Next: “The Little Prince” (Episode 5×04)

Another great episode of “LOST,” the kind that leaves your brain all tingly. Like last week’s outing, “The Little Prince” delivers sweet epiphanies and connections that definitely reward long-time fans. Though I’ve been wary of the Oceanic 6 storyline, tonight’s episode suggests a faster pace and stronger tension there. And as for the time jumping left-behinders, the spreading epidemic of nosebleeds means that we better enjoy the time-travel reveals while we can.

Who wasn’t thrilled to see Jin, alive… shipwrecked with young Danielle Rousseau and her crew? I gasped when I realized we were revisiting “Do No Harm,” the beam of light from the hatch that was essentially the icon of the show’s brilliant first season. Having Sawyer watch Kate help Claire deliver Aaron, meanwhile, gives us a pretty good theory as to “the whispers” that plagued our survivors from the beginning. And I’m confident the jump that brought them to the dilapidated camp and canoes is in the future, very likely beyond the “present” we’re seeing now. I harbor a not-so-secret hope that the mysterious figures in the other canoe are, in fact, the just returned Oceanic 6.

Ever since Daniel keep the left-behinders moving from site to site in the Season 5 premiere, I got the feeling the “LOST” writers were delicately trying to steer around any time-travel paradoxes. Tonight, Locke literally sidesteps the possibility of running into his past self, and Sawyer comes up with a conveniently heartwrenching reason for why he didn’t scare the living daylights out of Kate and Claire. They can’t keep this up, right? The depiction of this avoidance is so blatant, I can only imagine that we’ll ultimately see the unthinkable or impossible happen. And I’m excited to think about what that event will involve.

Still, Locke’s line about needing the pain of the past to get to where he was at that moment was significant. Not only does it suggest the linear persistence of someone’s experiences, but it seemed to be yet another tantalizing hint that Locke has known about many things on the island since the first time we met him in the pilot.

Those into the show’s relationships had a lot to be happy about, from Locke asking Sawyer if he wants to bring “her” back, to Kate saying she was “always with” Jack, to Juliet prodding Sawyer into opening up about Kate. And while I’m not entirely sure what Juliet’s up to in that scene, I like it.

Speaking of curious motives, Sun is still sending off suspicious vibes. When she tells Kate she’s helping her because “it’s what any friend would do,” I got chills. Sometimes I’m sure she’s in cahoots with Widmore to kill Ben. Sometimes I’m sure she’s actually working for Ben.

Jen particularly liked the fake-out with Carol Littleton. It seemed so obvious that Ben was the one behind the lawyer, simply flushing Kate out of hiding. When Claire’s mother showed up, we were glad to be wrong. Then glad to have actually been right all along.

By the way: “Besixdouze” is a French transliteration of B612, which is the name of the asteroid on which “The Little Prince” lived.

Locations: Downtown L.A. was downtown Honolulu, the intersection of “Wilshire and Olive” actually the intersection of Bishop and South King streets. (Watch my video from the shoot.) The hospital exterior was again Hawaii Medical Center East on Kalihi St., and the interior again Kahuku Hospital. The motel was an apartment complex adjacent to Keehi Lagoon Park near the airport. Hurley’s jail hallway was inside the Kaneohe District Park building. And the open ocean, where our left-behinders paddled their canoe and where the French crew recovered Jin? Why, that was in the Kaneohe District Park swimming pool. (Watch my video from that shoot, too!) I brought Jen to watch that scene unfold, and she was giddy for weeks.

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135 Responses to Next: “The Little Prince” (Episode 5×04)

  1. John Fischer says:

    The nosebleeds are interesting. Apparently the longer a non-indigenous person has been on the island, the quicker his or her nose starts to bleed once the island starts shifting in time.

    Charlotte’s nose started first so she once lived on the island for a longer time than Miles who also seems to have lived there (baby Dr. Candle?). Finally Juliet’s nose started to bleed. We know she’s been there a few years only. At some point all of the Lost survivors will suffer the same fate and then finally Faraday himself who I suspect never actually lived on the island.

  2. Dan says:

    Didn’t have time to read all the comments, so not sure if this has been thrown out there. But, Agira (sp) airlines…could this be the way that Ben and the others get back to the island? Also, the people in the other pontoon were pretty blacked out. Could that have actually been the Losties? Although, they’d have to be pretty pissed off or really wanted their boat back.

