Next: “The Little Prince” (Episode 5×04)

Another great episode of “LOST,” the kind that leaves your brain all tingly. Like last week’s outing, “The Little Prince” delivers sweet epiphanies and connections that definitely reward long-time fans. Though I’ve been wary of the Oceanic 6 storyline, tonight’s episode suggests a faster pace and stronger tension there. And as for the time jumping left-behinders, the spreading epidemic of nosebleeds means that we better enjoy the time-travel reveals while we can.

Who wasn’t thrilled to see Jin, alive… shipwrecked with young Danielle Rousseau and her crew? I gasped when I realized we were revisiting “Do No Harm,” the beam of light from the hatch that was essentially the icon of the show’s brilliant first season. Having Sawyer watch Kate help Claire deliver Aaron, meanwhile, gives us a pretty good theory as to “the whispers” that plagued our survivors from the beginning. And I’m confident the jump that brought them to the dilapidated camp and canoes is in the future, very likely beyond the “present” we’re seeing now. I harbor a not-so-secret hope that the mysterious figures in the other canoe are, in fact, the just returned Oceanic 6.

Ever since Daniel keep the left-behinders moving from site to site in the Season 5 premiere, I got the feeling the “LOST” writers were delicately trying to steer around any time-travel paradoxes. Tonight, Locke literally sidesteps the possibility of running into his past self, and Sawyer comes up with a conveniently heartwrenching reason for why he didn’t scare the living daylights out of Kate and Claire. They can’t keep this up, right? The depiction of this avoidance is so blatant, I can only imagine that we’ll ultimately see the unthinkable or impossible happen. And I’m excited to think about what that event will involve.

Still, Locke’s line about needing the pain of the past to get to where he was at that moment was significant. Not only does it suggest the linear persistence of someone’s experiences, but it seemed to be yet another tantalizing hint that Locke has known about many things on the island since the first time we met him in the pilot.

Those into the show’s relationships had a lot to be happy about, from Locke asking Sawyer if he wants to bring “her” back, to Kate saying she was “always with” Jack, to Juliet prodding Sawyer into opening up about Kate. And while I’m not entirely sure what Juliet’s up to in that scene, I like it.

Speaking of curious motives, Sun is still sending off suspicious vibes. When she tells Kate she’s helping her because “it’s what any friend would do,” I got chills. Sometimes I’m sure she’s in cahoots with Widmore to kill Ben. Sometimes I’m sure she’s actually working for Ben.

Jen particularly liked the fake-out with Carol Littleton. It seemed so obvious that Ben was the one behind the lawyer, simply flushing Kate out of hiding. When Claire’s mother showed up, we were glad to be wrong. Then glad to have actually been right all along.

By the way: “Besixdouze” is a French transliteration of B612, which is the name of the asteroid on which “The Little Prince” lived.

Locations: Downtown L.A. was downtown Honolulu, the intersection of “Wilshire and Olive” actually the intersection of Bishop and South King streets. (Watch my video from the shoot.) The hospital exterior was again Hawaii Medical Center East on Kalihi St., and the interior again Kahuku Hospital. The motel was an apartment complex adjacent to Keehi Lagoon Park near the airport. Hurley’s jail hallway was inside the Kaneohe District Park building. And the open ocean, where our left-behinders paddled their canoe and where the French crew recovered Jin? Why, that was in the Kaneohe District Park swimming pool. (Watch my video from that shoot, too!) I brought Jen to watch that scene unfold, and she was giddy for weeks.

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  1. Ilias says:

    Jen, sorry but I have to go with Ryan here I love a taco night! Kate is not invited though 😀

    Great podcast guys and hopefully it will work out with the sponsor.

    Have a great day!


  2. ramiro says:

    hi. great blog men. i check the podcasts on my zune.
    see u

  3. Rizzo from Nj says:

    One last comment before “The Little Prince” airs. I can’t believe I missed Sawyer’s foot injury!! My daughter must have distracted me with one of her nightly calamities. So I guess that shoots down my Locke=4-toed statue theory. Or does it?

