We’ve loved Rose and Bernard since we first met them, so we enjoyed the focus on them moreso than perhaps fans of the “classic” cast of characters. But I think Jen liked “S.O.S.” better than I did. It had some wonderful moments — from Bernard’s proposal at Niagara Falls, to the creepy Henry smile, to Rose crossing paths with Locke at the airport — but I thought the flashback was rushed and the island segments empty… save for the last two seconds. For an episode that leads us into a two-week hiatus, I was expecting more. Jen, though, felt the emphasis on how the island healed Rose (and Locke) was significant (albeit not a new idea to most “LOST” theorists), as was yet more acknowledgement of things that previously seemed to defy common sense.

The writers do definitely seem to be going out of their way to explain things better, although it still seems a bit forced. Why did Jack bring Kate? Because Sayid (the more practical choice) already declined. Why hasn’t anyone talked about that “medical hatch”? Because Kate was still sore no one told her about Henry. Not good explanations, but explanations nonetheless. There must be a fan forum researcher on staff now.

Definitely noticed the direct acknowledgement of the “40 other survivors of the plane crash” — or, as the late, great Arzt put it, the folks who aren’t part of the “merry little band of adventurers.” Bernard calls out some names — including Frogurt (I thought Damon and Carlton were kidding) — and we see more unfamiliar faces than usual. One of them (see notes below) seemed to be especially visible.

“S.O.S.” brings us another mystical encounter, Rose’s faith healer Isaac, a clear parallel to Claire’s psychic. Both men are startled by what they see, and seem to directly portend their arrival on the island. Although Rose’s ailment was cancer, Isaac’s specialty seemed to be physical disabilities, and the focus on crutches, both in his office and on Locke’s crutches on the island, seemed pretty deliberate.

On a purely snarky level, Jen could barely stand Kate this week. “She hit the Kate trifecta,” she noted: tagging along needlessly, getting wet, and screwing everything up. The whole close encounter in the net was downright embarrassing. But I’m sure the “Jaters” were wetting themselves.

Notes and Notions:

  • So Isaac heals people by channeling mysterious energies from the Earth, which may be magnetic. The island may be “the spot” for both Rose and Locke. (And maybe Jin.) This healing trait, though, makes a distinct contrast with Danielle’s obsession with “the sickness,” and the misfortunes that have befallen others. Perhaps the island, and not the Others, is exacting judgment on “good people” and “bad people.”
  • So what’s with the pale old guy? Folks on The Fuselage noticed, as I did, that the camera seemed to linger on this background character this episode… and found him in “Dave” as well. Just a distinctive looking extra? Or someone we’ll learn more about in future episodes? A mole, perhaps? I’d like to think so. He’s a friend of a friend.
  • Vincent’s back. Looks like he’s lost weight, too. Loved how he trotted up to the lone Sawyer in the closing montage that otherwise showed us happy pairings. Well, except Sun didn’t look particularly happy.
  • Speaking of funny looks, Kate seemed to squirm a bit as Jack recounted her capture. She also doubted they’d found the right spot even though Jack was certain. How she came to be held by Zeke and company is still a mystery.
  • So what was with that trap? Why a doll as bait? Jack and Kate suspected Danielle, and maybe it is as simple as that — was it an old trap set to somehow capture her lost daughter? But I’d like to think it was something more than that, and not just a pointless device to smoosh those two together.
  • For the third (or is it fourth?) time, someone directly asks Mr. Eko what he’s building, and only now there’s an answer (courtesy Charlie). Yes, it’s a church. Now why, exactly, was this such a big secret?
  • As Bernard notes, “everyone on this island is building something.” So what was Ana Lucia’s project in the hatch? She seemed to be tweaking the exercise equipment. Perhaps to convert it into some kind of Henry torture device? It was she, after all, who created the hole for Nathan.
  • So Jack’s handy with a gun, too. Another hint at his past? His recently noted time in Thailand, perhaps? As “hints for a future flashback” go, his are really piling up.
  • Why was the “S.O.S.” abandoned so readily? We know how some of our survivors might have found themselves happier on the island than they were pre-crash, but is that true for everyone? Even if Bernard (“Norma Rae”) was a lousy leader, a rescue signal or sign seems like a perfectly reasonable project to me.
  • Music: The song in the hatch was “These Arms of Mine” by Otis Redding, one of many musicians who died in a plane crash. Interestingly enough, the same song is also in the background of Rose and Bernard’s flashback. I don’t think they’ve done that before.
  • The snowy street scene was filmed in a narrow lane very near to where I work. They had to haul all that ice down and spread it around. Actually, that lane is also on the same block as the parking lot where Ana Lucia shot Jason in “Collision,” and where Locke and Anthony Cooper chatted about the safe deposit box in “Lockdown.”
  • Looks like much of this episode was filmed in the early days of the stormy weather that plagued Honolulu for 42 days. (Hey, that’s one of the numbers!) I imagine the next few episodes will also feature unusually wet island scenes.


