Trans 2010-06-13: Season Six in Review


In our penultimate podcast, we take our traditional look back at the last season as a whole. We review our favorite moments from each episode of Season Six, evaluate how each character turned out in the end, and choose our favorite episodes. Then, we turn it over to “You All Everybody” for a your take on the final season of “LOST.” We pay tribute to the late Nunu, then lay out our plans for the last episode of “The Transmission.” Finally, we hear from The Others LOST Band with their song, “Let Go.”

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  • 0:00:18 Introduction
  • 0:01:33 Recap: Season Six in Eight Minutes
  • 0:09:27 Favorite Moments
  • 0:40:40 Character Roll Call
  • 0:51:10 Favorite Episodes
  • 0:54:09 Feedback: You All Everybody
  • 1:28:05 “Let Go” by The Others LOST Band

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40 Responses to Trans 2010-06-13: Season Six in Review

  1. Kait says:

    Tumbleweeds….! Looking forward to the last few installments of the Transmission. Thanks Ryan and Jen!

  2. LReene says:

    As always, just a fantastic Podcast Ryan & Jen. And thank you for posting the information about donating to the Humane Society in memory of Nunu. I couldn’t get to their web site fast enough.

    Looking forward to the next Podcast.


  3. Carol from Boston says:

    @Ryan and Jen – Excellent job, you now made me want to rewatch the whole season, you brought up a lot of great show moments and picked up some nuances (sp?) that I missed. I like how you tell it it like it is, and express your true feelings even though that you know that some people will disagree with you. I admire that.

    re: the plane leaving at the end, YES! I totally agree, that was the moment we were all waiting to see, the helicopter escape was very sad seeing Jin “die” and Sawyer jumping. The plane taking off was a whole different feeling, part triumph, pard sadness. But I loved the final shot of the plane flying over Jack and him knowing they made it off safely.

  4. Carmine from Connecticut says:

    I downloaded the podcast but haven’t listened to it yet.

    I wanted to take this opportunity to thank Ryan and Jen for a great podcast. Although I have only been on board for two seasons, you definitely have made my Lost experience more enjoyable. Thanks for all your hard work. I will be looking forward to your future projects.

  5. greenberry says:

    SO NICE to wake up at 6:00 a.m. when the house is quiet, and catch your poscast!

    I’m in agreement with Jen re: “Happily Ever After” being the standout episode for me. And with one of the callers that said Michael Emerson’s Ben stood out most.

    Juliet…. I am probably the only person on this board who did not bond with this character. She started out as a creepy, snarky, arrogant OTHER ~ and then she wormed her way in with Jack with her crush on him, and mainly trying to escape and betray Ben.

    WHEN did everyone bond so deeply with her? Was it when she and Sawyer started up and created their 3-year love nest (I DO appreciate what she did for Sawyer in helping him transform and be more mature), or was there some turning-moment scenes before this?

    I think the actress Elizabeth Mitchell is beautiful and highly competent, but that she gave Juliet quite a ‘cool’ stand-offish demeanor ~ For some reason I was not able to warm up to her

    Just wondering…

  6. LReene says:

    @greenberry – Yes, I really think Juliet plucket at everyone’s heart strings during those couple/three episodes when her and Sawyer were with Dharma. You take that, combined with the growth she helped Sawyer to attain, and then the way they were torn apart. Well, as they say, the rest is history.

  7. greenberry says:

    Thanx LReene for your response ~ maybe on rewatch, I will ‘get it’ better ~~ Also as much as I loved the character of Sawyer and Josh Holloway in the part, sometimes I felt his acting was quite weak… so he sold me in some of the dramatic stuff but not always completely (such as the heart-wrenching losing Juliet scene, or meeting up again over a candy bar) ~ the scene on the docks with Kate was pretty powerful though ~ and I always loved his lusty, smirky, cowboy side ~ Again, maybe on rewatch!

    Am trying to get up the nerve to phone in for THE LAST Transmission podcast ~ I will jot down notes, so as not to completely fumble and lose focus!! When does the phoning for that last one begin?

