Next: “Jughead” (Episode 5×03)

At the closing thud, Jen proclaimed “Jughead” her favorite episode ever. While I’m nowhere near ready to bestow that crown, I’d certainly agree that it was a fantastic chapter in “LOST.” And, like many Desmond-centric outings, probably a pivotal one. So many threads connected, such satisfying epiphanies, I imagine “Jughead” reaffirmed the loyalty of sometimes skeptical fans. Revisiting the lines alone make my brain tingle. “I assume you’ve come back for your bomb?” “Put the gun down, Widmore.” “If you don’t believe me, come and visit me.” And “You are my life now… you and Charlie.”

It was Locke that sent Alpert to visit him at birth, and as a small boy? Awesome. Though if Alpert did indeed keep that compass to show young Locke, there are some space-time knots to untangle. Widmore as a young, somewhat daft Other? Fantastic. So does he fall for Ellie, and do they conceive Penny? Who is Mommy Widmore, anyway? And yes, it seems all but a given that Mrs. Hawking is Faraday’s mother (as tonight solved the “how could Ben be visiting her in London” questions). If so, it’s a building non-surprise that is probably the only thing that disappointed Jen tonight. They could surprise us, but I’m just hoping it’s not as drawn out as, “It was Michael on the freighter!”

That Daniel confessed his love for Charlotte was sweet, but it was also obvious things weren’t going to go well for them. I was more struck by how Desmond paused when the Oxford clerk asked him what year he visited. It was more than a simple case of forgetting, I think, which is admittedly understandable if you’ve been unstuck in time. I think he used to know, but realized at that moment that he forgot. Just as Charlotte couldn’t remember her mother’s maiden name. The harder Desmond insists he won’t go back to the island, the more likely that he’ll have to.

Theresa was an interesting development. Obviously, Faraday turned his purple lamp on her and dislodged her brain in time. But why is she still alive, and why is Widmore invested in her survival? And the fact that her name is Theresa takes us back to the recently referenced vision Locke had of a bloody Boone reciting her name, “Theresa falls down the stairs, Theresa falls up the stairs…”

The absence of the Oceanic Six in “Jughead” was conspicuous, and frankly, refreshing. As with last week’s pairing, it was clear tonight that the best stories are on the island. But now I fear a future episode will be spent entirely off island. I love Hurley, Ben, Jack, Sayid, and Kate, but I think the “LOST” creators were right when they said the fans would revolt if they spent all of Season 5 trying to return.

Notes & Notions:

  • Is “Jughead” what’s behind the Chernobyl-like concrete Sayid finds below the Swan? It’s a distinct possibility. But the Swan was tapping a massive magnetic force. Unless “Jughead” caused it to develop, it seems like a pretty unlikely spot to bury a hydrogen bomb.
  • The show isn’t even sheepish anymore about showing us redshirts that invariably meet an untimely end. Two more are dispatched within a minute or two of us asking, “Who are those guys, anyway?”
  • Ageless Alpert remains a mystery. “He’s always been here,” Juliet says. Yet, he seemed pretty baffled by Locke’s time travel explanation.
  • Locations: St. Andrew’s (Oxford), Honolulu Brewing Co. on Queen St. (Theresa’s home exterior), Manoa Valley Inn (Theresa’s home interior), Keehi Boat Harbor (seaside village).

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  1. ManilaRaf says:

    And why didn’t the US Gov’t mount a huge recovery operation for the lost Jughead? It’s not like H-Bombs were a dime a dozen in 1954 (or even now for that matter). Whenever the US Military has lost a nuclear device, huge operations were mounted (Google the Palomares H-Bomb Incident).

    Did the military ever try to get it back? Or were they unable to? Does this go back to how hard or easy it is to find the Island. Again, this goes back to how the US Army was able to find the Island in the first place.

    And why the Army? The bomb looked like an air dropped bomb (shape & tail fins), not an artillery shell. Wouldn’t it be the Air Force in charge or handling and securing the bomb?

