Next: “The Little Prince” (Episode 5×04)

Another great episode of “LOST,” the kind that leaves your brain all tingly. Like last week’s outing, “The Little Prince” delivers sweet epiphanies and connections that definitely reward long-time fans. Though I’ve been wary of the Oceanic 6 storyline, tonight’s episode suggests a faster pace and stronger tension there. And as for the time jumping left-behinders, the spreading epidemic of nosebleeds means that we better enjoy the time-travel reveals while we can.

Who wasn’t thrilled to see Jin, alive… shipwrecked with young Danielle Rousseau and her crew? I gasped when I realized we were revisiting “Do No Harm,” the beam of light from the hatch that was essentially the icon of the show’s brilliant first season. Having Sawyer watch Kate help Claire deliver Aaron, meanwhile, gives us a pretty good theory as to “the whispers” that plagued our survivors from the beginning. And I’m confident the jump that brought them to the dilapidated camp and canoes is in the future, very likely beyond the “present” we’re seeing now. I harbor a not-so-secret hope that the mysterious figures in the other canoe are, in fact, the just returned Oceanic 6.

Ever since Daniel keep the left-behinders moving from site to site in the Season 5 premiere, I got the feeling the “LOST” writers were delicately trying to steer around any time-travel paradoxes. Tonight, Locke literally sidesteps the possibility of running into his past self, and Sawyer comes up with a conveniently heartwrenching reason for why he didn’t scare the living daylights out of Kate and Claire. They can’t keep this up, right? The depiction of this avoidance is so blatant, I can only imagine that we’ll ultimately see the unthinkable or impossible happen. And I’m excited to think about what that event will involve.

Still, Locke’s line about needing the pain of the past to get to where he was at that moment was significant. Not only does it suggest the linear persistence of someone’s experiences, but it seemed to be yet another tantalizing hint that Locke has known about many things on the island since the first time we met him in the pilot.

Those into the show’s relationships had a lot to be happy about, from Locke asking Sawyer if he wants to bring “her” back, to Kate saying she was “always with” Jack, to Juliet prodding Sawyer into opening up about Kate. And while I’m not entirely sure what Juliet’s up to in that scene, I like it.

Speaking of curious motives, Sun is still sending off suspicious vibes. When she tells Kate she’s helping her because “it’s what any friend would do,” I got chills. Sometimes I’m sure she’s in cahoots with Widmore to kill Ben. Sometimes I’m sure she’s actually working for Ben.

Jen particularly liked the fake-out with Carol Littleton. It seemed so obvious that Ben was the one behind the lawyer, simply flushing Kate out of hiding. When Claire’s mother showed up, we were glad to be wrong. Then glad to have actually been right all along.

By the way: “Besixdouze” is a French transliteration of B612, which is the name of the asteroid on which “The Little Prince” lived.

Locations: Downtown L.A. was downtown Honolulu, the intersection of “Wilshire and Olive” actually the intersection of Bishop and South King streets. (Watch my video from the shoot.) The hospital exterior was again Hawaii Medical Center East on Kalihi St., and the interior again Kahuku Hospital. The motel was an apartment complex adjacent to Keehi Lagoon Park near the airport. Hurley’s jail hallway was inside the Kaneohe District Park building. And the open ocean, where our left-behinders paddled their canoe and where the French crew recovered Jin? Why, that was in the Kaneohe District Park swimming pool. (Watch my video from that shoot, too!) I brought Jen to watch that scene unfold, and she was giddy for weeks.

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  1. NuckinFuts says:

    Darn….one more thing!! This has bugged me quite a while but I can rest w/ this answer….

    When Jack was in the cage and saw the flight attendant and the kids they said that they were “Observing”. Perhaps they were observing…but from the future…they were Flashing since the turn of the wheel. The word “Observing” tells me that they had decided not to mess w/ anything in the past…and that she may have even seen Jack again ( at this point returned to the island ) and they were sort of taking a tour of the past. Wow.