  3. greg says:

    I think a lot of people are missing the boat when commenting about needing a “Constant”. I really think that only factors in if you are time-traveling in your head (ala Desmond in the Constant). I don’t think a constant would do diddly squat when they are physically moving through time and space…

  4. Connie in Alaska says:

    John Fischer-Thanks for the break down on The Little Prince (the book). I am anxious to read it for myself, but your synopsis was very helpful.

  5. Christina from New York says:

    Since I know Jen loves anagrams, this one is for her. Did you realize that Kate’s street address (42 Panorama Crest) can be rearranged into: “A romance traps”? Which is very much in line with Kate’s whole story line. I’m sure it can be rearranged into a bunch of other things too, but I really liked that one.

  6. Danie says:

    Has anyone else noticed that Sawyer is now wearing a red shirt? Go back and look at “The Shape of Things to Come.” When Sawyer is talking to the doomed redshirts, there was a guy in the group who was wearing a red and beige plaid shirt that looks almost exactly the same as the one Sawyer is now wearing. Not sure if this means anything, but it just seemed worth mentioning. I keep noticing it every time Sawyer is on screen.

  7. matt in connecticut says:

    Just a minor thought. If it was the O6 in the canoe, why would they need two of them for only 5 people? even if Ben and Locke come back too if he comes back to life then that’s only seven, they could have fit in 1 boat. Or if Locke did come back with them he would know who was on the boat and not want to shoot at himself? Or maybe he knows they have to shoot at himself because someone already did? Confusing.

  8. Dave says:

    Connie in Alaska — how did you come to the conclusion that Kate is Sawyer’s constant? I like the idea and it maybe explains why Sawyer hasn’t has a nosebleed, but didn’t glean this from the episode.

    John Fischer — Thanks for the Little Prince synopsis. Had to read it in French class in high school and always hated it. It makes more sense in the context of Lost. I have one quarrel with your other post though:
    “The nosebleeds are interesting. Apparently the longer a non-indigenous person has been on the island, the quicker his or her nose starts to bleed once the island starts shifting in time.”
    If this is true, Sawyer and Locke would get nosebleeds before Juliet. She’s been on the island longer than they have. (See my other post above.) I took the same premise you did but it doesn’t seem to hold water.

    Just one other thought re: Sawyer and Locke. Someone had posted last week about Sawyer’s left foot/toe injury and the four-toed statue on the island. The statue ( seems to have a big toe, which is where Sawyer got injured. But wouldn’t it be interesting if he wound up getting deified because he killed Locke’s dad… which is the deed that essentially proves to the Others that Locke is worthy of being their leader.

    (And the four toes appear to be on a humanoid foot, not, for instance, Vincent. 😉 )

  9. Grifter7 says:

    I too thought that Daniel’s explanation about the nosebleed effect was that the longer you had been on the Island the LESS susceptible to them you were.

    I also like the idea that the people who have had contact with or is brooding on their constant are less susceptible to the nose bleeds. Daniel has seen Desmond. Sawyer has seen Kate and been thinking about her. Daniel has been trying to become Charlotte’s constant.

    So is Richard Locke’s Constant? I could think of no better constant than Richard. No matter what time he shifts to Richard will be there.

    Is Jake Juliet’s Constant? Or perhaps Ben?

    Who would be Mile’s Constant?

  10. Kevin says:

    So how did Jin, who was on a boat strapped with tons of C4, which exploded with him on the deck… how does Jin find himself alive AND in the radius, and yet the helicopter, which left the boat and actually flew towards the island, finds itself outside the radius? I disliked that immensely, and I don’t see how they could explain that.

  11. bill says:

    i am curious as to why when the group was on the canoe and then time shifted–why did the boat not disappear?

  12. BeckyD says:

    Bill: that’s been one of the tricky things for me. When they time-travel, what stays and what goes? Their clothing goes. Their zodiac went at first. Now this boat went. It’s kind of confusing figuring out the rules.

  13. cat says:

    As several people mentioned before, the people that have been on the island the longest get the nosebleeds first. I’m not sure about John Fishers “indigenous” works because the assumption here is that Charlotte and Miles were children on the island so they have been there the longest. Juliet next because she was there for 3 years, then Sawyer and Locke who have been there the least amount of time. As the “Constant” suggested, one has to find their constant for the time travelling and hence the nosebleeds to stop.

    If Miles and Charlotte were born on the island, then that means it was before whatever was killing pregnant women was there. So if Jughead caused the radiation sickness, maybe it caused the pregnancy issues as well.

    Bill, Juliet made some sort of comment that anything that you are sitting in or carrying goes with you (like the compass) – guess we just have to believe!!!

