“LOST” in Review

For the final episode of “The Transmission,” we want to take a special, wistful look back on the last six years of “LOST.” So much has happened since the moment Oceanic Flight 815 crashed on that mysterious island on September 22, 2004… both on the show, and in the “LOST” fan community. As far as “LOST” is concerned, we’d love to to get your pick for your favorite episode of all time. You could also tell us about your favorite character, or your favorite story twist. There are probably too many great moments to count. But we’re also curious to learn what “LOST” has meant to you. Simply top-notch television? A much needed escape? An excuse to connect with friends, or make new ones?

Tell us your “LOST” story. You can comment below, e-mail us at lost@hawaiiup.com, or call the LOSTLine at (815) 310-0808. We hope to release our podcast on June 27. But we may take longer than expected to collect ourselves!

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  1. greenberry says:


  2. Eileen from New Jersey says:

    @LReene – Yes, the characters were dead at the end, but what year it was, if it was any year (there is no now here) also leaves it open to see what the lives of those who died later would become.

    If Darlton wanted to, I am sure there could be a series around Kate, Sawyer, Richard, Miles, Clare, Lapidus. I like to think that Kate found peace in helping Clare heal and become a mother again to Aaron. Perhaps she and Sawyer found a 2nd love that was separate and different (as second loves can be) from their relationships with Juliet and Jack. I saw the post about Miles and Sawyer having a cop-show followup, but I don’t think the sideways world was about how their lives continued–it was an “ideal” construct, or just a bizarro world where relationships were perhaps healed from the situations that led them to feel/be lost when they boarded flight 816. Sun and Jin being lovers (and she being a bolder, equal partner–unbuttoning her blouse, not being told to “button up”) again, a better emotional scenario. Remember, her plan was to leave him during the trip. So, yes, time can be rolled back to when the Ajira flight returned the survivors to civilization, to see how they lived the rest of their lives. We ALL die eventually. And perhaps one day, so will our interest in Lost.

  3. greenberry says:

    @ Eileen ~ I agree (my new mantra * lol), EXCEPT for your last sentence = NEVER!!

  4. aaron r says:

    it’s pretty easy to see why Darlton went into hiding at the end of the show. too many questions (thanks Lyle) that they can’t answer.

  5. Eileen from New Jersey says:

    @greenberry – I was being a bit sarcastic, should have put a 🙂 after my last sentence. I think some of us will never lose interest in Lost.

  6. Amaia says:

    @Eileen- I’m a nostalgic person, so although “Lost” is not my favourite series, it’s on my list but I prefer others first, I’ll always remember it and rewatch my favourite episodes for sure. I’m 27 and many times I recall the series I watched when I was a child, so I think with “Lost” the same will happen to me. I imagine myself in 10 years watching “The Constant”, “Not in Portland”, “LaFleur” “Through the Looking Glass” or “The End” and smiling for all the good moments “Lost” gave me in the past.

    The good thing is that talking to YAE I haven’t felt the emptiness I always feel when a series I like ends.

  7. Embie says:

    @ LReene 5:31 am – when you mention Aaron being there at the church, and his birth being the best part of his life and how sad is that – here’s my take on that – it was about Jack (not anyone else):

    – we contain within ourselves all experiences and moments of our lives
    – our connections with others may be strong at one time, and absent at others
    – but we are all connected
    – when a person dies (Jack) his important connections are brought together to make moving on possible and complete
    – when another person dies (Aaron or Kate) his or her important connections will manifest (and will not be the same as Jack’s)
    – perhaps a series of moving on experiences occur, perhaps even simultaneously, when the dead soul finds those he/she connected with in different circumstances (but there is a limit to what TV can show I think, and it would be confusing for the viewers, as all we knew or cared about was his relationships with those on the island)

    So, as for Aaron or Claire or Kate or Sawyer or Miles or Frank or Richard or Ben, those who survived the time of the losties, each would have his/her own moving on – and Aaron’s would include people we have never met, because we did not see his future life.

    I think this is what Darlton had in mind. But perhaps I need to be readmitted to Santa Rosa.

