Trans 2010-05-19: “What They Died For” (Episode 6-16)


“While Locke devises a new strategy, Jack’s group searches for Desmond.” For this penultimate episode of “LOST,” we’re posting a “shortwave transmission,” a shorter, initial reactions podcast, rather than our usual blog entry. We skip the recap and get straight to our take, then share the first few calls to come in on the LOSTLine. Although we’re less than a week away from the end of this incredible series, we’d still love your feedback on “What They Died For.” Please comment below and join the conversation!

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550 Responses to Trans 2010-05-19: “What They Died For” (Episode 6-16)

  1. Embie says:

    Here’s a little music video that will tug at your heart – YAE, will we ever be lost again?

  2. LReene says:

    @ScottB in DC – Glad you liked the Dinner Impossible episode. I’m not much of a one for cooking shows, but this one really piqued my interest. I’m hoping they are going to include it on the Blu-Ray set, but I saved a copy for my archives just in case.

  3. Bonita in Atlanta says:

    @DaveWR: the Dark Crystal comment cracked me up!

  4. Carol from Boston says:

    @Luke – White Rabbit, Through the Looking Glass, Meet Jeremy Bentham

    Have fun!

    These Lost Party foods ideas were in EW yesterday (the magazine) Jack Shepard’s pie, Hurley Fries, corn on the Ja-COB, cup-Kates, Sun-daes, e-claires, benjamints, Jin and tonics, Chicken Dharma-giana.

    One more day, I can’t believe it.

    @MLE – how did the trial quiz go? I’ll have to try it for fun.

    I wasn’t happy about Jorge last night, he really let a few things slip, I had to change the channel.

  5. Jen in Scotland says:

    HFC I was just going through the NY Times, and suddenly in an article about LOST I came across Jen and Ryan! Congrats, you guys! Here’s a link to the article. Sorry if someone’s already posted about this:

  6. Carol from Boston says:

    @Jen – I don’t think anybody posted it yet, I was surprised when I read it too. Ryan and Jen are everywhere. Congrats guys.

  7. aaron r says:

    @Jen in Scotland and @Carol from Boston just saw the article too. way cool to find Ryan and Jen there. i posted a comment and said that the mention of Sun and Jin wasn’t really a spoiler, then saw a comment from some one who is weeks behind. it made me wonder, who’s responsibility is it to avoid spoilers? as long as they’re marked as such? so i entered another comment and asked the editors to remove my previous comment.

  8. aaron r says:

    @Carol i’m working on the ‘hip’ you like that, ‘way cool’? lol

  9. chris in seattle says:

    “There can be only one.’

    may it be Jack.

  10. MLE in Colorado says:

    I have been studying up for my Geeks Who DRink quiz in a couple hours and stumbled on the name of the book that Desmond is handed when he leaves Prison and he says he has never read it because he wants it to be the last think he reads before he dies…the book is Charles Dickens “Our Mutual Friend” and so I went to see what that was all about and came across the major theme of the book which I will post here- but found on Wikkisomethingorother. Its fascinating when you think of the Log Flume Ride that Jacob sent MIB flying down when he turned him into smokey…and how the water in the temple is used for rebirth-or reincarnation- or Cantor-ranier or whatever…

    “Rebirth and renewal
    One of the most prevalent symbols in Our Mutual Friend is that of the River Thames, which becomes part of one of the major themes of the novel, rebirth and renewal. Water is seen as a sign of new life, used by churches during the sacrament of Baptism as a sign of purity and a new beginning. In Our Mutual Friend, it has the same meaning. Characters like John Harmon and Eugene Wrayburn end up in the waters of the river, and come out reborn as new men.