  14. Dave says:

    Grifter7 — was thinking the same thing re: Locke and Alpert. I held back because Alpert doesn’t seem to change… if he always looks the same it would be hard to orient yourself in time based on his presence.

    I kind of like sarcastic snarky Richard… “it’s a compass John, it points north.”

  15. Michael281 says:

    I’ll try not to repeat what others have said, but I see many of my own thoughts in the comments above. 🙂

    Nosebleeds : It seems to me that there are two ways to look at this.

    1) The longer the time on the island, the quicker you’ll get nosebleeds.

    2) Your first time on the island a “timer” is started, thus the longer the span of time between first contact with the island, the quicker you’ll get nosebleeds.

    The first explanation requires that Charlotte and Miles were on the island longer than Juliette… and don’t remember it. Possible, but the second explanation doesn’t require that. With the first explanation, Charlotte was on the island longer than Miles when they were children. I suppose that’s possible. The second explanation would require that she was on the island first… which doesn’t seem likely but with this wacky time travel, it could happen.

    Canoe Wars : I like the idea that the canoe found was from the returning Losties. If we go with that, why must we assume that the pursuing canoe was filled with the same people? For example, the Oceanic 6 return, run around the island and stir up some trouble. They’re pursued. They give their pursuers the slip and these pursuers think that the Oceanic 6 have grabbed a canoe and gone back out to sea so they grab the other one and pursue, shooting at the first canoe.

    Jin : At first, I wondered how they’d explain Danielle not knowing Jin later, but it’s really not too hard. We know she went a bit nuts at some point and that could do a number on her memories. Jin’s not going to be staying around long anyway, since everyone’s jumping fairly frequently.

    I really like the idea of Locke finding out about Jin before he leaves to bring back the others. Then he can motivate Sun to return. The end of the episode would have you think that Sun’s going to kill Ben now, but I have a sneaky suspicion that she’s totally behind returning and is prepared to make sure that Kate goes back to save Jin. Even if she’s stepping out of the car with no knowledge of Jin, Ben might persuade her that Jin’s still alive and then we’re back to her forcing Kate along.

  16. Dave says:

    Cat — based on that theory, how long was Minkowski on the island?
    And is it time since initial exposure to the island, or time on the island. (E.g. if Miles is Pierre Chang’s son but left the island at age under 3 years — at which point he might not remember having been there — is that 3 years exposure or 30+ years?)

  17. Seth says:

    Is anyone else hoping we get at least one scene of the Oceanic 6 deciding what albums and dvds they want to take back to the island with them?

    I don’t have much else to add, other than that I am loving the hell out of season five. Seven days haven’t felt so long since early season 2. Roll on Wednesday!

  18. Nels says:

    Kevin, I thought the same thing re: how Jin could be in the radius but not the helicopter but I reasoned it this way: if you think of the island as the center and its power radiates outward, it is most likely radiating outward in a sphere. The widest area of that sphere would be the slice in the center (ie: at sea level) and as you rise up in altitude, the slices would diminish in their circumference. Thus, the helicopter could be sufficiently high enough that it would be out of the radius and yet Jin, being at sea level, could be within.

  19. Connie in Alaska says:

    Dave-It’s just a theory, but a Constant is supposted the “ground” you as your consciousness travels through time. It needs to be a person or thing very meaningful to you, and that person need not be aware that they are acting in that capacity for you (Desmond doesn’t know that he is Daniel’s Constant). Daniel seems to be fine because he has a Constant. While Sawyer’s encounter with Season One Kate was very touching and moving, I see it as his pivotal grounding connection. The question then is, are the Island Losties’ bodies actually travelling through time, or just their consciousnesses. If the former, then my theory is pretty weak, but if the latter, I think it is a possibility.

  20. Michael281 says:

    Kevin : Just read your post after I left mine. 🙂 Anyway, Jin being on the island while the Oceanic 6 were not, does make some sense. The time travel phenomenon has conductive properties, as shown by the Losties popping around with their clothes, belongings, and even a canoe they were in contact with. That helicopter had no conductivity with the island, so it didn’t go along for the ride. Jin, in the water, had a much stronger connection to the island.

  21. Connie in Alaska says:

    Dave-good point about Minkowski’s nosebleeds…maybe we will find out more about him and an Island connection soon…would love to see more of Fisher Stevens, anyway.

  22. paintergirl1 says:

    I love coming to this site. The discussion here is excellent.

