Trans 2009-02-08: “The Little Prince”


This episode of “The Transmission” takes a look at the fourth episode of Season 5, “The Little Prince.” We recap the story in eight minutes, then spend some time discussing it in greater depth. Then, we turn it over to You All Everybody, our brilliant listeners and readers. Then, in the Forward Cabin, we review what we know about “This Place is Death” and report on the last week of filming on The Island.

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  • 0:00:43 Introduction
  • 0:01:18 “LOST” in 8 Minutes
  • 0:08:59 Sponsored by
  • 0:10:06 Discussion
  • 0:33:59 You All Everybody
  • 1:10:53 The Forward Cabin
  • 1:15:11 Closing

Got a comment about something mentioned in this podcast, or about the podcast itself? Have at it below. Otherwise, we encourage you to continue the larger listener discussion about “The Little Prince” on the previous post.

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23 Responses to Trans 2009-02-08: “The Little Prince”

  1. Camille says:

    After listening to the podcast, I am thinking that maybe Ben and Widmore are somehow working in cohort, or that maybe Ben has a Widmore spy. It seems that Widmore keeps playing people into Ben’s hands. Widmore directed Sun to Los Angeles(or rather didn’t stop her going), same as he directed Desmond to Los Angeles (despite the fact that Ben promised to kill Penny). Is Widmore being duped or is he just getting his ducks in a row for the big showdown with Ben? Possibly using his daughter as bait? Is Widmore gonna try and hitch a ride with the O6 at the last minute or is he gonna try to steal their ride all together? Will Season 6 be a war for power with a newly-formed island army versus Widmore forces? Will there be a “Luke, I am your father” moment between Widmore and someone else on the island? My head is spinning!

  2. ManilaRaf says:

    Just listened to the podcast. Great as always. Some thoughts:

    -It never occurred to me that Jin might have reached the Island via the 305 bearing. If he’s stuck in 1988, I think I’m going to cry. (Perhaps he escapes the Island, learns English, and becomes a CTU SWAT Team leader?=) )
    -But a problem I have with that is that the Island itself disappeared. So unless the 305 bearing automatically brings you to wherever the Island is (food resupply drops perhaps?), floating in on the 305 bearing will just lead you to open water.
    -Regarding the call who mentioned Locke manipulating Sawyer; we’ve definitely seen that before. Remember that it was Alpert suggesting to Locke to get Sawyer to kill Locke’s dad, aka Tom Sawyer. So we’ve seen clear evidence of Locke using Sawyer in a manipulative fashion.
    -I agree with Jesse. I find Kate’s whimpering and insistence that Aaron is her’s rather annoying. I actually enjoyed Ben tell her that Aaron isn’t her son.

    Also, if anyone wants to read The Little Prince the book, it’s actually available online on a wiki site since it’s now public domain in Canada. I actually have a physical copy that I bought a few years ago, but it’s way back in the States so I reread the story in under an hour on that one site.

  3. carmel says:

    i’m thinking more and more than both ben and widmore are pawns in someone else’s game and the Dharma initiative is playing this all out somehow. if ben works with Ms. Hawking and she’s indeed Dan’s mother and possibly Ellie from “jughead” period, than Ben is working for widmore without even knowing it. uptil now, each season widened the game and introduced a new cycle of power: the others, dharma and hostiles, outside the island – widmore’s boat and Ben’s outta island conenctions and now what? i think we would find out there’s a bigger player in the ring. or as richard says : we all unswer to someone. our hint is that the ghosts, smokey and jacob don’t always agree – should the o6 be back at any cost or as claire told kate, don’t you dare bring him back?

    as for the reincarnation anagram – do you think all losties are the reincarnations of the black rock or egyptian people and that’s why thsoe cycles must be closed?

