Trans 2010-05-19: “What They Died For” (Episode 6-16)


“While Locke devises a new strategy, Jack’s group searches for Desmond.” For this penultimate episode of “LOST,” we’re posting a “shortwave transmission,” a shorter, initial reactions podcast, rather than our usual blog entry. We skip the recap and get straight to our take, then share the first few calls to come in on the LOSTLine. Although we’re less than a week away from the end of this incredible series, we’d still love your feedback on “What They Died For.” Please comment below and join the conversation!

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550 Responses to “Trans 2010-05-19: “What They Died For” (Episode 6-16)”

  1. aaron r says:

    @Mimi you’ve got me scared! i haven’t clicked on the link yet, not sure if i will before the day. thanks for the link. i just Twitted Ryan this morning for the first time…

  2. Angel says:

    @Amaia – Is it possible the babies don’t come to term to avoid future purges a la Ben?

  3. Carol from Boston says:

    @Aaron r – So you’ll be cool with the kids you have to say “tweeted”. 😉 I hardly ever tweet but I do like all the links that I get from following a lot of Lost people and sites (where do you think I get all the clips I post here, lol).

    I recommend besides ryan and Jen following Doc Artz, lostpedia, zap2it lost, and Damon and Carlton,

  4. Amaia says:

    @Angel- Well, who knows. But thinking in of future purges makes me think that this could never end and I hope the game ends with the end of the series 😉

    We want to know more about the babies, don’t we? If not, Juliet would have been trapped there for nothing (but to meet Sawyer).

  5. gene e says:

    It helps me to think of Walt as a child with Desmonds abilities. A child in that situation would consider ‘timeline jumping’ and ‘parallel reality manipulation’ as the ultimate playground. He was a danger to all involved and had to be removed from the island. End of story for me.

  6. gene e says:

    It would have been nice for Keamy to have a memory flash while on the kitchen floor about being in the second outrigger thinking he was shooting at Ben. Soon everything will be hindsight.

  7. gene e says:

    In fact, put ANYBODY in that 2nd outrigger who is thinking they are getting a free shot at Ben Linus, and I think we can move on!

  8. Carol from Boston says:

    @Gene- I like where you are going with Walt, but still don’t get why he spoke backwards, unless it was a flash sideways glitch. Loved the Ben comment.

    re: Ben, like him I lied about links. Here is one more. This is a funny video of Michael Emerson saying everyday things in a sinister voice, the last one is very creepy.

  9. gene e says:

    Maybe babies with their undeveloped conscousness are an inherent danger to the “island-as-an-entity”. I know, getting WAY out there.

  10. gene e says:

    Maybe babies with their undeveloped conscousness are an inherent danger to the “island-as-an-entity”. I know, getting WAY out there. Twins would offer the island a way to maintain balance. Unless something went wrong. I am done.

  11. docjkm says:

    After watching several interviews, I am coming to appreciate the writers have something special for us in The End. There is something quite special, ephemeral, in the eyes of Josh Holloway, Matthew Fox, Michael Emerson, Jorge et al, when asked some variant of the question “Do you think fans will be mad/disappointed/thrilled by the ending?” All answer that it may take awhile, some thought and reflection, but no, they think we will be pleased, though it will likely not be what we expect, or think we want now. I, for one, will grant them great leeway. As for the actors, they are uniformly (in print or video) heaping praise in a manner that seems beyond the expected ‘out tramping for the finale’ manner.

    I may be in the minority here, probably am, considering Lost to be more than a TV show. Sure, it is that, but saying so puts it on an equivalency shelf it deserves to be above. The writing, direction, score, acting, and production values all collude to raise it to the highest level of the genre, however Lost’s themes take it beyond (for me). It HAS made me look at my own life, and evaluate it with a different framework. That I remain basically satisfied with what I see is reassuring, but tweaking is called for, and anything that inspires that is beyond ‘TV’.

