Season Six and Complete Series DVD Release

Today brings the much-anticipated release of “LOST: Season Six” on DVD (or Blu-Ray) and “LOST: The Complete Collection” on DVD (or Blu-Ray). The release brings what could be the last twelve minutes of the six-year “LOST” story with “The New Man in Charge,” a 12-minute epilogue showing a glimpse of what followed the final fade to white we saw in May. Of course, the discs include a ton of special features and other extras.

We’d love to hear your thoughts on the epilogue, as well as the other goodies unleashed on “LOST” fans today. When we finally release our final podcast, we’ll be sure to include some discussion of this awesome material. Meanwhile, be sure to catch the Emmy Awards on Sunday, Aug. 29, which will be broadcast on NBC at 8 p.m. ET/5 p.m. PT. “LOST” and its cast and crew are up for an impressive twelve nominations.

Finally, another invitation to join us on Facebook. Over on our page’s “Discussions” tab, a number of fun conversations among fellow fans and friends.

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  1. Mark@NOVA says:

    I just ran into something interesting on the Internet. Let me quote the leading paragraph:

    “There was a good deal of time-travel in the ABC hit series Lost, one of the more ambitious and popular shows of the past decade. But neither Jack, Sawyer, Hurley, nor any of our other beloved 21st century castaways ever went back to the year 1969. If they had, and if they’d had access to a TV, they might have found themselves watching a show about — themselves.”

    You can find the entire thing at–_the_new_people.html.

    On another note, my I am one who was disappointed with the way LOST was ended (my wife also). But I’m not going to try and convince anyone who liked the way LOST was ended that they shouldn’t be. Look at it this way: there are those who didn’t like the beginning of LOST and never watched the program at all or dropped out after the first episodes, but I won’t try to convince them that their opinion is wrong. Everyone has their own expectations and likes and that’s their business.

    When I do think back on LOST, the whole experience was greatly improved by The Transmission. Throughout the series, I listened to quite a few different LOST podcasts, but I found none, other than Jen and Ryan’s, worth listing to. Some were DOA during the first episode I listened to, while some I tried as many as three episodes thinking they might improve.

    Jen, Ryan, you two did the very best. By far!

  2. Embie says:

    @ Mark@NOVA – that was hilarious! From another ABC show? Time keeps on slipping splipping into he future? So do you think if we wait 35 years ABC will do a new show (never thought of it before) with a plane crash on a deserted island? Hope to survive to see that one.

  3. Ryan says:

    Thanks, Mark! Believe it or not, “The New People” would come up periodically. I found a mention in our feedback from November 2005, one Steve H. from Minneapolis, Minnesota sent a detailed email comparing “LOST” to that series.

    It’s no surprise that people are still finding things to talk about when it comes to “LOST.” But I am amazed that people still come by this blog, of all places. Mahalo for the comments!

  4. greenberry says:

    How about that! ~~~ during my decades of non-TV-watching = looks fun and very dated

  5. Bonita in Atlanta says:

    Thanks, Mark, that was fun!

  6. BillyTwigs says:

    Mark, — That was excellent. Thanks for sharing!

  7. kevins198 says:

    I remember watching that show. It was only 45 minutes which made it an out lier in TV shows. I really enjoyed the show. I was 14 at the time. I had forgotten the name. Thanks for that blast from the past.

  8. Yann From France says:

    Just thought to just drop by and say hello to you both (and everyone else). This website is, now, a bit like Penny’s phone number : there, waiting for the right moment to happen and be all magical again! 😀
    Penny and phone calls… just like the Looking Glass one. Where she is? In a library and not on a boat, but where? And why is she in contact with the Island? … Guess I’ll never know.
    By the way, if someone knows a good book of theories trying to sum it all up (I think the Lost Encyclopedia is not that great) I’d really love to hear about it.
    Yann P.H.D.

  9. Rich in Cleveland says:

    So right, Yann. Good to hear from you again. We should cull our theories from The Transmission to create an explanatory text. It’s so needed as perfectly illustrated by the loose end you selected.