  4. carmel says:

    two more things related to the podcast:

    1. i was bothered by daniel not recognising jin in previous seasons as well so i looked up most of her scenes and it seems she indeed never met him. he might have heard her name but everytime she came around he was either on the raft with michael or even stayed behind to boobytrap the camp when they all went with naomi to make the call and daniel was present. she was than with lock’s team when he was with jack on the beach.

    i’m pretty sure daniel never laid eyes on him or else she’d scream because he looks the same. many fans seem to think next episode she’s running into our future losties and they are actually the others that had “that disease” and probably responsible to montand’s arm as well… however, she’ll probably see only the ones she never met – miles, juliette and faraday. ( i remember she met charlotte when she landed, but i think she never saw miles when he was lock’s prisioner and i think she never met juliette either but this needs to be rechecked in season 4).

    2. the answers to Jin’s time travel seems more simple: everything you touch travels with you. the big boat diaapeared from the horison although it was in the island’s parameter, because no one was alive on it. but if someone remained alive, like jin, the piece of boat he held on to would skip with him. i think we’ll find out that he does skip and will team up with sawyer and the others.

  5. BeckyD says:

    Ryan and Jen–great podcast, as always!

    Also, I listened to Donald is Lost’s latest yesterday and thought your part was funny. Good job!

  6. Michael281 says:

    Let me first say that this IS the best Lost podcast out there. I tried them all when I started working from home and now I only listen to two and this is the best.

    Time Travel with Objects – I don’t understand the confusion here. If you’re touching stuff (like clothes) it goes with you. If you’re not touching it, it’s left behind.

    Ben knows the future? Sure, I suppose it’s possible, but I don’t see any solid indications that this is true (and I kind of hope it isn’t as it really short changes Ben’s manipulative skills). Alex died and he was shocked. I don’t see that as meaning Ben knows the future and now it’s wrong. I think it’s more that he knows the rules of time travel and Alex’s death violates those rules. Thus, Widmore has found a way to skirt the rules which is what shocks Ben. Here’s a fun scenario to consider. What if Ben had a daughter, but unknown to him, the baby was swapped for Alex at birth. Perhaps the real mom wanted to get her little girl away from Ben. So Ben knows a rule that says his daughter can’t be killed yet… but Alex isn’t his daughter!

    Spider-Serum – Of all of the ideas about Locke maybe not being really dead, this is the one that I like the best now. I really have no gut feeling which way things will go there, but this answer would be the most entertaining to me.

  7. iwantdesmondshair says:

    Great podcast guys!

    Jen I’m with you, I hope the whispers are the LOSTies trying to talk to themselves from different points in time, that would be really cool.

    I can’t believe I’m saying this but I want more mystery. Yea its cool to see some of these things unfold but I would have been fine without any scene of the french crew coming to the island. It just fills like filler to me and it feels rushed as well. I dunno, I’m still loving the season but something about “The Little Prince” just didn’t sit right with me.

    I hope that by the halfway point in the season the story makes a hard shift in direction because I will cry if the whole season is all this drama about getting back to the island and Ben gets them all on a plane or something and they just fly on over to the island in the season finale. You guys did a great job covering this episode, as always. Thanks for the the hard work Ryan and Jen!

    Oh btw I’m so jealous you got to see the actors in a pool paddling their canoe, that must have been priceless!



  8. Steve says:

    I’m not sure if stuff talked about on the official Lost podcast is considered spoiler material but if so – be warned the following contains information revealed by Damon and Carlton on that broadcast:
    They confirmed that Jin is indeed skipping around with the other Losties. They didn’t offer any explanation except that he was in “the radius”. They’re not sure if the fish swimming below Jin are skipping with him though. 😉

  9. christy in TX says:

    Thanks for the mention of one of my posts in the podcast.
    I have thought about it some more, and am becoming more convinced that Sun is NOT working for Widmore, when she first confronts Widmore in London, she tells him “We are not the only ones who left the island, you know” which may sound at first like she is ready to sell Desmond out, but then when Widmore traps Sun at the airport, she mentions Ben as their common enemy. I don’t know how she knew Ben ever left the island unless he or Locke visited her, because at this point no one else in touch with her knows, to my knowledge. Also, I doubt that if Widmore was tracking Ben in LA for her to kill, he would not also send Desmond there to find Miss Hawking, as he is fearful for Penny’s safety.

