings, we don’t mind if it’s rough. We just like to know what their thoughts were, and I agree. But he insists not to release anything.

  5. greenberry says:

    L O S T meant/ means so much to me ~~ whenever I take the time to rewatch it, I know I will gain new insights ~~ the themes of goodness (or not), parental issues, survival and choices are all timeless.

    I never had particular expectations for the ending or needed ‘answers’ to any mysteries. I was sad that our Losties were all dead at the conclusion with gaping holes between when we saw them last in life, but the ending was so poignant and beautiful I came to accept it. The truth of how certain people are put in our lives to help us grow and love more fully really resonates. That is the plane upon which I embrace Lost.

  6. Embie says:

    @ greenberry – which plane would that be? Oceanic 815 or Ajira 316? Anyway, I want a seat and I hope Hugo hasn’t bought them all.

  7. greenberry says:

    Ha ha = I was definitely thinking of that reference as I wrote that!

  8. Seth says:

    It’s my honour to make the 108th comment on this post.

    I love you Ryan and Jen! Hope you find your way back to us soon. As taller ghost Walt would say, you still have work to do!

  9. John in SJ says:

    I’ll follow up on Seth’s comment…. You still have work to do – so please come forth with the last podcast.

    I am one of the ones devistated by the poor ending to (what could have been) one of the greatest television series ever. Due to the bad way it ended, and leaving so many stones unturned – it will never reach that status. Trully a shame.

    I hope to God, ABC is as greedy as I think they are and they will come back with L2 – the adventures of Hurley and Ben – picking up where the last minutes in the mini-van left off. Honestly, is there anyone that would not ‘go back’ for a chance to see what happened after Jack???

    Millions of disgruntled viewers will flock back to their tv screens, putting many more millions in ABC’s pockets. Its a marriage made in heaven!

  10. David P says:

    Such a shame that Lost ended with such a sputter. I’m convinced now that the writers really didn’t know where the show was headed at the beginning and had written themselves into too many corners. What of Walt being special? What of the vaccine? What of … of, forget it. Too many loose ends and a cop-out ending turn Lost into Twin Peaks 2.0.

  11. Russell in Raleigh says:

    Ryan and Jenn,

    You have to go back!
    (and finish the final podcast)

  12. sunnyside says:

    Ryan and jenn,
    Can we please have an update about the final podcast?

  13. Ryan says:

    Thanks for checking in, Seth, John, Russell and Sunnyside. We’re looking at a hail-mary recording session next week to make a dorky Christmas treat of sorts, but failing that, I’m taking the last week of 2010 off from work. We totally want to reminisce about “LOST” one last time, and delaying into the new year would be ridiculous (but not beyond us). We’d rather use 2011 for our fresh start on another goofy show.

  14. sunnyside says:

    Thank you Ryan & Jenn!!!!! I am sooooo looking forward to it!!!!

  15. greenberry says:


  16. Willywill says:

    Yes Jen and Ryan………. still waiting for your last “Lost” podcast and REALLY looking forward to it. You guys are definitely the BEST!!! 😉 😉

  17. BillyTwigs says:

    Hi, Ryan & Jen and everyone,
    I jumped up and down when Hawaii 5-O used Penny’s boat The Searcher in the most recent episode, Hana ‘a’a Makehewa, — the Christmas episode! Hope you saw it! Daniel Dae Kim boarded the boat. It was great!
    Hope you all have a great, happy, safe holiday!

  18. Bonita in Atlanta says:

    Glad I stopped by on a whim before heading off for Winter break tomorrow. R&J and YAE – Happy, Merry WinterSolstice celebrations.

    I’ve missed this place so much!


  19. Chris says:

    People who are STILL waiting for the last Lost podcast are pretty pathetic IMO.

  20. Ryan says:

    If so, people who go out of their way to stop by to be a jerk are doubly so. Merry Christmas to you too, Chris!

  21. Embie says:

    Many things can still be said about LOST, and I for one am looking forward to your podcast, even if the timing works out to be an Easter egg. So many beautiful moments and turnings of the characters – my favorite of the moment being the exchange between Ben and Ilana when he said he was going with Locke because he was the only one who would have him, and then after a beat or two Ilana said she’d have him. Then we witness the hangdog Ben as outsider trying to be useful and not being sccepted at least at first.
    Maybe it’s not Dante, but it’s still quite a story, and I still love it, and the conversation.
    So, enjoy your holiday, and I hope to get to Hawaii sometime in this lifetime.
    Namaste, happy solstice, and mahalo to all of YAE!