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  1. James says:

    Awesome episode! I love these character building episodes and tonight’s was probably one of the best in my opinion. I wasn’t expecting to see Michael come back as soon as he did, but it was a nice ending before this break though.

  2. jim says:

    Very nice. It filled in some gaps, most interestingly the connection between Locke and Rose. And Jen, Jack took the news of the medical hatch a little more seriously than your little mock dialogue! But the question of the day is, Where the Hell Are the Others? Any ideas? (Underwater?)

  3. debbie says:

    The “love at first sight” meeting with Rose and Bernard was sweet. On the other hand, the scene with Jack and Kate caught in the trap was totally gratuitious. Junior high crap in contrast with that great scene with Rose and Locke on the beach…(and also in the airport).

  4. James says:

    @debbie: I thought the scene with Jack and Kate in the trap was kind of cheesy myself. Wasn’t really needed in my opinion.

  5. HeyBrah says:

    Great episode: Locke’s busy trying to re-create the Day-Glo map of the Island from the “Henry” episode, while Jack and Kate find an exhausted Michael as they are trying to arrange a prisoner exchange (i.e., Jack will give up the nameless prisoner formerly known as Henry for Michael and his son). Btw: Sawyer found Vincent in this episode. In the coming attractions, things look like they’ll really be heating up in the closing episodes of the season. Jack is getting the guns from Sawyer (as he promised in the Henry episode) and the Lostie army is almost ready for their attack against the Others. It looks like blood will be spilled and we will lose a couple of Losties by the end of the season.

  6. Arad says:

    Was I the only one who thought that perhaps Bernard and Rose’s flashback was a little…rushed? I felt like everything about them was explained in a nano second. No real mystery there. Perhaps they wanted to do so before one of them dies?

    I enjoyed the development in the story, though.

  7. HeyBrah says:

    Jim, you might be right about the whereabouts of the Others.

    The Others might be in Station 5, the “Goblet.”

    Please go to to the following URL for more info.


  8. jesas says:

    anyone know the name of the song playing at the end of the episode?

  9. Andy says:

    great episode. It was nice to finally hear the story behind Rose and Bernard.

    Does anyone know how many weeks it will be until a new episode? I cant wait to hear Michaels story about the others.

  10. NemesisVex says:

    I’m beginning to think Vincent is my favorite character of the show. Everytime he pops up in a scene, I exclaim, “Vincent!” in the same way the patrons of Cheers would shout “Norm!” whenever he walked into the bar.

  11. derzornhistology says:

    What a waste of 42 minutes! More evidence of the writers’ cookie-cutter format. First there’s the recapitulation of the events leading up to the last episode’s conclusion. Then there’s the side-tracking to character development, so that you need to keep watching if you ever want to see some plot development or learn something new pertaining to the last episode’s thrilling conclusion. Of course, the subsequent doling out of plot development occurs roughly once every 2-3 episodes, and even these data are sparse. Finally, there is the ‘thrilling conclusion’, which usually offers the promise of yet more plot development. This is the hackneyed ‘artificial tension’ which has been described and excoriated elsewhere on the net.