    I believe the surveillance folder, the box of chocolates, and the gun Sun received in the mail was from Ben. He’s crafty enough to set up his own execution confident he can talk himself out of it. He knew he’d be the only bait Sun would come after. I’m sure when Sayid went after Hurley, he thought he was doing something that was his idea. I’m sure it was really an idea Ben planted in his head.

    @Ernie B in the D of C – I thought I heard Yemi’s name as well. However, the transcript as listed “the M.E.” With as bad as the sound was last night, I forgive us misunderstanding. 🙂

  23. Dan says:

    Hey didn’t Karl have one of those canoes in a previous episode? Maybe Ben knows where to get em.

  24. Dave says:

    I can just see the O6 and the Island 6 chasing each other in canoes at double-speed while the music from “Benny Hill” plays in the background.

    Bum bum bum bupadum ba du dum bupadum ba dum dum duppa duppa dum…

  25. Ron Kaplan says:

    Hi, guys.

    Thought I’d add my two cents to all the others with too much time on their hands.

    A few thoughts following last night’s episode:

    Found this one a bit disappointing. Would have thought the Little Prince referred to Aaron (who I believe to be “the chosen one”, a la the Dalia Lama) would be more Kate-centric.

    Claire’s mom was a waste-of-time red herring, but Jin showing up with the Rousseau expedition was cool. Enjoyed the tension until they picked him up in their raft. But if he’s alive, I imagine others from the boat explosion could be as well. Good. More red shirts /socks.

    Ben seems to have been telling the truth when he said Alex wasn’t his daughter, since Rousseau was obviously pregnant upon arrival to the island. (unless the baby turns out not to be Alex).

    Are Charlotte, Miles, and Daniel all “island babies?” Only Daniel has a constant, so that’s why he doesn’t get nosebleeds.

    Whoever is after Sayid (and Hurley?) obviously doesn’t want to kill, otherwise why the tranq darts instead of plain old bullets?

    And unless Ben was lying (there’s a shocker), didn’t he say that the person who moves the island can never come back? So why is he leading the move to get Jack, Kate, et al back? That’s one problem I have with the show. There is frequently a “yes, but” explanation, so the rules keep changing.

    Thanks and regards,


  26. ManilaRaf says:

    I’m going to rewatch while taking notes and post my thoughts tomorrow/in a few hours once I have the time.

    But some prelims:
    -Someone had a good point. What’s the difference between the nosebleeds that Charlotte/Miles have and the one Minkowski had? As far as we know, the following things, either singly or in combination lead to being unstuck in time and getting the nosebleeds; 1) Approaching/Leaving the Island in a non-305 degree bearing (Minkowski/Desmond), 2) Being exposed to high levels of radiation or electromagnetism (Minkowski-radio operator/Desmond-Swan), 3) Prolonged exposure to/life on the Island (Miles/Charlotte). I’m guessing 1 & 2 cause a more immediate incapacity & death than #3.

    -Daniel has #2 due to his experiments at Oxford (likely) and it has been speculated that #3 is applicable is he was conceived & born on the Island. But as Ron Kaplan pointed out, perhaps Dan isn’t showing symptoms either because he’s lived on the Island less than Miles or Charlotte or because “If anything goes wrong, Desmond Hume will be my Constant.”

    -So according to Dan’s words in “The Constant”, both Charlotte & Miles need to find something (or someone) that they really really care about that exists in their present time (2004) and also exists in whatever time period they jump in. For Desmond, he had to make contact with Penny in 2004. So, can Miles & Charlotte find something or someone that existed in the past that they can also find in the future? If the story goes this route, we’ll definitely being going into their backstory.

    -I don’t know about anyone else, but I hope they stick around 1988 a bit. I hope they show “The Sickness” that Danielle talked about, how she lost Alex to Ben, and how “Montand lost his frickin’ arm” in the Dark Territory.

  27. LisaDodd says:

    Did anyone notice the poster on the wall behind Dr. Evelyn Ariza as she makes her way into the room to confront Jack? You can only see part of it but it reads, “Generations”. Interesting!

    Also, Charlotte tells Daniel that he does not need to baby her. Could she be his daughter by Theresa? Far out! (She looks so much like Theresa.)

    And finally, two large moles have been removed from Carole Littleton’s face. One on the chin and one near her eye. They were there when she spoke to Jack at his father’s funeral but gone in this episode. Not anything plot related. Just cosmetic, I guess.

  28. iwantdesmondshair says:

    Hey everyone,

    Last night I was a little frustrated by “The Little Prince”. My main concern is whether or not there will be a twist involved with the O6 getting back to the island. I will be more than let down if Ben gets them all together and they simply hop on a boat and sail up to the island. I kind of can’t wait until they are on the island, I love the island so much more than L.A.

