We’ve loved Rose and Bernard since we first met them, so we enjoyed the focus on them moreso than perhaps fans of the “classic” cast of characters. But I think Jen liked “S.O.S.” better than I did. It had some wonderful moments — from Bernard’s proposal at Niagara Falls, to the creepy Henry smile, to Rose crossing paths with Locke at the airport — but I thought the flashback was rushed and the island segments empty… save for the last two seconds. For an episode that leads us into a two-week hiatus, I was expecting more. Jen, though, felt the emphasis on how the island healed Rose (and Locke) was significant (albeit not a new idea to most “LOST” theorists), as was yet more acknowledgement of things that previously seemed to defy common sense.

The writers do definitely seem to be going out of their way to explain things better, although it still seems a bit forced. Why did Jack bring Kate? Because Sayid (the more practical choice) already declined. Why hasn’t anyone talked about that “medical hatch”? Because Kate was still sore no one told her about Henry. Not good explanations, but explanations nonetheless. There must be a fan forum researcher on staff now.

Definitely noticed the direct acknowledgement of the “40 other survivors of the plane crash” — or, as the late, great Arzt put it, the folks who aren’t part of the “merry little band of adventurers.” Bernard calls out some names — including Frogurt (I thought Damon and Carlton were kidding) — and we see more unfamiliar faces than usual. One of them (see notes below) seemed to be especially visible.

“S.O.S.” brings us another mystical encounter, Rose’s faith healer Isaac, a clear parallel to Claire’s psychic. Both men are startled by what they see, and seem to directly portend their arrival on the island. Although Rose’s ailment was cancer, Isaac’s specialty seemed to be physical disabilities, and the focus on crutches, both in his office and on Locke’s crutches on the island, seemed pretty deliberate.

On a purely snarky level, Jen could barely stand Kate this week. “She hit the Kate trifecta,” she noted: tagging along needlessly, getting wet, and screwing everything up. The whole close encounter in the net was downright embarrassing. But I’m sure the “Jaters” were wetting themselves.

Notes and Notions:

  • So Isaac heals people by channeling mysterious energies from the Earth, which may be magnetic. The island may be “the spot” for both Rose and Locke. (And maybe Jin.) This healing trait, though, makes a distinct contrast with Danielle’s obsession with “the sickness,” and the misfortunes that have befallen others. Perhaps the island, and not the Others, is exacting judgment on “good people” and “bad people.”
  • So what’s with the pale old guy? Folks on The Fuselage noticed, as I did, that the camera seemed to linger on this background character this episode… and found him in “Dave” as well. Just a distinctive looking extra? Or someone we’ll learn more about in future episodes? A mole, perhaps? I’d like to think so. He’s a friend of a friend.
  • Vincent’s back. Looks like he’s lost weight, too. Loved how he trotted up to the lone Sawyer in the closing montage that otherwise showed us happy pairings. Well, except Sun didn’t look particularly happy.
  • Speaking of funny looks, Kate seemed to squirm a bit as Jack recounted her capture. She also doubted they’d found the right spot even though Jack was certain. How she came to be held by Zeke and company is still a mystery.
  • So what was with that trap? Why a doll as bait? Jack and Kate suspected Danielle, and maybe it is as simple as that — was it an old trap set to somehow capture her lost daughter? But I’d like to think it was something more than that, and not just a pointless device to smoosh those two together.
  • For the third (or is it fourth?) time, someone directly asks Mr. Eko what he’s building, and only now there’s an answer (courtesy Charlie). Yes, it’s a church. Now why, exactly, was this such a big secret?
  • As Bernard notes, “everyone on this island is building something.” So what was Ana Lucia’s project in the hatch? She seemed to be tweaking the exercise equipment. Perhaps to convert it into some kind of Henry torture device? It was she, after all, who created the hole for Nathan.
  • So Jack’s handy with a gun, too. Another hint at his past? His recently noted time in Thailand, perhaps? As “hints for a future flashback” go, his are really piling up.
  • Why was the “S.O.S.” abandoned so readily? We know how some of our survivors might have found themselves happier on the island than they were pre-crash, but is that true for everyone? Even if Bernard (“Norma Rae”) was a lousy leader, a rescue signal or sign seems like a perfectly reasonable project to me.
  • Music: The song in the hatch was “These Arms of Mine” by Otis Redding, one of many musicians who died in a plane crash. Interestingly enough, the same song is also in the background of Rose and Bernard’s flashback. I don’t think they’ve done that before.
  • The snowy street scene was filmed in a narrow lane very near to where I work. They had to haul all that ice down and spread it around. Actually, that lane is also on the same block as the parking lot where Ana Lucia shot Jason in “Collision,” and where Locke and Anthony Cooper chatted about the safe deposit box in “Lockdown.”
  • Looks like much of this episode was filmed in the early days of the stormy weather that plagued Honolulu for 42 days. (Hey, that’s one of the numbers!) I imagine the next few episodes will also feature unusually wet island scenes.