    One mustn’t forget that the preview for the next episode typically misrepresents information so that the story seems a lot more eventful and informative than it ever really is.

    After watching an episode, ask yourself this question: What actually happened during these past 42 minutes?

    In this episode’s case, they found Mike. Does that merit 42 minutes of television?

    The joke is on us, folks.

  12. Ho Hum says:

    I’m glad to find your website. It’s not quite the same without you guys. I’m dying to hear what is on that mysterious CD Ryan. Do tell.

  13. Frank says:

    I love Lost reguardless of what the episode is about. I think that this website is wonderful due to the fact it brings us fans closer.
    Jim you could be right because the “Others” had a boat when they attack the raft and it needs fuel to run so there would have to some kind of dock like what the blast door map had.
    HeyBrath you are right to, love the “Goblet” video, where did you obtain it?

  14. Mike says:

    I was disappointed with this episode. I thought the Bernard/Rose story was rushed, and at the same time not much new in plot except Jack/Kate stumbling into Michael. Looks like the writers are reading a lot on the web, with some of their responses lately. This is not as well thought out as I originally thought. Finally the Jack/Kate thing in the net was silly.

  15. Josh says:

    My favorite part of the episode was definitely Rose’s acknowledgement of the healing properties of the island and pointing out that Locke knows it, too. It’s always good to see that the inhabitants of the island do talk, and the writers threw a bone to us, even if it was a little hackneyed.

    derzornhistology, why do you watch the show? Better yet, why do you go a blog where people come to discuss it just to whine?

  16. Frank says:

    I will give some more opinions.

    On the blast door map where it says “C4” and below “x4, y8, z15” it says “subterranean conduit?” which I believe means subterranean dock.

    So Jim and HeyBrath you could be right that it be the “Goblet” hatch with a dock under the island leading to the ocean outside. This could one of two places where they kept Mike, and have Walt and/or the other captives. There is still the “Flame” and the other two possible hatches, the one that says “C3” and the one scribbled out.

    It is interesting to note all the other info the map provides. If what is stated makes sence I would have to say the island and Dharma Initiative is a twist between The Island of Dr. Monroe, Jarrasic Park, and other such similar movies involving genetics and islands.

    The Dharma people had some experiment going which like always fails and gets out of control, but for these “Others” where they part of an experiment gone wrong? Or are they part of something involving the magnetic energy of the island. Maybe they had some ilnesses in which the island healed them. But then whats up with this “outbreak” kind of thing in which there needs to given a vaccine like thing. But accordind to the blast door “The disease worsens with the treatment, The remedy is worse than the disease” (in Latin) so maybe there is no “disease” or that there is no cure but an even lethal disease is needed to be given. So many questons, but so few or none answers.

    So untill next time lets see what happens in two weeks.

  17. johnp says:

    Waialua by the mill has been used several times now as an African Village, Sawyers (near where they were selling the watches), and Locke’s flashbacks (this last one I am not too sure of) and in this episode as the Outback.

  18. Briand says:

    Did we already know Bernard was a dentist? I was just a little dissapointed in this episode as not much happened plot wise. Unlike most, I guess getting Jack and Kate stuck in a net was pretty funny to me…and their “discussion” about the kiss was a long time coming. Its also funny that Locke is now not pushing the button and A.L. and Jack are forcing it to be pushed. Maybe Henry wants them NOT to push it so that something bad will happen. I hope we find out before the end of this season.

  19. HeyBrah says:

    Frank, thanks for your feedback on the Goblet video. I found it at:

    http://www.theblackrock.org. As you already know, the direct link to the video is:


  20. Ryan says:

    Wasn’t that video specifically debunked by Damon and Carlton? Jen and I got it in the mail as well, but by that time it’d been picked apart quite thoroughly by various message boards.