    Also, the immediate “cut to” scenes used to be great when we were seeing the characters have flash backs but now it feels kind of cheesy. I’m referring to instances like when last night Jack says something along the lines of “Claire’s mom doesn’t even know about Aaron, who could possibly be messing with us” and then it instantly cuts to Ben. I hope the whole season doesn’t reveal information that easily.

    But I digress, this show is amazing and for some reason I get frustrated at the beginning of every new season.

    I did however love the part when Locke sees the light from when he discovered the hatch, that was such a great moment in the show. I’m starting to think the entire show is a representation of memories and regrets.

    I love reading everyone’s great thoughts =)

  29. Tom says:

    Is the problem that danielle’s partner has with his arm the same one cheng has?

  30. Michael281 says:

    For what it’s worth, Charlotte is supposed to have two sisters and Theresa has a sister. Hmmm…

  31. Lindsay says:

    Wow, Josh Holloway was amazing last night. Truly heartwrenching performance. I’m getting all emotional just thinking about it again (yes, really) 🙂

    I too heard “Yemi” (sound was okay here). Guess they’re just playing with us.

    Soooooo excited to see Jin!! I guess he’s in the same timeline as our other islanders and will flash away from Danielle fairly soon. I’m looking forward to seeing the sequence of events leading to Alex becoming Ben’s daughter.

    And it seems like only a matter of time before Jin and the others meet up…the French boat wreckage and life raft can’t have drifted too too far apart.

    I’m all confused with the constant stuff. Is it possible that Ben is the constant for Miles, Charlotte, Juliet? Do they even need one? Eeek.

    Agreed, all this time skipping is starting to explain the whispers in the jungle. But what about the smoke monster?? Bet that will be answered in the last episode of season 6, haha!

    Loved the preview for next week, oooooh I can’t wait.

    Looking forward to the Podcast!

  32. ManilaRaf says:

    I’m wondering if Jack will be Juliet’s constant, should Jack somehow show up on the Island again. Daniel has Desmond. Sawyer, Locke, Jin, Rose & Bernard haven’t been on the Island as long as Juliet (at least 3 years-ish according to Lostpedia).

  33. says:

    Another excellent show. Just a quick note/question that I don’t think anybody else has asked yet:

    Why did Charlotte suddenly get better? I was totally confused by that. I’ll have to watch again to see if I missed anything.

    I’m looking forward to the podcast as usual!


  34. Mirepoix says:

    Just a reflexion …
    Could the flashjumps be stopping randomly or to some critical points triggered by.???

    For instance, the beam of light from the hatch… wasnt it following a big explosion ?
    But wasnt Kate going down the hatch with John’s cable then ? She wasnt giving birth to Aaron wasnt she?
    Maybe the beam was from the time the hatch was being constructed – 70s?
    But Kate (and Claire) wasnt around then

    They had been jumping back up from 1954
    Why would they go the 2004 but then back to the late 80’s

    why wouldnt Desmond be intrigued by seeing Dan not wearing any suit out of the hatch ?
    I think I would have peeked a snif out of my suit to see if it was clean air

  35. says:

    “# bill Says:
    February 5th, 2009 at 6:58 am

    i am curious as to why when the group was on the canoe and then time shifted–why did the boat not disappear?”

    I was thinking the same thing!

    You could speculate that the canoe is from the future like they are. But then they are from the past in relationship to the future canoe and should have disappeared from the canoe. Either way they would have to swim to shore.

    I think the Zodiac was taken by someone and didn’t just disappear.

    I don’t think the O6 are the one’s shooting at them, they wouldn’t need the canoe back and they wouldn’t be foolish enough to shoot at people they couldn’t identify properly. I think it’s Juliette shooting at herself 😉

  36. Carol says:

    When Ben released the gas to kill all the Dharma, did you notice that his dad bled out of his nose before dying? What is about bleeding noses and this show?

  37. I just found your podcast and absolutely love it! I don’t always agree with
    you, but I like how you reason out your ideas!

    Caution: Kate-hate coming! I loved this episode, but I wanted to reach through the screen and shake Kate. Doesn’t she think that perhaps Aaron’s grandmother might also have a right to raise him (even though it was been who had the lawyer after Kate to flush her out!)

    And….I think Rose and Bernard are going to end up being Adam and Eve!

  38. I just found your podcast and absolutely love it! I don’t always agree with
    you, but I like how you reason out your ideas!

