“On this island, the rules are a bit different.” I guess so, since the character who spoke the line was presumed dead. Fortunately, that was the only detail that annoyed Jen, who otherwise agreed with me in declaring “D.O.C.” another excellent “LOST” episode. We’re totally loving the reversal revealed in Sun’s flashback — that Jin’s tortured career was the result of her meddling — as well as the confirmation that Jin is the unborn baby’s father. Yunjun Kim’s scenes with Elizabeth Mitchell were fantastic, and Jin’s ninja moment was impressive. Finally, of course, the woman who drops from the sky drops the pre-thud bombshell: “They found the plane. There were no survivors. They were all dead.”

No doubt the time loop, alternative universe, and purgatory theorists will have a little spring in their step tomorrow, but I’m putting my money on some kind of con. Either the plane crash wreckage and bodies were faked or falsely reported (for a reason), or Little Miss Parachute is messing with our survivors.

She did speak a language only Mikhail understood, for example. And it was her flare gun, accidentally fired by an uncharacteristically clumsy Hurley, that summoned Mikhail to the scene. And was it just me, or did she seemed more shocked than anyone to see Mikhail (just before the “Pulp Fiction” moment). Perhaps she too was under the impression that our Russian communications officer was permanently retired?

He seemed to want that satellite phone. But at the same time, his taking it and then giving it up seemed awfully contrived. Perhaps he was after something else? I’ve pretty much convinced myself that he expected the flare and the parachutist (and was only surprised to find Desmond, Hurley and Charie with her).

I liked that early in “D.O.C.,” we’re shown that seeds of doubt over Jack’s loyalty are firmly planted among the other survivors. He was with them for a week, he seems different, he’s asking about a pregnancy on a baby-obsessed island. As even outsider Juliet seems to be building trust within the camp, it’s clear there’s going to be a leadership crisis as Season 3 draws to a close.

Frankly, I find it a little implausible that Sun would be suspicious of Jack but would follow Juliet into the forest. But, follow she did, down into the Medical Hatch which seems straight out of a horror movie. Juliet reveals the secret Nursery of Death behind the locker room, and reveals Sun’s “Date Of Conception.”

These scenes were among my favorite this season. Sun and Juliet, alternately cold and hard and guilty and vulnerable, their faces capturing a whole palette of emotions within a few moments. At this point, if Elizabeth Mitchell doesn’t get an Emmy nod, there’s going to be rioting in the streets. And the ultrasound? When Juliet was devastated by the very same news that made Sun weep with relief and joy? How perfect was that moment?

Of course, after feeling some compassion for Juliet, we’re again reminded that she’s in the midst of a reconnaissance mission for Ben. (And a “sample” is required of Austen… since she did mate in captivity with Ford.) But she’s not happy about it.

Season 3 has been great. I don’t know where the next four episodes will take us, but I’m just about ready to put all skepticism aside and just surrender myself to the ride.

Notes and Notions:

  • Sun and Juliet stole the show, but Jin’s father’s conversation with Sun was well done as well. So natural and believable, I didn’t even realize it had subtitled Korean dialogue until I went back to watch it again.
  • I love Desmond’s line: “You know, brother. By my count, you’ve killed more of them than they’ve killed of you.”
  • Kate is turning out to be a remarkably good source of information all of a sudden. She apparently told people about Mikhail and his manner of death, and told Sun about the Medical Hatch. So, whether we see it on screen or not, it’s clear the writers are telling us that these characters do talk. Sometimes.
  • Location Notes: The canal where Sun met with Jin’s mother was along College Walk behind Chinatown in downtown Honolulu. I watched them film this scene, and posted photos here. Of course they returned to The Contemporary Museum space for Mr. Paik’s office. Mr. Kwon’s village is the ponds at Kualoa (mere yards from where the Others’ submarine was moored). I’m not sure where Mr. Kwon’s home was, but I think it’s in the same area the canal scene was shot.
  • “D.O.C.” discussions at TheFuselage.com, Lost-Forum.com, and Pop Candy
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117 Responses to D.O.C.