  21. Gretchen says:

    Ryan – it’s really only a one week hiatus — the next episode is April 26, so April 19 is the only Wednesday in the next several weeks when there won’t be a new episode. It just SEEMS like longer.

    I liked this episode and I think Rose and Bernard are quite sweet. And a good antidote to “Jate.” I also like that this episode lends credence to my firmly held conviction that Sun DID NOT cheat on Jin.

    And I really want to know what the evil and icky “Henry Gale” is up to now…

  22. Jen says:

    I totally disagree with the “nothing happened” contingent. A lot happened; it’s just not spelled out all that well. There’s more evidence of the nature of the island; more evidence that notHenry knows everything, and we’re heading into a showdown. It doesn’t have to be like “Lockdown” every week, you know. Some of the information we get isn’t all that important and some of the development is subtle. Big deal.

    What I do have an issue with, however, is what a pathetic excuse for a tracker/survival nut Kate is turning out to be.

    “derzornhistology, why do you watch the show? Better yet, why do you go a blog where people come to discuss it just to whine?”

    Seriously. Go watch American Idol or something if you hate it that much.

  23. x98lbwuss says:

    So let me get this straight. Locke is healed, Jin is healed, Rose is healed. But James still needs glasses to read? Is it because they are “good people” and James is not? Surely an island that can heal paralaztion and cancer can cure near sightedness, right?

  24. Kathleen says:

    Here’s my thought on why Locke and Rose were healded but Sawyer was not. Locke and Rose were sick before they came to the island and were made better. Sawyer was giving his eyes more strain from the almost constant reading he was doing on the island so his farsightedness developed while on the island. Which could be some sort of link with the “sickness” that Danielle keeps talking about.
    Overall I really liked this episode and already as a Charlie fan his ratings for me went up working on building the church.

  25. Bryan says:

    I agree with Jen. I think plenty happened on the show and why would anyone who seems to hate it so much devote the time to it and then go on a web board to whine about it?

    As for the Jack and Kate in a net thing, I didn’t think it was silly as much as it seemed unnecessary. But then again, theres doesn’t seem to be anything that doesn’t happen for a reason on the show.

  26. Anne says:

    Gretchen – The April 26 episode is just a re-hash of the season so far, with no new content. So the next sequential episode is May 3.

    I think the reason that Rose and Locke are “healed” but Sawyer is not has to do with the island being the “right” place for them. Maybe the island just isn’t the “right” place for Sawyer, in the same way that Rose could not be healed at Ayer’s Rock.

  27. Maurice Tift says:

    “These Arms of Mine” by Otis Redding

    Hurley and Sayid picked up some Glenn Miller music (another plane crash) = and we’ve heard Patsy Cline on the show – she also died in a plane crash.

  28. derzornhistology says:

    “derzornhistology, why do you watch the show? Better yet, why do you go a blog where people come to discuss it just to whine?”

    Simples answers to both questions.

    Firstly, I watched the show because it was compelling, with myriad twists and enigmas. I watched to find out answers about the others, the dharma initiative, the island, the smoke, henry gale, Walt’s whereabouts, Desmond’s involvement etcetera. I thought there was a plan, but it’s becoming increasingly apparent that the show is one giant ruse after the next.

    Secondly, I chose to post here because I believed this blog to have the most perspicacious group of ‘Lost’ commentators anywhere. In the past, this blog offered a lot in terms of breaking down each episode and drawing connections between the various aspects of the story.

    Yet, as the episodes become drawn out and decline in quality, I find the exegesis is being replaced with apologism. While some of the interpretation remains insightful, the dearth of criticism is distressing – hence my ‘whining’ (a term which was clearly used to deride my remarks and not counter them). It is out of sorrow for the squandered potential of this show that I bother to say these things. That, and perhaps a vain hope that my words may compel the Lost writers to change some things. This is fueled by the fact that the Lost writers are evidently altering story / script ideas based on interpretation / criticism from the blogosphere.