  2. christy in TX says:

    cat, thanks, and I have to return the theory-loving, because it makes sense that once she starts recognizing Daniel, she is better. I think Faraday explained once that it has to be something you REALLY care about, and maybe now that she knows his true feelings, she can have a ‘constant’ too. (Also, maybe that is why he is acting all lovey-dovey with her, so she can have a constant, but not necessarily because he LOVES her)
    Also, to expand on my first post, I think someone said that Locke visited everyone, and we know he even tracked down Walt, so that was why I was theorizing he already saw Sun, since it’s likely he tried to convince everyone to go back before he had to orchestrate his death to allow himself to return to the island.
    Also, since Richard said he would have to die to get them back, and we know Locke is attempting to make his way to the Orchid station now, perhaps we can presume that this is the same situation for Ben and Widmore, and that since Ben does not have anyone to live for off the island, he is willing to also be killed to go back, and may be a part of the plan to trap Widmore using Sun as an accomplice.
    Widmore said he can’t return to the island, but perhaps it is more accurate to say he can’t return to the island alive, and the real reason Ben didn’t want him killed, either.
    Again, I know it all sounds far-fetched, but that is why we love this show, it allows us to think up crazy scenarios.

    I agree with Angela J. also because Claire’s mom really would have legal rights to Aaron, and really, Kate should be happy that he can be with family. However, we know this would compromise their cover story, but I still think Kate was a little out of line with keeping him. Especially since she was also telling Jack “I’ve always been WITH you” in the same breath as she was justifying keeping Aaron because she lost Sawyer and friends on the island. But, again, once they have a story they have to stick with it. Man, sounds like Hurley was right about all that, huh? Maybe he will be their next 4-toed God!!!
    OK, still, the anagram for the van Ben was using was REINCARNATION… Any thoughts? I was checking out the timeline on Lostpedia of events before the 815 crash, and it seems like there are definite generational groupings, with a lot of mid 70s-early 80’s births of prominent characthers, then there is a grouping of births one generation ahead of that mid 50’s-early 60’s. Maybe Jacob is constantly being reincarnated into humans, and whichever human the Others happen to think it is, is the person they have as their human leader, while Jacob continues to lead from the ‘Other’ side – pardon the play on words!

  3. Luke says:

    I should probably start by making it clear that I loved the episode and am completely committed to watching this show to the end. However, after “The Little Prince,” I am more convinced than ever that the jumping around through time has to stop soon. First, if it doesn’t, Charlotte, Miles, and Juliet (and probably everyone else) will die. Second, the longer they jump around in time, the more the viewer has to deal with the increasingly awkward near-paradoxes that keep cropping up. The beauty of “The Constant” was that it introduced a kind of time travel that avoided all the classic problems, i.e. running into yourself in the past. Now, things are clearly more complicated than that. I’m still totally on board, but if the writers aren’t careful, they’re going to take it from cool-and-different to we’ve-seen-this-cheese-before. Still, they’ve managed to avoid the major paradoxes thus far; I’m just hoping the island stops jumping soon.

    On a related note: Why did the dugout canoes jump with them? Previously, it seemed that the Zodiac and whatever possessions the Losties had on them at the time traveled with them as the island moved. However, this doesn’t seem consistent anymore. Also, how is it that Jin went along with the time-travelers from all the way out by the freighter, but the group in the helicopter–which had been flying directly toward the island–got left behind? These are just questions; hopefully answers will be forthcoming. 🙂

  4. Connie in Alaska says:

    Martin-the fact that the characters withhold information from each other when it isn’t necessary has been standard operating proceedure for Lost since Season 1. I have yelled “Just TELL her/him!!” at the TV many times.

    But just think how short the series would be if all information was shared in a realistic, logical manner. While it may be frustrating, it does build a lot of tension and gives the writers more options about how and when to release information from episode to episode. But it does want to make you tear your hair out sometimes!;O)

  5. Mark in Omaha says:

    Some on here have questioned how Sun could have possibly been caught in the Island’s web of time traveling, given that the ship was so far off shore. EXCELLENT point, seems hard to fathom. Perhaps the presence of Jacob’s emissary, Christian Shephard, on the boat had something to do with it…this magical realm can apparently be extended, so perhaps the island “chose” to include a small radius surrounding the ship.

    Great podcast, BTW.

  6. Mark in Omaha says:

    sorry, I meant Jin. LOL.