    After re-watching, something about that scene screams red-herring to me. It all just seems a little convenient. I’m trying to imagine how this will come about. I’m guessing that after one of the time shifts either Sawyer or Locke will suddenly appear out of nowhere to the islands natives and be thought a God ( could this be where all these “God help us all” references are going?) Now if it’s Sawyer, to me it seems like it will be somewhat of a goof. I can’t recall anyone ever saying that Sawyer was special in relationship to the Island. But then again, maybe this is the writers way of throwing him a bone.

    Anyway, at this point it could be just about anyone. But it seems to be pointing to Sawyer. I’m not completely abandoning my Locke theory. I still think that the most likely “God-like” character is Locke, but hopefully we’ll learn more tonight or in the weeks to come.

    Thanks Ryan and Jen for all you do!

  4. The thing I don’t quite understand is how everything on the island seems like it is predetermined, and now they need to get back or “God help us all”. Just seems like they are trying to build up tension when they are pretty sure that it will all work out.

    Not sure if this is just to play up the whole, destiny/free will thing, but we will find out very soon if they manage to get back in time.

    p.s. I hope they do, Oceanic Six storyline sucks, LOST belongs on that island!

  5. p.p.s. great podcast, just picked it up before the 5th season started, and have listened to all the 2nd season episodes while on the bus to/from school.

    Now I get to listen to the season 3 podcasts while watching season 5.

    Also listening on my Zune… forget about iTunes

  6. Atoms says:

    Charlie has the words “Living is easy with eyes closed” tattooed on his left arm. See Season 1.4.

  7. Michele & Blue-Skye says:

    Hey guys! Mother/daughter Tranmission fans here in Ireland (homeplace of Mrs. Hawking / Fionnola Flanagan) …. been listening for 2 years now and really enjoy the podcast, especially the behind the scenes stuff. Unforunately the episodes don’t air here until Sunday nights, so we can never comment on the current episode, but are LOVING season five. It is the best escape from the doom and gloom of the economy here. Keep up the good work!

  8. Dave says:

    Just saw the “enhanced” episode here on the east coast. Des visited Daniel in 1996… definitely NOT the future. They never outright lie in the subtitles.

  9. David from NY says:

    Great podcast as usual, I’m currently watching the show in New York and the audio on this week’s episode “The Little Prince” is really muffled. I had to change channels to see if it was my television and the sound is fine on other channels. It’s really distracting, I wonder if anyone else is experiencing this? Show wise it’s really good, I just have to crank up the volume. Can’t wait to read the comments.

  10. John Fischer says:


    Terrible sound here in Philly. It started with the enhanced episode at 8:00 p.m. and is continuing into the new episode. I could not understand most of the dialog in the hospital due to the terrible sound quality.

  11. cat says:

    Yep, I’m having problems with the audio as well…cranked up the volume – I’m on the NY city station too.

  12. LockItUp says:

    The sound was fine here in Ohio and OMG I can’t believe who it is that is after Aaron, but it makes sense. Also, theory here that I’ve had since last week from the beginning of the episode this season. Dr. Marvin Candle is the father of the guy that can communicate with the dead. He was born on the island also!

    Great show and I can’t wait for more.

  13. John Fischer says:

    The best thing for me about this episode was the title, “The Little Prince.” If you think it has anything to do with Aaron you are dead wrong. It has everything to do with one of my favorite books as a teenager, “The Little Prince” published in 1943 and written by French aviator Antoine de Saint-Exupéry. I’ll explain more tomorrow after everyone has seen this episode.

  14. Dave says:

    Wow. Another kick-butt episode.

    [STOP reading if you’re not on the east coast and going spoiler free.]