    Also, this fan community of which the Transmission is a part, is finding things to talk about beyond plot points, and sartorial choices. These are necessary for the story telling, and important in their own right. Answers, logical consistency, are all important to letting the story ‘in’, and suspending disbelief (amen to the post above noting the Ana Lucia plot points in the last episode). I was “lost” two seasons ago, as time travel was just not doing it for me, and I thank Knives Monroe (on this site) for the spanking I needed. Lost is about more than a story, if you let it be. I cannot disagree with posts which castigate that this is ‘just a tv show’, and ‘above all this is entertainment’, but I would amend that it is more for those who want to, and do, look.

    The literary allusions, the inclusions of great themes and myths. Lost has much for those looking for more than whether Jacob was wearing home spun or button down (though that can get deep as ‘well’, pun intended).

    I salute Lost, and all of YAE/ Ryan and Jen. Before we met, Lost was a great TV show to me. I cannot say you are responsible for making it more than that, but it happened with your input, so probably. I invested in Season 1-5 Blu-rays, and have rewatched all, and rewatched many again.

    Lost is about life. On many levels. If you think Darleton too shallow for such, well ok, that’s what you see. But I think I’m trying to say, *I* saw the lighthouse. The whole thing could end right here, now, and I would be more than satisfied. It doesn’t, I can hardly wait, but wish I could postpone it without getting spoilers. I am savoring this. As, I think, we all are, in our different ways.

  12. Aaron from perth says:

    Did any one else notice a possible “door open” for another series in what they died for?
    Jack asks jacob, how long do i have to do the job?
    and jacob replies, as long as you can.
    considering what we know in lost history so far, jacobs mother got tired of the job, so did jacob. If some crafty writers in the future want to pick up the story line i see a potential story arc open.
    unless of course the final episode kills every one off.

  13. ScottB in DC says:

    May 19th, 2010 at 2:22 pm
    @Faith Kaplan:
    May 19th, 2010 at 11:49 am

    May 19th, 2010 at 4:29 am
    and I have been speculating about Jacob’s ghost….I started wondering about it when I rewatched LA X-
    when Jacob appears to Hurley as everyone is trying to dig out Juliet

    It seems like that is actually MIB. He wants Hurley to take Sayid to the temple (so he can have a chance to claim him?) He tells Hurley that Jin knows where the temple is because he was at the hole with the french team. Smokey was there with the french team, would Jacob know that Jin was there when smokey ripped the arm off the french dude?

    After a while – Hurley says “who are you dude?” like he knows something is off. That seems like a real clue.

    UnLocke was definately afraid or agitated by young Jacob when he first saw him, so I think that was really Jacob. But why can young Jacob pick up a bad of ashes? All the other spirits Hurley sees can’t physically interact with their world.

    Maybe Jacob is special? not like the other spirits?

    The music, the missing 2000 year old cup, and the ceremony all seems a bit off to me, and someone posted that Jacob doesn’t offer to lead Jack to the light, he tells him where to find it, like he doesn’t really know. Like he intends to follow Jack. Maybe the ceremony is real even if MIB performs it and then Jack would be able to see the light.

    Someone else posted that perhaps the real reason he wanted the ashes was to remove a possible defense mechanism from Hurley. Maybe he put them in the fire to mix them with other ashes, and make them no longer special.

  14. ScottB in DC says:

    When Locke has to spin the donkey wheel he asks Christian – MIB for help, but Christian replies “I can’t do that.” Maybe that’s a rule – they can’t help canidates leave the island.

  15. gene e says:

    Final theory from me. Twins conceived off-island give ‘island-entity’ opportunity to create island fail-safe. Twins abandon island plan to ‘live together’ (balance) and decide to ‘die alone’. Island-entity begins to run ‘long con’ on both in order to ‘course correct’. So long.

  16. LReene says:

    @YAE – For anyone who missed it on Wednesday evening, The Food Network is going to be showing “Dinner Impossible – Robert’s LOST Mission” again on Saturday (5/22) afternoon at 4 PM EST. VERY funny and enlightening show about the feeding of the LOST Cast & Crew on location.

    If you’re a LOST fan, you don’t want to miss it even if you’re not normally into cooking shows.

