“On this island, the rules are a bit different.” I guess so, since the character who spoke the line was presumed dead. Fortunately, that was the only detail that annoyed Jen, who otherwise agreed with me in declaring “D.O.C.” another excellent “LOST” episode. We’re totally loving the reversal revealed in Sun’s flashback — that Jin’s tortured career was the result of her meddling — as well as the confirmation that Jin is the unborn baby’s father. Yunjun Kim’s scenes with Elizabeth Mitchell were fantastic, and Jin’s ninja moment was impressive. Finally, of course, the woman who drops from the sky drops the pre-thud bombshell: “They found the plane. There were no survivors. They were all dead.”

No doubt the time loop, alternative universe, and purgatory theorists will have a little spring in their step tomorrow, but I’m putting my money on some kind of con. Either the plane crash wreckage and bodies were faked or falsely reported (for a reason), or Little Miss Parachute is messing with our survivors.

She did speak a language only Mikhail understood, for example. And it was her flare gun, accidentally fired by an uncharacteristically clumsy Hurley, that summoned Mikhail to the scene. And was it just me, or did she seemed more shocked than anyone to see Mikhail (just before the “Pulp Fiction” moment). Perhaps she too was under the impression that our Russian communications officer was permanently retired?

He seemed to want that satellite phone. But at the same time, his taking it and then giving it up seemed awfully contrived. Perhaps he was after something else? I’ve pretty much convinced myself that he expected the flare and the parachutist (and was only surprised to find Desmond, Hurley and Charie with her).

I liked that early in “D.O.C.,” we’re shown that seeds of doubt over Jack’s loyalty are firmly planted among the other survivors. He was with them for a week, he seems different, he’s asking about a pregnancy on a baby-obsessed island. As even outsider Juliet seems to be building trust within the camp, it’s clear there’s going to be a leadership crisis as Season 3 draws to a close.

Frankly, I find it a little implausible that Sun would be suspicious of Jack but would follow Juliet into the forest. But, follow she did, down into the Medical Hatch which seems straight out of a horror movie. Juliet reveals the secret Nursery of Death behind the locker room, and reveals Sun’s “Date Of Conception.”

These scenes were among my favorite this season. Sun and Juliet, alternately cold and hard and guilty and vulnerable, their faces capturing a whole palette of emotions within a few moments. At this point, if Elizabeth Mitchell doesn’t get an Emmy nod, there’s going to be rioting in the streets. And the ultrasound? When Juliet was devastated by the very same news that made Sun weep with relief and joy? How perfect was that moment?

Of course, after feeling some compassion for Juliet, we’re again reminded that she’s in the midst of a reconnaissance mission for Ben. (And a “sample” is required of Austen… since she did mate in captivity with Ford.) But she’s not happy about it.

Season 3 has been great. I don’t know where the next four episodes will take us, but I’m just about ready to put all skepticism aside and just surrender myself to the ride.

Notes and Notions:

  • Sun and Juliet stole the show, but Jin’s father’s conversation with Sun was well done as well. So natural and believable, I didn’t even realize it had subtitled Korean dialogue until I went back to watch it again.
  • I love Desmond’s line: “You know, brother. By my count, you’ve killed more of them than they’ve killed of you.”
  • Kate is turning out to be a remarkably good source of information all of a sudden. She apparently told people about Mikhail and his manner of death, and told Sun about the Medical Hatch. So, whether we see it on screen or not, it’s clear the writers are telling us that these characters do talk. Sometimes.
  • Location Notes: The canal where Sun met with Jin’s mother was along College Walk behind Chinatown in downtown Honolulu. I watched them film this scene, and posted photos here. Of course they returned to The Contemporary Museum space for Mr. Paik’s office. Mr. Kwon’s village is the ponds at Kualoa (mere yards from where the Others’ submarine was moored). I’m not sure where Mr. Kwon’s home was, but I think it’s in the same area the canal scene was shot.
  • “D.O.C.” discussions at TheFuselage.com, Lost-Forum.com, and Pop Candy
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117 Responses to D.O.C.

  1. Connie from Alaska says:

    In the Official Lost Podcast, the producers hinted that Smokie may be tied to the ground somehow…you never see it totally hovering above ground, some part if it always seems to be attached to the Island…and therefore it could not go over the fence because it cannot detach from the ground.

    Menstrual cycles can be affected by extreme thinness (Sun is pretty thin), extreme obesity, trauma, birth control medications or hormonal changes. If she is only 8 weeks along, it is possible, if she has had irregular periods in the past, to not know by the “oh-I-missed-my-period” method. Also, it is possible to have a very light period the first couple of months and still maintain the pregnancy…it happened to me! Besides, with all the drama of the plane crash, keeping secrets, survival, kidnapping, etc. she may just have lost track of her cycle…you know…”out of sight, out of mind”.

