Season Six and Complete Series DVD Release

Today brings the much-anticipated release of “LOST: Season Six” on DVD (or Blu-Ray) and “LOST: The Complete Collection” on DVD (or Blu-Ray). The release brings what could be the last twelve minutes of the six-year “LOST” story with “The New Man in Charge,” a 12-minute epilogue showing a glimpse of what followed the final fade to white we saw in May. Of course, the discs include a ton of special features and other extras.

We’d love to hear your thoughts on the epilogue, as well as the other goodies unleashed on “LOST” fans today. When we finally release our final podcast, we’ll be sure to include some discussion of this awesome material. Meanwhile, be sure to catch the Emmy Awards on Sunday, Aug. 29, which will be broadcast on NBC at 8 p.m. ET/5 p.m. PT. “LOST” and its cast and crew are up for an impressive twelve nominations.

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172 Responses to “Season Six and Complete Series DVD Release”

  1. chris in seattle says:

    Hello again YAE!

    Ah. Nice to be back. Actually, never really left.

    SO I just watched the Epilog & have mixed feelings.

    Part of me loved it. It was something NEW from Lost. It gave us those precious answers, and felt just like a visit with some old friends.

    Sure, it seemed a bit like a checklist for fans, but I was one of those folks that kinda wanted a checklist. Does 12 minutes unravel or reveal 6 years worth of mysteries? I don’t know.

    But I look at the Epilog as a gift. Its a lovely sentiment which I value.

    Though I suspect for those of us that combed the depths searching for answers we have already constructed our own answers for a lot of these questions, or filled in the gaps. I know thats one of the reasons I have been so consistently re-working the ideas of the show.

  2. Bonita in Atlanta says:

    I just realized my Amazon preorder won’t arrive until next week! boo hoo.

    I’ll have to wait it out, see y’all next week.

  3. LReene says:

    For me, if it would have been 36 minutes instead of 12, it might have meant more. I do think it shed some additional light though on Dharma Drops.

    The “Room 23” stuff…… I’m even MORE confused. According to the Epilog, Room 23 was used by Dharma to brainwash “The Others”. So why were “The Others” using it on Carl in the actual show? And why would Dharma be telling the Others “God Loves you as he loved Jacob”.

    Like I said, I’m now even more confused.

  4. Barb in Maryland says:

    Are you kidding me?! I waited that long for that little bit of epilog? I wanted to see what Walt does on the island! The show’s over and they still have to tease with answers that just bring more questions!!!!!!???? Arg I say. ARRGHHHH.

    Better than nothing though.

  5. Hum… The hydra station is the first one to get a video? Yet they talk about the Orchid? But we have seen that when the Orchid is being digged Chang is recording a video (with an Alias) for the Arrow… and is surpised by the discover of the wheel. But maybe they had plan to build the Orchid, the first video got leaked (maybe why he is so angry before recording this second video) and Chang would have been surprised that someone came to use the Orchid before him with a wheel…
    It does explain many things! The lamppost and why it was still on, the food drop, the “gestation problem” when electromagnetism is too present (maybe like… after the Incident?), the traking neckless around the polar bear in Tunisia and how Widmore might have known where the “exit” was, how Walt is special…

    Well… some new Lost stuff with Ben, Chang, Hurley and Walt… how could I not be happy? Explaining some stuff we thought we guessed and helping us on things we were not sure off… It didn’t answered all the questions that’s for sure (like… Walt? Why was he talking backward and wet while the the Whispers were there, or why he told John “you have work to do” (but I guess if we think MIB said that to Vincent about Jack then he might have looked like Walt (but then what was the “he has to be dead” about?))) but it was just great to go back in the Lost universe in 10min… Dharma stations and Asylium. A good sum up.

    Looking forward to hear you again guys and I will be there for Popspotting (but right now I am writing my thesis and it is taking a lot of my time)

    @LReene: the room 23 is used to “whipe the memory” after questionning. If Karl was kept there long enough he might forgot about Alex then Ben would have been happy… Just an Idea.
    And “God loves you has he LOVED Jacob” always made me wonder if it was meant that Jacob was “bad”… a subliminal message you might want the “Hostile” who fought in his name to take home.