    Lastly Popular Mechanics has a nice article on the science of H-Bombs/Jughead in the latest episode ( Interesting points their nuclear weapons expert brings up.

  2. Hi Ryan and Jen,

    I just wanted to post a comment about how much I loved this episode. This episode encapsulated all that I love about this show. The exciting reveal of young Widmore on the island, the intriguing new twist about Faraday’s comatose ex-girlfriend, the heart-pumping reveal of a giant H-bomb, and the overwhelming, but not schlocky, moment at the reveal of Desmond’s son’s name: Charlie. I gasped audibly at least 3 times, and burst into tears at that “Charlie” moment, which was so beautiful to me. This is definitely my favorite episode since Flashes Before Your Eyes. What is it about Desmond episodes that just get me all worked up??? Love the show, look forward to it every week.

    Julie from Chicago

  3. Iwantdesmondshair says:


    I’m not sure if I have an opinion yet on whether or not the LOSTies have unintentionally “created” the entire situation but I will try and elaborate on what I said about JACOB.

    Here is a modification of what I think I might be trying to say. What if at some point in the storyline we see Locke and he is still trying to save the island and the only way he can get whatever he needs is to say that he is JACOB? Or what if he can’t say his real name because the message he needs to deliver is to people who would not believe him. Would Jack in season 1 really listen to Locke saying he’s from the future?

    My main theory here is that with the time travel element and the way the LOSTies must appear “enlightened” to the people on the island there is a possibility that JACOB is an idea, or a type of fake name to be used. I mean think about it, we never clearly see JACOB, he moves around and disappears (or is uncontrollably time traveling), and he knows what needs to happen next. Sounds like John Locke two episodes into season 5 doesn’t it?

    Of course this is just a theory, I love this show! =)

  4. Dave says:

    There were some screen caps of Jacob in the past that looked a LOT like Locke. I’m really intrigued by this idea. It’s kinda Donnie Darko-esque as well. I have a friend who threw out the following idea (his words):

    “What if the Sawyer group, while they are time-bouncing, figures out… that flight 815 MUST crash on the island in order to stop the world from blowing up… and then they reunite with the O6, and formulate a plan to make themselves cross paths in the past, in such a way as to cause the “coincidence” of them all being on 815? And the final episode is all of them boarding the plane, with their future selves totally aware of it, but their past selves (and us viewers for 6 years!) totally oblivious and thinking it all a coincidence!”

    [Eric, if you’re reading this, this is all you.]

  5. paintergirl1 says:

    Perhaps the reason Leonard Simms and Sam Toomey were working at a naval listening post was to try to locate the island to recover the H-Bomb.

  6. Rizzo from Nj says:

    Loved, loved, loved this episode! I put this one at least equal to “The Constant” personally because its partly a Desmond episode but it is also chock full of new faces and new ideas and partial explanations without relying on the O6 at all. I love me some Hurley but this was a breath of fresh air I thought.
    I haven’t had time to read all the posts but a couple things to consider. First, in your podcast you mention Sawyer calling Charlotte Ginger as a Gilligan’s Island reference. While it may be, it may simply be a reference to her red hair.

    My pet theory of the week – 4 Toed Statue = John Locke = Jacob. Has anyone gotten a good look at his bare feet? Hmmmm. Anyway, just basing this on the time loop theory and Daniel’s comment that another flash could come “in 5 minutes, or 5,000 years”. In my mind that is opening up the possibility that Locke has been involved with this Island for a very long time. Could he have flashed back 5,000 years to lead the original island inhabitants?

    As for Locke=Jacob, he’s the only character “on the island” that we haven’t really seen yet. And the way Locke seems to be most intimately tied to the time flashes on the island it could be a possibility. Nothing solid really to back it up but a hunch.