  8. Ariele says:

    Just want to thank you for all the work you put on these podcasts…. Unfortunately i only discovered you guys this last season – so i missed invaluable information for all these past years! But this past season i looked forward to all your postings and podcasts – they made watching the show that much more enjoyable.
    I wish you both much joy in the years to come – thank you very much.

  9. chris in seattle says:

    Am I so happy to have another TRANSMISSION. I may try & savor it. We shall see.

    @everyone-is the church at the end meant to be the church above the LAMPPOST STATION?

    Just curious as to peoples info or take on that?

  10. Elizabeth in London says:

    Hi Ryan and Jen,

    I was listening to this podcast on the Tube today, and as it was ending I looked up and saw this as a Poem on the Underground (for those not familiar with London, there are poems scattered throughout the ads on the Tube):

    Caliban: Be not afeard; the isle is full of noises,
    Sounds, and sweet airs, that give delight and hurt not.
    Sometimes a thousand twangling instruments
    Will hum about mine ears; and sometime voices
    That, if I then had waked after long sleep,
    Will make me sleep again; and then in dreaming,
    The clouds methought would open, and show riches
    Ready to drop upon me, that when I waked
    I cried to dream again.

    ~William Shakespeare, The Tempest

    Very apropos to Lost, I thought.

    Thank you for being one of the riches that the island has brought to all of us. Your humour, intelligence and kindness has made me grateful I have gotten to “know” you both.

  11. LReene says:

    @greenberry – Although I’m sure Ryan or Jen will give you a more definitive answer on when they start taking calls for the next Podcast, I would think you could probably just keep an eye on the main link ( When Ryan changes it to reflect the entire “Series Review”, it should be a pretty good bet that he is ready.

    As always, just my 2 cents worth. I’m sure someone will give you a more clear cut timeline.

  12. Melissa in Minnesota says:

    @greenberry, you’re not alone. I never really warmed up to Juliet either. Her snarkiness really bugged me in her early appearances and part of me never really trusted her. (I was hoping that would turn out to be one of my more intuitive reactions and she really would turn out to be untrustworthy, but I guess not!) Ultimately I know she was good for Sawyer, but when they first started to bond during the time jumps it felt really clunky to me. They’d barely spoken before, they were constantly in danger and she’s nagging him to open up to her about his feelings for Kate? Come on!

    But then again, I may be the last living SKater, so take my opinion for what it’s worth.

  13. aaron r says:

    @Ryan and Jen GREAT podcast. almost feels as good as sitting with YAE and chewing over everything.

    this is a digression, but i’ve been reading ‘Parallel Worlds’ but Michio Kiku – thanks @Islandsidhe _ and names from Lost keep popping up. already found Faraday, of course, and just ran across David ‘Hume’. haven’t seen a Shepard or an Austin or a Sawyer yet, but i’m only about half-way thru.

  14. greenberry says:

    Good morning fellow LOST lovers,

    @ Melissa ~ nice to know we’re on the same page on the J/S/K scene! D/C were good at turning many things on their heads, even more than once sometimes (i.e. Ben!!) This is the great theme, I suppose, of “Pride and Predjudice” ~ that appearnaces are not always the whole story.

    Chatting this morn with a LOST liker (but not intensely involved blog reader etc.) ~ she found the ‘Sideways’ to be unclear as in “How can dead people be mingling with live people?” When I said that Christian Shephard explained the whole thing “There is no here now” etc ~ that all were dead in the Sideways but at an unspecified point in time, her response was “That was too vague.” Anyhoo, it sure has helped me to understand and enjoy the show being her on this site!! Thanx AGAIN Ryan and Jen!!!

    Got me thinking about the individual SIDEVERSE reversals or ‘working stuff out’ ~ Most of it makes sense to me, but (for anyone who is not a ‘What Kate Does’ despiser) I was wondering why she kept saying she was innocent? Is this because her way of having peace (redemption?) was to imagine a life where she was innocent (did not kill anyone purposely) as in Hurley reworking he was lucky, or Sawyer reworking he was honest? Also, it is strange that she KEPT running? Or was stopping to help Claire supposed to be some kind of opposite for her?