  6. I forgot to say: Very very fan centred and very well written in that purpose… “Tie up a few loose end” “We deserve answers”. It is a 10min video but I don’t think a single line of dialogue is wasted… but in that regard you really can tell that it is a video made for the fans.

  7. LReene says:

    Yep, I agree Yann, all the way around. It was VERY good to see and very well presented. And I see what you mean on the “memory wipe”.

  8. lucydog says:

    i loved every minute of it. especially WAALLLTTT!

    I believe this answer some of the questions people had. Like why wasn’t Walt in the church—cause he was on the island taking over for hurley…it answers the issues people had with Michael’s spirit being trapped on the island—maybe somehow walt’s presence there will lead him to peace…it answers why walt was special and hints at why ben took him in the first place.

    I enjoyed the earlier part as well…

    oddly, i only wish they had included this in the finale.

    but great job. God, I miss lost… (and all of you!)

  9. Elizabeth says:

    I thought the epilogue was very well done and answered a lot of questions. Sadly, it just highlighted once again that every choice John Locke made was a bad one: he chose to leave Walt behind and poor Walt ended up feeling lost and alone in a mental institution.

    And why wasn’t Malcolm David Kelley in the credits?

  10. aaron r says:

    hey gang. nothing much to say at the moment, just happy to have reason to come here again. YAE!

  11. MLE in Colorado says:

    I haven’t watched it yet and with 5 kids starting school we just can’t afford it…so It may be Christmas before I get a chance, but I have just missed you guys so much I had to stop by and say, “Hi!” I hope this finds you well. I enjoyed your comicon podcasts.

  12. Carol from Boston says:

    MLE- the “new man in charge” is on you tube, you can view it there.

    So far I am really enjoying the extras. The new man in charge gave me chills and of course now I want a spin off Hurley/Ben/Walt series.

    Of course the segment has brought up several questions for me

    1. If the dharma closed 20 years ago who was funding the supplies and paying the warehouse workers? Was the computer on selfautomation or was Ben controlling it.

    2. If Dharma knew the electromagnetism caused pregnancy problems did Ben give this info to Juliet to work with? Because I thought she was supposedly trying to find out why it happenend so she could fix it.

    Did you all notice the Hurley Bird under the blanket in the cage behind Pierre Chang in the orientation video, when he talks about animal experimentation and birds, you can hear it saying “hurley”.

    I loved Ben getting Walt and bringing him back to the island, just wish we knew why Walt was “special”. Walt looked so sad at Santa Rosa. No idea of why he would be there since he was from NY though.

    Lastly, how did the Dharma Van get on the mainland? I was fully expecting it to take them magically to the island, perhaps a ride off into the night like Chitty Chitty Bang Bang. ๐Ÿ™‚

    Well it’s good to be “Carol from Boston” again and discussing Lost on the Transmission. I’ve missed it. Hopefully more people will come and discuss the dvd/blu-rays.

  13. @Carol: 1-the Others taking charge of the Dharma… having Dharma supplies might have been a plus. So I guess they took the money (and we know Ben has a lot in different changes) and payed those guys (just like they pretended Dharma was still there in the Swan). Ben says the computer was in automatic and noone was there (yet “Other” Hawkin was there… so he might have lied to dodge this question)
    2-Probably… especially since Juliet has been working at the Hydra
    Yep… Hurley dna changed bird… Really fan service this one.
    The “van” magicaly moving is a theory… one explaining how Jacob left and came back to the Island without boat or submarine…

    Geronimo Jack’s Beard is up… some infos, answers (who shoot the boat in season5, is mib Samuel (answer: no), how was Jacob so closed to Illana…) and body noises… always nice.
    Jorge should have been nominated on the Emmys!!!

  14. Paulo from Portugal says:


    I liked the epilogue, but I wanted more especially about Walt.

    I guess no matter how long they could have made the epilogue, it would never be enough for me.

    The dialogue on the dharma warehouse was excellent.

  15. aaron r says:

    missed hearing from you Yann. you always have such well thought out ideas.

    my face couldn’t hurt more, from grinning, if i spent a week on Oahu. i am truly impressed with the amount of information that was covered in the epilogue. i’m restraining myself from talking about specifics, presuming some of us haven’t seen it yet.

    well, i’ve read a few posts above (Carol from Boston) so i guess we’ll talk specifics.

    honestly, was anyone else surprised that Ben didn’t just shoot the two guys? i kept waiting for it…

  16. aaron r says:

    @LReene (hehe) i think we all agree that it could have been two hours or two days, we’d be fine with it. since this is probably the last new Lost ever, they could “play all night” as far as i’m concerned.