    And speaking of time flashes, where will “Adam and Eve” fit into this? Could they literally be the island’s Adam and Eve? After this episode it seems to be more of a realistic possibility. Here is a excerpt from an EW weekly interview with Cuse and Lindeldof. What do you guys think?

    “What is the meaning or significance of the two skeletons that Jack and Kate found in the cave of season 1?
    CUSE: The answer to that question goes to the nature of the timeline of the island. We don’t want to say too much about it, but there are a couple Easter eggs embedded in [the Feb. 7 episode], one of which is an anagram that actually sheds some light on the skeletons and hints at a larger mythological mystery that will start to unfold later in the season.
    LINDELOF: There were certain things we knew from the very beginning. Independent of ever knowing when the end was going to be, we knew what it was going to be, and we wanted to start setting it up as early as season 1, or else people would think that we were making it up as we were going along. So the skeletons are the living — or, I guess, slowly decomposing — proof of that. When all is said and done, people are going to point to the skeletons and say, ”That is proof that from the very beginning, they always knew that they were going to do this.””

  7. Camille says:

    “1) Why is Richard Alpert all nice and tidy with his button down shirt and slacks in 1954, but appears so disheveled when he appears to Ben in the 1970s?”


    I think that Dharma showed up on t he island in the 1960s with considerably more resources and firepower and put the hostiles on the run. Maybe DHARMA had access to classified military information about how they’d sent troops the island and most (if any!) never returned! Maybe DHARMA was originally sent partially under the guise of testing some sort of radiation effects or something….

  8. Camille says:

    I don’t think this episode had the *umph* of The Constant or any of the very first episodes, but boy did it give me crazy dreams! It was a good one, for sure.
    I am still sort of sticking to my theory of Jacob being some sort of failed science experiement (a la Dr. Manhattan in the Watchmen), but then– on the other hand– with Richard Alpert (oh how I love Nestor Carbonell!) being so freshface and immortal and all, I am also leaning more and more to Jacob just being a supernatural force.
    With Daniel most likely being Ellie’s son, and theories going around that maybe Miles is Pierre Chang’s son, I’m really curious whether this is going to emerge into a Watchman sort of thing where the second generation of superheroes have to team up with their aging super-hero parents to set things right. That, however, bares the question of who amongst our remaining freighties and fusies are part of that deal? Are Jack, Sawyer, Hugo, Sayeed, Kate, and Sun all the offspring of island babies? If this is the case maybe that explains why certain people were no longer of use to the island and thus killed/allowed to die (Annamaria, Eko, Charlie, Michael, and so on)….However, I gotta say that if this is the case than GEEZ these people need to work on their lines of communication with their parents. That is a huge whopper for their parents to conveniently forget to mention!

  9. Camille says:

    @Rizzo – Maybe all our most important (Gotta go back!) Losties are descendants of the island’s Adam and Eve? Maybe Jacob is an amalgam of those two and has unfinished business that his descendants must resolve? I am so intrigued to see how that all gets explained.

  10. Camille says:

    I’m also curious, have we stopped dealing with questions of the island’s location? Has that already been answered? I was of the opinion that it moved, but two things made me think South Pacific , in this episode: Daniel’s mention of testing in the South Pacific and then, of course, Penny giving birth off the coast of the Phillipines. I think the Oceanic 6 also shored up in an Indonesia-looking place. What’s the deal? I know that the location is the least of the freightie and fusies (what should we call this combined group? freighsies? futies?) concern, but when the island moves through time does it always stay in (relatively the same) place? does it matter? does anyone still wanna get off? i havent heard any mention of it in all three episodes. only people who wanna get back on…

  11. First time poster here!

    I’m on board with those that think that Ellie=Mrs. Hawking=Faraday’s mother. My logic? Well, first off, Faraday tells Desmond to go to Oxford to find his mother. So it’s not a stretch to think that his mom might be English, even though Faraday himself doesn’t have an accent. Also, it’s revealed that Mrs. Hawking is very science minded, which Faraday certainly is (plus, the fact that her last name is Hawking…an homage to one of the greatest scientific minds known to man). Finally, Widmore tells Desmond that Faraday’s mother is in Los Angeles; it’s a pretty safe assumption that’s where her underground Dharma-esque station is when she meets Ben.