    Wrayburn emerges from the river on his deathbed, but is ready to marry Lizzie to save her reputation. Of course, he surprises everyone, including himself, when he survives and goes on to have a loving marriage with Lizzie. John Harmon also appears to end up in the river through no fault of his own, and when Gaffer pulls his “body” out of the waters, he adopts the alias of John Rokesmith. This alias is for his own safety and peace of mind; he wants to know that he can do things on his own, and does not need his father’s name or money to make a good life for himself. [31]

    Throughout Our Mutual Friend, Dickens uses many descriptions that relate to water. Some critics refer to this as “metaphoric overkill,” and indeed there are numerous images described by water that have nothing to do with water at all. [32] Phrases such as the “depths and shallows of Podsnappery,” [33] and the “time had come for flushing and flourishing this man down for good” [34] show Dickens’s use of watery imagery, and help add to the descriptive nature of the book.”

    so maybe we will know its Desmond’s time to go when he cracks that baby open

  11. Carol From Boston says:

    @Aaron R – you are getting cooler by the day. Now you just gotta join all the other “cool” Transmission fans on Facebook, Ryan and Jen have a facebook page for us now.

    @MLE – A very interesting find. I forgot about that book. The whole water theme is very interesting.

    Well I am sneaking in here from work, gotta run. Good luck tonight MLE. I have faith in you. You’ll do great.

  12. Jared Klein says:

    Hey Guys,
    just wanted to share a song I wrote with you all 🙂
    It is titled: Redemption, and is totally inspired by L O S T.
    See if you can pick up the less obvious L O S T references.

  13. Michael says:

    Ok I just re-watched “What they died for” and I’m no longer convinced that MIB gave the water to Jack. When Jacob was around the fire talking to them explaining stuff….He was just giving off too much empathy and genuine emotion to have been faked by MIB. I think that was Jacob. MIB would have been more analytical like a therapist or something, not like someone who really cared.
    But now that Jacob is gone and the ashes have burned down, It wouldn’t surprise me to see him again and it not be him.
    *********Minor Spoiler Alert*****************
    Producers were on Kimmel last night and the only thing they would give up about the finale is that…..Vincent survives.
    Does anyone remember something from way early on where the producers were talking about a volcano on the island? I heard it from Darlton once in passing, he may have been kidding, but then since then Nothing!

  14. steve says: had a video on the volcano. In a classroom in the Dharma village, there was a scene where a teacher was detailing how a volcano exploded. thought this might be related to how the island would be destroyed. Who knows if it’s a head fake from the writers? Based on their WATER prediction, sounds like a head fake, but hey, if we have exploding volcanoes, lava and all that, cool.

  15. steve says: has odds on filnale:

    Michael’s son, Walt, will make an appearance: 9 percent liklihood.
    Smoke Monster will use Desmond to destroy the island: 17 percent.
    The parallel survivors will return to the island and battle themselves: 25 percent.
    The entire island was a dream: 4 percent.
    Juliet will be revealed as the mother of Jack’s son: 45 percent.
    One of the final four – – Jack, Kate, Hurley or Sawyer – – will die in the finale: 40 percent.
    Smoke Monster will get off the island: 22 percent.

  16. LReene says:

    @YAE – Before tomorrow gets here and we all get too depressed to think straight, I have something I want to toss out.

    I was just cruising “The Transmission” site on Facebook and thought……. someone needs to come up with an ingenious way for each of us here on the board to match our “Transmission usernames” with our Facebook counterparts (I guess that would be the correct way to say it).

    Anyone have any suggestions?

  17. corivee says:

    If you missed Jimmy Kimmel’s unnecessary censorship: Lost Edition, it is hillarious

    I couldn’t find a clip of Jorge on Jimmy Fallon last night but you are right Carol, he did give away a couple interesting comments.

    Kimmel said there is a one hour highlights show before the finale. I thought ABC was playing the pilot. Either way, my tv will be on abc basically all night since Kimmel says he is having a lot of the actors form lost on his show following the finale.

    It is going to be an awesome night of television!