    So, if she knows Ben left the island, she was maybe approached by Ben or Locke. If it was Locke, she likely knows about Jin’s being alive (since Darlton stated he is jumping with the other Losties) and is working to help get Kate to return to the island (again, her asking her “Wouldn’t you do ANYTHING to stay together with Aaron”, etc. kind of setting her up for drastic actions necessary)

    If she was visited by Ben, then he may not have known about Jin at the time of his visit with her, but according to the preview for the next episode, he now knows, either way, I don’t see why she would have an interest in killing Ben, but just an interest in forcing Kate and Aaron to return to the island to make everything right in the world.

    The main problem though, is that her baby, as fas as we know, is in South Korea with her mother, and I am sure she would want Ji Yeon to return to the island, too, to have her family reunited, unless she believes a quick trip back will set everything straight, then she and Jin can return home to their lives, but it appears that everyone believes there will be one trip to the island, and no return to the rest of the world from that point onward. Especially since they all agreed to their story of no other survivors.

    So, another variation of a crackpot theory, kind of, really more questions than anwers…

  10. christy in TX says:

    Sorry, one other quick item:
    Maybe Sun was visited by Locke and is actually trying to steal Locke’s body for Widmore, which is why Ben was concerned about keeping his body safe and had the lady at the butcher shop watching him. I must have missed it, is Locke now in the back of the Canton/Rainier (“Reincarnation”) van?

  11. jen says:

    D’oh! The “The Third Policeman” audiobook is read by Jim Norton, the Irish actor; not Jim Norton the dirty-mouthed comedian. That’s what we get for Googling. Our bad. Thanks, Kaes.

  12. Ilias says:

    Hi guys,

    just got to work and listen to your podcast on my commute. Snowy and cold, here…. …..oh how I wish I got shipwrecked on a tropical island and always be warm.

    Thanks for the mention, I presume Ben is going on the island. I believe that because he has just too many fans and it is logical that with everyone getting ion the island the story will focus on the island and not off island. I can just not imagine that Ben will not be with them. Of course I may be wrong but I ultimately believe that the creators also want to keep fans happy.

    I was also thinking about how the Oceanic 6 plan to get on the island. I mean the island moved so how does Ben or whoever else know where it actually is, hmmmm.

    I have read some of Doc’s comments over at EW, I do not want to give anything away here (no spoilers for Jen or anyone else) but if it is true this season is gearing up to be my favorite one after S1. The season is not over yet but I can’t wait to buy the Blue-Ray in the fall.

    You guys rock…


  13. ChiliDog says:

    I don’t like the spider serum idea for Locke. I like the two Lockes idea better. I think that he would commit suicide if he knew he was still alive on the island, and it makes a convenient way to dispose of the second Locke.

    Why they would need to bring his body back is beyond me at this point.

    As for the rules, I have felt in some way that Alex has some important role in the future which she may have already carried out and that by killing her in what is in effect her past, Charles has changed the rules.

  14. Steve says:

    I loved when Ben said that Aaron wasn’t Kate’s son.

    He would know about claiming a child that isn’t your own.

  15. David in Plano says:

    Great podcast, as usual, Ryan and Jen.

    I found it so funny that you all were able to verify that the ocean chase scenes were filmed against a green screen in a swimming pool.

    While watching the episode last week, I made the comment to my family that I so enjoy it when the LOST production crew goes out on the ocean to film because it just looks so good, especially in HD.

    Fooled me again!

  16. Jesse says:

    oooooh my, you guys are too kind 🙂
    I did like the point you two made about the writers boxing themselves into a corner…
    BUT, I love the idea that they are explaining stuff we’ve been theorizing about forever – with very simple ideas.
    IMAGINE if the whispers we’ve heard the entire time talking about the characters at key moments in their time on the island… ARE IN FACT..the same characters watching them…
    that’s something we would never have thought up.

    I give them credit.

  17. bluedog1121 says:

    Another great podcast! The Forward Cabin segment was *awesome*! I’m so excited for this season to unfold.