  17. Amaia says:

    @Aaron from Perth- I hope they don’t continue with that. “Lost” ends and they should keep as it ends. It doesn’t matter if welike the ending or not, remember “it only ends once”.

  18. Beth in PA says:

    After about 7 collective hours, I finally got through all of these posts! The only thing I will say is that I am about 99.9% sure that the Jacob appearing to Hurley, and now all the candidates is JACOB. To make the leap to being the MIB in disguise is just too much, too fast. (Also, I do seem to remember a scene from earlier this season with Ilana talking to someone, and saying that MIB is now stuck as Locke- that he won’t change anymore- anyone else remember this?)
    Not only is it kind of nonsensical at this point, but the writers have to know how confused that would make viewers- I know confusion is typically LOST’s game, but in the final 2 1/2 hours, I don’t even think they’d go there. I anticipate the finale being less about confusion, and more about resolution- putting together these pieces that have been floating around all season.

    Needless to say, I am quite excited for the finale! I will admit it is very bittersweet. I came across this little video yesterday and figured it was worth sharing, it certainly made me laugh!

  19. DonatusfromNJ says:

    Theory fr doc Jensen that makes a lot of sense:
    Written by Doc Jensen fr EW.

    I do find myself wondering if the current conflict on The Island can and will be resolved by a paradigm shift in thinking about The Source. The Island needs The Source — but does The Source really need The Island? We’ve been told that a little bit of the light exists in everyone. Well, why not take a cue from Hurley’s Parable of the Hatch Pantry and just divide the rest of The Source equally among all people? Why not make humanity itself the exclusive dwelling place of The Source? It’s time to decentralize! It’s time for Mystic Reformation! That’s my theory of Desmond. I think super-Buddha is going to get dropped into the Holy Wormhole and will absorb all the energy into himself and then redistribute it throughout all of mankind. The Source needs a guardian. But what it needs even more is for all of us to guard it.

  20. Carol from Boston says:

    @Beth in Pa – I really laughed that video. Thanks for posting it. I agree Jacob was Jacob when talking to everyone at the fire. I think the Jacob we have “seen” has always been Jacob.

    Was Dogen the real person that Jacob worked with and MIB worked with Ben as “Jacob?” I am just wondering the purpose of his character. Did Dogen ever reveal how long he had been on the island?

  21. aaron r says:

    @Carol from Boston thanks for the tips, i sooo want to be hip. lol. whats your name on twitter?

    @dockjm i think at least part of the reason that there’s something special in the eyes of people from the show is that they’re starting to understand the place that they and their creation holds in the hearts of a whole bunch of us. it must have been amazing to realize that you’re a part of something so unexpectedly special. you’re not alone in feeling like this whole exerience has taken deep root in the lives of many people. i’m old enough that i was raised on tv as simple entertainment, and this show has certainly had strong effect on me.

    see y’all Sunday

  22. Melissa in Minnesota says:

    @DonatusfromNJ, love that theory!

  23. Scott from Eugene says:

    Several others have already touched on this theory, but since I’m a long-time listener and first-time post-er (and never-time caller), I just GOTTA submit my version of a “Lost theory” before that final “thud”… so here it is.

    Benjamin “I Always Have a Plan” Linus FAKED killing Widmore (as he told
    Widmore in his London bedroom: “you know I can’t do that”. And he still can’t–it’s a magical island thing).

    Fake Locke now thinks Widmore’s dead, but he’ll come back to bite Smokie
    in the butt–with a little help from Desmond and electromagnetism?

    Also, this theory means Ben has NOT turned back to the dark side: yea!
    His siding with Locke is all part of a long con (well, long-ISH: there’s only
    2.5 hours left).

    Widmore’s off-island-post-pow-wow w/Jacob redemption pays off, and Ben will get his soon (tho probably not without a Boone-like sacrifice).

    This also means that Widmore was not killed off in such a quick
    and meanless way, the same way that Zoey was. We’re told outright that SHE’S unimportant–that’s why Flock killed her…maybe Darlton are telegraphing something via black-and-white contrast?