    As far as Ellie, Faraday obviously recognizes her – he even tells her as much when they’re walking toward the bomb. She is English, and wears her hair in a style very similar to Mrs. Hawking. Also, I seem to recall someone calling her at one point, not Ellie, but Eloise. And lastly, in the “pop-up” reshowing of last week’s episode on ABC, they refer to Mrs. Hawking as Eloise Hawking.

    So I could be off base here. But at this point, connecting all the dots on LOST isn’t yet an exact science 🙂

  12. Ilias says:

    Hi guys….

    Well, you do have the touch of us fans. This episode certainly has taken away some of the skepticism. I know that the creators would not desert us….

    Well the episode is excellent and the creators once again prove how confident they really are. I mean c’mon, Oceanic Six and Ben are nowhere to be seen and I must say that I have not missed them much with so much revealed.

    Of course I have a myriad questions. These are in random order:

    Is Daniel’s Theresa the same as Boone’s Theresa?

    The time skipping occurred only once but I am a bit confused, Let me give you an example, Widmore Jr. meets old man Locke in 1954, so does that mean that Widmore Sr. knows all about Locke in the present day? I reckon so and if he does, what did he have to do with the actual crash?

    If Dan was sponsored by Widmore all along, Widmore must have known about Des’ role in the grand scheme of things. So his motivation to be nasty to Des was in great part to push Des to take the path that fate (or the future?) intended?

    So Widmore, Richard, etc. are all Others (and they are supposed to be the good guys) so who are the bad guys? Are the bad guys all the different people that come onto the island?

    A lot of different tests were done in the Pacific from both Americans and French (I am not sure to what extend the Brits were also involved). What about Rousseau? Was she and her group of French scientists also involved in similar tests?

    What about Juliet, is she an Other, what else is she hiding? She seems to be full of surprises.

    What is happening to all the people that are dying on either side if -as Dan claims- the future or past cannot be changed will the people that died wake up and we will get the much promised Zombie season? 😀

    So is Ginger dead? If she died in the past how come she also in the future and why is she the only one dying?

    So many extras have been killed, I guess the only others left is Rose and Bernie the Dentist.

    Des knows Dan’s mother and he has not realized it yet, I believe that when he sees her he will know that he was used and manipulated to do whatever it is that he is supposed to do.

    By the way when did Dan really knock on the Hatch? Des was never really alone for the three years he spend in the hatch but for about 40 days between the crash and the Locke’s discovery.

    Richard new about Dan and his bomb? Is there more to Dan that meets the eye?

    How old is Richard?

    Why do they speak Latin, is because they want to show off to about 11million viewers on a cold Wednesday evening in Jan 09 or is it because they are descendants of people that have used that language throughout the millenia.

    How did Widmore get off the island?

    If the American military was on the island, with all their training and material, would they actually be stopped by a bunch of islanders forgotten in time?

    Where is Tom? Shouldn’t we see Tom in sometime in all this?

    Ok, one more observation before I stop -as this list could be endless- if these Others are the original inhabitants of the island why are they all Americans and Brits? An ancient civilization in the middle of the South Pacific is a far as possible in any which way from the Anglo-Saxon world.

    Well, you guys are as always amazing, you are so active with all the things going on that I must sincerely thank you for taking the time to organize this. You do add so much to the show that J.J, Damon and Carlton need to come up with something nice for you.

    Be well….


  13. Atoms says:

    Can anyone translate what Juliette said to Widmore and Cunningham in Latin?

    Also, when Ellie asks Daniel “Are they from the future, too?” Sawyer says, “What, did you tell her?”