  7. Connie in Alaska says:

    I think Nels has the best reasoning for why Jin was trapped in the time skipping, but not the O6 in the helicopter (posted 2/5 at 7:35am)

    “Kevin, I thought the same thing re: how Jin could be in the radius but not the helicopter but I reasoned it this way: if you think of the island as the center and its power radiates outward, it is most likely radiating outward in a sphere. The widest area of that sphere would be the slice in the center (ie: at sea level) and as you rise up in altitude, the slices would diminish in their circumference. Thus, the helicopter could be sufficiently high enough that it would be out of the radius and yet Jin, being at sea level, could be within.”

  8. Mark in Omaha says:

    Connie, yeah, i thought about that idea, but I have a hard time believing the circumference wouldn’t have included the helicopter, since helicopters really don’t travel that high (the average heli typically cruises at 500-2000 ft.) and also because the helicopter had made some progress toward the island before it disappeared. I guess it’s as good a guess as any, though.

  9. ManilaRaf says:

    In retrospect, I don’t think the Island will let Jin die. He didn’t die in the crash of 815, he didn’t die when Tom & the Others firebombed the raft, he made it to the shore apparently without any floatation device in between Seasons 1 & 2, he didn’t die when the Kahana blew up, and he’s found in the middle of a storm by the French Science Team.

    Either that or he’s in the Island’s good graces as he can also catch fish like nothing else. Or maybe being the simple son of a fisherman trumps a spinal surgeon, a box company executive, or a conman any day of the week. =)

  10. Camille in Slovenia (former of Brooklyn) says:

    A few observations.

    * I think Locke’s “suffering” comment is more Buddhist than Christian, actually. The first of the four noble truths of Buddhism is that “Life is suffering.” Of course, many of us already know that Buddhist salvation is found through the Buddha, the Sangha (community of the Buddha), and (most lost-important) the Dharma (teachings of the Buddha).

    * Someone here was wondering why Ben’s lawyer was working for Oceanic. Uh, I think he was working for Ms. Littleton AGAINST Oceanic…

    *I agree with NuckinFuts that being near the island and the flashing are two different things. In the first instance I think it causes your consciousness to jump, in the second case I think it causes your body AND your consciousness to jump. In that case I don’t think people need constants, that whole group should be each others constants.

    *Where are Rose and Bernard? Are they jumping?

    *We meet Ellie in the mid 50s at about age 15. If Daniel is born in mid 1970s, she’d be a normal 35 year old mom. I really think Daniel found a way to time travel back at some point and that explains him being in the orchid station (?) all those years back. He went back to check them out. …

    *I think this episode was good on answers and stuff but the story part of it did feel weak to me. That said, I am fully along for the ride and I usually watch every episode while doing my ironing because if I watched it sitting down I’d probably jump out of my chair every five minutes because the show really is still that exciting.

    Jumping out of my chair for your next podcast!

  11. Dupin says:

    I am intrigued by the dissapearance of the Island at the end of Season 4. Remember, it vanished from sight. Then, at the beginning of Season 5, we are all relieved to know that the Island was moving in time. Somehow the notion that it was moving geographically was too hard to comprehend. Damon and Carlton, however, have recently indicated the Island and the Losties are moving in time and space (“a little of both”). So I think we’ve been lulled into the whole time travel thing, since that’s what were experiencing now in Season 5, without fully comprehending what is going on with the Island itself. Where (not when) is it? Maybe the incidents of rainfall have something to do with this.

    On another note, I theorize that Daniel Faraday screwed something up in his experiments and those mishaps are the basis of everything we see on LOST. He unknowingly unravelled something in the space time balance that caused the events we see on the show.

  12. ManilaRaf says:

    I’m rewatching the episode right now from my iTunes season package. Not sure if it means anything, or if it’s the effects of High Def. But I’m seeing a lot of gray hair. Sawyer’s beard. Mile’s sideburns.

    And I’m not sure if I’ve noted this before, but Sawyer’s left handed. The way he holds the M1 Garand in his hand is that of a leftie. Dominant hand on the grip/trigger guard and non-dominant hand providing support on the barrel.