  2. Dave says:

    Connie and Mel — good points, and well taken. I know a fair amount about this stuff but as I have only one X chromosome I will of course respectfully defer to your knowledge. 😉

    I would have expected that if Sun was worried (what with having had multiple sexual partners before departure, and knowing that she is fertile and Jin is not) about possibly being pregnant by Baldie, that she might have paid more attention. 🙂

  3. jaimeroberto says:

    I think Juliette is lying about the child being conceived on the island for two reasons: 1) it spares Sun the shame of knowing that the father is not Jin, and 2) when the healthy baby is born, she will be able to take responsibility, declare her work done, and (so she believes) get a trip home.

  4. Connie from Alaska says:

    Great point jaimeroberto!

  5. Excellent jroberto!!!
    If she can claim that Sun concieved on island ,take credit with a few treatments, she could petition for release…
    in as such….
    “‘I always lie’ is a paradox because if it is true it must be false”
    Our Ben is classic example of such a Paradoxical theme.
    Having said, “My word is my bond,” and yet he has lied to Juliet in effect,through his manipulations.

  6. Mita says:

    One thing I’ve been noticing this season is that all the Losties have major issues with a parent or parental figure in their life:

    Jack – with his dad
    Locke – dad
    Kate – mom
    Clair – dad
    Sun – dad
    Jin – mom
    Hurley – dad (and mom)
    Charlie – older brother

    The main character’s whose parental issues we haven’t seen yet are Sayid, Desmond and Sawyer. Even dead Losties (Ana Lucia with her mom, Shannon with her step-mom, and Eko with his brother) had beef with their family.

    This parental disloyalty issue, coupled with the recurring story line about pregnant women on the island has to mean something. What it means, I have no idea… thought?

  7. Steve says:

    They are starting to milk this cow “Dry.” Why don’t they get to the point. Their were tons of episodes where not much happened. Now, there are twists and turns, so many that I’m starting to forget where the road was.

    I’m almost at the point where I don’t care anymore, but I am trying to hold out. I feel like a kid who is trying to swim with an anchor. They need to get to the dam point.

    I put up with the writers crap when they “introduced” the other survivors. Then, they did the “biography” thing, which didn’t help the plot in my opinion. The writers are paying more attention with the past, than the future. Yes, I did like the little flashbacks. “LITTLE” flashbacks, but give it a rest.

    Sorry to not be so chipper, but I have been down the road of “never” ending plots that drag on forever till the ratings drop. Then, the whole series moves forward at 100 mph. If I had to do it all over again, I would not watch this series, nor would I recommend it to anyone.

    Static water will kill anything in it, except algae. Lost has gone static, and I hope it will connect the pieces to the puzzle before I lose interest, which I almost have.

  8. chris T. says:

    I hope that we get some more answers.

  9. jim says:

    Steve, I am not religious at all, but I will pray for you. Don’t miss the boat before it leaves the pier!
    Has everyone given up on the (admittedly outlandish) idea that Michael could be the father of Sun’s baby? Check your Season One DVDs: there is a brief window of opportunity when Jin and Sun were not getting along at all, and one of the major issues was that (justifiably or not) Jin thought Sun was getting too close to Michael. Wasn’t he also the first person to know that Sun spoke English? That would explain how the child was conceived on the island — but I will concede that this may be too much for some people to accept.
    And I am leaning strongly in the direction of the Tsunami plot thread, even perhaps that the island itself will cause it!

  10. Jen says:

    Then stop watching, Steve. Seriously. Lots of us don’t want it to get to the point just yet. When it gets to the point, it’s over. Some people don’t get that. The whole point is figuring out what’s going on. What happens when we figure it out? We watch Kate and Jack make cute on the beach for however many seasons it runs after all the questions are answered. No thanks. Give me confusing plots and an army of characters any day. Neat, tied up ends are for people who watch “American Idol”.

  11. Andrew says:

    HOW interesting!!!! I think that Juliet wants Sun’s baby to get off the island, as I believe Ben promised her he will allow her off the island if she delivers a health baby without the mother dying.

  12. stacey says:

    Yet another Christianity reference….Naomi was speaking in tongues….

    The appearance of a living and breathing Mikhail still has me spinning. I’m just trying to wrap my head around that one.

    I’m wondering who was with Naomi, since she wasn’t alone, and where that other person landed. I’ll go out on a limb and say that that person is still alive, ready to throw a monkey wrench into the works.