  18. LReene says:

    @corivee – The enhanced version of the Pilot is airing tonight at 8:00pm eastern time. Tomorrow evening at 7:00pm (EST), they are supposed to be doing a 2 hr. recap. Then at 9:00pm the 2-1/2 hr. finale. After that, Jimmy Kimmel. I know where I’m going to be 🙂

  19. Bonita in Atlanta says:

    @LReene – we could put our names up on the Discussion Board on the Transmission’s Facebook Page

  20. Bonita in Atlanta says:

    YAE – I started a Username on The Blog “discussion” board of Transmissions FB page, come post yours.

  21. LReene says:

    HFC ……. 20 whole minutes without a commercial! Those were the days!!

  22. LReene says:

    @Bonita in Atlanta – I’ll be there to post mine as soon as the Pilot reair is finished

  23. Chris says:

    I’m watching the enhanced pilot right now. I thought the smoke monster avoided water. In the pilot, smokey appears in torrential rain storms.

  24. lucydog says:

    As the finale looms, I am so sad as I will so miss this show and all of you. I had some crazy thoughts today.

    I re-watched LA X today and I think that Jacob wanted Hurley to take Sayid to the well so he WOULD BE possessed by the darkness, because Jacob knew that Sayid had a good soul somewhere, he would somehow try to defeat MiB, darkness or no darkness. I don’t think MiB has been posing as Jacob. It’s too much with too little time to tell that story.

    I also think that Ben killed Locke because he was jeolous that Locke learned of Hawking somehow and thought that if they met her together, she would recognize how strong Locke was versus Ben. I don’t think Ben knew this would mean the MIB would take over Ben’s body.

    I will always wonder that MIB wasn’t somehow a part of Locke since inception. His mother was run over by a car when he was in utero, he drew pictures of the smoke monster as a child, etc. ect. Or is there some weird loop thing happening here.

    My head hurts.

  25. lucydog says:

    Above, when I typed well, i meant temple.

  26. Mattfromnd says:


    If you have Damon as a facebook friend, he posted to implore people to avoid spoilers because we’re so close. Well some douche decided to respond to that post with some major things about the finale. So if you read Damon’s page, don’t read the comments under his most recent post.

  27. Carol from Boston says:

    This is a link for the NYTimes Lost Event at the theater, all the video is available here.

    @Mattfromnd – why do people have to be such jerks, Damon and Carlton went through so much to keep the end a secret. Why do people have to spoil it? I wonder how it happened? Maybe a movie theater with an advance copy? I think will have to stay away from the internet tomorrow.

  28. Mattfromnd says:

    Yeah, I don’t know exactly how they get out. I know darkufo has some major ones they will be posting tomorrow. I don’t know why someone would read stuff like that when were less than 24 hours away. Have a little will power.

    On another note, did anyone watch the enhanced reair of the pilot tonight? It was interesting to see how far we’ve come. The characters almost feel like kids compared to how they are now.

  29. LReene says:

    @YAE – There was something that majorly caught my attention tonight on the re-air and was wondering if anyone else noticed it.

    When the group was listening to the french radio transmission, the pop-ups declared that 1). The tower that is on the Island was built by the DHARMA people. and 2). The reason the DHARMA people built the tower was to transmit the numbers 4 8 15 16 23 42. WHOA!! Is that something brand new?

    First, I didn’t think the DHARMA folks got to the island until the 70s, and second, I thought in Hurley’s quest to find out about the numbers, the guys who passed on the information to Leonard had heard them being broadcast back in the 40s. Am I mistaken on this? Do we now have a BIGGER mystery?

  30. Aaron from perth says:

    luke from perth: hey wheres my invite! : )

    cant beleive its almost over, its like greiving for a dying relative.
    I hope all of the lost stars carry on and do more great shows and movies. Some truly fantastic work by the actors. cant wait to see theyre future work.