    We’ve now had an overt suggestion that maybe Miles is Pierre Chang/Marvin Candle/Mark Wickman/whoever’s son. But if Daniel’s right and the reason Miles’ nosebleeds started after Charlotte’s is that he was on the island in the past, how does that explain Juliet getting one before Sawyer?
    And we have the return of Jin. Big thumbs up on that one. Not sure whether there is any context based on seasons 1 & 2 though… I am suprised that Danielle doesn’t remember him looking familiar.

    I also liked Locke’s explanation to Sawyer of why future Locke doesn’t intercede with past Locke — he had to endure the suffering to get to where he is. Very “Christian,” if I can apply that term with little theological knowledge.

    I really liked the misdirect with Claire’s mom… could she be Charlotte’s mom as well? (Heck, I’m gonna run with this. I think Claire is really Rose’s mom. 😉 )

  15. Brad says:

    Great episode… except for the sound. That was just irritating.

    The island side of the story is definitely my favorite at this point. Do they have to show the Oceanic 6 side if the story? I guess so, but the more Island side of the story they show, the better.

    Even though I’m a guy I have to say the Sawyer stuff put a lump in my throat tonight. Josh Holloway is showed a lot of heart in his performance tonight.

  16. Alyssa says:

    Awesome! Did anyone else say “what in the hell is that” when Sawyer and Locke saw the bright light and then like a second later Miles said the exact same thing?? Also, did you catch a preview for a new show that has the actor that played Michael?

    Love the podcast and can’t wait to hear your comments about tonights show.

  17. John Fischer says:


    Josh Holloway has really come into his own with this season. He finally gets to show the range of his acting ability and Sawyer’s character. I’ve read that this will be the season of Sawyer and I hope that’s the case.

  18. HeyKir in NYC says:

    Hey Ryan and Jen! LOVE the show
    Awesome episode! I can’t wait to hear everyone’s theories on the nose bleeding stuff. I have mine, but I’ll wait to post til it airs everywhere.

    So excited to hear the podcast on this one. So…many…questions!!

    ps: Sound on TimeWarner in NY was fine. Sorry some of you guys had issues.

  19. Just one comment on the “why don’t people recognize people they’ve seen before” threads that keep popping up (example Danielle recognizing Jin, Desmond recognizing Faraday, etc..)…

    Think about anyone you’ve any seen once who then disappeared right after you saw them and the fact that in their time line this interaction took place years ago. I can barely remember the bus driver I chatted with this morning; if I run into him next week, next month or next year in a different context I won’t remember his face either…

    From a plausability perspective, I would seem improbable for anyone to remember someone they met once and then only saw again after any span of time…

  20. Tim Lindquist says:

    Today I was thinking about the comment where they said if you don’t tell me then I’ll cut off your other hand — could that be relate to Dr. Chang having only one hand?

  21. Broadcloak says:

    Yet another great episode. I think the biggest reveal was that Danielle Rousseau (sp?) was already pregnant when she arrived on the island. So Alex is NOT Ben’s biological daughter.

  22. Jono says:

    The episode and its ending were great, as usual. But as heavy and epic this show is becoming, I absolutely LOVED that moment between Sawyer and Juliet at the end of the episode. I think a lot of people (myself included) get wrapped up in so much of the mythology and action of the show, we often get “bored” with the simple moments between two characters. And when you go back and re-watch the series, those are the moments that make up most of the first three seasons. It’s the small stuff that really humanizes the characters. Those writers were kidding when they once said that they were making a “character-driven show”. Kudos!

    Great podcast, Ryan & Jen.
    Been reading/listening since Season 3. =)

  23. Cuedblu says:

    Wow – the answers are coming quickly now. It seems we might have a good idea about the whispers in the jungle in the first 3 seasons now. And even though the mythology is being explained, with the end point now almost in sight, I am relishing the character moments, like tonight’s scenes involving Sawyer or as Jono pointed out, his interaction with Juliet.

    Yes, the Oceanic 6 are working their way back, but the history of the island and the way it is being told is much more interesting.