  13. Steve says:

    What bugs me the most about the Jin-radius question is that the freighter was CERTAINLY out of the flash radius. Remember: after the initial flash the first thing Sawyer and Juliet noticed was that the smoking wreckage had “disappeared”.

    Could it be that we’re all just supposed to think that Jin’s flashing around with the rest of them but in reality he actually floated into the island at bearing that caused him to appear during Rousseau’s arrival? I guess we’ll know if after the next flash the left behind Losties all look around and say – where the heck is Jin? 🙂

  14. Ilias says:

    Hi guys,

    Great episode, not as good as Jughead. We are finally getting some answers. I am more certain than ever that there will be some loose threads and some of stuff that they touched on in the first couple seasons will certainly be neglected but on the other side it does seem that the creators have a definite plan.

    There are some things that I know are inconsequential in the big scheme of things but they still bother me. One is Bernie and Rose, where are they? Why aren’t any of them asking about them or looking for them? Also, what about Claire? I mean they really do not know what happened to her and nobody seems to be asking about her. She just walked of in the jungle so why do they assume so nonchalantly that they have lost her.

    Jack is really a poor judge of character, it was also him that did not believe Sayid when it came to Ben in S2. How and why on earth would he ever believe that Ben is on their side? He is naive in more ways than one.

    So Ben told Locke that the price that he has to pay is that he can never return to the island, it seems that this was another lie. He is devious the little bug-eyed man, everyone should know that by now. So is his only motivation to bring little Aaron back to the island? Is Locke and all the others only a means to get the little and only prince back to the island? There must be a great significance to Aaron the first child to be born on the island after such a long time!

    I wonder if Sun wants to shoot Ben? She could also target Jack or Kate for reasons that may not be clear yet. Ben seems the most probable but you never know. If Sun could find Ben and Jack why wouldn’t Widmore find them and get rid of Ben who clearly is a nemesis? I guess it could be that Sun will do him a favor and then he will owe her. Wow, my brain hurts…

    Are the Losties in the boat being shot by their own comrades, the oceanic six? I believe that is probable but I also believe that they are doing it because they did not recognized eachother. It looked though as if Juliette actually hit somebody though.

    If Locke leaves the island will he be back in the wheelchair? He was, understandably, reluctant to leave the island is seasons past and he is motivated to do it for the sake of the island now. Will the island protect him when he leaves the island.

    It must be said that newcomers always have it difficult in an established show but I love Juliette (never trust her), Daniel, Ginger and Miles. I genuinely care for them, they are interesting. Well, maybe not as much as Froghurt, sorry Neal!

    About all teh bloody noses and the headaches. I understand that the time travel is doing this but help me understand why it also happened to Minowski on the freighter for example? It hit him much sooner than anyone else, so does that also mean that he spend time on the island in the past? I ask that because it seems that this “disease” is getting to people that have spens significant time on the island. Juliette, Des, Miles and Ginger (last two I presume).

    Now how on earth did Jin ever get back to 1988? Was he out at sea time travelling with all the other Losties? Or is he on a different time travel trip? I of course understand why Jin is teh only survivor from the freighter but it was actually a good opportunity to make it a bit more realistic to have a couple other SOX (is that how the acronym is spelled) saved as well. If nothing else it would be more bodies to blow up.

    I know this is getting long but I would like to add a theory. I believe most of us are actually wondering one and the same thing, what is it that draws people to the island? I believe that this is the key to understand what is going on. I do not believe that it is only that the island cures disabilities and diseases, for some reason I do not believe that this is the only reason. I believe there is more to it. I believe that the island has that special ability to keep people young, that is why Alpert never really ages. It would also go to explain to me why Widmore wants to go back to the island and why he wants to wipe out everybody else. He wants to be the one that eternally controls the island for his own use, I do not believe that he wants to profit from the island financially. Was it not Tom that said that they have been on the island for a very long time and that it was their island? So all the others that came on the island, like maybe the US and French military who used to do a lot of experimenting with bombs in the Pacific, threatened to destroy or throw its equilibrium off were unwanted intruders. This would mean that Widmore is actually an islander who for one reason or another was thrown off the island. Was he ostracized by Alpert or was he forced to leave the island by some other event? I maybe talking over my head here, the future -or the past will tell.