    Caution: Kate-hate coming! I loved this episode, but I wanted to reach through the screen and shake Kate. Doesn’t she think that perhaps Aaron’s grandmother might also have a right to raise him (even though it was Ben who had the lawyer after Kate to flush her out!)

    And….I think Rose and Bernard are going to end up being Adam and Eve!

  39. Taren says:

    I know everyone is trying to figure out the nose bleeding situation, but I question the theories in that, when we first see the potential “baby Miles” we also see Faraday not aged a bit. Now, I don’t if that is a time warped Faraday from the past or the future but I question how long he has been on the island, in that the donkey wheel hadn’t even been discovered yet. So why would Miles get the nose bleed before Faraday?

  40. MJ from Midwest says:

    Enjoying all comments above. This was not my favorite episode, felt more like a link, or connecting thread on the re-watch today. No gotcha moments for me until the very last scene with Jin. That will start out next weeks show nicely. Here are some things I noticed. Opening words “You don’t have to whisper.” (Kate) and “I have always been with you.” (Kate). Kate is such a good liar. She’ll make a nice Other. “We have candy, a mini-bar, and 100 channels on the TV.” (Sun). Now there’s some good parenting skills. She drugs Aaron with a piece of gun-hiding chocolate, and then has a nice aperitif. Kate calls Aaron “honey” as does Sun. Does anyone use his name? And if Mrs. Littleton does make the connection to Aaron now . . . wow, could Jack have made it any clearer. Sayid was unconscious 42 hours, the use of a physicians light, and “Dude, I’m in LA County lock-up, totally safe, Ben’s not going to get me now.” Ben’s got lawyers. Ben and Sayid are going to share their dirty laundry.

    It would seem that Ben doesn’t want Sayid to go back to the island. He has tranq’ed him once and tried a second time. So does this mean that not all O6 ‘have to go back’? And was Ben being truthful when he says that he can’t.

    Slip 23 at Long Beach Marina and “running out of time.” Mr. Norton’s license plate 4PCI382, and Kate had the emergency brake on in the car. Jack still thinks he can fix things. Photo of Claire, red lips, red dress.

    It’s raining hard at the motel where K&J discuss confronting Mrs. Littleton, but blue skies back in town at the garage with B&S.

    BACK ON THE ISLAND – November 1, 2004
    Charlotte wake’s up and doesn’t remember Daniel. Much like Des. So I would think that she’s mentally traveling to a point in the past. Then she says Daniel and is all better. Hmmmm. Locke plants the idea to go the Orchid (manipulation) in Sawyer using the “don’t you want to see her” possibility. Sawyer further buys the idea that Locke will in fact get off the island, when he asks “Kate. What are you going to say to her to get her to come back?” We see hatch light and Aaron’s birth. You can hear Kate “You can’t stop this from happening. . . .”

    FLASH to future day, Sawyer calls Locke “Johnny Boy” Locke is always in “a world of pain” Miles calls everyone else “Yahoos” Sawyer calls out (yelling again) Anybody here. Hello, anybody want a Dharma beer? Rose? Bernard?” (Thank you Sawyer for thinking about our missing Losties) They find Vincents leash, zodiac missing. But 2 new outriggers with Ajira water bottle. Juliet knows about Ajira, based in India but has flights around the world. Hmmmmm

    That would be high powered rifle fire from chasing canoe. Juliet earned her Others Marksmanship Badge. “Time travel is a bitch” [like Ben’s “Fate is a fickle bitch” (not sure that’s exactly right).

    Best line: “Thank you Lord.” flash. Storm. “I take that back.” (Sawyer)

    Would love to read translation of Danielle’s team. They used to sub title foreign language scenes. Very happy to see Jin’s story. There’s a violin in the wreckage. The radio that Montand (sp?) has is repeating a message in a man’s voice 4,16, 23 . . . i think.

    Hear ya soon.

  41. christy in TX says:

    Just a few points, I read MOST posts, so hope I’m not repeating any other ideas posted
    1. The van that Sayid and Ben are driving has the name of a business on the side which is Canton/Rainier, which is an anagram for REINCARNATION. Of course, it could have other solutions of anagrams as well, I guess, but I liked this one best.