  24. Nate in Ohio says:

    Great episode! I loved the balance between the on-island and off-island stories. I said last week that I thought “jughead” was daniel-desmond centric. I think tonight’s episode was clearly kate-sawyer centric. Josh Holloway was terrific. He has brought his performance to another level this season. As much of a Jack fan as I am (and he’s my favorite character!), I wouldn’t be surprise if Holloway is up for an emmy award for best actor at the end of the year. At least based on the first four episodes, he deserves it.

    I really felt the tension of this episode. The Oceanic 6 storyline was filled with mystery, danger, and story twists. I felt the desperation with which Jack and Ben are running out of time to pull this off.

    The on island story was fantastic yet again. From the uncertainty of where in time/space the island is, to the looming questions about where the story is going, to the danger facing Charlotte, and now Miles & Juliet, and as mentioned previously, the wonderful scene where Sawyer sees Kate in the jungle, I was fully engaged!

    Maybe the best scene in the show though was the canoe chase. What a great, action-packed scene. If I remember correctly, Juliet shot her gun at the other canoe, and someone slumped over the side. I have to think that we will see this scene somewhere down the road, from another perspective. And I fear that the person being shot could be one of the oceanic 6, back on the island courtesy of ajira airlines. Is the water bottle a clue that this scene takes place in the future?

    Great episode!

  25. WindexChugger says:

    Hmm…definately my least favorite of the new season. Can’t really think of any part that was really up to par with the first few episodes. Lots of the “reveals” I was pretty sure of(Ben hiring the lawyers and Jin being alive.) Anyways, thanks a bunch for the pod cast, I really enjoy it.

    Keep it spoiler free,


  26. Mikey in FL says:

    Sound was bad in Jacksonville, FL too. I’m watching on rabbit ears so I just thought my reception was bad, but apparently it wasn’t just me.

    I really liked this episode. It definately wasn’t mythology heavy nor did it move at the pace of the first 3 episodes, but there were a lot of really great character-building moments that are the real backbone of this show. A few people mentioned Sawyer’s pining for Kate and his interaction with Juliet. I also thought the interaction between Kate and Jack off the island was really good. All the unspoken tension. Jack trying to figure out how to get her to come back to the island; Kate still unsure of how to handle Jack after their falling out. I’m not typically a fan of either of them, but Matthew Fax and Evangeline Lilly both turned in noteworthy performances in this episode. However Josh Holloway is clearly stealing the show…although Sawyer could do much better than Kate.

  27. Carol says:

    Loved this episode! Can’t wait to discuss it when everybody has seen it. Sound was fine in Boston. Must have been the NY feed.

    I am really enjoying the enhanced episodes, they give out nice chunks of ino. For instance, Charlie was named after Charlie Pace not Penny’s dad. We all knew it but it was nice to have it confirmed.

  28. MrZ says:

    Before I begin putting theories and statements, when is it proper to start posting Ryan and Jen? I love your show, and I love this message board, so I wouldn’t want to spoil something for someone. Thanks.

  29. ImAnOther108 says:

    Wow. This was a really great episode. Jin’s alive, I knew it. I wonder how Jin being found by Rousseau and her team affects their lives. Is Jin part of the reason why her team went “crazy.”

  30. amber says:

    Is it b/c I’m remaining spoiler free that I thought this episode and the whole season has been A-M-A-Z-I-N-G or is it just a great season?

    After all this time, I have become used to the LOST episode pattern of season premiere, stall, stall, revelation, stall, stall, season finale.
    Going into tonight’s episode I wasn’t expecting any great revelation, but Danielle Rousseau + an alive Jin + 5 of the Oceanic 6 all together?
    It’s just too much epic goodness -I’m starting to get a nosebleed!
    It’s like the writers are rewarding all of us faithful viewers by giving it all to us without the boring filler.

    Love the podcast and can’t wait to hear your thoughts.