    Why would Sawyer have any reason to assume (know?) that they are in the past? And why would he be disturbed if Daniel disclosed this fact to Ellie?

  14. Team Taskmaster says:

    Buried bomb
    If someone buried a bomb in concrete and you found it and could not resist the rather stupid urge to then build a DHARMA station right up against it, what kind of station would you build? a) one that, in the future, also exhibits strong electromagnetic properties, has a button that if not pressed will cause the place to shake uncontrollably and project everything in it through the air with amazing force, and has a fail-safe that allows/causes it to explode, or b) one related to energy that will, in the future, cause radioactive damage to some hands, maybe Goodwin’s, and need to be deactivated by someone who truly understands the threat, like maybe Daniel and Charlotte?

    Neither’s a good idea, but come on! Build the SWAN right next to a bomb? Seriously? That’s a new kind of stupid, if you ask me. We know DHARMA has imaging devices as evidenced by the printout of the FDW the foreman showed Pierre Chang/candle-related-name-guy. Are you telling me no one in DHARMA said, “Hey, there’s a huge preexisting wall of concrete here. Perhaps we should investigate this further. ***pause for imaging*** Oh, look! The distinct shape of a bomb. My, my. Let’s not build our very sensitive station smack dab up against it.”

    What happened to her? Could she be a descendent of Ellie and perhaps be Faraday’s mother? I’m having a lot of trouble determining how old some of these people are supposed to be, particularly Mrs. Hawking, Faraday, and the young Widmore and the Ellie we saw in “Jughead.” I’m not really sure how Annie being Faraday’s mother would work, as Annie was in DHARMA’s fold and Ellie does not seem to be. I guess I am grasping at straws, but it would insert another generation (on an admittedly tight timeline), and I’m going to be so disappointed if Hawking is Faraday’s mother. It was such an easy connection with the name, the hair style, and her presence in LA/address from Widmore. I’d really like it if it weren’t so connect-the-dots. Don’t get me wrong, I was thrilled when I connected the names Eloise and Ellie, but still…It just feels to simple, too easy, and LOST is normally such a smart show.

    Polar Bears
    I love that idea about them turning the wheel. It left me wondering how polar bears could have gained access to the chamber the wheel is in, and I then wondered about the ladder Ben when down, the pillar with the symbols, and the hatch of ice Ben broke to access the wheel itself. Obviously there is (or will be) another way to get to it besides melting drill bits. Clever thinking, and kudos to the original poster of that theory. It thrilled me. 🙂 And, it got me thinking about the secret chamber in Ben’s closet…

    Enough. Time to go mop up my exploded brain. For a little thing, it made quite a mess.

  15. Nate in Ohio says:

    Here’s a thought I had while trying to fall asleep after watching Jughead:

    We’ve heard over and over again that “you can’t change the past”. Fate is fate. “if it didn’t happen, it can’t happen” Our heroes cannot change the past, or what for them is the past. But what if they can change the FUTURE. Or what for them is the future. What if during one of these time shifts, they shift into a future where something terrible has happened, like jughead blowing up and destroying the island, or the world. They then time shift back to the present and/or past and are now the variable that can prevent jughead from blowing up.

    At any rate, the introduction of jughead is ominous for the future of the show. We’ve twice heard characters use the phrase, “God help us all”. First from Pierre Chang in reference to the danger of drilling too close to the frozen donkey wheel, and then from Mrs. Hawking when talking about the 70 hour “event window” deadline by which Ben needs to round up the Oceanic 6. Could “God help us all” be in reference to jughead?

  16. DreadyPete says:

    Just a little thought on the compass. At first this was troubling me as it seemed like a paradox but ive sat here thinking about it till my brain hurts and this is what ive come up with.

    so if we asume that richard originaly owned the compass which he gave to locke. when locke goes back and give richard the compass he would now own two. 50 years later he will then give one back to locke and so on and so forth. rather than creating a paradox or an infinite number of compasses this would just produce a sort of a clone (bad twin?) of the first one which is pasted back and forth between the two of them.