  1. Tawl says:

    Mikhail is alive !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Tawl says:

    HOOO MYYYY GODDDDD !!!!… what an end !!!

  3. Andrew says:

    HOW interesting!!!! I think that Juliet wants Sun’s baby to get off the island, as I believe Ben promised her he will allow her off the island if she delivers a health baby without the mother dying.

  4. Brian says:

    Can anyone please translate what Naomi (parachutist) really said to Mikhail, because I have a pretty strong feeling it wasn’t really “thank you”.

  5. Bryan says:

    I agree with Brian, I don’t think that was a ‘thank you either’.

    Ok, so la la la the episode is just moving along slowly, plot development, back story la la la, no big deal, Sun’s pregnant by Jin blah blah blah…

    oh , by the way, remember flight 815, well…

    nice little zinger of an ending.

  6. debbie says:

    Sheesh! The number of secrets and lies in the Paik/Kwon family is getting to numerous to count! Oh Sun, what you have done……if she hadnt kept secret the blackmail and meeting Jins father, Paik wouldnt have turned Jin into a gangster, sun and Jins marraige wouldnt have disintegrated and there would have been no affair, and Jae Lee wouldnt have done a header out the window and so on and so on and so on and so on!!!!!!

    how is it Jins shame that his mother was a whore.

    The thuggish behavior of Paik is a million times more dishonorable than being a “poor fisherman”.

    No survivors!!! Good stuff!

    Good chance that next week we have the long standing rumors about Cooper being the original Sawyer confirmed.

  7. Hurmoth says:

    Great episode! I loved every minute of it. Seeing Mikhail again gave me chills, can’t wait to find out how he lived.

  8. Jim says:

    I actually think Mikhail gave us a hint as too how he survived. He said about the parachutist injuries, …something to the extent, injuries isn’t what they seem..or something along those lines.
    Some..PLEASE translate what she said..

  9. HeyBrah says:

    I’m no Einstein but Naomi’s comment about how the wreckage of flight 815 was already found and that no survivors were found sounds a lot like the relationship of matter and time as explained by Quantum Mechanics.

    There appears to be several (or maybe even infinite) variations of what has happened since the plane has crashed. What little I do understand is that experiments have proven that the very same piece of matter (on the atomic level) can exist in two or more locations at the same time.

    Site to visit:


    “The idea that an electron might now be in one place and an instant later be in some other place without having traveled between the two points was one of the earliest indications of the “spookiness” of quantum phenomena. Although the scale is smaller, the “jump” from orbit to orbit is as strange and unexpected as would be a case in which someone stepped out of a doorway in London onto the streets of Los Angeles.”

    My head gets dizzy just thinking about the implications being opened up here. This could explain how the man from Tampa can be in Tampa in one moment and on the island a moment later. Any thoughts?

  10. booyah says:

    She said (in portugese) “I am not alone.”

  11. Jonathan says:

    While the ending of the episode was, no doubt, the game-changing moment that the writers have told us about, I’m not going to try to theorize about it because it really could mean anything. I’m literally still recovering from that shocker.

    But I do predict a Jin flashback coming in Season 4 that explains how he learned martial arts. Bahaha!

  12. jim says:

    I’m sure everyone will have theories by the bushel to match the confusion we felt at the end of this episode, but for the moment, let’s just savor it. We are in a kind of “Lost” bliss, and it’s best to just take it in. And let’s also savor a great performance by Yunjin Kim, a beautiful, talented actress who has not, until now, been given much room to shine.

  13. Connie in Alaska says:

    jim, I agree that Yunjin really knocked it out of the park tonight. The look on her face upon seeing her baby on the ultrasound looked so pure and real it was just great acting.

    I also like the theory about the Island’s healing properties reviving Patchy. The Losties need separate some heads from some bodies to be sure their victims are dead.

    I so expected Juliet to tell Ben that the baby was conceived off the Island…I guess it is still possible that she lied to Sun and Ben about the baby’s DOC to further her own plans.

    Can’t wait for the rest of the season!