    @ Carol (and aaron r et al) re the infection. I guess I believed the infection was the seeds of darkness. But at one time I believed it was radiation sickness. At another time I thought it was an invention to convince Des to stay in the hatch. But I’m going back to the seeds of darkness. I believe this was why Dogen was afraid of what would happen if Sayid “died” or maybe almost died – he knew he would be claimed. Claire does not seem to have died in the explosion, so maybe almost died is more accurate. Going back to Rousseau’s group, it seems that her friends had been claimed by MIB, and that this was the infection she was referencing. Turning it around, the word “infection” is a good one to use in contemporary times, when we understand infectious disease and have many examples of scarey ones. In Mother’s time, they must have called it something else, but it was something associated with the island and smokey, I think. And I think it was a longstanding problem on the island. Possible still would be in the time of Hurley and Ben.

    @ LReene 6:31 am – lol, good one!

  8. aaron r says:

    @ Embie seeds of darkness works for me.

  9. Carol from Boston says:

    @Yae – thanks for helping me out. This show still makes my head hurt sometimes. We are having a heat wave right now and if the cast worked in Hawaii in weather like this, I don’t know how they did it! Is Hawaii high humidity?

  10. LReene says:

    @ Carol from Boston – Although I have not been to Hawaii during “every month of the year”, from my experience there during most months, the humidity is no where near what it is on the east coast or in Michigan. Hot, yes, it IS hot there, but it is heat from the Sun. And usually a cool breeze is blowing regardless of where you are at. If want to cool off, just find some shade. I know in Michigan, it is the humidity that is the killer. 85 degrees here feels a WHOLE lot more uncomfortable than 85 degrees in Hawaii.

    But then again, I’m sure Ryan & Jenn can share a whole lot more on the subject.

  11. Embie says:

    @ Carol – how is your AQI? Here it has been unhealthy for most of the past four days.

  12. aaron r says:

    ahh, but @Lreene and @Carol ever been to hawaii when the Kona winds are blowing? pretty mean. bet Ryan and Jen can tell us a lot more about that. i’m from Chicago, and the humidity there can be downright beastly. glad i’m in So Cal now, i think.

  13. Ryan says:

    “Kona winds” are pretty awful. Heat plus humidity plus largely absent tradewinds (i.e. blowing the “wrong way”). But Jen, who’s from Florida, says that nothing’s worse than the humidity in Florida during the summer.

    By the way, someone asked upthread how to get a photo to show up instead of the geometric pattern in these comments. The trick is to sign up here:


    Using the e-mail address you’re typing into the comment form. Smile!

  14. LReene says:

    @ aaron r – Yep, I’ve been there when they’ve had Kona winds. MUCH prefer the Trade Winds of course. Still don’t think it gets as uncomfortable as around here when the humidity gets high though.

    @ Ryan – That was me! Thanks!!

    Well, let’s see if this works – Should be a picture with “this” post.

    @ Ryan – Hmmmm, no picture yet. All signed up with the link you provided, avitar picture uploaded and everything. Any ideas? Aything else need for it to show up?

    @ YAE – In the infamous words of Julliette – IT WORKED!! lol

  15. Embie says:

    Kona coffee good – winds bad?

  16. LReene says:

    @ Embie says:
    July 7, 2010 at 9:49 am

    Ok Embie, I see exactly what you are saying about Aaron, and the rest of our characters having their own “moving on” moment. But if I could play devils advocate for a moment with that thought………. if this all was really “all about Jack”, then that in itself seems to be proof that Darlton didn’t have a clue when they started how it was all going to end. They planned on killing Jack off in about the 3rd episode, right? As always, just throwing this out for discussion. 🙂

  17. aaron r says:

    wow, just wanted to share, i’m doing my rewatch and i just caught ‘two for the road’, season two epi 20. wow. i was personally a mess when i saw this for the first time, but i still remember the shock when Libby gets shot. but it’s still a jolt. not so upset about Ana Lucia. and the previous show, with Jack and Kate in the net. hmmmmm. this show really did just keep throwing stuff at us for a long time, didn’t it? and we can see Locke starting to twist. oh boy.

  18. Carol from Boston says:

    @Ryan and LyleThanks for all the weather info. I have been to Aruba, and the wind kept it bearable. I kept hearing about how it never rains in Aruba and it rained and was overcast 5 of the 7 days we were there.

    @Embit- It’s horrible here in MA, the humidity is high and the temps have been 95 and up. The water in my pool is 87 degrees. I have been to Florida in August and it is actually worse than this.