    This makes me think of the orchid and the number 8 bunny (don’t let them touch) as im sure this would cause some real messed up stuff.
    hope that makes a little bit of sense. loving lost right now, soo glad its back!

  17. ManilaRaf says:

    Saw this pointed out on another LOST site, but has anyone seen the Season 5 Promo picture of the Cast? The one where they’re inside a building, outside the windows looks to be a city, but the room they’re in has a dirt floor, foliage, and various Dharma gear?

    Anyone notice that Daniel Faraday’s left foot is missing?

    I wonder if the same people that made the Battlestar Galactica “Last Supper” photo made this one as well.

    Is this a clue or shoddy Photoshop work?

  18. NuckinFuts says:

    Theory # 1: It seems like the quick shots we got of Mrs. Hawking last week showed many xxx’s on a map of the world where the pendulum was swinging and chalking the map…so I think the island actaully is moving through not only time, but space or locations as well. It looked as if there were some probabilities that they were working to determine when and where it would be. This would explain how it is harder to find because it could be anywhere after it has moved. Plus the fact that they were to ‘move’ the island. I guess no matter where it is it’s likely that it’s ‘sheild’ or the area around it would be succeptable to causing disturbances of time, nausea, etc. which would make even finding or seeing it very hard to get to.

    Theory # 2

    What if Halliwax/Chang/ baby is actually Mr. Paik?

    Wacky Theory # 3

    Richard is of alien descent, as is the ‘island’….more on this as it develops..

    Semi-Wacky Theory # 4

    It’s Sawyer’s hurt-foot. The island eventually goes back far into the past and to save his own skin he ‘cons’ the inhabitants that he is a God using Juliet as a translator to Latin…and then ‘whooosh’ he’s gone.

    Theory # 5 ( similar to some people’s above )

    Young Widmore will begin to learn some of the island’s secrets…probably from Richard who knows everything. During this time he will find that being on the island offers wonderful benefits to health and life, however the only drawback to being on the island is that women cannot get pregnant. Richard explains that It’s the price you pay for ‘immortality’. Widmore is hard-headed and will decide to try and save his people that he will leave the island and enter the ‘real world’ where he will use his knowledge of the future and to create a company. Richard allows him to leave and he knows exactly where the island is at this time and how to get to and from the island from Richard. He quickly becomes wealthy. Besides working on ‘Widmore Labs Pregnancy Test Kits’ and other items he creates the DHARMA initiative. The main purpose of DHARMA is to study the island’s other properties and to exploit them for his people’s needs. Richard & perhaps some other island natives are upset that Widmore would exploit the island for matters other than pregnancy and this causes a falling out. Widmore should not have betrayed the rules of the island. However, with his money and power by now the DHARMA intiative takes control from Richard and those left on the island and they are forced back into the wilderness.

    Enter Benjamin Linus. During his childhood Richard contacts Ben in the jungle. He tells Ben he is special and will one day lead them ( now known as the “Hostiles”, through a great DHARMA PR campaign, to greatness. Richard and his people ( including Jacob ) like to have a young leader they can train to let go of the urge to exploit the sacred island.

    Ben grows up believing he is one of the good-guys and at some point after the ‘purge’ of DHARMA ( Widmore ) or anyone that Ben thought was a threat, he has a Polar Bear move the island to a new location.

    Widmore cannot find the island now that is has moved, but re-organizes, hunts for clues and memorabilia like the Black Rock journal and has Penny.

  19. Connie in Alaska says:

    I understand the temptation to think that Dharma trained polar bears to turn the Frozen Donkey Wheel (FDW), but what is the logic behind that other than that 1) they were using the bears for *SOMETHING* and 2) polar bears come from an arctic climate and the FDW seems to be encased in a cold atmosphere?