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  1. Fuyuko says:

    I was disappointed in this episode. It had a strong start, but after the initial intro I quickly grew disappointed in Rose. She was annoying supercillious and secretive and I hated how she treated her husband in front of the lost gang. Talk about rude.

    I’ve found many of the more recent lost episodes have lost their ‘thrilling’ and somewhat creepy edge. The only thing mysterious about this ep was “Henry Gale’s” Dahmer-like smile.

    Again, we see more of Jack out-smarting, out-thinking, and showboating (outshooting Kate), this episode. He’s quickly becoming too superhuman and perfect. He used to be a cool character but he’s rapidly becoming my least favorite.

    Overall an Ok episode but nothing to write home about.


  2. Mercedes from Chicago says:

    I’m liking this episode. In the first season things were a bit dead before the final sweeps. I believe the writers gave us “Lockdown” and “Dave” to chew on and are playing it cool for a couple of weeks. With that in mind, I think when May hits they’ll blow our minds again with a cliffhanger that may or may not last fans ’til next season…

    You guys see that clip of David Spade’s takeoff on the Locke-Jack-Henry in the hatch scene? Quite funny! There’s a link on jayandjack.com

  3. Michael says:

    hi losties, Henry Gordon Gale was a physicist died November 16, 1942. thats 2 of the numbers ……………. harrumph me thinks im just clutching a straws ……… toodles


  4. Whooa from Italy says:

    I really liked Jack and Kate’s part in the net and at night but I feel they should hav at least kissed or sumfin cus they did nufin. I hope they at least kiss once more before the end of this 2nd season. Also, i liked the supernatural powers the island has but this rose – bernard storyline wasnt that important to me. I liked henry’s grin on his face but i concentrated most of all on jack and kate cus the preview sed there would be romantic sparks but there was NOTHING!

  5. Hurley's Stomach says:

    Bernard is clearly not a dentist. His teeth are crooked and gray.


  6. Michael says:

    just spotted something at the end of the episode, when jack and kate hear michael in the jungle , a white blur goes behind jack, kinda looks ghostly, it was definitly not kate as she is to jacks left the whole time , might be worth a look

  7. Tawl says:

    Can we agree that “fate” brought the Losties to the Island? The “numbers” are the single best proof for believing this. After all, the numbers were involved in all the lives of the Losties; and to a certain extent, still are.

    Who determines “fate?” Maybe it is “he,” the person referenced (a few times) with great reverence. Fate is the master plan designed by “him,” to bring a select group (the Losties) to the Island an unknown reason.

    An interesting theory being tossed around is that the one of the original subjects from the ESP experiments had “his” ability magnified hundreds of times because of the super magnetic properties of the Island.

    Imagine someone living on the Island with the power of a God. The ability to see and influence almost anything at will.. on or OFF the Island. Hmmm But if he leaves, so do his powers.

    “God can’t see us here.” Maybe “he” can’t because of the magnetic properties surrounding the Hatch. The power that actually gives him the power to be what he is, also limits what he can do.

    Was it “fate’s design” to bring one, maybe two specific people/children/babies to the Island?

    “They will never give up Walt.” Why? We know he had supernatural ability before arriving on the Island. And now that he is here.. are those the supernatural abilities being magnified?

    Could Walt be “him.” in a universe where space and time are circular? Think young Walt, old Walt, timeless Walt.

    But “they will never give him up.” Why? Is this an attempt by the Others to stop what Walt is, was, or can be?

    Right or wrong.. we’ll see.

  8. Gretchen says:

    Ick. A clips episode. I hate that.

    Damon and Carleton have said quite definitively on their podcast that the Losties are NOT dead, so I don’t think it’s purgatory.