    That’s my crackpot theory, and I’m sticking to it!

    Oops–wrong podcast.

    But really, and in all seriousness, if I had been stranded for the last 4 years on a (non-magical) desert island, and had had to get by with just one Lost podcast subscription, my choice would have always been The Transmission.

    Mahalo, and aloha.

  24. Michael says:


    hilarious theory and very practical. However it is a bit socialist and I am certain the Republican’s will fillabuster!

  25. Dave WR says:


    Sort of like (Spoiler alert) the Dark Crystal! Where the fractured parts all get reabsorbed (by light) into a new astral being. =)

    Of course it will fall apart when Kate can’t decide to merge with Sawyer or Jack thus ending our existence. Stupid Kate.

  26. Ryan F says:

    Wow, I finally read all the posts.

    What a great episode!

    I want to comment on the question of Ben and his new allegiance to the monster vs. his conning the monster.

    Right away when the monster promised Ben control of the island when he left, and Ben reacted like a kid promised candy, I was suspicious. Is that really what Ben wants at this point? That seems like a big 180 from his new attitude. Although, there did seem to be a certain resignation in Ben’s voice when he talked about thinking he had summoned the smoke monster in the past when really it was summoning him. It seems possible that Ben came to a realization that he has always been serving the monster. So if he has realized this, then we are left with the question: Has he resigned himself to that fate or is he going to deceive the monster to try to do something good.

    Ben’s murdering Widmore is not good evidence for the idea that Ben is not deceiving the monster, because surely he knew the monster was going to kill Charles anyway.

    At the end of the episode, the monster tells Ben that he is going to destroy the island. Really? The monster believes he bought Ben’s loyalty by promising Ben the island, then he’s just going to tell Ben that he intends to destroy it? Something is not right here.

    If Ben really is helping the monster so he can have control of the island as promised, shouldn’t he now be very angry that the monster deceived him? I guess we really didn’t see any reaction from Ben to the monster’s statement yet.

    But if the monster is willing to tell Ben that he intends to destroy the island after he got Ben to work with him by promising him the island, AND Ben does not now react angrily, shouldn’t the monster know Ben is deceiving him?

    I suppose the most likely explanation is this:
    Ben is not loyal to the monster and is going to try to use his position to undermine him at some point.
    But I think it likely that the monster knows Ben is not loyal to him and knows to expect treachery from Ben at some point. That should spell death for Ben…as soon as the monster gets some more use out of him…perhaps by killing Kate, Sawyer, and Hurley.

  27. Michael says:

    One of the other things that makes me worry that MIB may have been disguised as Jacob for the ceremony with Jack is that it took place in the middle of the night. In fact it took place just after sun down.
    Mother initiated Jacob right at sunrise. This might be a hint that something is wrong.
    Yes Alana said that MIB is stuck in Locke’s body now that Jacob is dead. We have no way to know where she got her information or if it is still correct, if ever.
    If he could become MIB, Christian, Yemi, alex, Isabella….why not Jacob? And we assume he can only mimic the dead but has that been unequivocally stated? Maybe he can mimic anyone he’s learned about during a scan and uses the dead because it is more manipulative to people’s emotions. Maybe he can be anyone even the living. (Walt) (Vincent)

  28. corivee says:

    Jorge on Jimmy Kimmel tonight

  29. corivee says:

    oops. I meant to say Jorge on Jimmy Fallen tonight

  30. Embie says:

    @ Ryan F – why did Ben say he shot Widmore? Because he wouldn’t let Widmore save Penny if Ben wasn’t able to save Alex. And who killed Alex? Keamy – but indirectly Smokey – as Smokey could have intervened. One thing we know about Ben is he’s crafty – and two, not stupid. He must be pulling the long con on Smokey.

  31. MLE in Colorado says:

    My “Geeks Who Drink LOST Weekend” Dream team:

    @Carol from Boston
    @John Fischer
    @Knives Monroe
    @Rich in Cleveland

    and of course my ringers would be Ryan and Jen….and I hope I can finally tell which one between LReene and Greenberry is a boy vs girl- because I always get that mixed up….