  31. Traci says:

    With so few hours left until the final episode of LOST, I find myself becoming more emotional than expected. I feel as though I am having to say good bye to a friend who has kept me intrigued for 6 years. There will not be another show that can compare to LOST. Thank you so much for all your hard work on the podcasts. They have made my LOST journey more exciting. I love listening to your thoughts and everyone’s theories on what is going on. The podcasts certainly gave me lots to think about. Thank you again and I will be looking forward to whatever you guys are doing next!

  32. Kyle from Pittsburgh says:

    Hi, guys!

    With the series finale airing tonight, I just wanted to get in one last crackpot theory before the buzzer.

    Locke summed it up best in the season 5 finale: “Richard, I think you’re making these rules up as we go along.”
    And Jacob, in this most recent episode: “It’s just chalk on a wall.”

    There are no rules.

    Just like in the Wizard of Oz, I think Locke is going to discover that he could have left any time he wanted, and that any “rules” that he had encountered were rules that he invented. He was his own jailer, and he dragged all of our Losties down with him.

    Locke is a very disturbed man and a tragic figure. He desperately wants to be special, and to believe that his life has meaning, but is not content to be an office drone, or be in a wheelchair, or accept the fact that his father did what he did simply because he was evil.

    Look at what happened to America on 9/11. We were in such shock, and so desperate to know why someone would perpetrate such a crime, that some people couldn’t accept the official story. They invented elaborate and complex conspiracy theories where everyone from the President of the United States to the milkman had some sort of hand in the disaster. The same thing happened after the JFK assassination…and the MLK assassination…how far will we go in order to give our lives meaning? What is an acceptable amount of meaning?

    In the grand scheme of things, Jacob’s chalk marks mean nothing, because everyone has a choice. Everyone invents their own destiny, whether it’s a destiny as an office clerk, or a millionaire. Whether that person accepts those choices is another matter entirely. In Locke’s case, only a complicated mythology would satisfy him. It’s time for him to let go.

    This brings to mind an episode of the classic Twilight Zone entitled “Death Ship.” If you haven’t seen it, I’d encourage you to check it out.
    Also, if you haven’t seen Christopher Nolan’s film “Memento,” please give that a watch as well. That’s yet another example of the lengths that someone will go to in order to give their life meaning.

    Anyway, that’s my crackpot theory, and I’m sticking to it.

  33. steve says:

    @Carol from Boston – Thanks for the NYTimes talk link!

  34. Embie says:

    @ Kyle – Jack is the one who desperately needed to believe that he “has what it takes” and to feel that he was needed (IMHO). But someone else might say this about another character. Point is, I agree that the search for meaning in a world where one doesn’t know if ones actions have any meaning or value is a major theme of the show. What does it mean to “let go” or “wake up”? Maybe that every day or every moment can be a new beginning, if you choose to open your eyes to that possibility.

  35. Amaia says:

    You all everybody, Ryan and Jen, enjoy the final series finale. Hopefully we’ll like it. If not, we would have enjoyed this adventure.

  36. mle in Colorado says:

    Do any of you remember last year when I was pushing for 500 comments on the season finale and We didn’t quite make it? Well I think we are so close on this thread that it’s possible to get there but it has to happen before Ryan puts up the new thread.

    So I watched the pilot last night and thought it was interesting that they pointed out how whenever it rains it means something bad is about to happen. And how locke always knows when it’s about to rain and how he loves that.

    What was the secret John told Walt?

  37. mle in Colorado says:

    @Kyle I like you under the wire crackpot theory. It makes some sense when you think about the line “someday you can make up your own rules”

  38. LReene says:

    @mle in Colorado – Great Post! I personally gleaned a lot from last night’s enhanced pilot. As mentioned above, there was the reveal of who built the tower and why (which is still somewhat confusing considering what we already thought we knew), and now your mention of the “rain” which I remember from last night but had forgotten about.

    Bottom line, it will sure be fun to re-watch the whole series again with all the latest knowledge (including what we will learn in the finale). Go LOST!!