  10. Yann From France says:

    So many unevoked questions down the line… The main ones being about Time Travel… Who told them to dig a runway for Ajira Flight 316? Ben never talked to Jacob directly. Richard talked to Jacob in the Cabin (why not under the foot if he knew the location? To prevent the MIB to find out about this place is my best guess but then when Jacob did go to the Cabin the MIB could have followed him afterward anyway… well…) and Jacob had no reason to tell him to build the Runway… It brought back FLocke has a valid leader and a betrayous Ben. The important man in Jacob plan was Desmond… Except if he wanted to kill himself and have a successor then it could make sense he brought the Oceans6 back…
    But then my question would be: MIB and Jacob knows about the future? I guess we go back then on the only one who really did through his experiment: Daniel Faraday. Maybe Jacob got the book from Eloise and thus they followed it… She is the one who send the Oceanic 6 back so I guess Jacob knew about that.
    Ok… then again just a small theory. (now a big isue: why some of the 6s ended up in the past while Sun didn’t?… Locke was dead so it makes sense, Ben leaved the Island using the Orchid so… I guess it makes sense, but why Sun didn’t go back in time?)

  11. Rich in Cleveland says:

    I would say MIB always knew where he could find Jacob–he was just powerless to do anything about it until he created his loophole. The first time we meet the two of them, in “The Incident,” MIB visits Jacob on the beach, presumably in the shadow of the statue.

    I would try to argue that Jacob never inhabited the cabin, a theory which has a certain elegance to it as Jacob himself said he wanted to allow the people he brought to the island to find their own destinies without his intervention. So MIB would be given free rein to impersonate Jacob and to use deception and manipulation to get the chosen to cross each other off and move more game markers into the dark column. However, the protective ring of ash and Ilana’s mission to seek him out there seem to contradict this. Yet another vexing incongruity. The only sensible explantion I can offer is that MIB could make itself manifest off of the island, in dream states and in the cloudy periphery. A wisp of smoke in the mind’s eye. I offer up Christian’s brief visit to Jack in the lobby of St. Sebastian’s which set off the smoke alarm or the disturbing apparition of Claire to Kate in the O6 days. If we can begin to accept that, then maybe the appearance of Jacob to Ilana, clad entirely in black and during a moment of great trauma, was yet another such manifestation. The instructions he gave her, much as those he gave to Ben, were only meant to further his end game and not to defend the island.

  12. Mattfromnd says:

    So at what point do you just admit defeat and say it’s never gonna happen?

    I’m not trying to be negative here. I loved your podcast and was/still am looking forward to hearing from you guys again. But it’s starting to feel like we’re being strung along. Being promised things that never happen.

  13. Mattfromnd says:

    Thanks for ignoring my comment.

  14. Ryan says:

    Matt, I didn’t ignore your comment. I don’t know what happened to my reply, which I posted five minutes after your earlier message. It would figure my own system would flag me as spam.

    But it’s clear you’re unhappy, and I’m sorry. I don’t know how many times I can say it: stop checking, stop looking, and if you must, unsubscribe. For everyone else, we’re still around, online, talking and reminiscing, in the great world wide web beyond this blog. To be sure, if you have a question, a comment, you can reach us any number of other ways.

    When we can get our final show out, we will. And if you let go, Matt, at worst, you’ll be pleasantly surprised when that happens.

  15. Mattfromnd says:

    You don’t understand.

    I want to hear your final podcast, but I won’t know it’s been posted if I stop coming by the site to check. But it’s frustrating to always see “it’s coming soon”.

    It’s been “coming soon” for almost a year now.

    Ryan/Jen put yourself on the other side for a second. If you were the ones waiting for someone else. Wouldn’t you be annoyed constantly hearing “it’s coming soon, but we don’t know when”?