    Seriously- we would KILL at this if we had our collective Transmission Podcast Team!

    if anyone on here lives in Denver- I will see you there! Live Together Die Alone…

  32. LReene says:

    @MLE in Colorado – I am sincerely humbled by the inclusion in your “Geeks Who Drink LOST Weekend” Dream team. Oh if I was only closer to Denver so that I could participate instead of being stuck here in Northern Michigan.

    For future reference, LReene (me) is boy. But as we used to say back in IRC days….. “MLE in Colorado gets 5 minutes in the penalty box for age & sex checking” hehehehehehe

    Stay LOST my friend!!

  33. stevied says:

    Yahoo! TV listings show Damon and Carlton on Jimmy Kimmel tonight. Is that right?

    12:05am – 1:05am, KATU (2)
    Jimmy Kimmel Live
    Teri Hatcher (“Desperate Housewives”); “Lost” executive producers Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cuse. Also: Massive Attack perform.

  34. Michael says:

    I’ve been doing some reading on Lostpedia. According to the site, the producers have verified that the odd appearances by Walt are the MIB. So he can impersonate the living as well.
    Anyone know how reliable Lostpeida is? I’ve only become obsessed enough as the finale approaches to go rummaging through the site for answers.
    They also claim that MIB was the medusa spider that bit Nikki and Paulo. I didn’t see that coming!!! Something about the odd noises the spider makes. Gonna have to find that on Hulu and check it out.
    If this is true what else could he be responsible for? Becoming vincent would be an excellent way to spy on the 815 survivors. But was he the bees that chased kate, jack, charlie? Giving Charlie one of the great one liners of the show.. “B’s I would have thought c’s”, ok probably not but maybe kate’s horse and the Hurley bird!

  35. MLE in Colorado says:

    @Michael- I wondered if he was Kate’s horse…but I thought somewhere they denied that…see- now I need YOU on my LOST Dream team…some Denver team has made flashcards for seasons 1 and 2 for Denver- apparently they are the team to beat and have one the Harry Potter and Seinfeld quizzes…I have never even seen Harry Potter…I have no time for flashcards…I am going to have to hope that listening to Ryan and Jen all this time helps me out.

    So….Walt was smokey? Why was he warning them?

  36. MLE in Colorado says:

    @Carol in Boston- Love SNL- but did anyone catch Late Night With Jimmy Fallon last night when he did “LATE” it was very funny- a little take off on LOST..but instead of an Island he was stuck on a floor in the building and he was playing the “Jack” Character- it was very funny because they had a little boy being walt and at the end he was a grown man- it was perfect.

  37. Michael says:

    I think the first time MIB needed Locke to get up and finish, telling him his work was not done. He was setting him up since childhood to steal his body and use it to get to Jacob. They also claim that since he couldn’t leave the island to touch Locke, he used the time shifts to send his compass back in time to richard who would take the compass to Locke in the past as a boy and he would touch it and then return it to Flocke again during another time shift. Crazy intricate theory but sounds plausible.
    When Walt was appearing to shannon it was probably to get her killed. It seems like MIB sees each person as useful to his loophole plan or not. If not then he kills them. He tried to set up Eco to be the leader of the others first but when he was too strong willed to manipulate, he killed him and settled for locke next.

  38. Carol from Boston says:

    @MLE – Wow! I am very flattered to be included on your dream team. I feel honored to be lumped in with them. Too bad it isn’t an online contest so we could help you out. Anything we can do? Can you tweet for answers? lol Usually with trivia contests they make you remember street names (like where Kate lived) different names they have used for anagrams like the funeral home, the company on the van that Ben drove in LA with Sun and Jack. So if you are making flash cards look up stuff like that, What was Kate’s dad’s name? Hurley’s dad etc? I am pretty good with theories and events but details like street names and stuff like that I am lousy at. How about “What did Jack’s tatoo say”

    Find the obscure stuff, you know the storylines, just go on Lostpedia and review the episodes. Try to put yourself in the place of the people making the questions, what would you ask?