  17. greenberry says:

    Yay ~ I finally caught the epilogue (on Youtube) ~~ very fun!! but also kind of sad and odd ~~ I’m glad that Walt’s life will finally improve ~~ he seems so LOST! Can anyone let me know what the line is that Walt says which is followed by Ben apologizing to him saying he’s “sorry about that” or something like that. I tried twice to catch it to no avail.

    It was very disconcerting to see Ben as a truly transformed and good person with no ill-motives. Was it you, Aaron, that said you thought Ben could kill those two at any moment? lol. His sincerity almost felt odd. Yet, he was still (Type-A) impatient. So that hasn’t changed.

    The transfer to DVD was funny ~~ bringing the island info into current times ~~ must watch the epi a few more times to catch all

    Where’s Kate and James???!!! That’s what I’d love to see!!

  18. @greenberry: Walt asked Ben if he has come to kidnap him again… that is why Ben apologise doing that.
    I said that Ben might have lied about “no one working in the lamppost” but I guess he meant no one from Dharma… Come to think about it, I never seen Ben giving straight answers so many time in so few minutes! Coming from someone who told Jack that his mother teached him how to read… I am sure that in some episodes he doesn’t tell a single truth (well… Henry Gale anyone?)
    Just noticed that Ben’s mother is Michael Emerson wife (True Blood!)! How Eudipian!
    I noticed that the cool thing between Lost fan is naming the next shows we should watch. So I will name some of them: Scifi/mysteries: 1-Babylon5 (just watching the show after hearing about it… it is really great and has a mood that can fit the Lost universe) 2-The Prisonners (that’s old, that’s wierd… you all know I think it is the best show ever) 3-Fringe (JJ did it again, and this time they seem to know where there going… first few episodes are not so great but once the mythology starts to build itself up it’s great) 4-True Blood (fun fun fun… but don’t watch with the kids!) 5-Ok… the real new Lost on TV (people alone in a new envirement, intrigue, flashback…) it is going to surprise you: Stargate Universe (this show has nothing to do with the other Stargate, it is really dark… but after seeing the first season I can tell they tried to do Lost “in space)
    Shows about characters: 1-Breaking Bad (amazing)
    Ok… that’s a lot of shows so I will stop there (and not say that Flashforward was great eventually… to bad, House is always a complicated and funny show and that this last season was more psychologic than ever, Law and Orders , CSIs, NCISs those are fun but more like having one when you turn on the TV (it is like one everyday in france… it is distracting but other shows are far better!), Scrubs, Buffy, Firefly… Ok I stop.

  19. Mattfromnd says:

    I actually saw the epilogue when it was leaked online a couple weeks ago. Agree that it was basically fan service, nothing. Chang’s line about not wanting to have to use aliases in the future was beyond cheesy.

    But I really wasn’t expecting much out of it anyone, so I thought it was fine.

    As for the other special features, can’t comment on those myself, since I haven’t gotten season 6 yet. I’m doing an Alias rewatch(second fave show) right now. So I decided to hold off on buying for awhile.

  20. Carol from Boston says:

    @Yann – I am watching s2 of Fringe now, and I am enjoying it. I loved Buffy, Angel and Firefly. I gave Dollhouse a chance but couldn’t get into it. I enjoy NCIS but haven’t liked NCIS LA very much. Scrubs is a favorite too. Have you tried Veronica Mars, that is a fun show, the first season is the best.

    @Mattfromnd – I haven’t seen Allias yet, one of my shows to get to one day. Are you planning to watch “undercovers”?

    @greenberry – Ben might be a “good guy” now but even while doing good you can’t really change his nature much, he still wants to be in control. He still thinks he is smarter than everyone else.

  21. Carol from Boston says:

    @Matt if you look at the dvd extra titles and search on you tube you can probably find most of the extras there.

  22. greenberry says:

    I would prefer an answer to the question of why Sun ended up in the present, while the other Losties ended up 30 years in the past.

    Did we ever decide why that was?