  39. Tori says:

    A note of thanks to everyone on this blog for the fun mutual ride–

    It was fun hashing out theories with you–

    To know I’m not the only addict out there–

    To know people are still intrigued by the bigger questions–

    Wish we could all meet on a beach in Hawaii somewhere, but instead —

    WIshing you the same mystery, thrills. adventure, learning, meaning and true love in your own lives that our Losites found.

    Not to mention courage, faith, the balls to challenge authority, and excellent comrades on the journey–

    Thanks, comrades–

    Blessings to you all, and thanks a zillion times to Damon and Carlton–

    We’ll miss you, LOST!

  40. ShropshireLadd says:

    I’m really afraid that the finale is going to be disappointing. Damon & Carlton have said that we will only get answers to questions that are important to the characters. Guess what, Damon and Carlton……….. the characters don’t exist! You are supposed to be making this show for the audience….who want some answers! Plus the charcters behave in ridiculously unrealistic ways. No-one has ever asked Jacob, Flocke, Ben or anyone “who are you?; what’s going on?; what is this island?” and all the other questions that any normal person would ask. I believe thay have been making it up as they went along and never really had answers to any of Lost’s questions. The great mysteries of the show were just there to keep the show going, and that’s OK but having had almost 2 years notice of the finale, wouldn’t you think they’d come up with better explanations of “the whispers”?. Instead of completely pointless Season 6 episodes like “What Kate Does” and (I know I’m in a minority on this one) Hurley and Libby’s picnic, shouldn’t they have been giving us answers? I hope I’m wrong about all this, but somehow………………..

  41. Embie says:

    Great post, Tori! I’ll second that.

    Just heard Liane Hansen on WNYC interview Doc Jensen of ES about the finale. No spoilers. Here’s the link but it won’t be available until 12 noon ET so I guess that’s to encourage you to tune in to your local public radio station. No surprise, it’s a fund-raising week.

  42. Luke from Perth says:

    @aaron from perth, can’t believe there’s another perth person! Haha your missing out, enjoying the season 1 finale right now. The end is so close!

  43. Carol from Boston says:

    @Tori – 🙁 you put what I am feeling right now so wonderfully. I can’t believe our Lost journey ends tonight. Sure we’ll rewatch, come up with new theories but this is our last new episode and after tonight’s reveals we never look at the show the same again. One part of me is so excited and another part is really sad it is over.

    @MLE and LReene- did you also notice when Charlie said “day turning into night suddenly” just before the rain started. I guess that is a MIB trademark.


  44. Kona Jack says:

    This is it fellow Losties…a day that will be long remembered by us all…
    I’m not sure how immediately satisfying or unsatisfying the finale will be, but once it’s over we should all chew on it for a while before passing judgement. I believe it will be a truly amazing ending that will be talked about for years, but I’m not sure we’ll be able to digest it all with one viewing.

    I’ve lived in a lot of different places since Lost first aired in September 2004, and have listened the Transmission podcast when I was crammed on the subway in Tokyo, or trekking in the jungles in northern Thailand, or on flights to remote places, and even once or twice in Hawaii, and it has reminded me of the importance of community. There is no feeling that can be gained from money or possessions that can match the feeling of being able to share an experience so powerful and overwhelming, and to be able to cast aside race,religion, location, social status whatever….and just simply enjoy the ride together as human beings..

  45. Tori says:

    Embie and Kyle– I enjoyed your musings on the theme of, “the answer has been in us all along”–

    A few more Wizard of Oz similarities–
    The remaining four are 3 guys and a gal (Dorothy)–
    We had/have our Toto, Vincent–
    Ben was, at one point, Henry Gale–
    We have a good witch (Jacob) and a bad witch (MIB)– though perhaps the roles will end up being reversed, as in “Wicked”–
    Just another testament to the fact that they’ve woven together all of these mythologies and references, and all can make sense on some level–

    Ah, I almost forgot: “There’s no place like home!”