    Polar bears are seriously nasty. We have all kinds of bears up here in Alaska and general wisdom is that of all the bears you don’t want to encounter, the polar bear is at the top of the list. While other bears will generally avoid humans, polar bears have been known to hunt them down.

    So why not choose a more amiable animal to turn the FDW, maybe even a donkey! A horse, an ox, maybe even a large ape would make more sense. That being said, I don’t have a theory about what the polar bears were being used for, so I guess being trained to turn the FDW makes as much sense as anything else on Lost.

  20. ManilaRaf says:

    I went back and skimmed through The Brig & Man Behind the Curtain:

    -Remember the scene where Alpert gives the file on Sawyer to Locke? He says to Locke “We haven’t been properly introduced.” Kinda funny now, looking back on it, with all we know now.

    -Alpert running into Young Ben in the Jungle. Alpert’s interest in Ben is piqued when Ben mentions having visions of his mother who had died off the island when he was a baby. Was Ben’s mom an old Island resident? Or is the fact that Ben has visions is what draws Richard’s attention? By this time, Alpert’s been disappointed by Locke’s choosing the knife and Locke’s not wanting to work with Mittelos Labs/Dr Alpert as a teen. Perhaps this is why he was drawn to Ben instead?

    -Ben & Locke & Widmore. What is it about the 3 that draws them to the Island?

    -I wouldn’t be surprised if by the end of Season 5, we find out that Christian Sheppard is also an Other/Hostile and is a 4th member in competition with Ben/Locke/Widmore. I feel that there’s a link there that has yet to be revealed. Christian speaks for Jacob now. In the recent past Jacob only spoke to Ben. And Alpert was below the chain of command under Jacob. Makes you wonder where the Widmore-Jacob link is and what it entails. Did Widmore anger Jacob and thus was forced to leave the Island?

    -First there’s the Poison Gas (Chemical Weapons) in the Tempest. Now the Nuke/Jughead. All you need are Biological Weapons to complete the NBC triad.

  21. Locke says:

    I believe Desmond purposely paused when the Oxford clerk asked him when he visited because it struck him as an odd questions to ask if there was no record of Faraday in their system. He may have realized it could be a potential trap by someone observing anyone asking for information on Faraday after what happened so that they could try and get some answers from him about Faraday who booked it after the incident with Theresa. I subscribe to the theory that there are no subtle coincidences on LOST, every pause, every word of each line, its all meticulously planned out!

  22. Vahag C. says:

    Very beautiful episode.It is very exiting that Claire is not with us anymore.
    I think Daniel Faraday knew that Cherlote was diing.I think she is going to die.Yes I also think that Christian is (ot was) one of the “others”.
    but my favorite episode is from season 4 “the constant”

  23. Vahag C. says:

    God deam it!!
    very beautiful comments..
    Thank you all everybody and perhaps I think that this season will be better then the rest of LOST seasons…
    I am dying… oh… help me….
    “se you in other life brotha”

  24. DaveW says:

    There were a couple of things that stuck out to me:

    1. Locke created his own prophecy by telling Richard he is their future leader. I’d be intrigued if some guy shows up, knows my name, who Jacob is and then goes ‘POOF’ the next minute. Then that guy shows up in a plane crash some 50 years later thus fulfilling the false prophesy! Maybe that is why Richard visits adolencant Locke, gives him the test and when he fails he realizes he has been waiting for the wrong person for 50 years.

    2. Charles Widmore pauses and calls Desmond a ‘Colleague’ in their confrontation. I still think that Widmore has been leading Desmond every step of the way which is why they are colleagues and I have no doubt he would sacrifice his daughters life to get what he wants. You saw how insane with rage the man was as a kid on the island. Plus Desmond time and time again ends up at his side and Widmore casually gives him a name/number/location to use next. The devil is in the details no?

    So what do you guys think? Love this show and love your podcasts!! Keep up the great work.