  31. Connie in Alaska says:

    Dave-Sawyer has just seen his constant, Kate, so I doubt if he will be getting any nosebleeds. If we go by Daniel’s theory that time on Island affects when you get the nosebleeds then Charlotte spent more time there than Miles who spent more time there than Juliet, none of whom seem to have a constant. John Locke also is getting no nosebleeds yet, but too soon to tell if he will or not as he (along with Sawyer) has spent the least amount of time on Island of the group.

  32. Rob says:

    Hey Ryan and Jen, and everyone else on here! First time i’ve ever posted, but i’ve been listening to The Transmission (and Lost podcasts in general) for about a year now, maybe longer. I first wanted to say that I really enjoyed this episode, probably more so than Jughead, but i’m not sure yet. There was a lot going on in this episode (none of this is in any particular order, just whatever I can remember) Ajira showing up in the show, sweet! Sawyer and Juliette really starting to connect, Claire giving birth! Sawyer was like …right there! Mile’s and Juliette are bleeding too? That Lawyer, and Ben just spilling the beans to Kate and Jack (after Jack just finished saying that Ben wouldn’t do that) about that Lawyer guy. Umm… Ajira people (was it Ajira ppl?) shooting at Sawyer and the group “I guess they want their boat back!” hmm …..hum what am i missing, oh …french people, and Jin of course! (I remember you guys talking about this scene when it was being filmed awhile back) Can’t wait to watch this episode again. Only thing I noticed was what was written on the carpet van. Happy that there are some anagrams back in the show! and I agree with many posts above stating that we get so caught up in the mythology and asking for answers, that some of us faithful viewers kinda forget about the character stuff, and the simple moments. Anyways, can’t wait to hear the next episode, please …keep up the excellent work, you guys are by far my favorite podcast! *uber excitement* Can’t wait until next week.

  33. Ernie B in the D of C says:

    -First, great podcast, R & J, very well done, love it!
    -Second, I was wondering if the lousy sound quality was a local thing (here in DC), insult to injury that the commercials were loud and clear!
    -Third, loving the season 5, the answers, and the obligatory additional questions to be answered…

    One quick one I’ve got. Through the muffled (read: crappy) sound, it sure sounded like Dan Norton (Ben’s lawyer) said when he was at the window of the van describing Hurley’s situation: “Yemi said that the man found outside Santa Rosa was killed before Reyes escaped” I can’t be fully positive, but it sure sounded like he said Yemi… I’d like to figure this (and of course everything else) out, but am utterly reduced to “Mongo don’t know. Mongo just pawn in game of life…”


  34. Nels says:

    Jin ALIVE! But back in time with a preggers Danielle? Whoa. Can’t say I saw that coming at all. So, does Locke then know that Jin is alive when he goes off the island and does he tell Sun? Seems Locke had visited many of the Oceanic 6 prior to his “death.” If so, then Sun’s motivation for revenge probably has gone by the wayside. But why the gun then? Interesting to see who Sun is allied with after all.

    The reveal of Ben’s lawyer wasn’t a big surprise, actually. Bloody nose definitely a nice vehicle to give a sense of urgency now. Miles is now almost certainly Pierre Chang’s offspring, but Charlotte may have even pre-dated Miles (if Daniel’s theory about the neurological problems being correlated with amount of time on the island). And Juliet with bloody nose? Oy!

    A good episode and would seem to imply that we won’t have to wait long before the Oceanic 6 makes the trek back to the island (depending on how Sun ends up influencing the group next week).

    My guess how things will pan out? Sun will actually be revealed to be working with Ben and she’ll shoot the person hired by Widmore who has been spying on Ben. It will then just be a matter of waiting for Hurley to be released and the Oceanic 6 will be on board to go back to the island.

    Desmond, Penny and Charlie will, of course, show up and perhaps throw some sort of monkey wrench into things though which may require that they actually go back to the island as well (no mention yet as to whether Desmond, or for that matter Frank, would need to go back too). My thinking on that is that Widmore will have Desmond followed since he knows exactly where in Los Angeles he will be going and that will lead Widmore ultimately to Ben. From there, who knows but I’m sure it will be a fun journey.