    I guess these mirror versions were healthier ways for them to be? Or at least where they worked some of their unhealthy stuff out.

  15. Embie says:

    @Ryan and Jen – thanks for a great podcast and for including part of my post! I’m looking forward to your suggestions for reviewing the entire series and focusing our responses.

    @greenberry – like you, not a fan of Juliet – a beautiful woman but too cold and distant for me – it was fun to see the heat between her and Sawyer, however. And like you I am a female fan of Kate. I enjoyed her very much as a character. She did seem to mature through mothering Aaron and also in her stewardship of Sawyer’s trust to deliver money to Casey and Clementine. Also, she really wanted to reunite Claire and Aaron and despite feeling hurt and rejected and unjustly accused she just kept trying. I don’t see that as a quality of a weak or indecisive person. it was very moving when she persuaded Claire to come with her to the Ajira plane.

    In the first season Kate picked her way through the jungle like a timid hoofed animal (or a fugitive always looking over her shoulder) and in The End she strode along despite her wound and pale appearance and yes she saved a bullet for Locke! I am not sure what to think of her claim of innocence in the FSW, but then did we really see her do anything to start that explosion that killed Wayne? Could it be circumstantial or maybe Wayne’s fault even? I will have to rewatch that.

    I have always been perplexed by Edward Mars’s intense anger at Kate. It really seemed like sexual frustration, though possibly just his frustration in her evading him time and again. His feelings for her seemed out of the scope of his responsibilities as a US Marshal. Does anyone else think this also?

  16. Amaia says:

    @greenberry- I love Juliet, she’s my favourite female character from the show since she appeared with the song “Downtown”. Although at first I thought the woman ws really bad wel, she had to be in that way to survive, her story off Island was really sad and the other thing she wanted was to leave that place.

    She realised Ben was not going to help her and instead of betraying the losties as planned, she became one of them. She was a tortured but very brave woman who gained the trust of the losties helping them a lot and had a beautiful love story with Sawyer. That was the best part of her life, for sure. I like the contrast they made to Juliet in the sideways, she looked radiant and happy.

    A very interesting character, and I think I said this already but thanks to her, Ben and the others I started to watch the show with more interes than during the first two season. And by the way, Elizabeth Mitchell is an amazing actress.

  17. Amaia says:

    @ Ryan and Jen- I liked how you did the recap of the season. How’s the exact web of the podcast you’ll start this summer?

  18. greenberry says:

    Thanx Embie and Amaia ~ That really helps!

  19. Ryan says:

    Elizabeth, nice poem, and sweet thought. Thanks to “You All Everybody” for making this podcast so rewarding!

    Chris, we noted the church was the same location as the Lamp Post Station in our initial podcast after “The End.” Probably not accidental, and for those seeking a science-based explanation for the flash-sideways, it’s a key clue.

    Amaia, you can find us at! We’d love suggestions on things to talk about.

  20. Embie says:

    @Amaia – I see your point about Juliet, her sad story off-island and her decision to side with the losties. I agree she was radiant and better in the FSW but still very very reserved.

    The female character who annoyed me the most was Shannon. Okay, I understand Zoe was unpleasant and not very interesting, but Shannon’s self-centeredness was extreme. That she finally came around and took care of Vincent was charming, but she really wasn’t into helping others generally. I couldn’t see what Sayid saw in her, other than her physical nature. She seemed so completely other than Nadia, and not at all Sayid’s type. Since I watched the series on DVD and started about the time Season 5 was on TV I don’t know the story of how the actress and her character got kicked off the show, but I understand there was some dispute. Is that right?

    The reason I find these female characters interesting is that they seem to represent archetypal embodiments of female energy and I think as a woman I find it difficult when women are self-centered and non-nurturing. Probably just me.

  21. greenberry says:

    Interesting ‘character’ discussion ~ Shannon = yikes ~ she was a whiney one! But like cool-headed Juliet was good for hot-headed Sawyer to help keep him even-keeled, wimpy Shannon was good for heroic Sayid; she made him feel needed and therefore more accepted and whole

    Probably my favorite female character overall was Sun. While I adored Kate on a gut level for her attractive spunkiness, Sun was smarter and more astute; plus always elegant and dignified ~ and truly tough. The actress did a fantastic job too, to consistently make us feel her character! It was a shame Sun’s and Kate’s characters did not get much in the way of meaty storylines in the last couple of seasons. Sun and Jin’s death, though, was devastatingly moving!!! And Kate saved a bullet!