    Jeez, this is where my library reference skills could really help you out. Good luck with it!! I am going to look at the ad and see if I can come up with a list of stuff for us all of us to help you with for your notes.

    Because the ulitimate dream team is this whole board!

  39. Carol from Boston says:

    MLE – I googled Lost Triva Questions – here is a good practaice site

    Research by catagories – here are some examples

    1. addresses
    2. character connections (family members)
    3. Names of places and companies (ex – box company name, claire’s mom’s wedding business, Penny and Desmond’s boat name
    4. Ways they used the numbers
    5. Timelines
    6. Episode names

    Have fun, think obscure references and look up those. Warning, I over think this stuff.

    Each of your team members can concentrate on a different catagory and specialize in that so you don’t have to get overwhelmed with research.

    I am working tomorrow and then my son has a baseball game so not sure I can come to the board unless I sneak at work.

    Good Luck!

  40. Carol from Boston says:

    @aaron r- my twitter name is crazylostfan (for obvious reasons)

    @Stevied – yup, sounds right plus Hurley is on Jimmy Fallon.

    @MLE – saw the Jimmy Fallon Late spoof and cracked up. I especially loved the slo-mo reunion scene.

    @Michael – I haven’t seen any of that MIB stuff confirmed, what did they site as references? MIB as spider? Sounds out there, what possible reason would he have to kill them? Is Lostpedia like Wikipedia where anybody can post something?

    One thing I specifically remember was in a podcast Damon and Carlton did a word association where they would say if a character was good or bad, and at the time they labeled Jacob as “bad”. So that threw me off for a long time.

    @Lreene – I watched the Dinner Impossible episode. Thanks for recommending it. I haven’t ever watched it before and it was fun to watch. Pretty ingenious ways of using hardware materials. I am starving after watching it, everything looked so good.

  41. ScottB in DC says:

    @Beth in Pa – funny video – i love the smoke monster in the bathroom
    you wrote,
    the only thing I will say is that I am about 99.9% sure that the Jacob appearing to Hurley, and now all the candidates is JACOB. To make the leap to being the MIB in disguise is just too much, too fast.

    I was thinking one of the reasons they showed us some of MIB’s back story was so we would have some sympathy for him and some idea of what he’s gone through to get where he is today. When I was watching across the sea, I kept telling myself that one of the characters in the episode (MIB) has been a central character since the pilot. Smokey is fascinating, and complex….but there are so many unanswered questions.

    I would not feel betrayed if that awesome scene by the fire, I really appreciated it even though I was thinking it was MIB as it was happening, turned out to be MIB doing the talking. I think in the end he’s out to eliminate all the possible replacements, and that’s certainly not nice, but he’s a knowledgeable and authentic resident of the island so I think there’s sincerity in what he’s saying, even if he’s pretending to be his dead brother.

    Is Jacob able to pick up things like the bag of ashes as a spirit – maybe he’s special. I remember the scene where he is dipping his hands in the darkened waters in the temple with his back to Hurley, is he lamenting the change in the water color or relishing it?

    I can’t wait for Saunday nite! thanks to everyone for their posts.

  42. ScottB in DC says:

    thanks for the dinner impossible note – that looks interesting! Way to go BOY.

  43. ScottB in DC says:

    @Michael –
    interesting thoughts about MIB – I always wondered about the boar that tormented Sawyer – didn’t he describe it as possessed? Great acting form Sawyer in that episode, maybe MIB was trying to add a stresser to his life opn the island.

    Someone in the previous 400+ notes mentioned that if you’re bleeding it seems like the MIB can find you in the jungle right away. What a concept, like a shark. We were noting all the cuts and bumps and wondering if that made it easier for smokey to infect the losties. Does anyone have any details about that concept?

  44. Michael says:

    They stated that the producers had confirmed MIB as Walt. They didn’t specify when or what podcast/interview it came from so I can’t confirm it.

    Yeah I think anyone can post, but they filter it quite a bit I think. I don’t really know enough about the site to trust it or not.