    After just re-watching “Whatever happened happened” (an excellent episode; Season 5 really picks up after the nosebleeds stop) ~ it again made me yearn for more of Kate and James and Cassidy and Clementine (and Aaron) ~ alas

  23. Mattfromnd says:

    When they planning the return to the island, Eloise said they needed to recreate the original flight as closely as possible or the results might not be what they want.

    Can’t remember the exact wording she used and it was kind of vague on what they had to do, but I believe that’s the answer to sun ending up in the present.

  24. greenberry says:

    @matt ~ that sounds right… plus it was a convenient writing tool!

  25. Bonita in Atlanta says:

    @Lreene, I think Ben said he put Carl in Room 23 so that Carl would “forget” Alex and keep her from getting pregnant.

  26. @greenberry: Or Kwan meant Jin and only the candidates moved back in time (and John being dead he didn’t)

  27. Amaia says:

    Hi YAE! Well, I have just opened a post about the epilogue on Facebook. Well, it is great to see new things about Lost, it’s even greater see Ben being the star of “The New Man in Charge” but like I said here after the last episode we could solve the unanswered question and this 12 minutes only gave us two things I knew, the electromagnetism was that created the problem with pregnant women (I knew it!!!) and the polar bears were part of the experiment (who didn’t know this??).

    But, we had Walt, nice to see him, the new protector of the Island, oh and the thing of the hostiles but, natives from the Island?

  28. Bonita in Atlanta says:

    @ Carol – I caught he “Hurley” Bird, too

    In the deleted scenes I thought Claires dialogue with UnLock helped me to like her character more. Otherwise the deletes would’ve added little.

    Since I never owned LOST until now I am eager to go back and catch the Special Features: Any suggestions?

    My two biggest complaints about the Complete Collectors Set so far:

    The special Features are not written in the “Book”. You have to put the discs in to find what’s on them beyond the episodes.

    What is up with the game included. Game pieces, a board but no rules? I guess we get to make them up?

    For balance, two things I love about the Complete Collectors set:

    Very cool, packaging: the pyramid shape, the Island “picture” under the lid.

    No more waiting for Netflix. IT’s Mine! ๐Ÿ™‚

  29. Bonita in Atlanta says:

    @ Yann – I think you have the best explanation about why Sun didn’t go back in time. It may be why they deleted a scene where Ilana is specifically told Sun is a candidate and had to be protected.

  30. Carol from Boston says:

    @Bonita- did you find the hidden disc? What’s on it?

    There are no contents with any of the blu ray sets and that drives me crazy, I went through 4 discs before finding the epilogue.

    You are right about including a game without directions, another mystery of Lost I suppose.

    @Yann- re: time flashing and “Candidates” Kate was no longer a candidate so why did she flash? Weird when you think that Myles lived with himself as a baby and was probably there when he was born. Since the baby was less than a year old in the third year of his living there.

    @bonita – I wish I had thought ahead to a complete set before buying all the other seasons in Dec when they were on sale at Amazon. I agree about Claire and Locke’s deleted scene, I remember Jorge mentioning that in his podcast when the episode aired, they should have left it in as it made her being away by herself a lot more sense. Enjoy your new treasure!!

  31. annie says:

    I didn’t get two of the dvd features listed on the box… 815 a crash course and audio commentary on the finale??? anyone else have that problem?

  32. LReene says:

    @Carol – I would imagine that the Senet game included with the 6 season set is probably meant to not have any directions or “rules”. As MIB said in “Acoss The Sea”, he made up the rules for the game, and told Jacob something along the lines of “someday you can make up the rules for your game”. Does that make sense?

    I haven’t had a chance to watch any of the extras yet other than the Epilogue and bonus material on Disc 5. Hoping tomorrow will be a little slower around here so I can see what all else is there.

  33. Amaia says:

    @Bonita- You have to made up the rules just like the Boy in Black did ๐Ÿ˜‰

  34. Aloha Nana says:

    You can find rules for the game of Senet online. Here are some of the links:

  35. Bonita in Atlanta says:

    @LReene and Amaia: yep, I figured. But this renders this pretty junk. Wish they’d put that expense into providing a comprehensive contents list (right, Carol?).

    @ Carol – did your bargain sets from December at least have decent content lists?

  36. Ryan says:

    There is, actually, a fairly thorough tutorial on how to play Senet in the Complete Collection. It’s on the hidden disc. The way to find it? Consult the ankh.