  22. chris in seattle says:

    It’s wonderful to see so many good people still here. As we move away from the show we are all left with the network & community that came together even if LOST is at an end.

    Someday there is going to be more LOST. Tron returns decades later. Star Trek took years to re-emerge. They’re even looking to Re-Boot Buffy. Whatever the form, there will be more.

    Clearly there is a lot of emotion still out there about LOST. Not all of it’s good, but overall this forum has been a place for GOOD conversation. So while the ‘LAST’ podcast is off coming into being, it’s good to know that THE TRANSMISSION is still a place to come together.

    I do think having some time and stepping away from the specifics of the show are a good thing. This last podcast is about ALL of Lost. Which is a huge undertaking. It’s not about any specific season or question, yet its kind of about all of them. And about what Lost MEANS. Really, that is a challenge. And maybe that’s part of what is difficult in finding a structure and form for The Transmission Podcast.

    But sometimes it takes that time and space to be able to see something better. And to see it as a whole.

    So I will happily keep dropping by. Because I have always found the conversation here so enlightening, interesting and just plain fun.

    All the best to everyone out there.

    And hang in there Ryan & Jen.

  23. greenberry says:

    Ben: “I’m sorry, John. I’m sorry for what I did to you. I was angry; selfish. I wanted everything you had.”

    Locke: “What did I have?”

    Ben: “You were special. And I wasn’t.”

    Locke: “Well, if it helps, I forgive you.”

    Ben: “Thank-you, John. It does help.”

  24. Seth says:

    While I think season six was easily the weakest season overall (which is a real shame) I absolutely loved ‘The End’. Just putting that out there. Not everyone hated it.

  25. John in SJ says:

    Ryan, any update on the final podcast? Soon?

  26. greenberry says:

    Just started rewatching S6 ~ it feels like sitting down with old friends. And of course, it’s all so much clearer now.

  27. Ryan says:

    Sorry, John. We missed yet another self imposed deadline. We were on the Big Island last week, I’m planning for a trip to Korea next week… I wish I lived in the flash-sideways, where there’s no “now” to worry about! Our Big Island trip included a visiting “LOST” fan, at least, and she scolded us soundly for our tardiness.

    Regardless of what doubters have said, we are committed to a last show, at this point likely a year-later retrospective if anything. But it means a lot that at least a couple of you ask about it now and then!

  28. John in SJ says:

    “A year-later'” retrospective? Can you throw out a date? An estimated date?

    Also, in your circles have there been any rumors at all about a sequel – which would begin when walt gets into the bus with Hurley and Ben?

  29. BillyTwigs says:

    I check back daily, Ryan. (I’m not on Facebook.)
    I miss Lost.
    I miss you & Jen & the fun podcasts.
    And I miss the Hawaiian Islands. LETTING GO on the bonus disk of the COMPLETE Collection brought tears to my eyes with all the footage of Oahu. So beautiful.
    I think — I have to go back!
    And about the podcast, whatever happens happens.
    Take care.

  30. Ryan says:

    Checking back daily isn’t healthy! (And staying off Facebook is also probably a good thing.) We’ve really been enjoying the emails and Twitter posts and messages about where we all were a year ago. Several rewatches are still going strong. We miss the show but love that many of our fellow fans are still connecting and reminiscing.

    Indeed, spending several days exploring the Big Island with a fan that we first met when she was here for the “Sunset on the Beach” premiere (and who joined us on our one-time location tour) was a perfect example of how special the “LOST” fan community is.

    Throwing out a date just invites more grumps to come by and laugh at us when we miss it, John, so we’ll just continue to say soon. I’ve heard nothing about a sequel, and while I might be in the minority, I’d be happy if “The End” (and not even “The New Man In Charge”) was the last chapter of “LOST.”

  31. greenberry says:

    Yes, “The End” should be “The End” ~~ even though I would love more footage of Kate and Sawyer’s lives. I guess they wandered around grumpy, waiting to ultimately reunite in death with Jack and Juliette? Yuck.

    Any more word on a Emerson/ O’Quinn TV combo?

  32. John in SJ says:

    Ok Ryan. I can hold my breath a long time… As long as needed to get some closure – which hopefully will come with your last podcast. Because the show certainly did not.