    A part of me is thinking that Juliette is lying about the date of conception – to get off the island, she needs to produce a live baby with a live mother. If she moves the d.o.c. up to island-time, then, voila! Sun lives and gets to believe that Jin is the father, and Juliette thinks that she’ll get to go home. Since Juliette’s a master manipulator, I wouldn’t put that past her. I have to add a disclaimer though – I’m not completely convinced of my own theory.

  13. FoKoF says:

    Ha Ha.. I’m pretending to be Tawl !!!!!! And having more fun than Ben !!!

    HOOO MYYYY GODDDDD !!!!… what an end !!!

  14. Tawl says:

    hahaha this kid is sad… I break is heart… dont cry little baby… its just TV show… be a man !!

  15. Dave says:

    Jaimeroberto — GREAT call. I love the duplicity of the show, Juliet and Ben in particular. It’s what makes them such compelling characters… we WANT to trust them but never know when we can.

    Mita — Sawyer’s parents were both killed by a con man, and he himself then became one. He also has an illegitimate daughter that he abandoned. I would call those family issues. =) There is also the rampant speculation that Locke’s dad is the “original Sawyer,” who killed Sawyer (James Ford)’s parents.

    I would add Jin having Dad issues as well; he is ashamed enough of his father to lie about whether he’s alive. And Desmond had “brother” issues (kicked out of the Army) and “father” issues (with Penny’s pops), but that’s more of a stretch. Michael and Walt have themselves and Michael’s ex-wife. Sayid you could maybe make a case about the fraterntiy of war/the Republican Guard. Plus there is some yet-to-be-revealed connection between Locke (who inspected Nadia’s house) and Sayid, as well as Kate (her ‘dad,’ the one in the Army) and Desmond (via Kelvin). All stretches, I realize. (And add Ana Lucia and her mom… and her baby.)

  16. vinny2cubes says:

    Loved this episode. Random thoughts:

    1. The oxygen mask on the parachute women didn’t make any sense. Helicopters don’t normally fly high enough to need them. They don’t have much range either, so it must have come from nearby. I suspect the writers did this for dramatic effect when they revealed that she wasn’t Desmonds girlfriend.

    2. Mikail was injured temporarily by the fence but didn’t die and was rapidly healed by the island (as he himself explained about the injuries to the girl).

    3. The others that came with the girl could explain why he so readily gave up the Satphone. He knew they would have communications equipment too.

    4. Juliet may have been lying to Sun about the date of her pregnancy, but she told Ben (on the recorder) that Sun was pregnant and that the husband was sterile prior to coming to the island. Maybe she was lying to both…

    5. Nice to see the writers acknowledge and correct one of my beefs with this show: that none of the Losties seem to talk to each other about the extraordinary things that happen to them.

    6. Maybe the force that destroyed Flt 815 is part of a rift or temporal distortion that shifted them into a sort of parallel universe that scientists often speculate about. Jumping a big shark, but somethings got to explain why no one can find the island. They existed in two (or more) places at the same time. Someone above explained this quantum theory.

    This part of the season has been great and restored my faith in the writers. Every thing is moving along and some past mysteries explained, while new ones are created. Those of you who want to have everything wrapped up neatly need to go watch some other show. I for one dread the day that everything is finally explained. The show will be over. I don’t want it to end.

  17. Mikael may have jacked the SatPhone because it was a means to disrupt the status quo,in that the 815ers may have been able to tap into outside world.
    I loved Hugo playing with SatPhone..”Mom, Hello Mom/”.
    A wild thought(s) and questions …:
    —he dead people and we assume one was a child (Tonka toy truck) in the pi$$ed off burned face Polar Bear cave? Who were they and does that tie into Roger “Workman”, and even Eko’s Priest Brother as they had been dead/mummified for about
    same amount of time. AND where is the piolet of that plane and the other gunman who was on the “HeroineExpress” from Africa to South Pacific, ‘815 was “Sydneyto LA non stop”
    — Danielle landed on the island on Big Boat..Right? and iit had been swept wwwwaaayyyyy inland,by a tsunami possibly?
    One of the scenes for next week was a mass exodus by our 815ers away from beach, Big wave??
    when Locke told Paulo to bury his stash further inland was that again a foretelling of tidal mayhem??

  18. DR Belden says:

    I would defiantly say Sawyer has parental issues. He witnessed his Dad murder his mother.
    If I remember correctly, the original Sawyer didn’t kill James’ parents, but his (James’) dad killed his mother and then himself. I do agree that Jen has parental issues as well.
    I agree with the idea that Juliette may want to misrepresent the DOC for her own purposes, but I’m not convinced that would work. I don’t think they (Ben’s crew) are going to take that on her word alone, though I’m not sure what else they would base it on since their doctor (Ethan) is dead.
    Does anyone remember when Sun’s DOC was according to Juliette, as in how long she was supposedly on the Island at that point? If it was recent, then it would look suspicious if this healthily baby was born at six months after the “DOC”. If the true DOC was shortly after their arriving at the Island, then it wouldn’t look so suspicious.
    I guess all of this hinges upon what the DOC was that Juliette gave her, which I don’t remember. Just from a reasoning standpoint. I can

  19. Connie in Alaska says:

    If Ben and his Other henchpeople donned gas masks to make their quickie escape, perhaps people coming TO to Island (the mysterious as yet to be revealed way and not by boat or plane) also have to wear special breathing apparatus.