    Anyhow– we’re all about to click our ruby slippers, I guess…

  46. Carol from Boston says:

    Let me share with you my experience of watching the pilot this morning. As I watched it I was interrupted on numerous occasions by sibling fights, talking, my husband on the computer, my kids sitting in the room for part of the episode asking questions and my husband making comments like “why is that guy still fat 6 years later, why do they all have the same haircuts” then me trying to explain to my family that they haven’t been on the island 6 years, only 3 and some of the people left the island, some came back. My family getting more and more confused, asking yet more questions, my 10 year old in the background asking for help with breakfast, just mass confusion. Which is when I finally said “THIS IS WHY EVERYBODY GOES TO BED EARLY ON TUESDAY NIGHTS!” Then like any good Lost mom I told my kids to go play rock band and leave me alone. It didn’t work but I tried, lol.

    Now I have to figure out how to avoid all of this tonight! Anyway admist the all the confusion I noted:

    Kate meeting Jack for the first time while rubbing her wrists, how far Evangeline’s acting has come since that first episode. She has improved a lot!!

    Jin was so domineering and cold, but did try to help others with food which everyone refused. How bittersweet his scene was with Claire, when Aaron starts kicking for the first time since the accident, she had him feel the kick, and you could see his discomfort, horror and a bit of wonder all at the same time. I was sad knowing he wouldn’t ever see his own daughter.

    The hilarous sight of Hurley fainting on the Marshall after Jack took out the metal of the marshall’s stomach, and Jack’s face when it happened.

    The plane exploding a piece almost hitting Charlie (Jorge said the piece was suppposed to land futher away so Charlie’s surprise was real, Dominic almost got killed)

    Sawyer and Sayid – how far they have come, they spent the whole episode fighting and hated each other.

    It was really cool to see smokey and knowing for the first time his motives and that it was MIB. Now it makes sense that he killed the pilot but left Jack, Kate and Charlie alone.

    Rousseau’s message “it killed them all” at the time we thought it was the monster, but now we know it was the infection and her that killed them. I also had a revelation, the “infection” was just the MIB manipulating them into killing her because she was a candidate and he couldn’t do it himself.

    I have watched the pilot several times before but I think this time I enjoyed it the most because I know so much more now and because it all ends tonight.

    @Tori- love your Wizard of Oz comments and they have used phrases from that book for episode titles like “the man behind the curtain”.

    Wish me luck tonight, I hope my house is calm and quiet, if not, well Yann in France might even be able to hear my yelling.

  47. Carol from Boston says:

    P.S. I am normally a calm person, but messing with my Lost is like anybody trying to mess with Sawyer’s Dharma Beer. 🙂

  48. steve says:

    @Carol from Boston – I started watching LOST a year ago and caught on late, but once Charlie uttered those lines, “Guys, where are we?” , I was hooked and too far gone to look back.

    The NYTimes talk video was excellent and pointed to at least four things to look for in the finale. I mentioned before that a question someone asked sounded like he hit close to a major plot reveal and it went too fast for me to skip through it, but it wasn’t spoilerish, however, I feel like I’m not completely in the dark, but see a tiny speck of light with regards to the denouement.

    Interesting Q&A – guy with the Dharma jumpsuit and other guy submitting his resume and woman who went back to church due to the show.

    Damon is really good at the non-answers. He could be a politician if he didn’t admit he was non-answering.

  49. Coolpeace says:

    Hey all,

    Lost morning 🙂 I just wanted to quickly wish you all an incredible final Lost experince tongiht. I’ll be watching with a friend who shares Lostlove…

    I’m trying to keep busy without my computer, so that no accidental spoilerish nonsense infects me. But could not let the day past without coming here and giving you all a wink.

    I’ll meet you all tomorrow, for your reactions. And don’t sweat the details – just enjoy.

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