    And congratulations on the sponsorship! 🙂

  18. Spalz says:

    Here’s a thought. I think that Daniel that we say in 1952 is going to be shown in a few more episodes. I think that since they are all going to the Orchid station, they will shift in time again, and realize that they are in the 50s , and Daniel will go down there dressed as a construction person, while the other people wait outside. Hes on a mission to do something we dont know yet. And then there will be another flash/shift and he will be in the present and the wheel will be accessable and he’ll turn in.
    Thats my thoughts as to why he is down there in the one episode, and what will happen from there.

  19. Terpfan says:

    Love the podcast! Ryan was mentioning the numbers being broadcast as some type of “random numbers” broadcasting that is going on all around the world. I seem to recall some Dharma orientation film that explained the they were trying to change one of the numbers. The signal for success would be to change the numbers in the broadcast. It may have been part of an alternate reality game, but I cannot recall exactly. I am just saying these numbers are not part of that world broadcasting, but part of the Dharma objectives on the island. Unless the world broadcasting that Ryan mentioned are also part of the Dharma Initiative. 🙂

  20. James Basler says:

    New listener to your show and it has become a great companion to listening to Jay and Jack’s Lost podcast. The one comment about this past show that I want to get our there is Charlotte’s conversation with Daniel as their walking toward the beach. Daniel asks Charlotte how is her headache and she responds with “You’re sweet, but you don’t need to baby me. I’m fine.” We know that all sorts of theories are circulating about Charlotte’s parents but I wonder if Daniel is her father? I know he told Richard he was in love with her but I think maybe now he was meaning a love for his daughter. I know it sounds weird but just a thought. Let me know what you think.

  21. Camille in Slovenia (former of Brooklyn) says:

    I thought I better go back and check the history of Carthage and Hannibal and see if it might get us anywhere in the world of LOST.

    Carthage was an empire in what is today now Tunisia (wasn’t Ben Linus there once?). Founded by Queen Elissa/Dido (the wanderer), the Carthaginian empire (at one point ) held most of the western mediterranean. According to the Aeneid, Dido fell madly in love with Aeneas the Trojan while he was passing through on his way to establish what would become the Roman empire. When Aeneas announced he wasn’t sticking around, Dido apparently committed suicide as left and simultaneous put a curse on the departing Trojans. This is believed to have established the ongoing enmity between the Romans and the Carthaginians.

    Hannibal was a renowned military strategist from Carthage(son of a famed military commander) astatesman, and one of the most formidable foes the early Roman Empire ever faced. He is also credited as being the invocation of the “avenging spirit” that Dido called upon in her dying words. According to Wikipedia, he is also the originator of the saying “We will either find a way, or make one.”

    Eventually the Romans crushed the original Carthage, raised it, and created their own Carthage on top of the ruins. They also sold the remaining Carthaginians into slavery, for good measure.

    But don’t feel totally bad for them, they are said to have sacrificed children to their god Ba’al Hammon…

    Also important to note that Carthage (the newer one of course) was the center for early Christianity, and a lot of important people who are now Catholic saints hung out there.

  22. Catherine says:

    Danielle, when describing to someone how she wound up on the island, told us that she and her team heard mysterious numbers and followed them and then shipwrecked–this is information we already had….not new. Seeing the team hearing the numbers with the radio was just tying it all together for us (like what’s his name losing his arm–she already described that happening, too).

  23. Ryan and Jen,

    I love your podcast; listen to it regularly on the treadmill. Gets me through a lot of tough workouts!

    There’s one thing, though, that makes me grit my teeth every time I hear it: when you introduce the show, you always say, “first we’ll recap the show in 8 minutes or less, then we’ll step back and examine the episode in greater detail, …”

    When you step *back* from something, it’s impossible to see it in greater detail than when you were *closer*. You see the details on something when you’re up close to it. It’s a lot easier, though, to look at something with a “broader scope” or with “wider perspective” when you step back, which is really what you do in this section of the show, anyways.

    I know I’m being a pointy-headed literalist on this, but every time I hear it, I think, “I’ve really got to tell them about that.” And now I have, and I can run in peace from now on!

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