    It does seem like MIB is very clever and patient. I’m sure there will be plenty of twists in the finale. I personally think that stuff like taking on animal forms and the form of Jacob is highly likely and a way for the producers to do a ton of sneaky stuff early on before we knew to question it. They are trying to send a straight on type of message about what the battle is about and how it’s fought. In the end I’ll bet the parts we see are the feints and parry’s. The lunges will come out of left field.

    I also expect all the Dharma stations to a play a part as well. We really didn’t see very many of them and never really got deeply into what each one does. Since Dharma Initiative knew all about smokey and how to keep him at bay, I’ll bet they were working on a method to dispatch him. That secret may be hidden in the stations somehow. Ben might not even know those secrets.

  45. Michael says:

    The being able to track blood fits really well if he is Cerberus, the hound that guards the gateway to hell. In the Dharma literature that is what they called the smoke monster. Doesn’t mean they were right, it might just be their nickname for him.
    But if he was at some point in the past part dog, he could certainly track people by scent and the scent of blood is the strongest.

  46. MLE in Colorado says:

    @Michael- wow- a lot of that makes sense and I don’t think I had thought of it that way- I had thought of how the plan was very intricate and wove way back-but not with the boars and Eko etc. But I did think the time travel stuff was part of it- but the compass?

    Reading your theories are making me really wish the show wasn’t ending Sunday- because it makes me think that there could be so much more.

    @Carol Thanks for the website- I am going now to check it out…

  47. Michael says:

    I just rewatched the nikki/paulo scene with the medusa spider. I didn’t see anything odd, hear anything odd, or find anything to suggest it was MIB. Not sure what the folks at lostpedia are smoking.

    I guess I was just hoping to find out that the episode actually had some value. Guess not.

  48. Carol from boston says:

    Spoilers on Jimmy Fallon with Jorge. :0

  49. Mocus says:

    I’m expecting a Sixth Sense ending that will be a surprise and yet at the same time totally obvious in retrospect. If we trust that they’re not just filling space with wasted episodes at this stage of the game there must be a reason why they threw in that Across the Sea episode, with the Jacob/MIB backstory. After this latest episode I first thought it might have been just to set up the background of the bag of ashes that get thrown in the fire to make Jacob appear. But I woke up this morning (I’m dreaming Lost now) with the thought that maybe it was to establish that grown-up Jacob could co-exist in the same time period with young Jacob (granted not on screen at the same time), whether in body or spirit. If Jack will be the new Jacob, could it be that Jack’s son in the flash sideways is not his son but Jack himself? Someone during the episode, can’t remember who, remarked that Jack’s son looks just like his father. If Jack = Jack’s son, don’t bother trying to figure out who his mother.

    But since my mind is working overtime, ignoring the above here is my ending: Kate, in her new dress, and all the other key characters, go to a big concert. On stage, the “Grateful Dead”, including now musical genius Faraday, with Charlie on bass singing “You Are Everybody”. With that music in the background, Jack is awakening from a coma — maybe an accident at the concert — like Dorothy waking after the tornado. He’s surrounded by all the familiar faces who are people he knew or were simply at the scene of the accident and got incorporated into his internal story to resolve his internal fight for life. We realize that it was all in his mind, he was everybody, none of it every really happened… until Eloise Hawking bends over and says something that reveals it was all real (like the ending of the Twilight Zone episode “King Nine Will Not Return” where Bob Cummings was in a coma in the hospital imagining he was in the desert with the dead crew of the B-24 bomber he commanded. He dies at the end, but the doctors gathering his personal belongings can’t figure out where the sand in his shoes came from.)

  50. Luke from Perth says:

    Hey all,
    A bit off topic but I’m having a lost marathon with friends tomorrow before the finale and was wondering what episodes people would recommend? Have the whole day so planning to watch a lot of lost but am struggling to cast my mind back to the early great episodes.

    Will try for some season openers and finales; from this season the Substitute, Ab Aeterno, The Last Recruit and the Candidate. From others Jughead, Orientation, The Constant, The other 48 Days and Numbers.

    After good mythology episodes, I know I’m missing lots!

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