    Also, I don’t think that the Black Rock was Danielle’s boat…I think that has supposedly been there for a long, long time.

    Stories with family themes are as old and primal and universal as you can get. Everyone comes from somewhere and everyone at one time or other has family issues…it’s the ultimate universally understood plot line. It crosses age, time and national barriers. On this show alone we have Africans, Brits, Koreans, Hispanics, Americans, French…it’s all the same story…family at the same time gives us our greatest joy and our greatest sorrows.

  20. michael8 says:

    Could it be possible the Mikael is not really mikael? We know that the smoke monster can assume other forms. Someone stated that they heard the smoke monster noise right after Hurley shot off the flare gun, and suddenly Mikael appears. Maybe Smokey in disguise?

  21. CalSimon says:

    MJimbo Part Two

    Okay…. now what?!

    Which theories (which have never been labeled ‘stoopid’) are now valid?
    -Kate HAS to be pregnant
    -There IS a time loop
    -The dead DON’T stay dead

    Are we watching the same show? If you hear hoof steps do you automatically think horse or Zebra?

    What happened to last week’s promise?

  22. Bill says:

    to vinny2cubes, I too, was happy to see one of my beefs corrected by the writers. When Mikhail was in custody, I told my wife, “Oh no, none of these Losties will know who Patchy is because they NEVER talk to each other”. I was wrong, Charlie knew everything about Patchy. Thank you writers, and keep it up.

  23. Dave says:

    It’s funny… I never have been and never will be a fan of the “supernatural” elements of this show and the theories behind it (e.g. the time loop theorists, the purgatory theorists, the alternate reality theorists, Desmond’s visions, and DL and CC’s repeated protestations on their official podcast that they’re not all zombies or made up or anything). I like to think that there is a possible (though perhaps not very realistic explanation to all of this).

    If anyone has seen “The Prestige,” it’s similar to that. It seems you have no idea how something happens, but when you learn how it did, it’s so stupefyingly simple that the elegance of it is all the more amazing.

    That being said, I have no possible explanation for the “magical healing properties” of the island.
    – Some of it could be coincidence or mind over matter (Locke walking… maybe he healed or his wheelchair use was a somatization disorder after the trauma his father inflicted; Rose feeling well).
    – Ben clearly lost his “magical healing” property with the tumor he has.
    – Gunshots and penetrating wounds are still lethal.
    – Drownings still occur.
    – Neck-snappings and head bashings still kill people.
    – Sepsis still occurs.
    – It’s yet to be seen how well Naomi does and whether her pneumothorax will reaccumulate.
    Is there other evidence to suggest that people either do or don’t get sick/die? I’m curious what other people recall. Try to remain somewhat skeptical, as with Mikhail… looking dead and being dead are two different beasts.

    I would hesistate to dismiss any of these theories, but maybe I’m just more a “Man of Science” than a “Man of Faith.” =)

  24. NorCal Matt says:

    I’m with you Dave. I’ve been a Man of Science this whole time. Desmond’s future seeing and the Smoke Monster are giving me fits, however. I can’t think of a logical, scientific explanation there. So, I suppose I’ll accept that 5% of Lost can be paranormal.

    Thusly, the parachute girl’s claim that the 815 wreckage was found and there were no survivors is all a big lie! Don’t fall for it again, I say! She’s obviously in cohoots with Patchy, just as Ryan pointed out. Her “revelation” does nothing to prove any of the time-loop or alternate timeline theories, in my opinion.

    Mikhail being healed by the island? Possibly, but I think there’s some trickery involved that we have yet to find out. The island healing Locke and Rose is still unproven. Locke and Rose only believe the island healed them, as we have yet to receive any real proof.

    Which leads me to a question I have not seen posed here yet. Why didn’t the island heal Boone? He only died of a badly injured leg. That seems less of an injury than Mikhial sustained. Somehow then, Mikhail faked it.

    Except for a few immature posters, this is the best Lost comments section out there. This place rules!!