    My apologies if my uproarious comments have disrupted the utopian cohesion and unformity of thinking that you desire for this blog.

  29. shivani in new york says:

    “[T]he Kate trifecta,” she noted: tagging along needlessly, getting wet, and screwing everything up.


  30. jim says:

    Folks, enough fussin’ and feudin’! It’s “only” a TV show! While I have my issues with the writers & producers, there is one thing about this show that is unique, maybe unprecedented: from the very start, the writers set themselves a challenge, a canvas so wide that we sometimes fear it can’t possibly be filled. But they have done a remarkable job so far. The real miracle of the show remains the ensemble cast, as fascinating a group of actors as has ever been assembled on a television series. The style of the show’s direction, the look of the cinematography, the music, the, er, eye-candy (something for everyone!); this is one hell of a show! So nit-pick we might (and we must!), but our dedication (and there are millions of us, all over the world!) is as special as the show itself.

  31. Teresa says:

    I’m new to this discussion. Has anyone considered the possibility that the island is “purgatory” and everyone is there to work out their “issues?” Another clue this might be true is that a “Cerberus” is a three headed dog who guards the door to Hades. And God can’t see this island.

  32. Nieto says:

    while looking at the picture on the blast door, my friend noticed the river
    looking paths that lie under all the writings. he believes this will be a direct
    tie in to “perpetual motion”. he told me of this biography of the guy who
    came up with the theory and it was pretty interesting. he said in the
    bio it tells of a man who claims to know how the Egyptians built the
    pyrimids. my friend couldn’t remember exactly everything but he said that
    through (so the guy says) underwater paths under the pyrimids and through magnetics they could lift huge blocks. He later on in life built what is know as the CORAL CASTLE in florida through the same method (again so the man says, this is all his theory and story, none of it can really be proven). The CORAL CASTLE IS A REAL PLACE though. BUT THE ENTIRE POINT OF RELEVENCE THIS HAS TO THE EPISODE “SOS” IS THAT THE MAN WHO MADE CORAL CASTLE HAD CANCER AND WHILE MAKING THIS “PERPETUAL MOTION DEVICE” HE WAS CURED. HE BELIEVED MAGNETIC FORCES HEALED HIM. like the ionized braclets people wear now a days help keep them healthy. anyways, i know this whole thing wasn’t typed very clearly but i hope you do get the main ideas of it. i think ill just say good night

  33. Nieto says:

    another thing
    READ THE LOST DIARY at abc.com
    the writer of the diary refers to
    HENRY GALE as his BROTHER!!!!!!!!!!
    could be the creepy guy in the back ground
    my theory is that H.G is part of the “utopian society”
    founded by the HANSO FOUNDATION

  34. Regan says:

    Didn’t anyone notice the guy who tried to heal Rose was the same guy that turned Locke down for the Walkabout? I thought that was VERY interesting.

  35. artMonster says:

    Uh oh… looks like we not only picked up a troll on this board, but a extremely pretentious one at that!

    This is a very interesting and fun TV show, one where the viewers actually seem to influence the direction of the story. So be careful what you say here. 😉

  36. LOUiE says:

    I knew that guy looked familiar. I mentioned that to my fiance that I had seen that guy before. Guess I need to go back and look at Locke’s first flashback ep to see how he acted in that episode and see if there is any connection.

  37. Bryan says:

    “My apologies if my uproarious comments have disrupted the utopian cohesion and unformity of thinking that you desire for this blog.”

    That is pretty funny actually. My point wasn’t that everyone should fall in line and be ‘utopian’ in their enthusiasm for the show, I was merely taking to task how much time you spent complaining about the show.