  35. Connie in Alaska says:

    It may be too late, but SPOILER ALERT!

    Another meaty episode! Lots of questions: Will Rousseau’s group time shift with the Island Losties? My guess would be no. The Island group shifts into others’ timelines, never vice-versa. Did Ben, knowing Kate, set up the whole scenario with Claire’s mom and his lawyer, knowing she would follow the lawyer, see Ms. Littleton and then freak out? My guess is that Ben didn’t count on Jack joining up with Kate and finding out that Ms. Littleton is clueless about Aaron. He just wanted to give Kate a good reason to hide out by returning to the Island. Who are the Canoe People, and why do they have guns? What are they doing there and why did they arrive in canoes? Given the difficulty in finding the Island in the first place, how did THEY find it?

    Now for something completely different. I have always been curious about why Richard Alpert, indeed all the Others, seem to be so hip and trendy with whatever time they are in. You would think that over time people who live on a strange isolated Island would lose touch with the latest clothing and hairstyles, that their language would reflect whatever time they were originally from, and that it would not evolve, but become frozen due to lack of exposure to the outside world…kind of like the Amish;O) I know that they had ways to get off the Island, but somehow I think you would still see something odd in their language, dress and mannerisms due to their isolation. Richard especially seems like he could have stepped off the streets of any modern day metropolis. I guess my question about these Others is why, if they have been on the Island for all these years, don’t they seem to act more like people cut off from civilization instead of like my next door neighbors?

  36. Connie in Alaska says:

    Oh…I am not very familiar with “The Little Prince” and am looking forward to someone here pointing out the references or similarities. I thought the episode could have been about Aaron or even Locke as a young boy. Now have no clue about the connection.

  37. Connie in Alaska says:

    Oh my goodness! If you didn’t catch the “Lost Untangled” they kept promoting during TLP, you should try to see it. HIGH-LARRY-US!! Wait until you see Sun! You can see a clip of it at

  38. ManilaRaf says:

    Great episode. I don’t think there’s going to be a “bad” episode this season. Everything’s coming quick in terms of reveals & answers.

    I’m wondering if the Losties on the Island are the source of any happenings in previous seasons that we haven’t thought about.

    Miles is definitely Chang’s son. Charlotte more or less suspected she was from the Island, why didn’t Mile think the same for himself? Was he adopted?

    Ajira Airlines makes its first appearance. Since the beach camp is there, I’m guessing that they skipped into the future at some indeterminate time.

    JIN IS ALIVE!!! YES!!!! Okay, since they’ve all skipped to 1988 (2004-16 years), has Jin been in the water all throughout all the time skipping? And Danielle has definitely met Jin as an adult if I remember correctly. I wonder how they’ll explain this away, especially if she meets the other LOSTies.

    Ryan, was the wreckage they showed in this episode the same as the ones you posted? If they did, they really shot the footage close to the airdate. Perhaps to cut down on spoilers? Or will we be with the Frenchies for a prolonged time or we’ll be coming back to them again perhaps?

    Will rewatch the episode while taking notes and post again. Can’t wait to hear everyone’s thoughts on the episode.

  39. matt in connecticut says:

    I wouldn’t say this episode was bad, I actually liked the stuff that happened, but it is really disappointing that the writers are becoming so predictable. It just seems that many of their story lines are being choreographed beforehand this season. The most obvious examples of this will be if we find out that Charlotte was on the island as a kid, that Ms. Hawkings is Faraday’s mom, or that Miles is Pierre Chang’s baby. Did we really need Faraday’s theory that the sickness is going to whoever has been on the island the longest? Couldn’t they have just shown us when we find it out later? They used to try to conceal their reveals, but now they are giving so many hints at them beforehand that it will take away from their shock. It would be like if they didn’t tell us last season that Locke was in the coffin, but the obituary had mentioned that he was bald, had a scar on his right eye, and was a former box salesman, and then they played the mystery about it up for 10 episodes. But, I will give them a lot of credit if those examples I listed are just red herrings and they go in a different direction.