    And again, If I am an ABC exec and am thinking dollars like I am paid to – a 3 season commitment to ‘an ed’ would bring back each and every LOST fan – even the grumpy ones like me….

  33. Bonita in Atlanta says:

    Hi Ryan,
    I’m on Season 2 rewatch. how can I pull the old podcasts on to my Itunes? Can you post something over at the Facebook page to help us rewatchers?

  34. Bonita in Atlanta says:

    Hooray for me. I figured out how to save it and then import it.

    BTW – didn’t you guys do a season 2 rewatch one summer between season 3 and 4 or 4 and 5? Can you direct me to which archive that is located in? Thanks!

  35. Dave in Philly says:

    LOOONG time listener, first time anything-er

    I know it’s long overdue, but I will say that I still wish I had called in during (at least) the final season.

    I still have your podcast in my subscriptions…

    …and it’s probably unhealthy to anticipate anything this long, but I can’t wait.
    No LOST episode was complete until i got my R&J analysis. I always went back and rewatched the episodes with new eyes, seeing the little bits I missed.

    I can’t bring myself to watch the reruns, but I am looking forward to the final Transmission wrap up. Hopefully sooner than later.

    Thanks for all the work you did for the LOST community for so long, and just know you were a fixture in many people’s lives for a very long time. It was like a conversation with friends & family after every episode. The Transmission will be missed.

  36. Ryan says:

    Bonita, we did half of Season 2 in 2005-2006, then went back to finish it in 2008-2009. But even I’m still trying to track down where all our archives are, and fear some episodes may be lost forever!

    I’ve been keeping a spreadsheet of the files I know of, so hopefully it’ll help you grab the ones you’re looking for:


  37. BillyTwigs says:

    Don’t want to jump the gun, but I might have the old Transmission podcasts. Not sure but I believe I saved (nearly) all of them.
    If there are any you can’t find, E-mail me. I have them all in one place.
    Bill Branch

  38. Ryan says:

    Thanks, Bill! I’ll be in touch!

  39. Bonita in Atlanta says:

    Thanks Ryan! That helps. Hope to hear more from y’all soon,

  40. Rich in Cleveland says:

    “Maybe that can happen, but you’ll have to be very, very patient.”

    I for one continue to maintain the vigil at my remote listening post waiting for the final transmission.

  41. Ryan says:

    “We found it.” We’re not dead yet. Though in recent weeks we’ve completely changed our computer setup. Heaven knows what anything will sound like at this point.

  42. chris in seattle says:

    Oh, the sweet music of your voices will sound perfect for a long winter (or spring) night.

  43. John in SJ says:

    Its been a month since the last update. Do we have any new ones? To fill the void I have begin listening to the final season’s podcasts…

  44. Ryan says:

    Thanks for checking in, John. Come on over to the Facebook page where we’ll periodically post things, as well as hear from other fellow “LOST” fans. The “Discussion” tab has a few threads going about other shows (not that we’d condone cheating on “LOST,” but lean times call for desperate measures!).

  45. BillyTwigs says:

    Aloha, Ryan & Jen,
    You and Hawaii — & everyone having to deal with the earthquake and its aftermath — are in my thoughts & prayers.
    Be safe.
    All my best.

  46. John in SJ says:

    It may be time. Ryan, honest answer – I won’t begrudge you for it. Will there every be a final Lost podcast? I have been checking back every other week in hopes of seeing it. If not, just let my know and I will delete it from my favorites…. Thx.

  47. Ryan says:

    There will, John, there will. But as I’ve said for a while, checking back here will only lead to heartbreak! If you let us lie fallow in your podcast software, or just make sure you’re connected with us on Facebook, you’ll know when the time comes!

    We do turn up in other podcasts and fora now and then. For example, we just participated in Jay & Jack’s marathon podcast benefit for Autism Speaks. There’s a thriving community of “LOST” fans on Facebook, Twitter, and other platforms besides our little blog podcast, and we’re happy to be a part of it.

  48. willywill in I says:


    I, too, still have you saved in my bookmarks………. so……. I’m glad to see this. Thanks and take care, you and Jen


  49. Mattfromnd says:

    Quick question. Whatever happened to the popspotting podcast you guys were talking about doing? Did that get lost in the shuffle just like this “final podcast” did?

  50. Ryan says:

    Still “in development,” yes. We can send you a button if you send us your address, though!

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