  14. Lovena says:

    Hurley’s ‘oops’ on firing the flare gun while Desmond and Charlie argue that no one knows where they are.

    I thought the one-eye-guy with the eye patch was already dead! I think he said something like, “the wounds on this island are a bit different.” And Jin sure is quick to see him take the phone, of course I cheered for Jin when he went into Ninja mode and kicked ass.

    Sun went with Juliet to get an ultrasound and found out that she conceived on the island meaning that Jin is the father of her baby. Juliet also mentioned that the men’s sperm count was 60-89(?) but on the island its 5 times that. A couple of eps ago Juliet mentioned (to Ben?) that the problem with the pregnant women dying on the island had to start at conception.

    What kind of samples is Juliet referring to…urine/blood?

    Poor Juliet, I don’t think Ben will ever let her go!

    I love Sun’s threat to Jin’s birth mother.

    The plane of flight 815 was found but there were no survivors. I’m real curious to find out who parachute lady is!

  15. Dean in Chicago says:

    I need to buy the season 1 & 2 DVD’s again… But can anyone tell us if the “Others” have ever abducted any men along with the women and children?

    Great episode!

  16. John Fischer says:

    The most significant news for me actually was nailing down the date. Juliet said it was Saturday morning. That would make it Saturday, December 18, 2004. It’s now 8 days before the Tsunami of December 26, 2004. I wonder if that will come into play in the season finale.

  17. DR Belden says:

    Couple of thoughts:
    1) I can’t say that I expected it, but the idea that the 815 flight was “found” and that there were no survivors isn’t surprising. It seems clear that the Dharma Initiative is a major power broker in our world. If they are behind our Losties being on the island what other news would be reported?
    If you didn’t watch the spoiler for next week on and don’t want to know anything about it, skip comment 2.
    2) I agree that Locke’s father is likely the original Sawyer. I think that is why Sawyer is brought into the picture for killing the one that Locke kidnapped.
    Great Episode!!!

  18. fuber says:

    John Fischer.. nice call. Maybe they are madly doing a re-write on the finale after they read that.

  19. Dave in melbourne, aus says:

    loving the show – nexts weeks trailer here 3.19 > http://www.lost-media.com/modules.php?name=Downloads&d_op=getit&lid=811

  20. Blondie says:

    Dean in Chicago–Yes, they have abducted men. Right at the beginning with the Tailies. They tried to take Eko, but he killed two of them. Perhaps they thought he would produce some pretty powerful babies because of his stature…

    I also saw on The Fuselage that parachuter said, “I’m not alone.” So I’m thinking perhaps Penny is on the island and maybe Jin wanted to go the other way because he saw a different beacon?

  21. frank says:

    Great episode … I found the flashback to be one of the best this season. The scene with Sun and Jin’s father was heartreaking. He’s such a good man and only wants what’s best for Jin, even if that means he can never see him again. Their story is so tragic too … so many wrong decisions by Sun. And the island story was fantastic, both the A & the B story. When Juliet said that men’s sperm count is 5x normal … I wonder if there’s improvement in other organ systems as well? Like, maybe that’s why the Others seem super-strong? The same thing should apply to the Losties too, but they may not yet realize that their strength is augmented and therefore might not know how to use it…

  22. Dave says:

    Wow, this episode is a mind-bender. Flight 815 was found? The whole thing, or just parts? Everyone was dead, or just everyone found was dead? Wow.

    The ironies with Jin and Sun were very nicely done, too. Jin’s father is quite noble and self-sacrificing, his mother is still trying to get money in less-than-respectable ways, and we see more of the tangled web woven between Jin and Sun.

    A baby conceived off the island would be 90+ days old, and almost into the second trimester. Juliet would be very able to tell, I would think, whether the baby was at 9-10 weeks or 14-15 weeks. But here’s what I don’t understand… barring some tremendous hormonal changes due to the trauma of the crash, wouldn’t Sun know whether she had a period in the 30+ days she was on the island prior to conception?

    The island’s “magical healing properties” didn’t seem to work so well on Mikhail’s face. Interestingly, though everyone we’ve seen die has died of a penetrating injury, drowing, neck-snapping, etc. None of “natural” causes.