  25. Steve says:

    RE: DaveW’s comments

    The more I think about it, the more I think Widmore is manipulating Des to do exactly what he wants. I’m guessing he’s a bit of a master manipulator – much like Ben.

  26. Berto says:

    Very cool how Miles can get his info from the dead just by walking over their bodies. I’m still waiting for Miles to walk over Palo and Nikki’s graves. That would be an interesting moment.

    I’m probably way behind on this one but I’ve been watching reruns and didn’t realize that Elizabeth Mitchell was in Frequency (a great movie about time shifting) along with Shawn Doyle (Jack Shepard from Eggtown) and her name was Julia. Very close to Juliet. She was also on a show called “Time of Your Life” and her character’s last name was Holloway. Very interesting.

    One more tidbit that I grossly overlooked until reruns. When Boone is calling for help in the crashed plane, he says he is a survivor of 815. The static voice on the other side says “There are no survivors of 815.” That one gave me chills seeing it was all the way back to season one.

  27. Russell in Raleigh says:

    If Faraday’s Theresa is “Theresa falls up the stairs. Theresa falls down the stairs.” And her mind is constantly jumping through time.

    I wonder if she is falling up and down the “stairs” or up and down “Jacob’s ladder.”

  28. Chris says:

    Hey Jen and Ryan,
    I’m a huge fan of yours.

    I’m writing about something that I haven’t heard anyone else speak of. I think I can successfully predict (well, within a few seconds) when a time flash will occur. The flashes are not random. The last 4 flashes have happened just after some major piece of information was given from one character to another.

    1. Locke to Ethan – “Ben Linus appointed me as your leader”.
    2. Richard to Locke – “You’re going to have to die, John”.
    3. Faraday to Desmond – “I need you to go back to Oxford and find my Mother”.
    4. Locke to Richard – “I suggest you come visit me for my birth”.

    My theory is that that is why the people off the island must come back. They have to give important information to someone else on the island in order to “make things right” or to make a time line correct (or something like that).

    Thanks for the great podcast. -Chris

  29. Vahag C. says:

    Hey everybody.
    yes Chris it was fantastic…
    I also thought that it was happining just after some information was given to each other…
    I think Sun is about to kill Ben and thats why Im thinkin that she is going to die (after they return to the Ireland).
    Yes mr.Widmore is Faradays father I think…lol
    cant wait till next 4th episode…

  30. EmptyGaze says:

    My latest theory is tied to the series title itself. Lost could refer not to being stranded on the island, but to the fact that each of the Oceanic 6 has “lost” someone who is dead on the island, and to be reunited they must return (to a previous time perhaps?).

    Sayid lost Shannon…
    Hurley lost Libby…
    Sun (and her baby) lost Jin…
    Aaron lost Claire…
    Jack lost his father…
    Kate lost … oops – looks like Sawyer has to die!!! Season 5 finale perhaps?

  31. April says:

    The island is paradise, Jacob is God, the skeletons are Adam & Eve, the hostiles are the devil, the others are the descendants of Adam & Eve. They did not want the “good people”, they wanted the offspring of the island others…

  32. Alex in MD says:

    A thought on the introduction of a freaking Hydrogen bomb into a series with no wasted footage:

    Hitchcock’s theory (from an article by Alfred Hitchcock that appeared in the book, ‘Heard in the Wings’ which was edited by Roderick Bloomfield and published by Stanley Paul in 1971 and for a longer clip of the article):

    “The bomb ticks away and we keep telling the audience there’s a minute to go; half a minute and finally ten seconds. That is when it must not go off. If we let it go off, the audience will be as mad as hell with us, they’ll be disgusted. They’ll say, “Don’t go and see that movie or that play”.

    Your toe MUST touch the bomb at the last minute, you must look under the table, grab the bomb and throw it out of the window, then it can go off; but you and I must be saved. An audience needs that relief after you’ve put them through the ringer.”

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