    @Ryan – when is the best time of year to visit Hawaii? My favorite months in Boston are October and May. Fall in New England makes the whole year worthwhile.

  19. greenberry says:

    I lived in Florida for four years ~ yeah, it’s a dripper! But back then, I was only 19, in decent shape, and swam a mile everyday in between my Commercial Art classes ~ gorgeous sunsets there = ALL SKY! Hawaii is not quite as humid as Florida, and aromatic blossoms fill the air.

  20. Bonita in Atlanta says:

    What a busy, busy board! I’ve had company and been kept away. May I please be readmitted? errr committed? Lol
    Thanks for the great posts.

  21. LReene says:

    @ Bonita in Atlanta – No fear. Welcome back.

  22. Carol from Boston says:

    Congratulations to Lost for all the emmy nominations. I am very happy for Matthew Fox, Terry O’Quinn and Micheal Emerson. Also nominated for best show, writing and directing. I do think Nestor deserved a nomination as well.

  23. tvscifi says:

    What if another series from the past had the same rabid fan base as”Lost?” 😉


  24. LReene says:

    @ tvscifi – Very good! VERY Good!!

  25. Coolpeace says:

    @ YAE : Geez, you go away for a few days and … blog explosion!! Who said this blog was dying? Will be reading!!

  26. Amaia says:

    13 nominations is very good news. I’d like to see Terry’s name on the Best Actor category but well, I’m sure he’ll win it again, he’s an amazing actor. I’m hapy because “The End” got a lot of nominations and that they also nominated Matthew, Michael and the great Elizabeth (she must win as well).

  27. aaron r says:

    ‘The Harlem Globetrotters on Gilligan’s Island’!! i hope the appropriate people read this. very good.

  28. aaron r says:

    unless Ryan and Jen kill it, it seems that this blog can go on for quite some time. okay by me.

  29. Carol from Boston says:

    @Amaia – The actors pick their catagory so Terry must feel he has a better chance at supporting actor, but I do feel that he is a lead actor on that show.

  30. aaron r says:

    @ Carol i didn’t know that the actors choose their category. surprising that there aren’t more people in line for Leads.

    hey, a Lost Question. i was jolted again when i saw it the other day, but why did Michael kill Ana Lucia? besides the fact she was just a nasty person, a perfect example of a ‘bad cop’. but i don’t think that was the reason. he barely knew her. was it so he could get to Ben (Henry)? Libby was just a reaction. a very bad one, but still. if he did it to try to get something from Ben, i don’t see why he shot himself. at least not then.

  31. greenberry says:

    I think he killed Ana Lucia as revenge (on order from the Others) for killing Goodwin, OR that she was in the way of him freeing Ben (which definitely was on order from the Others)

  32. aaron r says:

    @ Cheryl thanks for that. so he was brainwashed in some way while the Others had him? i kind of thought he might have wanted to use Ben to try to get Walt back. the Others sure seemed to have a bone to pick with Ana Lucia. who can blame them? or maybe the Others offered Walt as a trade? and again, he had Ben. just had to rough him up then march him out of the hatch. he must have known that doing that, he could never come back. so why shoot himself? next episode coming up, maybe it’ll give me some idea. this is really great. it’s been so long ago that it’s almost new again.

  33. aaron r says:

    @ Cheryl thanks for that. so he was brainwashed in some way while the Others had him? i kind of thought he might have wanted to use Ben to try to get Walt back. the Others sure seemed to have a bone to pick with Ana Lucia. who can blame them? or maybe the Others offered Walt as a trade? and again, he had Ben. just had to rough him up then march him out of the hatch. he must have known that doing that, he could never come back. so why shoot himself? next episode coming up, maybe it’ll give me some idea. this is really great. it’s been so long ago that it’s almost new again.

  34. Melissa in Minnesota says:

    @tvscifi, that was hilarious! Yes, we demand answers to these burning questions! This was good too: http://www.tvscifi.com/content/view/35/37/?phpMyAdmin=1DoLO3dCEzKL7urAsQfbrx4vO78

    As for the Emmys, I was sad to see Josh Holloway not nominated. Hope Matthew Fox and Terry O’Quinn win. Emerson was excellent as usual but didn’t have as much to work with this season compared to earlier years.