    I laughed when Jen & Ryan referred to Charlie as a “diva” and that he was channeling his FF character. Ever since the actor was so (beyond) icy to me (in person), and I saw him be snarky to Ellen D on her talk show, I have not cared for him!

  22. Embie says:

    @greenberry – I like your point about Charlie and remember LOL whenRyan and Jen talked about him – love his eyeliner though! – I remember one point in the church in The End where he looked angry and was I think looking at Kate – angry just doesn’t work in that scene so I’m guessing the actor missed the cue for that and they let it go anyway. I haven’t seen FF so can’t comment on that.

    Re: Sun, I agree – lovely, refined, considerate, genuine, and very good acting.

  23. chris from seattle says:

    @ ryan-thanks for the help on the LAMPPOST CHURCH. i must have missed that point in the podcast as i was really turned off by my first viewing of THE END. whether that point aids in the science side or not i am more and more pleased at home many points came back around. of course aiding the science side wouldn’t hurt either!

    @ greenberry-i agree SUN was a strong and great character. it was a bit of a shame they ran out of ways to use her in the middle of last season. but her end was still good, even if sad.

    and as far as shannon went…well. i wonder if they were trying to develop some more levels to her having WALT visit her. was she going to be ‘special’ in that she was sensitive to WALT, and maybe could ‘see’ what others couldn’t?

    it would seem the real world conflicted too much in this respect and the shannon line was cut.

    but in relation to sayid it was ‘good’ to seem him in conflict over her passing and it gave him something to do. unlike the finale season, though, again, his end was a ‘good’ one.

  24. Melissa in Minnesota says:

    Shannon was a whiny brat, but she did manage to grow and mature during her short time on the show. Hey, if we can forgive Sawyer for being a conman and murderer, we can forgive a little petulance and self-centeredness, right? Though I didn’t really buy her and Sayid as a couple.

  25. chris in seattle says:

    @melissa-i agree. that pairing of shannon & sayid was an example the writers DOING something rather then reacting to what was happening from week to week and building of it. but it shows us what real chemistry onscreen is when we see it.

  26. Chris says:

    Here is a very thoughtful and articulate review of the series finale:

    I challenge you to read this objectively and still tell me Cuse and Lindelof served the Lost fan well. It’s funny how the author points out something that I found myself to be true. Most every Lost fan claiming to love the finale defends it by calling the people who didn’t idiots and such. Yet they have no answers to the points made by people who did the blog I linked and the video that was on collegehumor.

    I am just sad that you give Cuse and Lindelof such a pass on basically giving you the Titanic ending in place of a real ending for this show.

  27. Amaia says:

    @greenberry- You’re welcome.

    @ryan- Thank you very much, I couldn’t understand the name of the website.

    @Embie- Yeah, Juliet is a very reserved person but I think life made her in that way. Who could she really trust to? In her situation I think I’ll be the same.

  28. Amaia says:

    About Shannon… I didn’t care a lot about her. During the first season she was a selfish posh girl but she did mature and Sayid helped her to do that, I think.

    And Sun, until the 5th season when she repeated once and again “where’s my husband” she was good, and Kate… well I don’t hate her, she wass good in th frist two seasonsand in the last episodes of season six, but in the rest just like Jack she became sad and boring.

  29. Islandsidhe says:

    @ Chris: Take a look at this truly thoughtful blog post:

    The truth is that many of the so-called “unanswered questions” were, indeed, answered and are being articulated on blogs like that one and at places like Lostpedia.

  30. Carol from Boston says:

    @greenberry – my son is going to take Latin next year, I hope I can get him to translate Juliet’s latin for me. So proud he is learning the language of the “others” haha.

