Trans 2010-05-24: “The End” (Series Finale)


The end of “LOST.” Six seasons, over 120 hours, culminating in the two-and-a-half hour series finale, “The End.” We can’t believe we’re here. And we’re still struggling to process this final episode. This is our initial reaction “shortwave transmission.” But the full exploration of “The End” will come in our May 30 podcast. Please share your reaction and join the conversation by commenting below. Stay with us. Talk to us. Hold us!

Thanks to Jarred Matthes for allowing us to share his ‘ukulele rendition of Michael Giacchino’s “Life & Death,” originally recorded for the Geronimo Jack’s Beard podcast.

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1,260 Responses to Trans 2010-05-24: “The End” (Series Finale)

  1. Coolpeace says:

    @ Steve : you are right about your observation regarding some of the really negative bashing. Though I don’t want to dismiss the feeling of those that not enjoy the last 10 minutes, some comments really make me roll my eyes.

    Here is an example :

    A commentor (from another blog) responded by saying about the finale : I will paraphase it : that the characters are dead, were always dead and it is not because Christian said a few words about life at the end that changes anything.

    OK, do we not realize that this is a narrative story and that Christian is character whose words were given by the writers who write the show and if he says something it is meant to have weight and meaning to us, the audience who is watching … whay would we discount Christian’s words and not anyone elses. Is it not just completely crazy to say something like that?

  2. steve says:

    @Coolpeace – A couple of times while picking up hold books from the library, I saw books from LOST. Not just one, but several books, say Ulysses and Everything that Rises Must Converge.

    I know I reread material on British and French Philosophers. David Brooks from the NYT wrote a piece a month or so ago that mentioned Locke and Bentham. Hey, maybe Brooks got the idea for his column from LOST. Ross Douhat (conservative NYT OpEd) blogged about LOST.

  3. Lorne says:

    Has anyone else played through Final Fantasy 8? It seems to have some connections to the finale – creating a place to meet when all is lost, and Kate and Rinoa seem to have the same type of role.
    Sorry if I ruined the FF8 ending for anyone.

  4. greenberry says:

    It is becoming clearer and clearer re: the final church scene. The island time together is key to their redemption (being FOUND within) and what ultimately was the most important part of each of the LOSTies’ lives. Hence, Jack’s mother was not there. Many of the Losties had gone on to live longer lives and loved others, before the island and after… but this was the portion of their lives that mattered most!

  5. Coolpeace says:

    @ Chris from Seattle and Carol from Boston :

    I agree that the post has excellent thoughts and I must admit very similar to mine… until such time as going into the discussion of the end and that the writers had written the church scene right after the pilot… I don’t care to know excactly when they wrote the ending, It worked for me regardless of when it was written.

    here is an update about this Bad Robot link writer –

    UPDATE: DarkUFO contacted ABC and found out that this person was indeed an intern at ABC, but he or she was released 3 years ago.

  6. HeyKir in NYC says:

    My PS to the whole finale: I liked it much better upon re-watch.

  7. susie says:

    Hi YAE

    Loved LOST. Will miss it so much. Nothing else on TV to watch now, except True Blood on HBO. Emerson’s (Ben) wife is on True Blood.

    To Steve who talked about how funny Sawyer was in the finale – right on! I couldn’t stop laughing at his lines in the first part of the show- especially his comment to Jack that (paraphrasing) while everyone else go do whatever , that he had to go get the magic leprauchaun out of the well!!!!
    I couldn’t stop laughing – even the second time i watched it.

    I can’t adequately express how much i will miss this show – in spite of my disappointment in the last few minutes of the finale.

    One time I listenend to the Darlton team on a podcast – a few seasons back – and their attitude turned me off – they were dismissive of fans and made derisive comments about the plot and the characters, in their attempt to be funny. They reminded me of junior high school boys being shallow. That should have been my first clue that LOST was going to end nonsensically.

    The music was awesome – every day since the finale, the music is still stuck in my mind and heart.

    I loved all the characters so much – but I loved the mysteries too. It will be forever frustrating to have not gotten some basic answers. While I have not missed the more spiritual point the finale headed off to, it is utterly frustrating to have loved a story that ultimately could not or would not explain the many winding pathways that it took.

    Either the Darlton team got lazy or the story got away from them.

    I have read every blog entry -my head hurts – but I have enjoyed all the comments from YAE.
    I have never blogged before on anything .
    PS – my husbund wants me to add that he thinks Faraday was dismissed way too lightly – just playing a piano in the end. He should have been the next Einstein and continued his work on time travel and the island’s mysteries.

  8. MLE in Colorado says:

    Thank you LReene and Faith…you are probably not on here now- but wanted to thank you- It is nice to know others loved a lot of what the ending did and said and can still feel a little bit like they wished the stories they had created over 6 seasons had some time to play out and “converge”

  9. gillian says:

    Loved the show…Loved the finale. I miss it! Ryan and Jen, you have done such an amazing job. I hope that this thread may go on for years, with the fans discussing and debating. Namaste.

  10. Talk about the series finale still abounds, but I think I’m hearing a common thread. The initial reactions I’ve heard and read have been lukewarm at best. Most people (count myself among them) feel disappointed. Then we hear from the same people a few days later and they’re saying, “Well, I’ve watched it a few more times and have thought about a lot, and now I think it’s awesome!” Was it really that good or are people feeling too loyal to the series to be able to say what they really think about how it ended?

    I think the ending was rushed, trite, and avoided almost all of the major plot points and Island mysteries the writers have been leading us along with for the past six years. Oh, Charles Whidmore’s motivation? It doesn’t matter. Why the numbers were broadcast from the radio tower? Don’t worry about it. Who built the temple and what power did it hold? Eh – who cares? Because it’s always been about Jack, don’t you see that now? So we wasted half on Season Six on the pointless flash-sideways stories when the island drama could have been explored with greater depth. Darlton have been telling us that the Island was one of the characters of the show. Oh really? Then why was it reduced to walk-on roles in the final episodes.

    Yeah, it was a tear-jerker and had a feel-good ending, but is this the ending we’ve been thinking about and hoping for every since Des didn’t push the buttons on time and Oceanic broke into three pieces over the Island?

    Final Grade – Started out with great promise but for overall execution it gets a C-.

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