  40. David from NY says:

    I liked this episode, this was the first “back to the future” space time continuum homage. Sawyer’s face when he saw Kate was so full of emotion, I really wanted him to say something. So who is in the outrigger canoes? Did th island get moved to Hawai’i? We may never know they flashed back in time, at least they kept the canoe. Poor Jin, he got blown up and now he probably thinks he’s hallucinating. At least he’s alive!

  41. Bryce in Indy says:

    Great epi! If The Little Prince, along with Jughead, are an indication of S5 to come, then it seems like our constant concerns for the writers to wrap everything up by series end will be calmed. I love how they’ve worked Rousseau’s team in, along with Jin’s recovery; and the parallel O6 storyline seemed really natural, not forced.
    I don’t think the way that the writers are skirting paradox is contrived at all. Remember, just like in 12 Monkeys: what has happened in the past is already manifest in the present. The only reason why it may look contrived now is that we’ve already seen these scenes. If we had seen Saywer’s witnessing of Kate and Claire in the original airing of Do No Harm, we would have said “this is the way that it happens”. Kate and Claire don’t see Saywer b/c that is simply how the story happens. It may seem convenient that the time skipping islanders don’t impact the past castaways, but that’s just in this instance. The writers have given us seeds of when they have effected them – most notably, the Adam and Eve corpses.
    Thanks Jen for the Comiccon advice!

  42. cat says:

    I think the Oceanic 6 return by Aijira Air and are the people in the canoes that Juliet shoots at. Very interesting trip to the future where Aijira Air lines up against Oceanic Air (and Widmore). Speaking of Oceanic Air, I was wondering why Ben’s lawyer would be working for Oceanic Air and Widmore but I guess he is one of the others that have infiltrated all aspects of society. As we suspected last week, the whispers seem to be the people traveling to different timelines. It remains unclear to me as to whether or not Kate could have see Sawyer if he reached out to her. Enjoyed the episode, great to see Jin again.

  43. Tom says:

    Another good episode season 5 is already my favorite season,
    I enjoyed jughead more due to widomore but loved the ending of this episode with Jin but how was he inside the radius that Faraday mentioned?.
    I think Juliet killed someone when she fired back at the conoe not sure who though.
    Faraday said that the nosebleed’s are related to the amount of time you have been on the island, So Charlotte has clearly been on the island for a long time before and i think she is Widmore’s daughter or Ben and Annies but doesnt know who Ben is.
    Miles has been there longer than Juliet so it confirms to me that he is Chengs baby.

  44. Bonita (from Atlanta) says:

    HI R&J,
    you guys really have the best podcast of a tv show and I hope your sponsorship works out.

    I hope that Jin’s time with the French will provide really cool opp’s for reveals and I think the language barrier will create misunderstandings. This could be related to why Danielle goes crazy. Imagine Jin is trying to explain the vaccine thing or something about the Losties experience and this leads her to become paranoid when he suddenly disappears with a flash. Her not recognizing him later could be that she has seen many other “ghosts”.

    Happy, Happy Jin’s alive, can’t wait.

    Glad I stuck with the show and that is thanks to you guys and your podcast.


  45. Bonita (from Atlanta) says:

    posts on this blog are so much better than on the boards at abc.

  46. Dave says:

    Daniel (and others) — agreed 100% that someone might not remember a person they fleetingly met if they reconnected 16 years later. But Danielle and her crew found Jin floating on a piece of flotsam alone in the ocean along a presumably deserted island and lost everyone she knew and spent 16 years, we think, more or less solitary. That’s not exactly the same as not remembering your substitute teacher in 6th grade. 😉

    I thought Daniel implied that the longer you were *on* the island, the more protected you were from the nosebleeds. Thus if Miles had been there before, this would explain why Charlotte had them before him. Sawyer has been there 3-4 months, Juliet at least 3 years. How do we factor Miles and Charlotte into that timeline?