    I had jury duty today. I was juror #23, and I thought it was funny that I didn’t get chosen. I did look twice when I got my number. Lucky for me Jacob wasn’t the judge. 🙂

  31. Embie says:

    @islandsidhe – useful, that link. Thanks!

    Full disclosure, I’m no expert on this, but I yesterday read an essay by Adam Frank, a physicist and a Buddhist scholar, called “Time and Again.” the essay discusses the “being-time” concept (to be is to be time) of the 13th century Zen master Eihei Dogen as compared with the developing notions of time in Western physics. Very provocative in the context of LOST, even without the link to Dogen.

    I hope I can do justice to the ideas in a few sentences: we are only and always in the present. The world unfolds moment by moment always in the present. “Time moves from present to past,” which means that what we see as the past was first the present, and that is the direction in which the moments of the now are always moving.

    The essay is contained in The Best Buddhist Writing 2009.

  32. greenberry says:

    @ Carol ~ Aaah Latin ~ very cool!! (and mysterious) ~ so funny re: #23 ~ surely a sign!

    I made a ‘call’ (to the LOSTline) today ~ huge “oy” ~ bigtime butterflies’ nerves!! It felt like back when I gave speeches at my two daughters’ weddings…

  33. Carol from Boston says:

    Can’t wait to hear you Greenberry (hope they put you on). Hopefully I can get my act together and call in as well. Sad thinking of the last Transmission.

  34. Julie in KS says:

    Well, as I rewatch the series (begining season 2 now), Jack is still my favorite character.

    I will continue to check on everyone’s thoughts, but as for me, I’m ‘not ready yet’ to Let Go.

    See you all in another life, if not this one.

  35. Islandsidhe says:

    @Embie – That sounds like a very interesting essay, Embie. I will add it to my list of things to read regarding time, quantum physics, etc. – all “Lost” inspired! That’s quite an accomplishment for a television show, to inspire me to read stuff like that because I’m an English major who hates math and science! But I’m fascinated by this stuff now. I may not understand even 25% of it, but I try hard and feel like a better person for it. I do love religious studies, though, so that essay sounds like it would be right up my alley. Thanks!

  36. Embie says:

    @islandsidhe ~ I was an English major so I appreciate the problem. Nonetheless, the essay is more spiritual than about physics and I hope you enjoy it once you get to it.

  37. LReene says:

    @Chris says: June 15, 2010 at 6:40 am – I read the article you linked above. I must say that while I am at peace with the ending of LOST, I have not found any article that explains my actual feelings towards it better than what Docarzt did in this review. I guess enough said on the matter, now it’s just “letting go and moving on”.

  38. greenberry says:

    @ Chris @ LReene ~~ It was an in-depth, thorough, and highly cynical article about the finale ~ Yet the point about it only being ALL ABOUT JACK and about each LOSTie having to wait around for him to get their own salvation (peace) is curious

    We will need the writers to eventually confirm (or deny) if “The End” and redemption was indeed only through “Jack’s eyes.” After all, the rest of the show was not this way. The Season One flashbacks and future forward-flashes were centric to other LOSTies, and NOT all about Jack.

    I know I would have preferred many tweaks to the character story-arcs myself. For instance, the whole Jack-Kate-James-Juliet quadrangle WAS confusing ~ and everything was tied up a lttle too neatly with each LOSTie getting their convenient on-island love-partner even if, as this writer noted, the on-screen chemistry was missing.

    The idea of the island and the island relationships being primary in each of their lives still does seem cool though, in and of itself ~ it made for a highly spiritual, idealistic, meaningful ending, rather than a potentially watered-down one which might have been more true to life.

  39. Bonita in Atlanta says:

    Yeah, Greenberry, hope to hear you on the next podcast, I too am hoping to gather enough nerve to chime in.

    This podcast and this site have meant so much to me. I appreciate all the erudite and articulate entries both voice and written.

    This has really been a singular experience, thank you Ryan and Jen and YAE.

    For continued discussions let’s all check the Facebook page Ryan Mentioned. It is an easier way to focus the conversation and organize by topics. Hope to see YAE There!

  40. greenberry says:

    @ Bonita ~ Thanx for the tip!!

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