  25. calsliman-
    -Mikael is Alive ,the “dead do return”.
    -“Time loop in effect’ at least in Desmonds visions, Kate IS Pregnant. ( accept it ). All proclaimed by you, my foil, as worthless ideas.
    and as far as Promises ,consider me “Ben” ,because I have only interest in what is best for Island. You are simply an object to be manipulated. The games’ afoot

  26. NuckinFuts says:

    Random thoughts by NuckinFuts –

    Chapter 1. Sun’s Baby

    I was under the impression that Sun’s family business may yet prove to have ties to the island. Just like Widmore, HANSO, DHARMA , etc. have been long speculated as a joint venture I was sure people thought Paik Industries ( or whatever it is called ) was just as suspicious.

    As a twist, the doctor who told Sun that Jin was “shooting blanks” may have done this from the order of Mr. Paik. The doctor admitted to Sun that he knew Jin worked for Mr. Paik, but what if he himself did as well. Mr. Paik never approved of their marriage and perhaps he thought by forcing the doctor to tell Sun that Jin was incapable of becoming a father it would cause a rift between them that would ultimately end up in Sun’s choice to leave Jin.

    No matter what has occurred between Juiet and Sun, this could be part of the overall scheme.

    ….just a thought….

    Chapter 2. Chopper-Girl

    I like the idea above about the Chopper-Girl speaking in tounges. As far as my understanding of this goes she would have no idea as to what she was saying or who it was directed to. Besides that, she had just crash landed in a tree and was hanging for about 12 hours and was traumatized. I think it is much too early to be speculating her future role, and especially anything she said to Patchy. The only real tie to anyone so far is Desmond. He is the only one she mentioned by name and of course she had the photo. That’s as far as I’m willing to go this week.

    Chapter 3. Majic Land

    In an earlier post I described what I thought could be a semi-satisfying explanation to the islands properties. I still think my overall theory is holding up, however, I am with Dave on healing. If we think back, several people who have died have definately died. If everyone who died on the island came back to life the whole Island would be crawling w/ zombies and nobody would be watching this show. The deputy that had Kate in custody is a prime example. He had wounds that did not heal…but perhaps they were not given a chance. Sawyer shot him in the end. Game over for him. I like the idea that penetrating wounds, loss of blood and things of that nature last forever ( until death at least ), but intrenal wounds / disabilities / functions may be corrected by the island.

    In a way, perhaps the island not only corrects some types of internal wounds, but it also corrects mental defects ( on Losties ) as well. Many people on the island ( most of whom are dead ) had issues in their lives that were sorted out before they died. Hurley is no longer on medication for mental illness. Charlie is off drugs. Sawyer is almost learning to say he’s sorry. The island’s properties may have some things to do with these actions as well as curing Locke, Rose, and Patchy.

    Chapter 4. Patchy

    Whoever said someting about this : Patchy definitely did not see the chopper coming from his right eye and did’nt see it from his original spy lab…it is blown up…

    Chapter 5. Ping Pong

    I think I could beat Hurley at ping pong. Strangely…I can’t wait to see Benry and I don’t want anyone to kill him. I was the 2nd smoke monster on the grassy knoll. John Locke has some splainin’ to do. I got Sun Pregnant, but I’ll let Jin take care of daddy duty!

    The End.

  27. losthsv says:

    Since Mr. Kwon (Jin’s “father”) admitted that he doesn’t know if he’s the real father of Jin, would anyone be surprised if Jin’s father turns out to be the guy from Dharma videos?

  28. SpilledMilkInc says:



    I thought it was a good episode. I agree that Sun just running off with Juliette was strange. I…. don’t really have any other opinions about the episode. I don’t know why. I am very excited for next week’s episode, though.

  29. Bill says:

    note to losthsv: Dr. Candle/Waxman could be Jin’s dad, but so could Mr. Paik. Ut-oh, let’s hope not. But he certainly would be the type to visit prostitutes. Let’s not forget Kate’s Army dad, either. He served in Korea.

  30. John Fischer says:

    “Dr. Candle/Waxman could be Jin’s dad, but so could Mr. Paik. Ut-oh, let’s hope not. But he certainly would be the type to visit prostitutes. Let’s not forget Kate’s Army dad, either. He served in Korea.”

    Jin definitely looks 100% Korean so I don’t think he’s part white. Even the crazy writers for Lost would not have Paik being Jin’s dad and then make Sun pregnant. That’s just too disgusting.

  31. Michael says:

    hahaha Jin is a son of a bitch !!

  32. Brian says:

    I know it was a few posts ago.. but cheers to Jen for explaining what many of us feel…. I’d rather have several seasons of good mystery and questions than one quick (albeit certainly satisfying) week or two of answers. Keep the mysteries coming.