    2. Perhaps Charlotte was fine when they flashed after Aaron was born forward (presumably) to when the canoes were at the camp because it was a FUTURE time, not a trip to the past. That fits nicely with the O6 canoes theory as well, and would explain why she was well enough to help paddle, etc. – Imagine what the O6 folks thought when they returned to the island to find an abandoned camp because the survivors were time traveling? They probably thought that some remnants of Keamy’s team killed them or some other terrible fate.
    3. I don’t think Alex was ever intended to be considered Ben’s biological daughter, as Rousseau said she was stolen from her by the Others.
    4. Ben only did the Purge within the last 16-20 years, right? Surely Widmore was long gone by then, otherwise Penny would have been born on the island, as she appears mid-late 20’s. Plus, he would have needed many years to build his empire, Widmore labs, etc. I wonder if he was off the island years before the purge, but funding the ‘hostiles’ offensive against Dharma, and being the leader the Others from off the island, when Ben became the leader because he killed his father/aided in the purge, etc? Maybe this is why Widmore thinks Ben took what was ‘his’, the control of the Others?
    5. I get the feeling that Sun was already visited by Locke before his ‘suicide’ and was told Jin was alive and asked to work with Ben to trap Widmore (for the future safety of the island) and to convince Kate to go back the island with Aaron. Sun convinced Kate to meet with the lawyer (Kate said “It was your idea” to Sun) to eventually lead her to see Claire’s mother and to be scared into ‘running away’. I think the preview which shows Ben telling Sun that Jin is alive is just for the benefit of the remaining O6-ers to learn this fact, and to cover the fact that Sun was working with Locke/Ben all along.
    She implied that Kate would ‘do anything’ to keep Aaron, etc, and perhaps this is her own justification for her actions since she wants to reunite with Jin. So maybe she is as evil as Ben and Widmore, neither of which seem to think they are the evil-doers. And maybe neither of them are, they might both think they are doing what they have to do to save the world, island, whatever.
    6. I think Daniel knows Miss Hawking, but I am not convinced that she is his mother, as he looks like he was not born until the mid or late 70’s which was about 25 years after we first meet her as Ellie, who appeared about 14 in the episode. Perhaps she was a professor of his and that was why Ellie looked like someone he ‘used’ to know? Maybe Miss Hawking is his grandmother? Or maybe she has visited him, like she visited Desmond, and that is why he notices a familiarity?
    7. Back to reincarnation, do you think maybe Aaron is supposed to be the reincarnation of someone that dies on the island? He was born just as Boone died.
    I have more completely random half-baked ideas, but will post this for now.
    Ryan and Jen I LOVE your podcast, your clean, concise format and friendly, open disposition makes your podcast the best by far!
    Christy in TX

  42. Atoms says:

    Why didn’t Sawyer see Charlie and Jin while Claire was giving birth and why didn’t they see him?

  43. Deevo from HI says:

    Noticed a couple of things with regards to the “numbers” (some mentioned some of them above as well I think):

    Sayid was out for 42 hours
    Kate address was 42 Panorama Crest
    Slip 23 at the dock

    Thanks looking forward to the podcast!

  44. Parker says:

    A few random observations:
    a. Rather than “Yemi”, I think the lawyer was talking about “the M.E.” (medical examiner) when he was talking about how Hurley was in the clear because one of the deaths occurred before he escaped from the institution.

    b. Perhaps Jin showing up when/where he did was partially determined by the compass bearing that he was on while drifting back toward the island.

    c. There seems to be a few Ellies/Eloises running thru Daniel Faraday’s story: the young Other who takes him to the bomb, his lab rat who time jumps, and according to one of the captions in an enhanced episode, Mrs. Hawking’s first name?).

  45. cindy says:

    Life’s like a box of chocolates, you never know what you’re gonna get.

    Forrest Gump never knew how right he was

  46. HeyKir in NYC says:

    Hey all-
    Just a random thought:
    -About Daniel and his age… he is the same age (pretty much) when he appears with Chang making the video, as he is in ‘present’ day. When is his actual ‘home’ time? And just how long has he been (or will be?) time bouncing?

    Also, don’t have any theories yet on this, but I totally dig the idea that our characters can run into younger versions of their ancestors and/or descendants. Oh, the possibilities! The mind boggles!!

  47. Martin says:

    For starters, I discovered your podcast near the end of the last season, and I anticipated it’s renewal almost as eagerly as the new season of Lost. You guys are just fun.

    Unfortunately, my first comment here must be a negative one. I thought last night’s episode (“The Little Prince”) was one of the worst ever (which is odd, considering it followed one of the best ever).

    It was as if the director and/or writers just returned from a seminar titled “Bad Script Writing for Even Worse Soap Operas: How to Create Artificial Drama in Order Stretch Five Minutes of Story into 45 Minutes of Screen Time.”