    If I’m critical, it’s because I don’t have a problem with the pace of the show, which is what most of the people who criticize the show seem to have. The phenomenon of ‘gulping down your food’ is seemingly an American trait which i tend to abhor. Take a ride and enjoy the scenery. Enjoy the backstories about the people. I think the real genius in this show is how they are peeling away layers to reveal the story in it’s entirety. This isn’t a Schwarzennegar action flick, it’s a thought provoking adventure into a metaphysical character study. Certainly not something most people have a stomach for in our ‘oompaloompa now’ culture.

    That being said, I do find continuity to be a problem on the show which they finally addressed this week, although weakly, when Kate revealed the info to Jack about the other hatch.

    Also, the one thing that season 2 doesn’t have that season one had was the sense of urgency, and mystery. Also, why did they remove the image of the eyeball at the start of the episodes? I kinda liked that even though I don’t really know what kind of meaning it had. It was a nice flavor.

    Anyway, enjoy the ride. Take small bites and taste the food.

  38. Ryan says:

    C’mon, gang. Dear derzornhistology isn’t a troll.

    I think it’s a fair point to say that if the show genuinely aggravates you, it might not be in your best interest to watch it (or wade into fan sites about it)… but on the other hand, you can be a fan and still be dissatisfied with an episode or a show’s direction. And derzornhistology is certainly not alone in his disappointment. I have friends that didn’t get into the show until Season 2 that love it, but I also have friends that think Season 1 was the best it got, and have long ago left “LOST” for something else. Say, “Battlestar Galactica,” where there’s no question of its sci-fi core.

    When “LOST” was new, the mysteries were wide open and I presume the creators were meticulous about various elements because the future was unclear. Now it’s a hit, and has a lifetime of at least a few more seasons, so they somehow have to nail some things down yet at the same time not close too many doors so as to make following the show pointless.

    I imagine that Season 2 will ultimately be remembered more as a “settling out” season than a particularly good one in the grand scheme of things — the “Sophomore Slump,” perhaps — but even so I’m enjoying the ride.

  39. jim says:

    Do you really think that Season Two represents a Sophomore Slump? Some of us might wish for more loose ends to be tied up, but the shows themselves have been first-rate. (“The Other 48 Days” was possibly the best episode ever, despite the lack of character flashbacks.) In this season, they entered the Hatch, which just turned the whole show inside out. Now there were two realities on the island. And Season Two gave us the Tailies, featuring some really special characters (and actors). I think this has been a great season, despite my stated impatience, and the frustrating irregularity of the show’s schedule.

  40. Jen says:

    Locke’s tour guide was a much younger dude, I think, guys. Both men were Australian, but I don’t see any resemblance between Isaac and the tour dude. I could maybe agree that Isaac and Claire’s psychic looked alike, but that might even be a stretch.

  41. Denardo says:

    Hello All,

    I can’t help but think about Ecko’s future direction as a character… As we now know, each of the characters have had extremely interesting backgrounds, and after experiencing some form of trauma, each reached a turning point that moved their lives in very different directions.

    Since Ecko was responsible for causing the death of his brother, he has chosen to lead a life of attonement. Once he has completed the construction of the “Church”, I wonder if he might follow (or be forced to follow) some different path than the one that he has chosen for himself. After all, the Island has influenced each person in some profound way.

    On another note, with the Rose/Bernard flashback, we now have a complete understanding of why each season one character was in Australia. Can it be that we will soon have explanations for what the tailies were doing down under? Hopefully we’ll learn more about A. L. or Ecko soon!

    I have one final question for everyone… Was this a Rose, or Bernard Flashback?


  42. Matt says:

    A Rose flashback(the scene with Locke answers that question, i think). I use the Shannon/Boone flashbacks as reference. Yes, both were primarily in it, and it answers questions on both characters, but the scenes always revolve around one person in particular… In this case, Rose was alone talking with Isaac, and again when Rose spoke to Locke.

  43. it_kid says:

    Vincent is a she..not a he..like Lassie..

  44. Anna says:

    I also noticed the fact that Sun was not looking very happy at the end of the episode; I imagine she is spending a lot of time thinking about what has happened to the other babies and children on the island and is starting to worry about what might happen to hers.