  37. Anthony Cavallo says:

    i like the stuff on the hidden DVD. my daughter found it in 2 seconds, after i looked at the whole set for a while. to be young again.

  38. says:

    Hi Jen & Ryan and YAE. It’s good to see a lively discussion here again.

    I enjoyed “The New Man in Charge” because I came to it with no expectations. It was great to see (character name deleted to avoid spoilers) again.

    Of course it doesn’t answer many questions and it poses some new ones, but I’m just happy to have some new content. I look forward to delving into the boxed set in the coming weeks/months. I was thinking of doing a complete series re-watch by reading along with the “Finding Lost” books that have been recommended by Ryan and Jen. That will take a while and ease me into a post-Lost world. I really do miss the show.

    I re-watched Season 6 over the summer following along with Jorge Garcia’s Geronimo Jack’s Beard podcast and found it very enjoyable. Not as enjoyable as following along with Jen & Ryan over the last several years , but fun nonetheless. That podcast came about as I understand after Jorge became a fan of the Transmission, so I have Ryan & Jen to thank for that too!

    Thanks for all the Lost “company” over the last few years. I look forward to your last Transmission and the future Popspotting endeavor.

    All the best,
    Mike R.

  39. cat says:

    @Bonita, when i realized my Amazon pre-order wasn’t going to ship until the 30th I cancelled the order and went to Best Buy – wasn’t going to wait that long to see the epilogue.

    It was great to have 12 more minutes of Lost. I enjoyed it although I have mixed emotions about the Walt scene. It seemed strange to me that Ben, his enemy, would have reached out to him and gottten him to go to the island. Didn’t find it that credible. Would have been better with Hurley. First part was great and I loved how Ben let them have two questions.

    Can’t wait for the final transmission. Don’t think we’ll ever have such a great blog again for any TV show. Ryan and Jen – could you do a Fringe blog? That would probably bring many of the old crowd back!!!

  40. LReene says:

    Been watching the bonus stuff on the Best Buy Exclusive DVD today. Absolutely fantastic! I’m only about 1/2 done but I’ll make some additional comments when I’m finished.

  41. Carol from boston says:

    I have watched several of the special features. They are amazing. They put so much time into everything. I loved “letting go” and watching them perform the music for the finale. Planet lost reminds me of YAE. I feel like this is really their gift to the fans. A real labor of love.

  42. Bonita in Atlanta says:

    @Ryan – I have the hidden disc, what is the chapter/title of the tutorial? Do you have to put it in your computer?

  43. Ryan says:

    Bonita, the tutorial is not listed, it’s one of the easter eggs on the disc. To find it, as I noted above, consult the Ankh.

    Bummer to see “LOST” shut out in the Emmy’s. Stiff competition this year, though, at least in most categories. I was most bummed about Giacchino losing out to “24” last week.

  44. LReene says:

    @ Carol – Agreed, “Letting Go” has been my favorite so far. And I too felt bad that LOST didn’t garner anything at the Emmys. But then again, I have my own ideas on what it took this year to get an Emmy, but I better not voice it ๐Ÿ™‚

  45. Aloha Ryan and Jen!

    Hard to imagine this is the last transmission!

    Its ok I think I am ready to let go!

    The masterminds behind the DVD box did an awesome job, the quality shows how much heart and passion when into it! I almost didn’t want to open it! I still haven’t looked through all the goodies and easter eggs yet!
    When watching the bonus features, I promised myself I wouldn’t cry, but watching “crafting the final season” I broke down!! lol

    watching the the new man in charge, made me miss the show even more! The only question I had was, how did Walt get into Santa Rosa!!

    Miss you guys already!

    Jonine from Az

  46. Bonita in Atlanta says:

    I am not ‘geek’ enough. I’ve heard of Easter eggs forever and still am not sure I know what they are or where to look on discs. I’ll consult the Ankh as Ryan says see if I can suss it out.

    Watched The movie Passengers last night which some suggested reminded them of LOST. I can see that it relates to 6th season but it comes up short of being really good. It is the type of movie I do enjoy, though this one was a bit uneven.