    My last thought (for now)… Juliet is clearly on a mission of some kind for the Others. BUT, she also clearly is not mentally/morally in the same place as them. I’m sticking with my theory that she’s gone “rogue” and that every move she makes is one for her own best interests.

  23. Fernando says:

    I still do not understand how there are people out there who do not watch LOST, or people who could ever quit watching it. It is si incredibly addictive, so creative, well written and well acted. I totally agree with Ryan’s synopsis: one of the best episodes, great performances, and mind-blowing new mysteries. I loved Yoon jin Kim’s acting; she really is a great performer. When I watch episodes like this one, I really miss the podcast. But still, Ryan and Jen are still doing a great job maintaining this site.

    Did anyone notice that Naomi is quite a multilingual person: she spoke Spanish, Italian, English and Chinese, and the book she carried is in Portuguese. But I completely do not trust her. Mikhail did seem to have been expecting her arrival (the flare), and I think Naomi’s words “I’m not alone” were code for “go meet the other chopper passenger” (should this be other passengers, in plural?). and perhaps she was not the one reading the book.
    How did Mikhail survive/fake his earlier death? I think we will not know until season 4.

    Ryan wrote:
    >> I love Desmond’s line: “By my count, you’ve killed more of
    >> them than they’ve killed of you.”
    I found that line really interesting because “you” means all the Losties (as opposite to The Others), right? So, why doesn’t he include himself? He could have said “…than they’ve killed of us”. I know he is not an 815’er, but he is still part of the Losties, isn’t he?

    Oh, and the shocking final moments… well, it seems that the island has a protective shield that makes it invisible; what if, when hitting that shield, the plane got clonned with passengers on board? That could explain the wreckage being found somewhere else with no survivors, and it could be an explanation to what Paulo was staring at in Exposé, after they crashed on the beach. I will read the link HeyBrah posted about quantum mechanics, and try to see how it could explain that. But I do hope the show’s creators do not come up with a supernatural explanation for this; after all, they had said there is a scientific explanation for what is going on in the island.


  24. Gretchen says:

    Naomi doesn’t speak Italian. As Booya said, it was Portuguese. She said “estou morendo” (I’m dying) and later “eu nao estou sol” (I’m not alone). She didn’t say anything in Italian. Mikhail was lying. He might have thought she said “sto morendo” at first, which is “I’m dying” in Italian, but she never said “thank you” in any language, it was “I’m not alone.”

    She has to be connected to the two men who spoke Portuguese at the end of season 2. The book she was carrying was “Ardil 22.” Presumably “Catch 22,” but “ardil” means “trick” in Portuguese.

  25. becksmex says:

    I agree with Fernando that I am still holding on to the idea that there is a scientific reason behind all of this….I am just not so scientific myself that I can figure out what that reason is. But I am lovin’ the ride!

    Chinese? I missed the Chinese! But I did pick up on the multi-lingual abilities of Miss Parachute. Every time she spoke it was in a different language. And to top it off, her English was nearly flawless, though obviously not her 1st language! She is quite talented! Makes me wonder who she works for…

    “I am not alone”. Whoa.

  26. becksmex says:

    Gretchen – the CC subtitles had her saying “sto morendo”, which as you note, is Italian. It is not outside the realm of reason that she speaks Italian, Spanish and Portuguese as they are all quite close, linguistically. IMHO.

  27. DougP says:

    I think I figured out the mystery surrounding the identity of the parachute woman…… It’s Sanjaya from American Idol!

  28. 1.Dead people that don’t Stay dead.Mikael
    2. Kate IS Pregnant because Juliet said so, “Samples from Kate and the other women”.
    3.There has to be an alternate reality,or at the least a skip/loop in time.’There were No survivors”.
    4.Dharma could have smashed a plane into the Ocean or splaterd into prepared “crash”site…they are evil crafty devils.
    5. Jin’s a Daddy!!!,almost.
    6.Yeah, Sun!! what a STRONG Character.