    I usually skip the Forward Cabin but over the hiatus I did listen to a some parts and you Ryan were spot on about the French people. It is interesting thought that Rousseau actually now has a French accent, I guess it turns into a Yugoslavian accent when you stay alone on teh island for 16 years 😀

    Last but least I believe that Lost has now become a show for the fans, I believe that it is very hard to get up to speed in order to understand what is going on and I for one respect the creators for keeping it smart without compromising the story for purposes other than the story itself.

    You guys are awesome, keep up the good work and namaste…


  15. Odette says:

    Someone asked if someone could translate what was being said By the French team. Being French, I can translate it for you. But I have to say I couldn’t hear everything that they said on the boat because of the sound of water and the storm so I’ll do my best… (sorry for the mistakes in English…)
    On the boat.
    – We should never have …… …… far from here.
    – It’s not my fault …….
    – I already told you the instruments didn’t work out properly…
    – Roussseau: there’a man lost at sea.
    – What? I thought we were all here?
    – We are all here. He’s not one of us.
    – So, who is he?
    – paddle, come on, paddle.
    – Put the light on him.
    Rousseau: Paddle, come on help paddling!
    – Come on, hurry or he’ll drift far with the stream.
    – There’s only him, no boat,nothing. ………………. are on the shore.
    -Rousseau: My god Morand shut up!!
    – Come on, help us!
    – I got him, he’s still breathing!

    On the island:
    – Morand (blond hair): Robert, it comes from the island.
    – Robert: You think you could determine the source?
    -M : Of course, I could! Look!
    – R: You think it’s inhabited?
    – Rousseau to Jin: Are you all right? How do you feel?
    -Robert: Who is it?
    – M: We don’t care. What is he doing here?
    – Rousseau: He said he came by boat…
    – M: How do you not know how you ended up in the middle of the ocean.
    – Rouseau: Leave him alone, he’s in a state of shock… Do we have water for him?
    – Robert: here.

    Hope it helped you…

  16. Rabbit15 says:

    I just wanted to say how relieved I was for Jin when I realized that Danielle and company could speak English. I was afraid Jin would have to end up tri-lingual by the end of this season. I can just imagine him running through the jungle crying that he is being chased by “Les Autres”!

    Another great episode and thanks so much, Ryan and Jen. The podcast is a highlight of my week!

  17. Ilias says:


    That is very funny….

  18. Carol from Boston says:

    I know the time traveling is a bit confusing, but what a great way to show us the history of the Island. I would much rather watch Danielle and her team going crazy than to hear about it. I am really enjoying watching our questions being slowly answered.

    I also loved the contrast of the young Danielle. She is so healthy looking, so sweet, so open and trusting. What a difference to the hard, cynical, lonely woman she became.

    There has also been a lot of speculation about the connection between Charlotte and Daniel. I think an important point to remember is that his exact words were “I am in love with this woman” not I love this woman. Which tells me there is no family connection between the two.

    Love the podcast!! I really enjoy your recaps and all your ideas. Thanks for all the hard work Ryan and Jen.

  19. Aaron from Perth says:

    How good is it seeing events from the sereis again from different veiws? i think its great. Cant wait to see what happend to Danielles people, and to find out if the whole ‘sickness’ thing on the island was true.
    Im gonna be in Hawaii in a months time!!! woo hoo im gonna go check out some of he filming locations!!! Are they still filming the 5th season? or is it all finished? any chances of running into a scene being shot? i hope so!!!

  20. Rabbit15 says:

    @ Aaron: They are most definitely still filming-they haven’t even written four of the scripts! Check out “The Forward Cabin” on this podcast to hear about the latest locations. Ryan is really on top of what’s going on.

  21. ManilaRaf says:

    @Aaron: In this week’s Official LOST Podcast, Damon & Carleton mentioned they’re in the process of writing episodes 15-17, so they still have quite a few shooting days left I imagine. When you’re in Hawaii be sure to keep you camera handy, and keep in touch with Ryan just in case you run across anything interesting. Have a good trip!

  22. DfromMakiki says:

    I would advise people to not put too much into the Canton Ranier thing on the van. While I wouldnt put it past the production crew to include an anagram, it’s obviously just a repaint of an old “Canyon Rental” van that they probably picked up for cheap.