    Plus, I don’t really want to get into the middle of a spat between some contributors here, BUT… Kate might be pregnant but there is absolutely NO evidence now that she is, Juliet simply told Ben on the tape recorder that she would get samples from “Austen and the other women” presumably to test.
    Mikhail has either resurrected or was not dead in the first place but that doesn’t mean that all the dead come back to life on this island (ask Goodwin (decaying corpse that Eko and Jin found), Colleen Pickett (sent out to sea in a funeral pyre), and Roger (body found by Hurley in the Dharma Van) etc.
    And for the last time Artz is not, nor has he ever been an Other.

  33. Brian says:

    Sorry, I forgot to add one more thought of my own: Don’t you think Mikhail gave up the satellite phone a little too easily? It was almost like he had taken two or more things from the bag and when Jin only asked for the phone back he was all too happy to give it up because he would be able to keep what he really wanted… problem with this theory is that the only things they showed Naomi having were a Portugese book, a hula girl toy, and a pic of Desmond and Penny, not sure what the value of any of those items would fetch on the Dharma black market.

  34. Bill says:

    1) Maybe Sun’s mother had an affair (just like Sun did) and Mr. Paik is NOT her father; but Paik IS Jin’s bio-dad with the prostitute. Maybe Jin’s fisherman dad was once a mover and shaker in Korean circles and had to go into hiding. He could be Sun’s bio-dad. It’s wacked-out, but so is this show.

    2) Dave is right. Some injuries are too severe for the island to heal — they’re off the payrole.

    3) Brian, Mikhail DID give up the phone too easily. His whole appearance seemed staged to me. My favorite Mikhail Moment was back at the Flame when he threw that crappy pitcher of ice tea at Locke and missed at 4-feet. Maybe because he has only one eye, but I think the patch is a mini satellite dish.

  35. Michael says:

    For the one who ask about where Jin learn martal art… we can presume he learn with his fisherman father… cause the man have a trophy in his little house… or maybe its a Jin’s trophy…

  36. Peter says:

    its probably a government conspiracy… they told in the news they found the 815plane and no survivors..but they know its not true and know where the island is….like they told us they dont know about 9/11

  37. Dave says:

    NorCal Matt — Regarding Boone’s leg… maybe he was septic or he developed an embolus or went into acute kidney failure. There is some kind of pattern to the healing on the island… whether it’s mental (perhaps Locke only thinking he can’t walk in a sort of conversion disorder or Rose believing she’s cured because she feels well) or physical (cancerous cells don’t grow, nerve fibers grow faster). But some things seem to just move too quickly. It is a good question… he’s had the one injury that might not have been lethal, but was. And Sawyer somehow got better from his GSW… albeit with antibiotics.

    NuckinFuts — cool theories. Keep ’em coming.

    Regarding Naomi and Mikhail… one thing to keep in mind is that Desmond was NOT on flight 815. Naomi (aka Chopper Girl) had no reason to expect that 815 was there on the island. (Perhaps the initial disturbance that tuned Penny into the possibility of where Des might be was the crash of 815, but when the Swan hatch “melted down” was when Penny was notified by the Portugese-speaking men at the end of Season 2. So she would not be looking for 815 and have no expectation of finding it, and any reports she heard she would have no reason to doubt. Think back to the days after September 11th or any other tragedy… the assumption is often that there are no survivors. The only way anyone would know that there were surviviors would be if the Losties contacted the “rest of the world,” or if the Others spread the news.

    OR… maybe Naomi is in with the Others and they are associated with Widmore Labs (which would explain all the supply drops and the apparent connection to Widmore). It also might explain how Penny is able to track down Des but nobody else has found the island. (Maybe Naomi can go back and forth like Richard, the guy who looks like he’s wearing eyeliner.) Maybe Mikhail communicates w/ her through the satellite phone, and he was trying to conceal his complicity in this, but once it was discovered he felt no need to hide that she had the phone or that he tried to take it. (Maybe it’s a Dharma/Others closed circuit?) He could have told her where to go to find Des.

    I don’t know… I am grasping at straws a bit here, but keep in mind:
    – Desmond somehow washed up on the island in a sailboat.
    – He lived there for three years in a hatch that the Others could easily monitor, yet they never bothered him and he never knew of them.
    – Now that Penny is looking for Des (and thinks she knows where to look), all of a sudden a new person shows up on the island with a picture of Des, and Mikhail, who has tried to shoot the Losties, instead saves Naomi’s life.
    – NONE of the others except for Juliet (and maybe not even her?) seems to know Des, has met Des, has discussed him, knows anthing about him. Which is NOT the case for the other Losties. (Maybe I am wrong?)
    – Maybe this explains where he was when he “disappeared?”