  16. Ryan says:

    I can’t see how you can say I don’t understand. We’ve fielded several similar comments and questions, and have given the only honest answer we can. Jen and I want to post our final show much more than most people want to hear it at this point. It’s on our mind constantly. It’s also something we’ve just about lost hope in doing well, and just want to do for much needed closure. And I have been consistent and almost repetitive in saying, although it’s coming, we can’t say when, so it’s better for your health and mood to not keep checking here. Your podcast client will know when the time comes.

    If you don’t use one, then I guess that’s where you’re stuck hitting this bookmark now and then. But if you’re just frustrated and annoyed at this point, and want to give up, we won’t hold it against you. Many have. It’s just as discouraging to us to hear doubt as it is for you to not find it posted yet, but… I don’t want to be a broken record, but when we say it’s coming, we mean it. We even compiled some clips this weekend (since everyone’s been in a reminiscing mood with the one-year anniversary coming up).

    In the mean time, if this has been the only place you’ve been looking, we’d strongly encourage you to join the greater “LOST” community on Twitter, Facebook, and other networks, where the conversation has never ended. Jen and I have participated in collaborations, made guest appearances on other podcasts, and (gasp!) explored other shows. It’s great stuff. And probably much more interesting than what you’d get out of a final oversized MP3, anyway.

  17. Embie says:

    “most people”? speaking only for myself, I believe I’d really like to hear the final podcast more than you and Jen want to post it. But, anticipation is often more thrilling than final gratification (the Christmas Eve syndrome) and so I can wait until you’re ready!

  18. Ryan says:

    Let’s say many of us want it equally. And although I shouldn’t exactly be raising expectations at this late date, I will say that Jen and I have carved out some solid time to record (after spending hours this past weekend tracking down clips — whew!). We may be able to cap off “The LOST Year” as the bittersweet anniversary arrives. Thanks for hanging in there.

  19. Billytwigs says:

    Fingers crossed!
    — But I’ll take it when I can get it.

  20. Kevin - From Bucks County PA says:

    Sometimes patience is a virtue. I have been listening to your LOST transmission PodCast since very early on. Was listening before your break and when you came back. Matter of fact it was the first Podcast I ever listened to. Had your Podcast set in my iTunes section, many times thought to simply remove as the last Lost podcast may not be coming but kept seeing on the blog it would be. And yesterday I got it and today I listened. Funny that as much as I loved LOST, I was a bit disappointed in the finale, it was very good just was not too much into the whole Flash Sideways thing so that was a bit of a bummer for me. But the odd thing is before your Podcast came out for some reason I watched Flash Before Your Eyes and then listened to your top clips of the series and remembered what a great show it was. Action, mystery, character driven, thought provoking – all rolled into a show. And as an added feature the Podcasts like the Transmission that followed, that became almost as much fun as the show as I would look forward to them to see what I may have missed as much as guessing on theories – just a really unique experience overall. The only show like it now is Fringe and I believe you two are watching that, would love to see maybe a Podcast on that, but understand if it can’t.

    Do appreciate your time and effort for the Podcasts over the year, the time required to not only record, sometimes re-record and the editing on top of the normal tasks of life. It was as you see and hear from the many that listened duly noted and appreciated. But LOST is now over for a year, the last Transmission podcast has been released so I guess this is my time to ‘let go’. I’ll remove it from my iTunes library with much thanks to both of you but will check back on the blog on occasion to see what is going on. But until than – thank you both once again, all the best in your lives going forward, and Hawaii is a place my wife and I always wanted to visit, nothing planned in the short term but maybe down the road if we ever get there, we’ll have the chance to quickly meet over a drink and do some LOST talk.

    So with that once again THANKS, I’m glad I hung in there for the last one – and the good news is it got out before Rapture … 🙂

    Mahalo and ….



  21. John says:

    Its here, its here!!! Its like when Steve Martin first saw his name in print in the movie “The Jerk”! Very excited, its been a long wait but I never deleted the bookmark – in hopes this day would soon be here.

    Thank you Ryan and Jen for all your years of work on this – gave the series an extra dimension….

    Downloading now, will post against after the listen.

  22. John says:

    Does anyone have a youtube link to the epilouge “the new man in charge”?

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