    Blackmail was an event that Sun had NO control over until she told Jin’s birth mom to ,”take the money and go away…or you will see what the Paik family is capable of”
    Her Dad would have been Proud had he known the truth about why she needed the $money$. Sun was initially saving Jin and Mr. Paik’s honor/face by keeping embarressing ,”your son-in-law was born to a whore’ talk outta the tabloids,”your momma was a tramp”.
    Jin’s papa is a fisherman, and a devout person of gentle character. I see him finding a way to get a boat and rescue his son and Sun and sail off into sunset. I know if my son went missing I would search the ends of the earth for him
    An ocean crash in super deep water would have little or no recoverable bodies/wreckage and as such, as evil as Dharma is(Former Soviet military Field Medic Mikael) planting a few corpses, is not outta the realm of possibilites.

    Well three of My Stoopid Theories/Ideas have come to bear fruit,
    -Kate is Preggers
    -Mikael was NOT dead.(apparently “Dead No Stay Daed ,calSimon)
    -time Loop in effect(FruitLoop).

    Moving forward with confidence
    JD in Bellingham

  29. Bill says:

    Great episode – superb acting and direction all around. However, when I see Jack and his tatoos, I flashback to “Stranger in a Strange Land” which I’d rather forget. Found it a little hard to believe Sun would go alone with Juliet on a torch-lit trek to the Medical Hatch. That’s an especially creepy place especially with those flickering and buzzing fluorescent lamps (not to mention secret passage to the awaiting-death-room) That whole thing creeps me out.

    I knew Mikhail wasn’t dead because of the smile he had on his face as Locke pushed him into the force field (Enter 77). I suspect Ms. Klugh is still alive. Come to think of it… ANYONE could still be alive.

    The fact that helicopter girl was wearing high-altitude flight gear, makes me believe that access through the island’s magnetic field is more possible at higher altitudes. Maybe the high altitude is something that caused the mechanical problem with the helicopter–any helicopter jocks out there? The sub can go either way under the field. Intermittent access is possible: the Black Rock, (Amelia Earhart?), Danelle’s boat, drug smuggler’s plane, Desmond’s boat, Flt. 815. Getting out is another thing. Any word from Walt and Michael? … didn’t think so.

    The wreakage of flight 815 with no survivors was just quad-lingual girl jacking with their minds. She’s IN with Mikhail somehow.

    Actor Michael Emerson (Ben) was born in 1954. If they are assuming his approx. age for Benry, then he predates Dharma on the island — saying several times that he was born on the island. I’d like to know more about the origins of Dharma, the Others, Mittelos and the ancient culture of the four-toed people.

    Ryan, thanks for the extra pix although I’m jealous of the one of you with Yunjin Kim (Sun). She is as beautiful as she is talented (and that’s considerable).

  30. xtremdelt says:

    “They” found the plane. There were no survivors.

    This sounds like someone telling a story that they heard/read in the news. I wouldn’t put it past the Hanso Foundation if it is found to have some fingers in the media.
    A plance crashes on their secret island. They know people will be looking for it. They spin the news reports to say the plane is found and everyone on it is dead. No need for search and rescue crews.

    Did anyone notice the Piak company logo, both on the wall of the building and Jin’s shirt? It looks a lot like the Hanso logo.

  31. Dave says:

    I’m not looking to pick any fights here. That being said:

    * We don’t know that Kate is pregnant. All we know is she’ll be providing (purposefully or not) samples to Juliet.
    * Mikhail was not dead. That seems pretty clear. But his mechanism of death was… walked though an ultrasonic fence? Really? How does that work? I think the Losties were a bit too gullible… the whole foaming at the mouth and passing out thing looked much more like a seizure or arrhythmic event than death.
    * Ms Klugh not dead? After a GSW to the chest? I doubt it. I think people who have been clearly killed (gun shot, sharpened stick through the abdominal aorta, neck snapped, drowned, head beat in with a boulder, sepsis after leg amputation) are dead. But “sonic fence trauma” or “killed by the smoke monster” are not necessarily.