  47. Easter eggs are… like easter eggs in the garden, good stuff hiden. Usually on dvd it means that instead of going “up and down” on the list of extra you try to go “right or left” and you end up being “outside” of the list… it usually means you are on a easter egg (and I guess you should try to “land” on the Ankh… it is not harder than just trying to go “up” while you are on the first extra (or some even twice “up” or right or left…). It is quite easy to find them usually… just try everything.

    Well… no lost emmys… But the supporting already got them and everyone knows how good those guys are (and everyone should watch Breaking Bad so it is good that they promote this show), Mathiew Fox was great and was the “heroe” in Lost but somehow I can’t understand that he would be “main actor”. It was a cast of castaways and I never percived anyone of them less important than the others… And he is going to have a lot of acting opportunities so I wouldn’t worry about him. Elizabeth Mitchell is already on V and is someone very appreciated but I guess not old enough to win. One last thing about the actors, I said it before but I say it again: Jorge should have been nominated, he would have won. I am really looking forward for anythings those guys are going to be doing, it will be great I am sure. (Now I sooo hope that Emerson ends up working in True Blood with his wife. And he does look like a sick and twisted vampire already)
    Now about the show: The last episode won editing. And this season and the flashsideway world… it was very well edited. But then…
    It was very well written (tho not anwsering everything) but somehow I think you would have to have watched all the episodes to the connections. I am not sure that the Emmy jury works this way. Lost could never have won due to that. Just like “The Wire” I guess. And if Mad Men or Breaking Bad are winning more it is just due to one simple fact: 10 to 13 episodes a year… half the other shows. It is quite easier to have a better “picture” of what everything is about if you just watch 5 to 6 episode of those show than 5 episodes of a 24episode show. And when a show is as serialised as Lost you need to watch all the episodes to get the picture… then it is easy to understand that only the “form”/editing won a price and not the “content”/writing or the whole/show.
    But eventually, who cares… we do love the show. We will remember it and talk about it long after it is over (I will soo listen to the “rewatch” Jay and Jack will be doing). And now we will also have opportunities to discover other great stuff… Popspotting I am looking at you! ๐Ÿ™‚

  48. BadMF from Chicago says:

    This is actually my first time posting so obviously my timing could be better.
    I thought the epilogue provided some very welcome closure. Personally, I would have preferred that it hand been incorporated into the official finale, though I can see where that could have detracted from the emotional build/payoff of that particular episode.

    It really bugged me when the producers, critics or other fans claimed that “if you were expecting answers than you just didn’t understand the purpose of the show”. There were so many important plot points, upon which so much hinged that ended up simply disregarded. I’ll accept “They just ran out of time” or “We painted ourselves in the corner with that storyline” but don’t pin in on my lack of understanding.

    At any rate, Walt’s abduction, the Dharma food drop, the infertility issue and even the Hurley bird (given how far out in left field it was at the time) were major developments. I think it was beyond arrogant to avoid touching on these items in the final season. Well, I greatly appreciate each of those items being addressed on the DVD in some small way. I enjoyed the finale but somehow felt that the storytellers did not keep an inherent promise to their audience. The producers negotiated an end-date for the series because they claimed they wanted to work towards a conclusion and didnโ€™t want โ€œit all to be middleโ€. This epilogue went along way for me to that end.

  49. greenberry says:

    My husband and I are also HUGE fans of Breaking Bad ~~ that show is gripping and the acting startlingly good ~~ I was happy to see ‘Jesse’ honored ~ he is really terrific and of course the lead is superb

    I just felt bad for Fox ~ at least O’Quinn and Emerson were previously honored, but Matthew not ~~ on my re-watch, I really did see he WAS the lead… it was primarily JACK’s story ~~ but the supporting cast was SO RICH ~~ it was easy to embrace equally or care more about other story lines

  50. Embie says:

    Greenberry, what you say is so true. It’s the ensemble – and also the writing! Just rewatched Left Behind (Season 3, episodoe 15 I think). Who was left behind? On a superficial level, Jack and Juliet, Sayid and Kate – when the Others gassed them. But also, Cassidy, trying to make it as a con artist without Sawyer. Sawyer, who was left behind at the beach, as was Hurley.

    What does it mean to be left behind? Was Kate’s mom left behind by Wayne’s death? Yes. And so on. So much careful layering of themes and interweaving of character stories. So interesting on rewatch when I already know the story and can pay more attention to the crafting. I am really enjoying it even more the second time around.

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