    Also, regarding mental illness and the island and Des’s “flashbacks:” His flashbacks could also be a form of mental illness. PTSD from being at the epicenter of the meltdown. Latent psychosis from being alone on the island for however long and drinking like a fish. (Maybe his daily injections were Haldol?) Who knows? But to ignore that possibility that this could be a psychiatric issue (and yet believe that Hurley could see his invisible friend Dave both on and off the island) in favor of a “time loop” is a bit too much of a stretch for me. 😉

  38. Mac says:

    Only have one thing to add, Ana Lucia told Micheal that some of the tail section surviors had gotten sick and died in the episode where they collided. Oh, yeah I also don’t think that the sonic fence was on when Locke pushed patchy through it because you did not see the air moving in waves like when smoky tried to go through it, also if it had been on patchy would not have made it to the other side.

  39. Larissa says:

    This season HAS been great…I’ve come thisclose to peeing my pants during the last few episodes. Thanks for the AWESOME recaps, by the way. My husband watch Lost every week, then run straight to the computer to read your entertaining posts.

  40. EnviroCaper says:

    I’ll admit right off the bat that I do not put in as much thought as most of you about the different theories….but i love reading yours, but here are a few thoughts to throw out there…..tear them up people….haha

    1) the issue with the identical photograph….des and parachute girl….is it remotely possible that during desmonds “outings” (they obviously could be watching him) they photocopied the picture……..but why???

    2) perhaps desmond is the “key” somehow…the injections perhaps were to limit his “flashes”….or keep them in control….while keeping him in a secure location as well…..and the others are a bit worried he could stumble upon something….perhaps that breaks the time loop??…or answers questions we all would like to know more about…the origin/true meaning behind the others/dharma/widmore…whatever it is….OR….maybe they were a way of making him “See” things to set him up for something??

    3) the fact that none of the others seem to know him means nothing…we know they are very smart and deceptive…and the writers want us to believe they have no idea about him….

    4) perhaps helicopter girl was sent as a total scam by the others to “remove” des from the losties….she may try to offer him a 1person-1way ticket off the island, only to bring him back to “jail” or what have you….since the others know of his ability, and know what happens, perhaps he is “Stalling” their plans by saving charlie or whatever he changes….and they want things to go smoothly…..

    5)last one…sorry….what if the others implanted something into his brain….while he was alone…or with the losties (after the hatch blew up) to allow him to see things….contradicts them trying to keep him secret…but who knows …maybe someone out there can figure it out more thoughtfully than my rambles…haha…

    thanks!!!…love the site…love the comments….


  41. Bill says:

    I remember an episode (way back) where Locke put some kind of “yellow” goo on an open wound on Boone’s head. Boone went on an hallucinogenic trip where he saw his sister Shannon get pulverized by Smokey. Following the trip, Locke asked Boone how his sister’s death made him feel, and he said something like, “relieved”.

    1) How could have Locke known the specific “trip” Boone would go on?

    2) Then might the Others have the technology to be supplying Des with “specific” visions? As he continues to save Charlie, is he redeeming himself?

    3) Des was the only person injecting the yellow drug — and Ethan gave Claire a dose. Is the yellow substance something like a programable LSD?

  42. Dave says:

    Bill — Des’s daily IM injection and Claire’s occasional intrauterine injection are probably not the same thing despite the similarity of the vials, in my opinion.

    EnviroCaper — I thought there was a moment in DOC where the picture seems pretty clearly color copied/scanned. (The picture is on a larger sheet of paper than a photo print.)

    Regarding the Others knowing Desmond… they learned about the survivors of 815 by getting names and perhaps procuring a manifest. But unless Kelvin was feeding the Others information — and my inclination is that he was working for Dharma and was not an Other, especially since he seemed to think he could get off the island by sailboat — that even though they could see Des, they couldn’t know much about him (e.g. name or get other info). UNLESS there was a plot to get him to the island (Libby gave him a boat, he has a connection to Widmore). The Others may have “left well enough alone” as with Rousseau and decided to live and let live. He clearly didn’t know about them aside from what Kelvin has told him regarding the “Hostiles.”

    Also — the official Lost podcast clearly insinuates that Naomi is either lying about the lack of survivors, or that the crash was “staged” by some larger organization and that’s why she thought there were no survivors. They sort of dismissed the wormhole theory.

  43. Bill says:

    Dave, are you talking about the Polaroid picture of Des and Penny looking copied? People usually spin these mysterious things into outragous therories. I think there is a simple explanation to the existence of the two photos. Good writers can be like good magicians — they adeptly divert attention to some inane thing while the trick is set up.

    They seem to have hundreds of story threads going here. Not always, but usually the 10 PM time slot is the kiss of death from a network. This has to be an expensive program to produce and I bet the actors are tired of being wet, dirty, running through the jungle and not getting enough screen time. I had heard the producers want to, at least, make it to 100 episodes. Has anyone heard anything? This is a great program and this has been a rock n’ roll season.