  23. Camille says:

    @DromMakiki – Damon and Carlton certainly talked a lot about reincarnation — well actually resurrection (the hieroglyphs in the orchid were about resurrection) — this last audio podcast, and someone already mentioned that canton rainier unscrambles to spell REINCARNATION. LOST’s set design is rarely careless about this kind of stuff.

  24. Jimme (from Lyngby, Denmark) says:

    First of all I would like to say that the podcast rocks. Listened to it from the beginning and was very glad when you brought it back. Following LOST is just not the same without it.

    Read most of the comments and I continued to be amazed by all the great theories that I can read in the comments here.

    This has probably been covered in some of the comments I didn’t read but here it goes anyway.
    I think the sphere theory is great and I’m willing to buy that one as an answer for why Jack, Kate etc. wasn’t inside the radius. The answer how Jin was inside the radius when the freighter wasn’t could very well be because the freighter wasn’t with them, and hasn’t been in real contact with the island.
    Keep upå the good work Ryan and Jen. Looking forward to the podcast.

  25. Lisa is Lost says:

    Aren’t there three time travels that are/were happening?

    1) Minkowski, Desmond (and the guy in the body bag from the Freighter) all had time travelling consciousnesses. They got nosebleeds because they did not come/go from the island on a bearing based on when in time they were. For Desmond this was 305.

    2) Freighter Doctor and Jin arrive on the island at an out of sync time because they were travelling based upon another bearing. The Doctor arrived dead before he really died and Jin arrived in 1988 before he should have. No known nosebleed issues (yet). I wonder if the Dharma drops fall into this category?

    3) Losties are physically travelling in time due to the FDW releasing energy from the Orchid. They get nosebleeds based upon the amount of time they have spent on the island (most to least). Charlotte, Miles, then Juliette.

    I think you keep what you are in contact with when you jump. Locke kept the compass when he jumped to 1954 after getting fixed up by Richard. The Losties kept the Canoe when they jumped from some unknown future date to 1988 (when the Besixdouze wreckage was found). The Zodiac was no longer there (at the unknown future date) because they were not in contact with it at the time of the jump (they were near Claire/Kate in the jungle).

  26. Texas Ex 06 says:

    I think you are spot on about the jump that showed the Islandies being chased and shot at on the water. I too think it is the Oceanic 6 returning.

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  28. Bomir says:

    The French guy’s name is Mouton = Sheep

    Here is a definition of sheep in psychology
    …a subject who does not reject the possibility that extrasensory perception could occur under the condition of the given experimental situation.

    There is also a reference to sheep in Alices in Wonderland

    A shop was featured as the Old Sheep Shop in Lewis Carroll’s 1871 book Through the Looking-Glass. One of the original John Tenniel illustrations shows the inside of the shop. It was used as a setting in Chapter 5 of the book (Wool and Water) and is owned by a sheep in the story:

    The shop is very characteristic of the dream-like qualities within the Looking-Glass world, in that every time Alice tries to focus on a specific object on its many shelves it changes shape and shifts to another shelf. At another point the shop itself vanishes and Alice finds herself outside with the sheep in a boat, having been given a pair of knitting needles which turn into oars in her hands. The sheep herself continues to be make scornful, personal remarks and then finally, on appearing back in the shop, sells Alice an egg, which promptly turns into Humpty Dumpty.

    This cannot be coincidental

    I believe that this French team may be activists protesting for the French nuclear tests in the South Pacific during this period
    Remember the Rainbow Warrior?