    Near the beginning of the episode, Jack discovers an assassin(?) with Kate’s address in his wallet. He then spends the rest of the episode with Kate and doesn’t bother to tell her that she may be in danger until almost the final scene. Kate continues to ask him “why did you call me?” And rather than just tell her, Jack gets coy and asks about her situation. JUST FREAKIN’ TELL HER! Poorly written artificial drama.

    Faraday knows why Charlotte’s bleeding, but doesn’t want to tell anybody. What the heck is that about? More poorly written artificial drama.

    The islanders stumble across a canoe, then without discussion randomly decide to paddle out to sea rather than remain on the island they now know so well. Had they stayed, they could have scouted the new arrivals. But nope – let’s all paddle into the ocean, with no idea why or where we are going. Then, hey, a group that left probably 20 minutes later suddenly catches up and opens fire. Then they flash, end up in a storm, and head back for shore. For real? What purpose did this scene serve? Yet more poorly written artificial drama. Worse, pointless artificial drama.

    To end on a positive note – Jin & Rousseau was awesome, even if the buildup lacked any degree of subtlety. And I’m looking forward to a Miles v. Sawyer Sarcasm Smackdown.

  48. cat says:

    Wow Christy…really interesting theory that Locke visited Sun…I like it!

    Back to the nosebleeds. Do you think that Charlotte’s stopped because Daniel is her constant? She was “unconscious” and maybe her mind had gone somewhere else in time so she didn’t at first know where she was and then she did know because she connected with her constant?

  49. NuckinFuts says:

    Hey Guys & Girls! I love this season and I personally thought last night was better than last week because of the emotions involved. I have to admit that I did a little “Jin’s-back” dance too. I also like this “Back to the Future” feel to everything and can’t wait for the ‘Enchantment Under the Sea’ dance where we’ll see Charlie playing guitar and Farraday knock out Biff! Who is Biff??? Sawyer? Naaahh…Patchy maybe…

    That said…I can agree that there are a few weak devices right now as Martin points out above…however…this is LOST and I am convinced that sooner or later someone ( a Lostie ) will pin someone ( hopefully Ben ) down and force them to spill the beans rather than not asking enough questions up front. It does seem like the best laid plans and critical thinking skills that these characters have ( referring to the Losties mostly ) was when they devised the plan to lie about the crash & the Island. I think that Jack will step up and start asking questions soon…as well as Sawyer…

    Now…I think that they used the canoe becuase they were convinced by Locke that #1 it would be quicker to get to the Orchid #2 By this time Locke ( and possibly Sawyer ) had made their minds up that they would not interfere w/ the things that had happened in the past. If they were on the canoe in the water far out then they would be less likely to run into themselves or anyone else ( like a bunch of flaming arrow guys ).

    If I re-watch soon ( and probably will ) I may be back w/ more thoughts – – namaste!

  50. NuckinFuts says:

    Nosebleeds: As I understand it we are dealing w/ two separate issues. #1. Being near the island & #2. Going through a ‘Flash’

    I think that if you are near the island you feel the effects. On the approach you would be possible at various bearings and yet you are not physically moving through time. This can cause your brain to malfunction and send your thoughts to different times. This is when you would need a “Constant”. We have seen nosebleeds, but really no-one has passed comatose, forgotten everyone near them and freaked out like Desmond did in “The Constant”. It was explained that you would need to find someone or something that was in BOTH times to ground you.

    #2. Flashing. If you were on / near the island when the FDW was turned you would be caught in the Flash-Storm. ( Possibly…that is why it was considered dangerous…maybe it is not guaranteed to cause a Flash storm ). When you or the items with you ( touching these items, right? ) are exposed to a Flash you will go through time. Your Body goes through time, that is…and your mind ). So…the constant rules do not apply to this situation and the nosebleeds based on Faraday: “Like bad jet-lag” as your mind catches up to your body. So….I’m not sure…but has anyone died yet at all from just the Flashes? I don’t think so. So perhaps you don’t die…but you get…sick. I think Daniel was guessing to some of this…so perhaps there is no reason some get sicker quicker than others…it’s just random and happens. ( Not 100% sure w/out re-watching ).

    And of course : All those that were not with you when you turned the wheel have no idea that time is changing and do not go w/ you either.

    In conclusion : I think we are dealing w/ 2 different illnesses here.

    Quick Sub-Note: Perhaps when “the Losties” crashed, the people on “The List” were people that could handle this and some other yet-untold knowledge and not want to return, as well as children that were capable of handling anything or be taught that was how things were.

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