  44. Dave says:

    Bill, yes. There is the original instant photo of Des and Penny that he has. She has (had?) another in her home. But the one Naomi has in “Ardil-22″ looked like it was on an 8.5 x 11” sheet of paper folded in half. There is a significant border. (I’m sure someone out there has a vid cap.) I think my post was confusing… I think there are at least 2 (if not more) copies of the photo… I was agreeing with EnviroCaper that this clearly appeared to be a photocopy rather than an original image (which some use as further support for a “time loop” theory).

  45. Bill says:

    Dave, I went back to Catch-22 and made 2 interesting screen captures of the famous Des and Penny Polaroid. Desmond has the original in his possesion. It’s about a 3 1/2″ x 5″, horizontal, glossy stock, 3/8″ white border, lots of harsh shadows — taken on a very sunny day. It’s been folded in half and folded again. Penny has a copy that she keeps on a nightstand (I think). I sure wish I knew which episode I remembered that from. Maybe 2006 final.

    Copter Girl’s version is definately a scanned, ink jet copy on an ordinary sheet of paper. Less contrast, softer, less detail, taken on an overcast day and has no white border at all but is surrounded with gray.

    Here’s the kicker! It’s a different pose. There are similarities, but man, it’s different. Desmond doesn’t look like the same guy. And I remember Hurley saying as he looked at Copter Girls’ photo, “Hey, is that you?”

    This is remarkable. I’ll post these photos for a short time on my company’s web site. http://www.shatrshield.com/desphotos.html

  46. Bill says:

    Dave, I went back to Catch-22 and made 2 interesting screen captures of the famous Des and Penny Polaroid. Desmond has the original in his possesion. It’s about a 3 1/2″ x 5″, horizontal, glossy stock, 3/8″ white border, lots of harsh shadows — taken on a very sunny day. It’s been folded in half and folded again. Penny has a copy that she keeps on a nightstand (I think). I sure wish I knew which episode I remembered that from. Maybe 2006 final.

    Copter Girl’s version is definately a scanned, ink jet copy on an ordinary sheet of paper. Less contrast, softer, less detail, taken on an overcast day and has no white border at all, but is surrounded with gray.

    Here’s the kicker! It’s a totally different pose. There are similarities, but man, it’s different. Desmond doesn’t look like the same guy, either. And I remember Hurley saying as he looked at Copter Girls’ photo, “Hey man, is that you?”

    This is remarkable. I’m leaving a website address where I present the photos but don’t know if it will be posted.

  47. Connie in Alaska says:

    Bill-Wow, they are different! Production continuity error or…??????????

  48. Nuckinfuts says:

    They are different…but I don’t know if this means anything.

    I’ve played that game w/ photos of bikini models in a bar where you circle the differences for points. Most of the time it’s models, sometimes it’s a nature scene or something. It is always best when they are pictures of models. All I can tell you in the end was that I was wasting my time when I should have been dancing and trying to get laid, not playing video games at a bar.

    That’s how I feel about the photos so far…I’m waiting for the show to make it obvious to me that it is an interactive experience. I think for our own reasons some of us have taken it upon ourselves to do this ( get online and talk/share/discuss), myself included. But some people to an even greater extent than I have so far. It is fun to come here a few minutes a week and comment, but I don’t feel the producers have ever made it clear to me that it was my job as a loyal viewer to do this.

    I think the photos might be a little different because of production errors. When the show tells me it is a must to go online, and it is a must to be part of an interactive experience, then I’ll pay more attention to stuff like this. Have the producer’s ever said that as a viewer I am supposed to go to the internet to see if someone had on green socks or red, was holding a baseball bat or a softball bat, was throwing up or puking? I don’t think that the average viewer of this show would ever get that…and I would like to know before I get into something as simple as a t.v. show that it is going to take that much more demanded devotion before I decide that is for me.

    This has already taken on a life of it’s own, in as much as I am here commenting. Whereas, with Deal or No Deal I can fastfoward through the b.s. and get to the money shot. I love this show for it’s intracacies, but I don’t want to be burdened w/ the mis-belief of every single thing I see on the show. Perhaps, if the producers say that I’ve got to devote all of my energy to this show is when I’ll take my lessons learned from wasting my time and money on the photo-finder games at the bars and spend more time on Wednesdays to try and get laid rather than being a viewer…probably…then again it’s pretty good stuff.


    “Chip chip chip chip chip chip chip….Neddy!” “The photos are different!”

  49. Nadia says:

    To me it looked like a different girl. Desmond is clean shaven, but the girl looks different. Same place though.

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