  32. Dave says:

    * And the notion of 815 being found and no survivors… well, apparently there were. If the rest of the world doesn’t know the Losties are lost, then they think everyone on the plane died. This is just a perception issue — people off the island don’t know about it — similar to the whole “good guys”/”bad guys” dichotomy.
    * I do agree with the theories about that Mikhail was expecting the parachuter. Though I don’t know if they are necessarily in cahoots… maybe he saw her approach from his techno-station?

  33. Fernando says:

    Hi, again.

    I forgot to ask, did anyone else HEAR Smokie The Monster right at the moment Hurley fires the flare gun? I replayed that bit several times, and I clearly hear it. am I going crazy?



    ABC’s official website says that in episode 3-20 “The Man Behind The Curtain” (coming up May 9th) we will discover a different meaning for the expression “born on the island”. That implies we will learn that Ben was not born there in the strict, traditional meaning of the term. And that would not make him a liar. However, he said to Jack also (in 3-02 “The Glass Ballerina”)that he has lived all his live on the island. will that be true? what do you think?

  34. frank says:

    I don’t think that Patchy was dead, either. Maybe he was near-dead, but was hanging on just enough so that island could work it’s magic and heal him … after all, we didn’t see Kate and the crew actually check the body to see if he was really dead.

  35. frank says:


    I thought that I heard it too, right as he set it off. I didn’t watch it again, and I’ve no idea what a flare gun sounds like close-up.

  36. What if we’re all going in the wrong direction about Parachute-Chick?

    What is she really was sent by the Others from the other island? She WAS in a helicopter (or so we are led to believe), which has a very short range. She knew Desmond (much as the Others do), and was tended to quite nicely by Dead-Man-Walking Mikhael, to whom she also gave a very private, yet telling message. She also leaves our Losties with some very poignant, confusing, and possibly false information which will have an incredible impact on them, their psyche, and morality.

    Just my $.02.

  37. Nadia says:

    I am not sure if anyone has said this….the posts here look good today and long..so I still have to read them….but They crashed 90 days ago. Isn’t there usually a time span where searches are halted…so maybe they are not dead..just declared dead? And the I am not alone means Naomi and company are just still searching. And Patchy being alive? I am still confused about that….

  38. Nadia says:

    Also isn’t Patchy the communications person…so of course he would want the phone….and Also naomi spoke in all the languages according to who was present it seemed to me. Even Korean.

  39. Nadia says:

    i forgot she said we found the plane…..hmmm..ah well.

  40. Kate is with Child and on Juliet’s list.
    -Sawyers Times Five Sperm Count has had Two Chances to “Spawn Upsteam”, and Juliet was Speaking of Pregnant Sun and without stopping said and I will get samples from KATE and the other women.
    Heck, I wouldn’t be surprized if Rose and Bernard didnt get Jiggy with it as well, An older woman pregnancy is not outta the realm of possibilites is it??
    -Sarah was said to be 90 in the Bible when she birthed Issac.
    -There is a recent record of a Spanish lady giving birth to twins at 67 y/o
    -There is a historical record of a 97 y/o Polish woman giving birth in the 18th century.
    Juliet is going to Check them all BUT Kate is priority because she is next .
    This has to take place in next 24-72 hours ,as she has been there about 3-5 days. “”See you in a week””
    Mikael SAW the flare,was he waiting for it?…Yes! He came on a dead..(get it Dead Run)/ ahahahahah. And he jacked the only thing of real value to 815ers,the freakin ‘Satalite/Cell Phone” he knew he would not be able to snatch Naomi,to get her back to the Comm Hatch.
    I will admit that MAYBE Mikael was not really dead(Fake Death)
    but ,if they went to that trouble, could not Other Other others;
    Arntz, Ethan, Mrs. Klugh also have pulled a Seigfred and Roy moment?
    Naomi/Penny/Mikael/Monk/Jewelry Lady/Are All related.Hansho?
    What ever happen to the CreepyNew Sheriff Lady from Jack’s interrogation. And SlingShot Sally’s RomeoBobby Brady?