  35. LReene says:

    @ aaron r, @ greenberry – I believe the reason Michael killed Ana Lucia was so that he could get to Ben(Henry) to release him. Since Ana Lucia was the guard, if he wanted to let Benenry go as was his deal with the Others, he had to get Ana Lucia out of the way. Libby, yeah, that was just a reaction. He panicked when Libby walked in.

    It’s been a few weeks now since I’ve watched it again, but I believe that’s the way it went down.

  36. greenberry says:

    and he shot himself to make it look like it was self-defense?

  37. LReene says:

    @ greenberry – Oh Yeah! I forgot about him shooting himself. I agree, 100% 🙂

  38. aaron r says:

    yes, that’s what Michael did, to make it look like he’d been attacked. i just finished season 2, epi 21 “?”.
    i’ve had the unhappy honor of being with a few people when they’ve made their final step. i have to say Libby’s passing scene was as realistic as any i’ve ever been witness to. i’m sure, when it was first on, it made me cry my eyes out, considering where i was at the time.
    i don’t know what to say, powerful stuff.

  39. greenberry says:

    And she was such a sensitive character too

  40. Bonita in Atlanta says:

    Wow, kudos to those already on rewatch. I’m still processing!

    I would like to add here that I actually liked Ana Lucia and wished her charcter had been given a longer run or at least a shot at redemption.

    I’d like to direct YAE over to thetvcritic.org – Robin has a great list of remaining mysteries posted there. Don’t forget there’s a discussion board on Transmission’s Facebook page where we can continue that conversation.

  41. Carol from Boston says:

    @Bonita – I am processing as well, but it is interesting to hear what other people are thinking and it gives us more to think about when we do rewatch the series.

    I just posed a question on the facebook page, hopefully it made sense, my deep thoughts might not be so deep late at night.

  42. Bonita in Atlanta says:

    it’s never dull to talk LOST!

  43. chris in seattle says:

    i agree with BONITA. its never dull talking LOST.

    i was sitting there in the heat last night turning the show over in my head again. i was watching the fan as it went round and round. for some reason it felt like a very LOST moment. cycles, circles, and things going around. maybe forever.

    i think i kinda figured out that LOST is a jigsaw puzzle that still needs some work before i can see what it is supposed to be.

    until then i might just keep going around and around.

    anyways. as Bonita said…never dull!

    FYI-found this interview while reading about ZOE. kind of made me think that her characters death was a response from the writers to the ACTRESS based on talking TOO MUCH.

    probably not, but all the same…


  44. greenberry says:

    @ good morning chris ~ we’re missing you over at our Facebook Transmission Page DISCUSSIONS section ~ I’ll check out your link when I’m more awake ~ am also not sleeping much due to the heat and waves of thoughts!

  45. chris in seattle says:

    @greenberry -i would rather have waves of thought then the HEAT! we were at gray and 50’s in seattle on july 4th. now we’re breaking 90’s with no clouds to be seen for days.

    i have to admit, i haven’t been able to find the Transmission page on facebook. i’ve found the ‘Fans of the Transmission (lost podcast)’ page.

    and under discussions is only SMOKE MONSTER from April.

    i am sure i am missing something…or maybe its just the heat pickling my brain…but i’m not finding you guys.

    thanks for any help!

  46. chris in seattle says:

    OPPS! nevermind. I found it! (i blame the heat)

  47. aaron r says:

    just started rewatching season 3. is the reason Sun is flawed because she’s dishonest sometimes? lying about the broken ballerina when she was little, often misleading Jin? the scene where her father -a VERY bad man. he and Widmore would have gotten along i think- catches her in the hotel room with Jae is pretty uncomfortable. she does seem to lie pretty easily.

  48. Embie says:

    @ aaron r – I think Sun is flawed because: (1) she is in hiding, not being honest with anyone really; (2) in a marriage that isn’t working; (3) carrying around big secrets from her husband, these being the affair and her study of English and her plan to escape from him; (4) deeply sad about inability to have a child with Jin. Her beauty and elegance and grace notwithstanding, she carries a well of tragedy within her.

  49. Mattfromnd says:

    Wow people are already rewatching. Personally I’m waiting awhile before rewatching. Probably at least a year.

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