    Another thing
    Why would the USA loose track of a H-bomb in the 50’s?
    The answer may be that those who brought Jughead on the island were not american, but rather mercenaries.
    There is no reason why any atomic bomb would leak after only a few weeks…

  29. Sandra (also from The Island) says:

    First time to post on the site. Sorry I didn’t have time to read everyone’s comments, so hopefully not repeating someone else. My comments deal mostly with the previous episode, “Jughead.” If the Others buried the bomb, as Faraday suggests, perhaps the Swan Station and the 108 minute cycle was a way to release a small portion of the bomb’s energy. I’ve always wondered how the island stations got their power, so perhaps it is atomic energy. Also, if people on the island are getting doses of radiation, maybe that is way the pregnant women lost their babies. While adults could withstand some ratiation, and could build up an immunity to it with the shots, embryoes could not.
    Also, speaking of radiation. When Ben moved the frozen donkey wheel, is it possible he released an even greater measure of energy (not from the bomb but from the source that Chang spoke of: enough to destroy the world)? If so, then that radiation is causing the time-travel in the same way that Faraday’s use of radiation in sending the mice through time.
    Loved the scene in Jughead when Sawyer told Ellie to put down her riffle and called her “Blondie.” Many younger viewers may not remember the Jughead and Blondie comic books. In “The Little Prince,” also loved Sawyer’s quip, when our islanders were being chased by the other canoe, “Maybe they are other Others.” BTW: Love your podcast Ryan and Jen and follow it faithfully. Will also be following these comments after future episodes. Aloha, Sandra

  30. Michel says:

    Although sound was really bad because of the storm,
    Odette has got most of the French right
    However, the French blond guy’s name is Robert Mouton (not Morand)
    Mouton = Sheep

    Here is a definition of sheep in psychology
    …a subject who does not reject the possibility that extrasensory
    perception could occur under the condition of the given experimental
    Hummm…. interesting

    There is also a reference to sheep in Alices in Wonderland. A shop was featured as the Old Sheep Shop in Lewis Carroll’s 1871 book “Through the Looking-Glass”. One of the original John Tenniel illustrations shows the inside of the shop. It was used as a setting in Chapter 5 of the book (Wool and Water) and is owned by a sheep in the story. The shop is very characteristic of the dream-like qualities within the Looking-Glass world, in that every time Alice tries to focus on a
    specific object on its many shelves it changes shape and shifts to another shelf. At another point the shop itself vanishes and Alice finds herself outside with the sheep in a boat, having been given a pair of knitting needles which turn into oars in her hands. The sheep herself continues to be make scornful, personal remarks and then finally, on appearing back in the shop, sells Alice an egg, which
    promptly turns into Humpty Dumpty.

    This cannot be coincidental

  31. Aaron from Perth says:

    Rabbit15 and ManilaRaf, thanks for the reply guys. I will be keeping my camera in my hands at all times!! Cant wait to see beautiful hawaii!!!

  32. Bit Bucket says:

    Wasn’t able to listen to the podcast until early this morning, due to 19 hours of air travel. I must confess that “The Little Prince” did not impress me as one of the better episodes. BUT, “The Transmission” this week was a great podcast and has changed my mind about the episode.

    I feel that the best explanation of how Jin arrived in 1988 is the “dead doctor” explanation.

    But, if Jin is not jumping repeatedly through time, is he going to remain in that time with Danielle and her crew? This would lead to the question “Did (or does) Danielle kill Jin when she kill the rest of her crew?”

    Also, how could Ben use the fact that Jin is not dead to console Sun? How would feel if your spouse were transported to another time or place and not able to get back? If Jin is unable to return to or communicate with Sun, it is hardly and different than being dead.

    Unless Jin is now going to be reunited with Sun 20 years older, there should be another time jump in store.

  33. Chris B says:

    Hi Ryan and Jen from England! I don’t see the episodes until Sunday’s, so I’m a few day behind you guys.

    Just a few points from “The Little Prince”: With the find of the Ajira Airlines water bottle in the canoe, I share the belief that this is the way the Oceanic 6 return to the island. But where do you land a plane on a tropical island? How about a runway on the Hydra! Then the O6 used the canoes (like Sawyer, Kate and Carl did) to paddle to the main island. Ben always has a plan, so maybe he ordered the building of a runway should he (or anyone else) need to fly to the island.

    Also, where are Rose and Bernard?! Could they be so frightened by the flashes and flaming arrows that they ran for cover…maybe into a cave. They could be Adam and Eve. The caves have collapsed now, so maybe they entered the caves in the past, then they flashed to the future and BAM!, got stuck in the caves and died. Remember, the bodies did have a black and a white stone on them when Jack found them, maybe this was forshadowing their ethnicity.

    Keep up the great show,
    Chris B in England

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