    It’s pretty clear to me that the finality of the show after S3 (e.g. we’re only doing three more seasons and 64 [?] episodes) has really made the writing phenomenal. There’s no need to drag things out and introduce extraneous characters. I thought last season was fantastic and this season so far is on track to surpass it.

  47. tg says:

    French guys who speak english. Thats science fiction dude!!!

  48. Kira says:

    So I guess Jin was in the island’s radius when it ‘moved’, so he’s been floating around, time travelling, but unaware of that. Can Danielle be his constant? As soon as time switches again, he’ll be alone and pretty confused..He knows who she is, but she hadn’t met him yet, so she doesn’t recognize him.
    Loved Saywer witnessing Aaron’s birth. I’m glad he didn’t say anything-what would he have said??
    Desmond episodes are always my favorite.
    Why would the O6 shoot randomly at anyone on their future return, not knowing who’s who? Plus I think a bald guy and Juliet’s long hair would be visible…
    Anyway, can’t wait for next week, may have more thoughts/questions later. I am one of those viewers who misses lots of things and can’t wait to hear what all you smart people have to say..

  49. John Fischer says:

    The Little Prince is one of the top 20 best selling books of all time with over 80 million copies sold. I first read it when my first real girlfriend gave me a copy in high school. To this day it remains one of my five favorite books of all time.

    While seemingly a children’s book, The Little Prince is anything but. It is a parable for all ages. It tells the story of a little prince who lives on a small planet which is so small that he can see 48 sunrises and sunsets a day. His most treasured possession is a rose which bloomed suddenly where usually baobab trees start. They of course must immediately be uprooted or they will destroy your planet.

    The Little Prince leaves his small world to explore the universe. He is clearly searching for answers to the real meaning of life. Along the way he meets many strange and interesting people on their own tiny little planets – a drunk, a businessman, a king, a geographer and a lamplighter. Finally he arrives on earth.

    Meanwhile an aviator, the book’s narrator has crashed in the desert, miles from civilization and worried about his own survival. Along comes the Little Prince who through a series of discussions tells him of his adventures and what he has learned. The pilot is a man of science. The Little Prince is a man of faith.

    The Little Prince who has left his world longs to return to see if his rose has survived or if a sheep has eaten the rose. He encounters a fox who explains to him about what taming means. Finally desperate to return, he allows himself to be bitten by a snake. Although his body is too heavy to make the return trip to his planet, his spirit can. The pilot has finally learned about what truly matters in the world.

    The story is much too complicated to go into too much detail. It seems clear, however, that The Little Prince is not Aaron or Jack. The Little Prince is Locke. The aviator is Jack. Locke must sacrifice his earthly body to return to his own planet, the island.

    In so many ways the entire story of Lost parallels The Little Prince. It may well be the one book upon which a large part of the entire series is based. Can the man of faith convince the man of science what is truly important in life?

  50. BeckyD says:

    Oh wow–great episode! I also loved seeing the light shining into the air and feeling all the wheels turn in my brain until I realized what it was! I thought the scene with Sawyer watching Kate and Claire was sweet and heart-wrenching.

    Couple questions:

    1) who was shooting at the losties when they were paddling? The people they stole the boat from? The O6? But why would they be shooting at the Losties? They struck first and it seems that they could hear Sawyer yelling…

    2) who are the people who landed on the island in the big wooden paddle boat and will we see them again?

    3) This one’s really bothering me: Where are Rose and Bernard? Either I missed it and they were killed, or they’re still skipping through time on the island. Maybe they’re hiding somewhere? But where? I’ve never gone with the theory that they are others. I think they found a foxhole and they hiding in it until the island stops skipping.

    4) it seems that Daniel knows more about Mile’s and Charlotte’s past than they do. Hopefully we’re getting closer to having that revealed.

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