  45. Douglin says:

    Anyone else notice that the abanoned SOS looked like the cursor from the numbers computer the bag, rock piles and bottom of the S made a >:( sad face very similar to the >:| one

  46. sir monster says:

    I didnt like this episode. Its the episode that takes place between important events. Rose and Bernard imo arent in the “merry band of adventurers” they are barely present for most of the episodes infact, rose doesnt even show up to Boon’s funeral if I remember correctly. Most major events they miss out on. Sure we know now that Bernard is obsessed with making things right or “fixing” them. But we have a character like that named Jack who is much more intresting. We learned that Rose is no longer sick since crashing on the island. Again, been here, done this, Locke and Jin (unless Sun is sleeping with one of the 40 other passengers) are also cured and are also more interesting characters. It almost felt like a recap episode with all the refrences to past events. Kate apologizes for kissing Jack, she tells him about the Medical hatch and reminds him he has been hiding Henry from everyon. Hurley reminds Bernard that the survivors built a boat. Bernard reminds everyone about the plight the tail survivors went through.
    we only really learn a few NEW things (things the show hasnt touched before):
    -Rose has known about Locke
    -Locke is letting go of his grip on the hatch and trying to redraw the map
    -Eko is building a church (this was no huge secret, he is a “priest” after all. he just doesnt go around telling everyone what he is doing all the time, but easily predictable.)
    -Micheal is alive.

    as far as i can remember, thats about it. the rest of the episode is rerun in my eyes. a far cry from the previews claims.

  47. Ladybug says:

    I think the purgatory idea might have some merit. Perhaps they did all die in the crash and this is their afterlife. (Hence the “healings.”) Each has a past they must come to terms with in some way while on the island. Sawyer is punishing himself. Sun and Jin must reconcile. Jack must deal with his dad. Eko is atoning for himself. Sayid learned what it was like to be on the other end of . The children were “perfect” and thus were removed. Shannon and Boone finished redeeming themselves and died. Charlie had to face his and “just say no.” Hurley is facing his demons as well. Every character has had to face the biggest issues of their past while on the island.

    I’m not saying this concept fits perfectly. Is the Dharma project a part of this afterlife or part of the passengers’ test? “Dharma” in my dictionary is “The ultimate law of all things”. Cerberus guards the entrance to Hades. God does not see the island. Are the Others visitors from Hades?

  48. LockeItUp says:

    Here’s a tasty morsel for all of you “are they in purgatory” people out there. I did a YahooMap search for the address that was found on Henry Gale’s ID and an interesting location came up. The street address that was listed is not a real address, but the zip code is for the city of Wayzata, MN, a suburb of Minneapolis. Now here is the part that some might find interesting…a quick scan of the map produces some pointedly appropriate names for the show…”Purgatory Park, Holy Name Lake, Echo Bay”. Has anyone else found name connections? Who names a park, “Purgatory Park” anyway! I’d love to hear you ideas. This is my first post, but I’ve been a fan of the site and everyones insight for several months.

  49. Bryan says:

    I was a purgatory theorist from the beginning, even before I watched an episode when I heard my co-workers talking about it, I thought it sounds like a show about a bunch of people who died in a plane crash and were in purgatory. The introduction of the hatch and the Dharma people have since made me reverse my opinion of the purgatory theory, unless they are just some very creative manifestation of elements of the afterlife.

    I think the comment notHenry made about not even God being able to see the island is one of the more interesting tidbits that has been revealed this season. It will be interesting to see how this pans out as the series moves forward. I hope people have faith that the writers know what they are doing and stick with the show until the truths are revealed.

  50. Ray says:

    Why are our castaways settling in? Instead of trying like hell to get rescued, they are building churches, bigger stronger homes etc.. Is it something in the DharmaO’s that is placating them? Making them pliant and ready to stay where they are. We’ll find out soon as one is on a Fish and veggie diet.

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