  41. D . O. C.
    Dead On Conception

  42. Bill says:

    Fernando, thanks for the ABC info. “Man Behind the Curtain” another Wizard of Oz reference. Don’t trust anything Ben says even in his most sincere moments. If he said he was born on the island and has lived there all his life then I believe just the opposite.

    I was thinking about the high-altitude parachuting chick and remembered the high-altitude (Widmore) balloon discovered by Ana Lucia, Charlie and Sayid (maybe Hurley?). Could have been piloted by the real “Henry Gale”. More Wiz stuff.

    DougP, loved the Sanjaya joke. Mikhail and the Parachute Girl — DON”T trust them.

    Juliet is a player and is not loyal to any camp. She may be falling (or has fallen) in love with Jack which may cloud her motives for just a minute or two.

  43. Kevin says:

    I have a thought about Mikhail’s supposed “death” due to sonic fence. Think of the criticism after “Left Behind”…namely, “why couldn’t the smoke monster go over the fence if Kate, Locke and Sayid could?” Well, think about it…what if the fence wasn’t on? We know it was off in “Left Behind”…Kate and Juliet ran through it, then Juliet turned it on. Perhaps our Losties can’t really safely scale over the fence when it’s on, but (of course) can if it’s off.

    So, fence off, Mikhail scares them, Locke “kills” him, he fakes death. Losties scale fence, thinking it’s on, but it’s not.

    Fence off. smoke monster arrives, Kate and Juliet run through posts, Juliet turns fence on, smoke monster cannot pass or go over.

    “Dead” Mikhail shows up running around like nothing happened. Healed by island? Perhaps. Never really injured? That’s my bet.

  44. Kopytko says:

    Think somebody said it before. The fence was on, you could here it working.

  45. Dave says:

    Super-sperm or no super-sperm, there is a very finite period during the female reproductive cycle when women can get pregnant. It lasts about 48 hours after ovulation. Sperm can survive in the vagina for a hypothetical maximum of about 7 days. So Kate, just be having sex, ain’t necessarily getting pregnant. There’s only about a 25% chance that one could even possibly do it on a random day, and that ignores any other factors. I think the “sample” from Kate is going to be a urine pregnancy test similar to the one Sun used.

    Speaking of which… Sun’s pregnancy test was made by Widmore labs and was “coincidentally” on the beach. One of the fallen aerial objects (Henry Gale’s balloon or the supply drop, I can’t recall) was branded with a Widmore logo. Which is Penny’s dad’s company. So more than likely Penny has a way of knowing where the island is, and a connection (however tangential) to the Others.

  46. Mel says:

    Dave said:

    But here’s what I don’t understand… barring some tremendous hormonal changes due to the trauma of the crash, wouldn’t Sun know whether she had a period in the 30+ days she was on the island prior to conception?

    Mel says:

    Dave, it does not take tremendous hormonal changes for your period not to occur. And after years of having your period, you can ignore/forget about it easily..unless you make yourself write it down for some reason. So, it’s plausible.

    Loved the episode!

    BTW, Mel is Melissa 🙂

  47. Bill says:

    I think the Dharma sonic fence is just like the invisible dog fences we have. The dog could easily go “over it” and would be shocked only for an instant, but doesn’t know that. Maybe Smokey has “tested” the fence and didn’t like the result, so he stays put.

    Mikhail still had the blood or fake blood from his ears. Mikhail, wash up, comrade.

  48. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_oldest_birth_mothers#Biblical_References

    To get Prego, Yes, there is a “window of opportunity”, this Island is Different …”As are the Rules”.
    The Dharma/Hansho food stuff could be laced with fertility drugs.
    Maybe it’s in the Oatmeal? Jack is purposly dising Kate, and sorta giving her the cold treatment. He is a tool.

    Why would Lost Producers show us Kate getting with Sawyer in detail if there was not a “ConceptionConection”?

  49. Tawl says:

    Kate are probably not pregnant… Im sure she swallow Sawyer… lolll

  50. not nice Pal
    not nice.

    Besides she is with child and will be “first to live”.
    I think Sun will lose baby but LIVE. (More Touching/Story)

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