    What’s really cool about Lost is that it takes full advantage of all the technology we have at our disposal to make the show more fun for fans. Think about it — you can use TiVo and computers to get screen captures so people can more closely examine things like the map and Jack’s tattoo (that’s special for me!) and they monitor the forums and boards and address what the fans are saying in the show. Even if you didn’t like the “Dave” episode, it was kind of fun to see them play out in a character what a lot of people have been theorizing about on forums and podcasts and such.

    I don’t know of any other shows that have done this to such an extent and I think it’s a brilliant concept. WAY better than voting for a bunch of random amateur singers on a talent show…

  9. Tawl says:

    Has anyone wondered if “Lost” is an experiment, and we are the subjects? Imagine Lost writers creating only the beginning of a provocative, intelligent, and creative storyline, and then picking the best ideas from people like us, by reading blogs and online comments.. for the most innovative ways to continue and possibly end it? Imagine thousands of “brains” constantly adding ideas to Lost.. letting the story evolve in an unpredictable direction.

  10. Bryan says:

    Tawl, I have been thinking the same thing for some time now. If this show isn’t an example of it, then someone should do one.

  11. Alex says:

    Haha, well Lost has revolutionised and redefined writing, but to be honest, that is a long shot… I think the people of the series Lost are the ones being experimented on. 😉

  12. Arad says:

    The way I see seems very logical to critique a LOST claim, I’m obligated to run it by the comb of, “would people be very dissapointed if this theory is true”.

    It seems to fail here. People wouldn’t like that, at least not the majority.

  13. Mustang Denise from Michigan says:

    Hi, I really dug it!! Seeing Rose and Bernard in the snow (from Michigan I can relate to that)
    Michael literally Stumbling into Kate and Jack
    Roses and Lockes kind of Secret Bond
    Jack and Kate strung up in a tree was great fun to watch too
    Vincent seems to be hanging tough and conning Sawyer out of a meal (Good Dog)
    and absolutely great was Echo revealing that he and Charlie are building a church
    I love this show and have really no complaints whatsoever except that I am not smart enough to catch the high end stuff….That is why I rely on this websight!! You all everybody!

  14. Paul says:

    I’ve been to Niagara Falls several times, including a most recent visit last October. I don’t think there exists a building with the view that Bernard and Rose had at their engagement meal. In my estimation, you’d have to be flying in a helicopter above the Niagara river to get that perspective.

  15. AccuWeather says:

    I took this photo from the U.S. Observation deck last year, wasn’t this what it looked like? Canadian Horse Shoe Falls in distance…

  16. Tawl says:

    Hey “Lost” writers.. just in case you’re out there? Not that you need any more material, but what a gold mine it would be to have flash-backs (or several episodes) about those 1970 University of Michigan doctoral candidates Gerald and Karen DeGroot. Maybe throw in something about the Hanso Foundation. Can we learn something about the “scientists and free thinkers” from around the world who came to conduct research into meteorology, psychology, parapsychology, zoology, and electromagnetism?

    Or.. maybe I’m one or two seasons ahead of where you guys are really going.

  17. Jen says:

    Oh, I’m sure they’re getting there, Tawl. They’re going to have to address Walt’s growth and Sun’s pregnancy soon. I think they’ll have to do a “one year later…” flashforward ala Battlestar Galactica. What better a way to shoot the action forward than to do a season about the DeGroots/Dharma and rejoin the folks on the island a year or so later?

  18. Frank says:

    Hi Frank here, thanks HeyBrah, I like the website a lot. Need to add that on to my list. Good stuff guys, I like all of your theories, no fighting though, us fans need to stick together. Talk again later.


  19. Mark says:

    * Possible on-line spoiler*


    The site doesn’t have anything yet, but Widmore Labs is the name on the pregnancy test that Sun took and some people have screen captures of Henry’s baloon that have Widmore Labs on it as well. The site was registered on the same day as the Lost episode with the pregnancy test by the same registrar that registered the Hanso Foundation site. I bet this site will warrant a visit on May 3rd.

  20. Mercedes from Chicago says:

    Nice job on the Jay & Jack vidcast, Ryan! It was good to hear your voice again!

  21. Paul says:

    Accuweather: Thanks for the photo. I guess I’ve never been to that point on the US side. That does look like the view they had. But am I right that there is no hotel or restaurant there?

  22. Frank says:

    Hi guys, I would like to add one more thing.
    The phrase: “The disease worsens with the treatment, The remedy is worse then the disease”; could refer to cancer and radiation.
    Any thoughts?

  23. Joe says:

    testing, testing…

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